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The A B C with the Church of England Catechism. Philadelphia, PA: Young, Stewart & McMullock, 1785. 12p.

Alphabet ABC of Objects. NY: McLoughlin Brothers, n.d.. 10p.

American Illustrated Primer. NY: Kiggins & Kellogg, [1850's]. 25p.

American Juvenile Primer and First Step to Learning, Carefully Arranged on a New, Simple, and Interesting Principle. Philadelphia, PA: Turner & Fisher, 1837. 24p.

American One Cent Primer. NY: K. Tooker, n.d.. 8p.

American Primer: or an Easy Introduction to Spelling and Reading. Philadelphia, PA: M. Carey, 1813. 36p.

The American Primer, or, Child's First Book. J.B. Baldwin, [n.d.]. 36p.

American School Primer; or, First Lessons in Spelling and Reading. NY: Collins & Brothers, 1858. 47p.

Barbauld, Anna L. Lessons for Children. Boston, MA: Lee and Shephard, [1818]. 68p.

Bender, Ida C. The Bender Primer. NY: C.E. Merril Co., 1907. 128p.

The Benjamin Franklin Primer. Attleboro, MA: Attleboro Chronicle Print, 1879. 23p.

Boyle's Golden Alphabet, or First Step to Knowledge. Philadelphia, PA: John Boyle, [n.d.]. 8p.

Carlen, John P. My Own Primer, or, First Lessons in Spelling and Reding. Phildelphia, PA: Presbyterian Board of Publications, [1857]. 48p.

Child's First Lessons, or Infant Primer. New Haven, CN: S. Babcock, [n.d.]. 8p.

The Child's First Primer, or A, B, C Book. NY: Raynor, 184?. 23p.

The Child's Instructor, or Picture Alphabet. Glasgow: Lunsden & Son, [n.d.]. 16p.

The Child's Own Primer, or, First Step to Knowledge. Carefully Arranged in a Simple and Interesting Style. For the Use of Schools. NY: W. H. Murphy, [n.d.]. 36p.

...Coloured National Primer and Railroad to Learning. NY: Turner & Fisker, [1840]. 9p.

Cox, Palmer. Large Primer for Little Readers. Boston, MA: D. Lothrop, [1880]. 19p.

The Easy Primer in Little Words. Phildelphia, PA: Davis, Porter, [n.d.]. 12p.

Emerson, Benjamin D. Emerson's Progressive Primer and Fourth Class Reader. Boston, MA: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1835. 64p.

Findley, Phillip. Our Baby's Primer and Pretty Picture Book for Youngest Children. Boston, MA: Estes & Lauriat, 1880. 46p.

Gallaudet, Thomas H. The Mother's Primer, to Teach her Child its Letters and How to Read. Hartford, CN: Belknaps Hamerseen, 1845. 45p.

Gecks, Mathelde. Play Fellows; a Primer. Richmond, VA: Johnson Publishing Co., [1928]. 128p.

The Good Child's ABC Book. London: W.S. Fortey, between 1860-1885. 8p.

The Good Child's Little Primer. NY: [1833]. 16p.

Hale, Sarah P. Boston Reading Lessons for Primary Schools. Boston, MA: Richardson, Lord and Holbrook, 1831. 142p.

Happy Home Series of Primers. Katy's Primer. Phildelphia, PA: Davis, Porter & Coates. n.d.. 8p.

Hazen, Edward. The Symbolical Primer, or, Class Book no. 1; with 492 cuts. NY: Baker, Crane & Co., [1830]. 36p.

Helton, M. Adelaide. The Holton Primer. Chicago, IL: McNully Co., 1901. 111p.

The Home Primer. NY: McLaughlin Brothers, [n.d.]. 30p.

An Illustrated Scriptural Alphabet. Baltimore: J.B. Keller, n.d.. 26p.

The Illustrated Primer; or, Child's First Book. NY: G.F. Cooledge & Brothers, [1850's]. 48p.

The Illustrated Scripture Alphabet, with Prayers and Hymns for Children. Boston, MA: J. Buffum, [1862]. 28p.

The Illustrated Sunday-School Primer. NY: Carlton & Porter, [1856]. 32p.

The Illustrated Toy Primer for Little Learners... New Haven, CN: S. Babcock, 1850. 16p.

The Indestructible one Syllable Primer for Home and School Use. NY: McLoughlin Brothers, 1878. 42p.

The Infant School Primer, by Mrs. Teachem. Concord, NH: O.H. Sanborn, 1837. 24p.

An Irish English Primer, Intended for the Use of Schools. Dublin: 1815. 58p.

King, W. F.. Mother's Primer. Adrian, MI. 24p.

The Ladder of Learning; to be Ascended Early in the Morning. New Haven, CN: S. Babcock, 1839. 24p.

Linen Nursery ABC and Simple Speller. Syracuse, NY: C.C. Handford, 1905. 10p.

Little Pet Primer: the "Hobart Hall" Reading without Tears, for all Good Children. NY: A. Fleming, [1863]. 24p.

The Little Primer, or, First Lessons for Children. Newark, NJ: B. Olds, 1844. 24p.

The Little Primer, New York Cries and Many More. NY: Mahlin Day, [1830]. 9p.

McCarty's American Primer. Phildelphia, PA: McCarty & Davis, [1828]. 36p.

McGuffey, William H.. McGuffey's Newly Revised Eclectic Primer. NY: American Book Company, 1849. 34 p.

Major's Alphabet. NY: McLoughlin Brothers, [1884]. 10p.

Mann, Herman. The Columbian Primer: or an Easy, Systematic Introduction to the English Language. Dedham, MA: H. Mann, 1802. 84p.

The Mother's Pictorial Primer. NY: R. Marsh, n.d.. 24p.

The Mother's Primer. Manchester, NH: A. Quimby, n.d.. 24 p.

My Child's First Book, or Illustrated Gradations in Reading and Spelling. Louisville, KY: J.P. Morton, 1852. 32p.

My Darlings ABC. n.p.: n.d.. 26p.

My Little Primer: to Teach a Few Words and the Alphabet. Boston, MA: T.R. Maroin, 1856. 36p.

The New American Primer Containing Short and Easy Lessons for Little Children. Cincinnati, OH: E. Morgan & Son, [n.d.]. 21p.

The New England Primer. Many editions and publishers

The Nursery Primer. Phildelphia, PA: Porter & Coates, [n.d.]. 14p.

One Cent Primer. NY: E. Duniopn, [1840's]. 8p.

Oram, Janes. Oram's American Primer. NY: George Long, 1816. 35p.

Picket, Albert. Picket's Primer, or, First Book for Children. Cincinnati, OH: V.P. James, 1836. 31p.

The Picture Alphabet; or ABC in Rhyme. New Haven, CN: S. Babcock, [1830]. 8p.

The Picture Primer. NY: Philip Cozans, n.d.. 12p.

The Pretty Primer. NY: Hvestic & Cozans, n.d.. 8p.

The Rhyming Alphabet. NY: Mehlon Day, 1822. 29p.

Sanders, Charles W.. Sanders' Union Pictorial Primer. NY: Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman, 1899. 49p.

The Southern Primer: or, Child's First Lessons in Spelling and Reading. Richmond, VA: A. Morris, 1860. 36p.

Turner & Fisker's National Primer. Albany, NY: W.F. Harris, n.d.. 23p.

The Uncle's Present, a New Battledoor. Phildelphia, PA: J. Johnson, [1810]. 4p.

The Union School Primer, or, Easy Exercise in Reading and Spelling, Being the Child's First Book. Philadelphia, PA: Troutman & Haye, [1850]. 36p.

United States Primer. Cooperstown, NY: H. & P. Phinney, 1820. 46p.

A Useful Primer Containing an Alphabet and a Variety of Spellings for Children. Printed for the booksellers, 1809. 8p.

Warne's Everlasting Victoria Primer. London: F. Warne, n.d.. 31p.

The Western Primer, or, Introduction to Webster's Spelling Book. Cincinnati, OH: Corey, Fairbank and Webster, 1835. 34p.

The Western Primer; or, Child's First Lessons in Spelling and Reading. New Haven, CT: S. Babcock, 1847. 36p.

Willard, Samuel. The Franklin Primer Containing New and Useful Selection or Moral Lessons. Boston, MA: J.M. Dunham, 1803. 84p.

Willson, Marcius. The School and Family Primer: Indroductoryto the Series of School and Family Readers. NY: Harper & Brothers, 1875. 48p.

Worcester, Samuel. ...a Primer of the English Language, for the Use of Families and Schools. Boston, MA: Hicking, Swan & Brewer, 1826. 72p.

Wrigley's New Illustrated Primer. NY: J. Wrigley, n.d.. 12p.

The Young Child's A, B, C, or First Book. NY: Samuel Wood & Sons, [1818]. 16p.