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Biographical Papers Letter C

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Alva Cable

The Uncle

Whiskey Point


He was located at the point. He had a dock & a house. He bought fish and shipped them out & sold supplies. He was there when the Mormons came. He came from Fairport, Ohio. About 1849 he sold out to Peter McKinley and went to Charlevoix because of the Mormons. There he had a store and a cooper shop, employing several people. He was at the Battle of Pine River, July 14, 1853. After the Battle, Alva Cable & the Wrights went to Little Traverse (now Harbor Springs). He came with his boat and took Mr. C. R. Wright from Cable's Bay to Charlevoix because of the Mormons. Notes p. 16 (Child of the Sea).


The woman who is a Dormer says that her father bought out Cable - others say it was Wright & sons he bought out.


Modern note in An. & M. Mack.1 Cable had come to B.I. from Attica, N.Y. and with him came a nephew, James F. Cable. (this is probably right & Mrs. W. Wrong- the _____2 knew James F's grandson).


Land office:

July 30, 1848 - Lot 2 Sec 26-39-10 38.60A $38.60 claimed under the Preemption Act


Smith (missionary) said "Cable of Fox Island, he is supposed to have gone there for fear of Mormons. (after Pine River?)


Mrs. Williams says McKinley bought him out around 1848. However he had not bought his land until July 30, 1848 & the patent is dated in Charlevoix Feb. 1, 1849, but it is McKinley listed in 1860 census.


History of Gr. Traverse Region, p. 81, lists him as being in Little Traverse in the fall of 1851 (he is called Albert).


James F. Cable

1821 -

Cables Bay. He was a nephew of Alva Cable and came from New York State in the spring of '50 ( perhaps- date _____3from Child of the Sea), and settled at the Head, 3 mi. north of the Lighthouse. There he put up a dock, a house, and a store. He got our cordwood for the steamers, sold provisions and supplies to the fishermen, bought fish and shipped them out. He left, because of the Mormons, in 1852. After the Exodus of 1856 he returned and carried on his business for several years, later going to Mackinac where he bought the Astor House. He & his wife were from New York State - they had a son Claude who was about 2 in 1850 (Ch. of Sea, p. 73.)


In 1867 James Cable bought the E1/2 of SW1/4 of SW1/4 of Sec 22 T38 R10 from Wm. Brown. (I wonder why? This is small and an odd piece of ground to buy.)


Pat Bonner says he was a Mormon, but he must be wrong.


Modern note in A. & M. Mack:

James F. Cable moved to Mackinac Island & purchased the McLeod House which under the name of Astor House was for decades one of the Island's most famous hotel[s]. His grandson, James F. Cable II, still lives on Mackinac & is the owner of the Lakeview Hotel. (This was written in 1959.)


Nov 1, 1869 he homesteaded SE1/4 Sec 10 T37 R10. (North of Lake Genesareth).

Feb. 1868 he sold land in this section to Verrillo Taylor (North of Lake Genesareth).

June 1863 he bought SW1/4 Sec 11 T37 R10 from Andrew Trombly (this adjoins the above.)

Feb 1865 he sold it to Verrillo Taylor.

1866, by tax deed he got Lot 2 Sec 14, T37 R10. In 1868 he sold it to Verrillo Taylor.

1851 he sold lots 3 & 5 Sec 15 T37 R10 to Pleny Smith. In 1852 he sold the same lot to Ludlow

& Oren Hill (Mormons). In 1868 he sold lot 3 to Verrillo Taylor.

For all James' land transactions, see the land sheet on him.


Land office:

Feb 6, 1874- Claude C. Cable Hd. SE 4 Sec 4-37-10. 160A. $10. On Sep 20 1183 Edward W. Sparrow paid U.S. $200 for this land. (On W. Rd. S. of Miller's Marsh)



The 1860 census lists:

James H. Cabel 39 merchant born N.Y.

Harriet Cabel 35 born N.Y.

Claud Cabel 11 born Mich

Maud Cabel 6 born Ill.

Eddie Cabel 10/12 4 born Mich.


The census lists as living in their home:

James Gibson 28 laborer born Canada

John Kelly 18 laborer born Ire.

Mary O'Donald 23 domestic born Ire.

Samuel Martyn 35 domestic born Mich.


James Cable

(card #2)

In 1852 Henrietta Baxter was living at Trav. City in the home of the Austins. She was the daughter of a "Mormon lady who was a widow. Mrs. Baxter had joined her fortunes to the Mormons of B.I.. Henrietta wanted to get away.5 She was employed in the family of James Cable. She took passage on a vessel that came in. It landed her at Old Mission. Near were the Bowers who took her in & from there she got to Trav. City and Austins.


In 1850 she was listed by the census with her family on B.I. age 17, born in Canada. Her mother was " Delano" Baxter, age 47, born in Vermont, she can't read or write. The other children in the household are: Samuel, age 19, born Can; Cornelius, age 15, born Mich..


A letter from Cable's grandson, B. C. Morse, Jr. of Columbus, Ohio says, "my mother was born on B.I. in the town of Gallilee. That was in 1865, not long before my grandfather moved to Mackinac Island. My grandfather, grandmother, & uncle C. C. Cable left Cable['s] Bay in the middle of the night in a Mackinaw sail boat & were picked up by the schooner or brig Montezuma & 3 days later arrived in Chicago." (This must have been when they left in 1852)


Lakeview Hotel (Mackinac): $2.50-$3.00 a night - built in 1858 by Reuben Carpenter. In 1880 purchased by C. C. Cable who with his son operated it for many years.

( Mackinac Island in Pictures, p. 52)


John Jacob Astor House - first operated as the McLeod House in the early 1860s. McLeod sold it in 1870 (to James Cable?). Sold to City in 1930 for $8,000.


Diary of Richard Hulbert (a nearby) merchant, Dec. 9, 1890 -

"Miss Effie Cable, daughter of James F. Cable, landlord and owner of the John Jacob Astor House, asked me if you were taken sick in your store would you come to the Astor house to stay or remain in the store? I made no reply. A few days since I was attack[ed] by a severe bowel complaint which I believe was the result of some food eaten at the table of the Astor House, probably boiled oatmeal."



1860 census lists Eley Campbell living in a household consisting of:

Anthony Swiney 35 fisherman born Ire.

John Coylet 40 laborer born England

Eley Campell 24 fisherman born Scotland


The Traverse Region (1884):

1858 Orrin Campbell came to Pine River from B.I. (also Alanson G. Aldrich)


Orson (or Austin) Campbell

This was a Mormon family who stayed on. They lived in the present Schmidt house, which is a Mormon house (present house new). One of their daughters, Mary, married Hardwick. She died young, probably in childbirth, and is buried in the field between Schmidts and the priest's house. She was a friend of Mrs. Williams. They rode horseback over the Island together. She was " 2 years older than Mrs. Williams," so was born in 1842. According to Mrs. Early, they moved to Charlevoix around 1884. According to "The Traverse Region" this family was one that Dr. McCulloch said not to drive out at the time of the Exodus. Strang lists him in Mar. 18, 1852 issue of his paper as living imprisoned along with the other Mormons in the last year. He was still here Nov. 12, 1872, because he bought land on Whiskey Point on that date from Dormer, Jas. Cable, & Allen. (or was this son Orrin? See below)


The land office shows that the SE 4 NE 4 Sec 34-39-10 was bought July 17, 1856 by Adam G. MacDougell, 40A for $50. This is the present Schmidt land where the Campbell family lived and stayed on. Mary Campbell Hardwick is buried here. Did MacDougell sell it to the Schmidts?


The Ben Campbell, capt. of the "Flora" mentioned in the "Beaver Island Girls," Maria thinks is one of the Mormon family.


"Mr. Campbell" in B.I. Girls was fishing for perch (different than Ben).


Land Office:

Pencil -

Dec. 10, 1860 - Alex Campbell filed for Lots 1 & 2, Sec 19-37-10. Iron Ore Bay. (This

land not taken up until 1883.)


Smith Campbell is listed by Tip Millar as one of 8 in crew of Life S. S.6 season 1882.


1860 census:

Orson Campbell 45 farmer born Mich.

Emily Campbell 37 (9?) born Mich.

Orson Campbell 19 born Mich.

Mary Campbell 17 born Mich.

Ezra Campbell 15 born Mich.

Emily Campbell 13 born Mich.

Benjamin Campbell 7 born Mich.

Tanson7 Campbell 4 born Mich.

Smuth 3 born Mich.

Also in the same census:

Orsin Campbell 22 laborer born Mich.

Bahama Campbell 25 born Mich.

Oswald Campbell 4 born Mich.

Anna Campbell 3 born Mich.

Adlade 1/12 born Mich.

Mary is also listed in this census as the wife of Henry Hardwick, but age 19. Perhaps the families listed all their children, including those married and living in their own homes.


Patrick Carmody

1822 (1820 [per] 1850 census)

By 1862

Married, '62, Mary McDonough, 1837 - (Big Mary - sister of Vesty, see her card)

Marriage record Sept. 15, 1862:

Patrick Carmody, 40, Mary McDonough 26


He drowned off Sand Bay with Dan Martin brothers Eddie & ?. They set pound nets off the shore, using only a small boat to tend them coming in, the boat overturned and the men drowned in sight of their families on shore.


Big Mary married Morris Gallagher -1852, in 1870 (Big Phil's half-brother)


A girl raised by a family in Petosky (small & dainty)

Nellie - married Pat Roddy - she was big like her mother; in 1880 census [listed as] a

domestic in the house of Smith Campbell, age 14

Johnny Carmody 1867 - In 1880 census age 13, living as a laborer in the home of

Luke Lambert


Land office:

July 16, 1863 - Patrick Carmody Hd. SE 4 Sec 26-38-10. Can. June 10, 1876. This lies

back of the beach below Hanagan's Rd.

Nov. 1, 1876 - Mary Carmody Hd. this can. Jan. 29, 1883. (It was finally Hd. by Rose

O'Donnell - July 26, 1890. F.C. Sept. 25, 1877.)


He is listed in the 1850 census as living at Cable's Bay in the home of Daniel & Mary McCarty.


There was a Nellie Carmody who married Pat Roddy. They had no children. (Was this Pat's sister?) No, his child.


Edward Chidester

One of the 12 apostles & one of the publishers of "Northern Islander."8 He was the canvasser

who took the votes to Newago.


Dennis Chidester was Postmaster Feb. 24, 1852 - June 27, 1856

Edward Chidester was Postmaster June 27, 1856.

Next one was Bradner Curran, Aug. 1856


Did Dennis leave after assassination9, leaving Edward in charge? Then Edward left later in the summer.



P. 77

According to Lillian, Donald Cole's wife, the Coles came from Switzerland. There was an old trunk in the Barney O'Donnell house with E. Cole 1851 lettered on it. Probably a Mormon. There were Mormons, Galen B., George, John, Lucinda, Sarah.


There was a Mormon, Gallen10 B. Cole, who bought an acre of land from Erri James Moore in the fall of '48. In1850 he sold it to another Mormon, Samuel Shaw. Cole later moved his family to the Mormon colony at Pine River.


The 1880 census lists a William Cole, age 23, laborer, born N.Y., as were his father and mother. He was living in a boarding house. This is the one Nonie says came with Slocum & McGee & started a lumber mill.


The Mormon, Galen B. Cole was chairman of the Board of Supervisors in 1855. (See His. of G. Traverse Co., p. 98.)


Gallen B. Cole


W[ife] Lucinda


K of St. J. says he was Supervisor Cole & as such visited Pine River to make assessment for purposes of taxation, p. 154 note (some accounts say this Supervisor was George Preston).

The "Traverse City Region" says he moved from S. Fox Island to join Geo. Preston at Pine River in spring, 1854.


Charles Connaghan

P. 132

There is a Connaghan in house #7 (according to Maria who was no relation to the Sand Bay Connaghans.) House #7 is opposite the cemetery.


The 1860 census lists a Charles Connaghan, age 70, with his wife, Madge, 60, living in Peaine Twp. With them lives Charles Gallagher, 13, a grandson.


Hugh Connaghan


B.I. 1858? (with Pete McCauley?)

House #23 - his store was here. He also owned the house #27, but Gill had a mill & store at this


P. 127, 132, 139, 144

He was a fisherman in Aranmore. He had a brother Charles & a sister Mary in Ire.

Married (Sept. 18, 1878) Bridget O'Donnell, 1852 - [born] Aranmore. Bridget was 1 st

married to Daniel Donald McConnell (see his card); after Hugh's death she married

Lawrence Vesty.


Mary, Sept. 22, 1879 (Mrs. Vesty Vesty)

Hugh, 1882-1956 - married Catherine Malloy

Ellen ("Nellie"), Nov. 22, 1884 - married Rosh___11 (Eng[ineer?] on train)

Anna, 1887 - Ed ___12

Tessie, 1890 - Matt Melville

Mabel, 1893 ( Mrs. Mike Cull)


The parish record:

Sept. 18, 1878 - Hugh Connaghan, Ireland, 43 - Bridget O'Donnell, 25


He came over in 1844 (this is a mistake; it must have been 1854 when he was 19 instead of 9) with Pete McCauley. He was a storekeeper at Sand Bay and a fisherman. He is mentioned 18 times in the Dormer Day Book. He fished pound nets in Sand Bay and lumbered in the winter, He got out ties and cedar posts. Hugh was going to sail on the Vernon to buy stock for his store on Sand Bay. He went to the dock to get aboard when "something stopped him."


Land record:

Lot 1 Sec 14 T38 R10 was passed from Hugh to Bridget Connaghan June 18, 1888. This is

where his store was.

In 1870 he bought SW1/4 & SE1/4 of NE1/4 Sec 15 T38 R10 from Anthony O'Donnell (on

Kgs. Hwy. just N. of Anthony & Sophia's house).

In 1888 he made over to Bridget Connaghan NW1/4 of NW1/4 Sec 23 T38 R10.


In1860 he was living in house of Michael & Bridget Boyle along with James McCann.13

In 1870 he was living in a house with John Sullivan.

By 1880 he is married to Bridget & has a 8/12 daughter Mary (Mrs. Vesty Vesty)


Death Record:

Hugh Connaghan, died Nov. 8, '94, age 60, married, Gallilee Twp., [of] heart disease; farmer,

born Ire.; father and mother not given.


Mabel Cull says the family at one time owned all the land from Mike Boyle's Beach to Vesty's. They let it go back for taxes except for the farm and its beach just above the Vestys. Then the farm was sold for a song. "Now people are paying 5 & 6 thousand dollars for lots there."


Ann McGladrey, a cousin of Cornelius Gallagher's wife, lived in the house and raised the children.


Hugh H. Connaghan

Hugh H. Connaghan, 1882-1956, married 1909 [to] Catherine Malloy, 1891 - (Maria's sister).



Lillian - married Donald Cole


Hugh H., 1882-1956 Catherine L., 1891-


Marie Connaghan,

wife of V. D.Backus



Owen Connaghan

He is not in any census.


[Born] Ire.

Married Elizabeth McCauley, [born] Ire.


Bridget, July 24, 1878 -


Notes p 4, 65, 91


John Connolly

Mentioned by Tip Millar as one of crew of 8 for Life S. S. season of 1882.


Phillip Connolly

P. 67

Phillip Connolly, 1815 -

House #88

Wife, Imogene (or Ann), 1810 -


This was Pat Bonner's step-grandfather and he lived in Protar's house - in fact, Protar bought from him. (Was he Black Bonner's step-father or Sophia Harkins' step-father?) Probably Sophia Harkins - her father died soon after getting to N.Y. City. Yes, this is right.


Land record:

U.S. to Philip Connolly - Pat. Jan. 1, '62 SW1/4 of SE1/4 of Sec 5 T38 R10. (Next is Protar

April 20, '93).

U.S. to Philip Connolly - Pat. Feb. 7, '71 N1/2 of NE1/4 & SE1/4 of SW1/4 Sec 5 T39 R10.

In 1868 he got by tax deed the NE1/4 of the NW1/4 of Sec 8 (across the road from Protar's house.)


Land office:

July 17, 1861- bought SW 4 SE 4 Sec 5-38-10 40A. $10 from U.S. (There is a pencil notation

that C. O. O'Donnell filed for this in 1859.)

July 28, 1863- Hd. SE 4 SW 4 & N 2 SE 4 Sec 5-38-10 120 A $10. F. C. Oct. 6, 1870.

Nov. 21, 1868- Aud Gen to Philip Connolly tax deed NE 4 NW 4 Sec 8-38-10 (next to Bonner).

(This had belonged to Frederick Stone, sold by him to Peckham- 1861.)


1860 census:

Phillip Conley 45 farmer born Ire.

Imogen Conely 50 born Ire.

John Conley 6 born N.Y.

Mary Conley 4 born N.Y.


Pat says that after Black John & Sophia got their house built, she wrote to N. York for her mother & step-father to come. When they came, the[y] built them the house across the road from Black John's (Protar's), so it was not a Mormon house.


Charles Carpenter carved either the rail or the altar of church.14


Henry C. Cooper

" Northern Michigan":

Henry C. Cooper, born June 12, 1858 on B.I., son of above. Lived in Charlevoix, married Hattie Boak of Charlevoix in 1882.


The Minnie Cooper who married Wm. Harrison Bedford must have been his child & in that way the Fountain City House fell to the Bedfords.


Richard Cooper

The Traverse Region


Born in England in 1832 - came as an infant with parents to Rochester N.Y.; died in Charlevoix, 1897.

Wife Marietta Geer, born in 1838 in Mich. - living on B.I. as a child of 12 in 1850.


1848 he was a steward on a propeller and during a trip up the lake was obliged to stop for a time at B.I. He made up his mind to engage in fishing, and after finishing the trip, returned to B.I. for that purpose. He stayed 3 or 4 years and in 1853 went to Little Traverse. In 1867 he went to Charlevoix to keep the boarding house of A. Fox & Co., (the original Fountain City House). Two years later he bought it - was 1 st sheriff of the county. For a number of years he was probate judge.


The Traverse Region, p. 145: "In the fall of 1853 Richard Cooper, now a citizen of Charlevoix (1884) arrived here (Harbor Springs) on the trading schooner Eliza Caroline, & opened a store for Capt. Kirtland. He had previously been engaged in fishing on the B.I.s. but had returned to his home in Genesee Co., N.Y." . . . That fall marked the arrival of Charles R. Wright, Albert (Alva) Cable, and James Moore" (Erri James Moore?)


He is listed in the 1850 census as living on B.I. age 19, born in Ire., a fisherman.

His of the G. Traverse Region, p. 80, says he came from Genesee Co., N.Y. to Beaver Island in 1848 to fish. In the fall of 1850 he returned home. In spring 1851 he came back on the schooner Eliza Caroline, owned & commanded by Capt. Kirtland. "Touching at Pine River, the Caroline landed several fishermen & a quantity of salt. Stopping next at Old Mission & then Northport, she sailed for Gull Island where Mr. Cooper remained during the summer, buying fish for Kirtland. In the fall he removed to Little Traverse where he opened a store for Kirtland, in whose employ he still remains (1883).


Fountain City House completed summer of 1872. Started as a shanty boarding house in 1865. In 1867 Richard Cooper bought and enlarged it - enlarged in 1877 & again in 1879.


From the Charlevoix Sentinel (reprinted in a Courier supplement):

"This house ( Fountain City) originally commencing in 1867 was simply the boarding house for men in the employ of A. Fox & Co. & consisted of the west wing of the house which was then only one story and a half high. The growing popularity as a summer resort forced Mr. Cooper into enlarging his accomodation & the large 3 story upright was erected in 1877. Again last year the house was found to be insufficient in size to meet the requirements & a large 2 story addition was built into the rear of the upright. The house has a large number of rooms, occupies a sightly position, & is during the summer months crowded to overflowing. Mr. Cooper, the landlord, has an enviable reputation among tourists and sportsmen."


Evidently the Minnie Cooper I knew as Mrs. Bedford was "Mr. Cooper's" (Richard['s]) daughter & this is the way it got into the hands of Wm. Harrison Bedford.


Jeremiah (Jerry) Corbett

[a.k.a. Jerry Corbell]


From Cork

For death record, see John's card.


He built house #80, log home on the Darky Town Rd. He was a bachelor. I also have him as Jerry Corbell. I have his death May 4, 1904, age 50.


In 1870 he bought from Charles R. Steele the NW1/4 of SW1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10. It must have gone back for taxes because it was included in a tax deed Bowery bought of N1/2 SW1/4 .

In 1884 he got by tax deed the NW1/4 of NE1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10.

In 1881 Neil Gallagher deed[ed] him the SW1/4 of NE1/4 Sec 33. Thus in 1884 he owned both sides of the Darky T. Rd. next to Dan Boyle. He must have sold the SW1/4 soon because in 1885 Hugh Boyle owned it & sold it to Owen Boyle.


John Corbett


1813 - (before '96, [his wife] died a widow)

Married Annabel (Ann, Fanny), 1815-1896


Jeremiah, 1855-1904 - [born] Canada - this is "Jerry"


Death records:

Fanny Corbett, widow, age 86-7-20 died in Pea. Twp July 4, 1896 of old age. Born Ire.;

housewife; parents unknown.

Jerry Corbett, single, age 50, died in Peaine Twp on May 4, '04, cause unknown. Born

Canada; farmer; parents: f[ather] John Corbett, mother unknown; res. St. James.


John (James?) Corlette

Headlands of Ohio (near Fairport)

John Corlette established a business at Cable's dock after the Exodus. He was father-in-law to Andrew Trombly. After several years he moved to Cheboygan, Mich. (Child of the Sea, p. 187).


Mrs. Williams says he was there in 1852. He married Jennie Crane in 1852. (No, that was James Corlette.) Both were from Headlands (near Fairport) Ohio.


1860 Census:

Anthony Swiney 35 fisherman born Ire.

John Coylet 40 laborer born England

Eley Campbell 24 fisherman born Scotland


1850 Census:

John J. Colet 30 fisherman Ohio

Benjamin Winchell 20 fisherman Ohio

James Colet 25 fisherman Ohio

Thomas Neal 17 fisherman Ohio

John Papeneau 18 fisherman Canada


Mrs. Williams calls him James - Land office: John. He is different from Jerry (Jeremiah) Corbett from Cork. There are 2, James & John; it was James married Jennie Crane.


Maria said Dan Campbell married a Corlette & she thought they were both Mormon families.


1880 Census:

Corlett, Maynard 22 fisherman born Ohio f. born Wales m. born Ohio

Corlett, Nellie 18 (wife) keeping house born Mich. f. born Can m. born N.Y.


Vincent, Henry 23 boarder laborer born Mich. f. born Mich m. born Can

can't R. or W.


Bridget and Helen (or Ellen ) Correy

(card #1)

Bridget Correy Burns McCauley, 1831-1898 (Mrs. Dan G. McC.)

Helen (or Ellen) Correy McDonough, 1832-1916 (Mrs. Sylvester McD.)

Sisters, born in Co. Clare

P. 103


They were in Canada first and Ellen married Vesty there. The two oldest children were born there. In 1862 Patrick was baptized on B.I., so they must have been here by that time.


Bridget was first married to a Mr. Burns and she came to B.I. a widow with 3 children (one of whom was Nonie's mother). According to Maria G., her sister was already here & after she came to B.I. she married Dan McCauley who was a widower with one child. According to Nonie, his oldest daughter was christened on B.I. in 1859 (this must be "Nora McCauley who, according to Lawrence, was baptized on the same day with Joe Burke & Mannus Bonner in 1859). There is a discrepancy here. If "Mrs. Burns" was already married to Dan McCauley & had a child in '59, she could not have followed her sister here who had a daughter, Anna, in Canada in 1859. It is possible that "Nora" could have been a child by the first wife, the wife soon died and when the widowed "Mrs. Burns" came to join her sister, she then met Dan, & the Bridget, baptized Feb. 4, 1863 was their first child.


I now think both sisters married in Canada - the two families came together in '59, Ellen with a new baby and Bridget with a baby born after they got to B.I. -Wrong. Nonie says Bridget came & worked in a boarding house in Sand Bay, where she met Dan.


Bridget Correy

(card #2)

She was a sister of Vesty's wife Helen. Her first husband was named Burns & Nonie's mother was the child by his first marriage. There were two other children. I do not know whether she came to B.I. a widow with her sister & met Dan McCauley, a widower (whose wife died in Ireland) here or not. The Vestys married and two children in Canada but were here prior to 1862 (baptism record 1862) so it may be that they met in Canada. (See Dan McCauley).


July 13, 1880, Mary Burns married Mark Slocum - is this Nonie's mother or her aunt?


Bridget Correy

(card #3)

[Ed.'s note: this "card" is actually a piece of folded notebook paper with notes on it re: more

than one individual. It is filed at the end of the "McDonough" section.]


Bridget was married by 1854 & in Canada by 1855 when her oldest son was born. Her last child by Burns was born in Canada in 1857. She was married to Dan McCauley & on B.I. by 1859 when Hannal was born. If they were married in '58 Dan was 42, Bridget 28.


Nonie says they were married on B.I. when she came to see her sister.


Owen & Celia Corrigan

Land office:

Jan. 13, 1857 - Lot 2 Sec 11-37-10, bought, 59.73A $74.68.

(West of Kilty's & fronting on McCauley's Bay).

Nov. ? 1865 - Celia Corrigan, Lot 1 Sec 11-37-10 12A


There is an 1850 census record in Mackinac:

E. Corrigan, 35, [born] Ire., fisherman, living in a house of 8 males


Mark Cross

Capt. of the Emerald Isle, 1955. Also Capt. of the North Shore for the Beaver Island Transit Co.


"His father was a lake captain nearly his entire life, starting his career in sail."

- Grand Rapids Herald Magazine, Sunday June 26, 1955


Bridget Cull

Bridget Cull - married to Paddy Mor Gallagher - her parents were Edward & Bridget Cull.



Dennis Cull

In the 1880 census Dennis Cull is 49, his wife Mary, 24, & they have 4 children, the oldest, Peter, age 5. This means they were married about 1874. If she came when she was 12 or 14, her census age is right. She came in 1868 or 70 - probably 70 - after the census was taken. (See Daniel O'Donnell's census card.)



There was a Curtis who was a cooper, mentioned in B.I. Girls. Maria says there was a Curtis, probably no the one in the poem. He was an Indian and his sister was Mrs. Aller's mother.

David S. Curtis bought land on Little Sand Bay July 22, 1856. Jan. 6, '57 he assigned it to P. & J. McKinley.


1 James Jesse Strang, Ancient and Modern Michilimackinac (1854).

2 Indecipherable. Could be doctor

3 Indecipherable. Could be deleted

4 This is ten twelfths

5 There are no closing quotation marks

6 A short form for Life Saving Station.

7 This name could be Lanson.

8 Beaver Island's Mormon newspaper, published 1850-1856 and edited by James Jessie Strang. Later referred to by the author as "Northern Island.".

9 "King" James Strang was assassinated by disgruntled followers in 1856; this is likely a reference to that event.

10 Note the two spelling of Galen, Gallen

11 Indecipherable two letters

12 Indecipherable name; possible Dantos

13 An arrow points to the name Bridget with these words; Perhaps spelling is Hugh Golicher but age is right. It cannot be determined what is meant here.

14 It is not clear why this name, Carpenter is on the Connolly card. Or was this "Charles" a carpenter by trade?

15 The man married to Mary Gallagher is Lably O'Donnell.



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