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Biographical Papers Letter A

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Captain Charles Claus Allers

(card #1)


Charles Claus Allers, married, 88-5-91, died Oct. 31, 1936 [of] myocardial degeneration; [born] Germ,;2 parents unknown.


Captain Charles Claus Allers

(card #2)


Moved to Beaver in 1903

Married Maria Victoria Curtis (born Canada), 1858 (from newspaper clipping on her 73 rd

birthday in 1931).

"Mrs. Allers was 1/2 Indian" (Maria) This must be 1/4 Indian from her appearance. Ethel confirms that this is true and her sister Lillian showed also Indian blood and was very dark. According to Maria, "There was a Curtis family. He was an Indian & his sister was Mrs. Aller's mother."

There is a death record for a month old baby, cause premature birth:

Died Aug. 22, '09, parents Herman Allers & Minnie H. Mielke B This must be Gus's sister.

Death records:

Charles Claus Allers, married, age 88-5-9, died Oct. 31 '36, in St. J. Twp3 of myocardial degeneration. Born Germany; parents unknown, but [also] born Germany.


Herman Allers


Herman Allers, 0-1-1, died Aug. 22 '09; [cause] premature birth. Parents Herman Allers & Minnie Mielke.


Lenore Allers Belfy

Born 1891 - married Edwin Belfy, 1893-1975


Edwin Belfy

Musette La Froniere4

Chester Belfy


M. M. Aldrich

A Mormon - his dock was at Troy.

He was Justice of the Peace in 1851.

He is listed in the 1850 census - see census card.


Captain Gilman Appleby

1810-1867 or '68

Married Julia [?], 1820 -

He was the 3 rd Lightkeeper at the Head:

"Capt. Appleby of Buffaloe, N.Y. took Mr. Patrick Looney's place as keeper of the light at the head where he was assisted by his nephew Frank Blakeslee."

- C. of Sea, p. 187

(He was followed by Tip Miller.)

1860 census:

Gilbert Apelby 50 lightkeeper born N.Y.

Julia Apelby 40 ----------------- born N.Y.

Antwin__ Conergan 30 laborer born Canada

From "The Great Lakes Reader" - Havighurst:

"In the 1830s, after years in the schooner trade, Capt. Gilman Appleby of Connaught5 became master of the the steamer North American, carrying travelers and immigrants from Buffalo to western Lake Erie. In the 1840s he took command of the Indiana, with a brass band on deck and an iron Indian astride her smokestack."


The Nov. 11 storm of 1835 - "The steamship North America was driven on the beach at Erie. She was commanded by Capt. G. Appleby...The North America prior to going ashore had let go her anchors & attempted to ride out the gale at Erie, but the wind increasing in its fury soon parted her cables, while the passengers & crew gave themselves up for lost, but it was suggested to scuttle the boat to prevent her jumping over the pier & thus the boat was saved. P. 3076


An inquiry from Virginia H. Jordon, MD, Grand Blanc, Mich., 1981:

"Our Gilbert would have been 53 in 1851. He lived to be 94."

May ? 1861 - Gilman Appleby bought from David Lobdell Lot 1 Sec 20-37-10.

May 23, 1863 - Gilman Appleby bought from U.S. Lot 5 Sec 21-37-10.

- these [2 lots] are adjoining & are between Cable's Bay & Iron Ore Bay

Sept. ? 1867 - Gilman Appleby sold to John Demming Lot 1 Sec 20-37-10.

Sept. ? 1867 - Julia Appleby sold to John Demming Lot 5 Sec 21-37-10.

Sept. ? 1868 - Julia Appleby sold to Frank Blakeslee Lot 1 Sec 20

Nov. 1868 - Julia Appleby sold to Frank Blakeslee Lot 5 Sec 21

- this looks as if the deal with Demming didn't go through & the

widowed Julia then sold the property to the nephew


William Atkinson

Wife Milantha (Martlia?)

1860 census:

William Atkinson, 24, laborer, born N.Y.

Milantha Atkinson, 22, born N.Y.

William */227 born N.Y.


1 Likely 88 years, 5 months, 9 days.

2 Likely an abbreviation for Germany.

3St. James Township, Charlevoix County; one of the three counties that made up Beaver Island in the nineteenth century. The others were Peaine and Gallilee (Gallilee has ceased to be used as a geographic designation). St. James Township was named for James Jessie Strang, the Mormon leader.

4 The last name is spelled LaFreniere elsewhere in the manuscript.

5 For Connaught, Ireland, see entry below for Mike Burke; this would seem to conflict with the birthplace Captain Gilman gave in the 1860 census.

6 The second paragraph is probably an additional quote from the " Great Lakes Reader," but the author does not make this clear.

7 Indecipherable numeral, possibly 5. Babies under the age of one year were often designated by the number of months out of twelve (i. e., "5/12" for five months), but the "22" is unclear here.



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