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Mrs. Louisa Yeoman King: "The Fairy Godmother of Gardening" Alma, Michigan 1863-1948

"Give this house, oh traveler, Pray
A blessing as you pass this way
And if you've time, I beg your pardon
While you're at it, bless this garden"

Inscription over the entrance
to Mrs. King's Alma garden

Between World War I and World War II, Louisa Yeomans King was one of the nation's most prominent authors of gardening books. "Mrs. King," as she was known to the many readers of her publications, dedicated most of her life to gardening. House and Garden magazine declared her the "fairy godmother of gardening." She was also called "the best-beloved and best-known American woman gardener" of her era. This exhibit describes Mrs. King's life and activities and offers many views of her most elaborate garden, maintained in Alma, Michigan from about 1907 through 1927. To read about Mrs. King or view the images of her garden, please click on the links below.

About Mrs. King

Photos of the Garden


Emma Currie, a graduate student in the Central Michigan University Department of History, researched and wrote the text of this exhibit. She also selected most of the illustrations. Frank Boles completed the exhibit and did final editing of the text and the final selection of graphics.