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Biographical Papers Letter E

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Hugh Early

1812 -

[Born] Ire.

Married Bridget O'Donnell, 1832, [born] Ire.


Anne 1855 born Canada - married James F. Gall.

John 1857 born Canada

Ellen 1860 born Canada

Hugh 1863 born Canada

Francis 1864 born Mich.

Mary 1866 born Mich.

Grace 1869 born Mich.

Michael 1881 born Mich.


Land records show he was single in 1882 and married in 1885. In 1882 Hugh Early bought from Lester VanAlstyne, the E1/2 of W1/2 of SE1/4 of Sec 4, T 38 R10. In 1888 he sold it to Philipine Gallagher.1


John, who married Margaret, could have been the son of Hugh by an earlier marriage, or a nephew. They probably would not have used the name John again. The older John was born in Ireland.


John "Shawn" Early

P. 42

House #11

John Early, 1840 census: [born] Ireland, married in Ireland [to] Margaret 1834-1910. 1840 [per] census and death record. Her maiden name was Sharkey in the birth rec. of son Patrick. Son, Paddy Early, 1874-1950 (birth record: March 17, '73).



Margaret, wife of John Early. Born in Runafasta2 Co. Donegal, Aug. 15, 1831. Died at St.

James, Apr. 5, 1910.


Their property originally belonged to Joe Warner, a German. He was a soldier. His wife was going to another town when she met some soldiers on the road. She put out her hand to Joe, he shook it, and so they met. They had no children and when Joe died she asked the Earlys to move in with her. She willed them the place. Joe Warner filed in Feb. '58.

There is a big barn on the place, partly standing. When the church was being built (this must have been when it was enlarged under Father Zugelder) mass was said in the barn.


In the Early house is a picture of Margaret. She is spinning on a flax wheel - a very strong force.


Died - Margaret Shartsey,3 married, 70, died in P. Twp Apr. 6, 1910. Bladder trouble. Parents John Shartsey & Mary O'Donnell.


Patrick "Paddy" Early


P. 102

Married Nov. 2, 1919 [to] Mary Gallagher, 1880-1977


He married the daughter of Don Father Gallagher. She took care of their mother, so she lived in their home. She was one of the women who went to bed. "She shrank up." According to Roland, these old women (sometimes only age 50) went to bed. They were dressed and cared for. They thought "they went back to the fairies." Mrs. Early says this is not so. See under Don Father Gallagher. Mrs. Early seems to have very vivid recollections of Father Zugelder and little to say about Father Gallagher (except that her father bought his property from him.) This is in spite of the fact that she was 18 when he died. She was married by Father Jewel which means she must have been at least 33. Did she marry a widower? She told me about the photographer. (See card "Pictures.")


Patrick Early, 1874-1950


6 yrs - stroke4


1 From other entries it can be determined that this is Philip C. Gallagher, 1852-1910.

2 The editor could not locate a so named city in County Donegal.

3 Name is spelled Sharkey above.

4 It is not clear what this refers to.