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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 2

Daniel T. "Tight" Gallagher
1858-1926 - New York death rec.
P. 51
Married Hannah H. Gillespie, 1867-1934; [born] Mich.; daughter of Old John
James Peter, July 15, '97
Dan Anthony, May 7, 1900
He was called Tight because he was a "Tidy dresser," a "tidy little man."
The name of his wife & child comes from the Charlevoix birth rec.:
With James Peter -
Daniel T. - N.Y. - farmer
Hannah H. - Mich.
With Dan Anthony -
Dan T.1 - Mich. - farmer
Hannah Gillespie - Mich.
One time Father Pascal (who was very strict & wanted everyone to sign the pledge) as he came in to Tight's heard the children playing in the barn. When he went in he said to Hannah - "The children are swearing in the barn." Said Hannah - "I just don't understand it. I don't swear & my husband don't swear but those God-dammed children swear all the time."
Death records:
Daniel T. Gallagher, married, age 68-1-28, died in Peaine Twp, May 31, '26, of "myocardial degeneration." Born N.Y.; parents James Gallagher & Bridget Gallagher.
Hannah Gallagher, widowed, age 67-7-7, died in Peaine Twp on July 16, '34, of apoplexy. Born Mich.; parents John Gillespie & Mary Donlevy.
Edward B. Gallagher
Married Nora, 1887-1917
Nora, wife of Edward B. Gallagher, 1887-1917
Edward B. Gallagher, 1884-1951
Is this Bowery's son[?] Yes
Emmet "Emmet Salty" Gallagher
(3 rd Gen.)
Burton Post.
He was captain of the ore ship " Clifton" that went down off Saginaw Bay in 1924. (See card under "Boats," & poems in notebook)
Francis Gallagher
[To B.I.] before 1866
House #51
He was married to an Early ( - Maria)
Marriage - 1866:
Francis Gallagher, 48 - Grace Rodgers, 45
John Dunlevy & Mrs. Dunlevy [probably witnesses]
This looks like a second marriage for both - was Grace Rodgers originally Grace Early? On the other hand, in the same year Philip Rodgers, 53, married a Bridget Quinn, so this looks like a brother & sister. It could be a brother & sister-in-law. This seems the more likely with the Grace Rodgers, age 15, who married Patrick O'Malley, 29, in 1868 being the first Grace's daughter by her 1 st marriage.
1860 census:
Frank Golichar 45 farmer born Ire.
Mary Golichar 45 --------- born Ire.
Peter Golichar 13 --------- born Ire.
James Golichar 7 --------- born Canada
Dominic Golichar 7 ------- born Canada
Ellen Golichar 3 ---------- born Canada
Later on the same census shows:
Francie Galigher 48 farmer born Ire.
Mary Galigher 44 ---------- born Ire.
Paddy Galigher 18 --------- born Ire.
James Galigher 13 -------- born Ire.
Dominic Galigher 4 -------- born Canada
Ellen Galigher 3 ---------- born Canada
These obviously represent the same family.
The 1870 census shows his wife as Grace so between 1860 & '66 Mary died & he married Grace Rodgers in '66.
In 1859 Francis Gallagher bought land from James Bailey in S. 3-T38-R10; this is right next to the Roddy farm. In 1876 Ralph Smith got it by tax deed & in 1877 Francis Gallagher bought it again from Bailey. In 1890 he sold the land to Hugh E. Boyle ("Red Hughie").
Land office:
Pencil -
Feb. 12-26, 1859 - F. Gallagher D.S. 408 W 2SW 4 Sec 3-38-10.
Ink -
July 8, 1863 - SW 4SW 4 Sec 3-38-10.
Charlevoix -
Nov.? 1859 - James Bailey sold Francis Gallagher NW 4SW 4 Sec 3-38-10.
[the author has enclosed these three transactions in a bracket with the notation:] Just west of Roddys Joseph S. Adams had filed (pencil) for it Nov. 18, 1857.
Death record:
Francis Gall., widower, died in Peaine Twp Feb. 24,2 age 76, cause unknown; farmer, born
Ire., father & mother not ____.3
His son James (see census) has a death record:
James J. Gall., married, age 44-6-12, died Oct. 12, '95 of Typhoid fever; a farmer in Pea.
Twp.; born in Ire.
Hannah "Hannah Veag" Gallagher
[To B.I.] by 1856
P. 32,50, 122, 133, 138, 144, 146
[Born] 1830 ( 1836 in 1 st and 2 nd census record); in 1880 [census], 1830 as in stone. 1832 in death record.
Her stone says:
Hannah Gallagher, wife of Thomas Boyle, born in Co. Donegal, Ireland June 9, 1830. Died April 7, 1896, age 66 yrs., 12 days. Married John Gallager in N. York. Son John Gallagher ("Shoemaker"), 1857. 2 nd married Hughie "Humish" Boyle, 1822-1924. Son Tom Boyle Hannagan, 1863.
"Shoemaker" was her son by her 1 st marriage. Her second husband was Hugh Boyle (Hugh Humish) from Aranmore. The census shows a sister Anna born in 1855. I don't know what became of her. One place I have it that she was a sister of his wife Rose: I think the latter is correct.
"Shoemaker was born in 1857, one of the first three children born on the Island of Irish parents, and he was born posthumously so either she came here a widow, with her sister Rose, or her husband died soon after they came.
Pat Bonner -
Hannah Veag came over on a ship on which Black Bonner was a sailor. She was just a girl
(1844 or '45?). When they were coming to the harbor she was getting ready to land & shining up her Irish brogues. She got one shined & put it on the rail while she worked on the other. The boat lurched & the shoe fell in the water. She had a terrible temper & she threw the second shoe after the first. John lived in N.Y. and he went home and got a pair of shoes & took them to her. She married in N. Y. a John Gallagher. One day, years later, on B.I. John Bonner went to the harbor when a boat was coming in. Off the boat stepped Hannah Veag. She knew him instantly. "Johnny", she said to her husband, "this is the man that gave me the shoes."
Johnny was going across the ice to Cross Village with "Old Billy" Gallagher & some other men. They said the separated on the ice and he went a different way. Anyway he was never seen again. Shoemaker always hated Old Billy - he thought maybe he killed him, or a least didn't try hard enough to save him when he fell through the ice. This must have been 1857 if Shoemaker was born posthumously.
This must have been only a few years after they came, for by 1863 she was married to Hughie Humish & Tom Boyle Hannagan was born. It must have been right after they came if Shoemaker was born posthumously.
I have a note from Maria that she was sister of Condy's wife Rose.
The 1860 census lists:
Hannah Goleter (?) 24 widow, born Ire
Anna Goleter 5 born N.Y.
John Goleter 2 born Mich
Note discrepancies in birth dates for Hannag Veag in stone & census. Her mother was Ann Rodgers.
Hugh Gallagher
1837 -
He is in the 1860 census & the death records as of Feb. 18, 1898. In the latter he is "single." Maria spoke of a Hugh a Big P__ll's brother.4 The death record lists his parents the same as Big P___'s. _____5 Hannah McCauley Apr. 30, '70 - he age 38, she 25.
This is Big Phil's brother.
The 1860 census lists a Hugh Golecher as living in the home of Michael Boyle & wife Bridget:
Hugh Golecher 23, laborer, born Ire..
In 1864 he was living with his mother Bridget. He died, single, in 1898.
Death records:
Hugh Gallagher, single, age 66-2-7, died of heart disease in Pea. Twp, Feb. 18, '98; born Ire.,
laborer. Parents Hugh & Bridget Gallagher living in Ireland.
[see original manuscript for Boyle/Cull/Gallagher family tree diagram]
James Gallagher
1830 -
In 1860 census
Is this Shamy? I think so. Yes
Married Mary Gillespie
--[both] baptized Nov. 3, 1863
In 1873 a James Gallagher bought the W 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Sec 4, T38 R10 (this is S of Barney's Lake Rd.) from Roy Peckham. In 1875 his mortgage was forclosed, giving Emerson Stafford possession. In Feb. 1883 Lester Van Alstyne owned the land & sold it to James Gallagher.
In Mar. 1873 he bought from Roy Peckham the SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec 5 (this land adjoins the above).
James Gallagher
[same as James P. "Big" Gallagher?-see below]
[assume married] Bridget Boyle, Ire.
Patrick Gall., birth rec. July 1, '74; father "farmer," Peaine Twp.
James E. Gallagher
Married Susy Corly
James C. Gallagher, 1866-1902; born Mich..
Death records:
James C. Gall., single, age 16-6-11, died in Pea. Twp., Dec. 17, '02, cause rolling saw logs.
Born Mich., farmer, parents James E. Gall. & Susy Corly.
James F. Gallagher
1851 - before1903 (she died a widow [assume Ann, see below])
Married Ann C. Early, 1855-1903; parents Hugh Early & Bridget O'Donnell
Death records:
Ann C Gallagher, age 48-3-6, widow, died March 18, 1903 in Pea. twp of heart failure. Born
[in] Canada. H. keeper, parents, Hugh Early & Bridget O'Donnell.
James Peter "Big" Gallagher
(card #1)
" Northern Michigan"
1818-1896 (death rec)
James P. & Bridget Gallagher were Bowery's father & mother, natives respectively of Tyrone & Donegal [Counties, Ireland]. James left Ireland when 19 years old, 1837, going to Scotland & from there came to the U.S. & settled in New Y. City, "where he reared a family & worked at the trade of blacksmithing. In August 1871 he moved to B.I. & settled on a farm 3 miles from St. James where he taught school for 24 years & served the people of Peaine Township as Justice of the Peace. He died at 78 in 1897" (really 1896).
If he left Ireland in __ 19 he left __ 1838 for Scotland.6
He was 52 when he reached the Island; his wife 44.
He got his land, S 2 of NE 1/4 Sec 10, T38, R10, by pat. from the State of Michigan, Aug. 14, 1878. It is to James Gallagher which confirms the "James Peter" instead of the "Dan" I was first given.
Death records:
James Gall., married, age 80-2-10, died Nov. 10, '96, in Peaine Twp of paralysis. Born in Ire., a farmer, parents unknown.
--must be some other James
James P. Gall., married, age 78-8-9, died Oct. 2, '96, in Pea. Twp, of heart trouble. Born Ire., farmer, parents Patrick Gallagher & Sarah Heins.
James Peter "Big" Gallagher
(card #2)
[see also] Tyrone Gallaghers
House #92 - the original house; this is the house I know as "Tight's house"
He was a Justice of the Peace and as such he married Darky Mike & Nangog. For this he was cursed by Father Gallagher. There is a stone for James P. Gallagher, 1819-1897.
There is a baptism record - Dec. 2, 1862 - Anthony Gallagher
Daniel Gallagher & Bridget Sweeney à is this Big Gall. or "Don Father"?
Dan [Malloy]'s mother's name was Sweeny; could Dan & Bridget have been 1 st cousins? No
Maria says that Big Gall. & Bridget were married in N.Y. - this is probably right, as he was 19 when he left Ire.
[see original manuscript for James Peter "Big" Gallagher family tree diagram]
Land office:
Aug. 14, 1878 - James Gallagher bought from the state of Michigan (swampland) S 2NE 4 Sec
10. This is where Tight's house is (the original house & is N of Mike Mahal Rua's).
"Jimmy the Jew" Gallagher
P. 62, 123,135
A brother of Philipine and all of Shoemaker's wife. He had a store, first the lower part of the house where Jewel now lives and then in Nel's old store. He had his own sailing vessels, one after the other. Maria - "an up and coming smart man." Lawrence - he was one of those who went back to Aranmore and sang the praise of Beaver Island. Died of consumption. He went back to Ireland around 1910, and he stayed a week at the house of Patrick Gallagher, on Innisfree. He was full of tales about Beaver Island (see page 183).
Jimmy the Jew married Bridget Gallagher (Big Phil's daughter).
Protar - "Jimmy the Jew" died Jan. 6, 1914.
Gat Bridget (Neddy McCauley's daughter) "in trouble"
Joe "Joe the Priest" Gallagher
(he was not a priest)
P. 33, 133
He stayed with Father Gallagher many years; he was the son of Michael Gallagher, & a nephew of Father Gallagher. - Lawrence
I understand that he acted as a business agent for Father Gall. He lived in the house next to Nels' store where Nels lived.
Lizzie says called "Joe the Church."
He was Father Gallagher's cousin. - Lizzie
John C. "Salty" Gallagher
P. 51, 63, 79, 113, 127, 135, 140
House #68
Married Nora McCauley (daughter of Dan McCauley), 1859-1941
He was the son of Cornelius and was born in Penn. He was called "Salty" because he sailed so much on the Lakes. (not on the salt water) [T]here is a birth record for Grace Ellen in Charlevoix, father John born Penn & mother Nora - Mich. He is listed "sailor."
Roland says, "Nora McCauley was Salty's wife." I am not absolutely sure but I think this is the one of the two Salties and that this is the "Nora McCauley7 that was baptized by Bishop Baraga along with Joe Burke & Manus Bonner in 1859. He is mentioned in Protar's Diary, Nov. 5, 1923, "Salty & Nora to Grand Rapids."
Pat Bonner says he was not born in Penn. but was a child on the ship when they came over. That he was called Salty because he kept imitating the sailors & so he was "an old salt."
In the census of 1870 he is listed as born in Mich. In 1880 as born in Penn. The Penn. is __ght8 - his older brother Charles was born in Penn. as it says Penn. on his gravestone.
For how he got his land, see Cornelius['s] card.
He was a bartender in his brother Condy's saloon. "He never did a hard day's work in his life - he always found the easy jobs." (___)9
His gravestone:
Mother Nora, 1859-1941
Father John C, 1856-1944
on the same stone - Ida Gallagher, 1902-1914
Daughter - "Mamie Salty", 1882-[no death date indicated] - married Neily Dominic
Charlie, 1888-1891 (gravestone)
Elizabeth [no birth date indicated] -1894 (gravestone)
Donald C., 1907-1908 (gravestone)
Grace Ellen, Oct. 7, 1897 (record)
Peter K., Dec. 17, 1899 (wrote poem)
Emmet - capt. of " Clifton"
Ida, 1902-1914 (stone)
The birth record for Peter is most confusing -
1 st - Peter K, father John C. Gall. - Penn, mother - Moria10 Gall. - Mich. Sailor, Dec. 17, 1899
2 nd - Peter Gall. - father John C. - Mich.; mother Nora McCauley, Mich.- farmer - Jan. 6, 1900
Mamie Salty taught [at] the Little Red School & walked both ways, sometimes in high snow while there was a team of horses in the barn & 3 brothers to drive her. (Maria)
John "Leatherhead" Gallagher
1825 -
Mich. by 1858
Lawrence says Leatherhead is Bryan Gall. - Maria says wrong. Lizzie says Leatherhead was John.
House #42
P. 69, 92
He came from Ireland and was a cousin of Bryan Dan Mor & so Bryan's brother Danny Don Mor.
Wife Ellen, 1826 -
Julia (Kline)
Sarah (Doran)
Ned, 1852 - [born] Ire.
Mary, 1855 - [born] Ire.
John, 1858 - [born] Mich.
In 1870 he homesteaded NE 1/4 of Sec 20 T37 R10 (this is the section that the lighthouse at the Head is in).
In 1888 his heirs sold it to Edward Lasley.
Land office:
Feb. 23, 1858 - John Gallagher & Edward Martin paid $38.25 for lot 3, Sec 24-37-11 but it was
suspended because of reservation for lighthouse, 7/27/58.
Sept. 24, 1861 (pencil) - John Gallasher (Gallagher) filed for E 2SW 4 Sec 33-39-10 (this is land
Charles {Charlie Strach} Hd. July 8, 1863 with F.C. in 1868).
July13, 1863 - NE 4 Sec 20-37-10 Hd. 160A $10 - Lighthouse section
June 1, 1870 - John Gall. Hd. SE 4 Sec 21-38-10 Can. Aug. 26, 1883 - 7 yrs. I don't know
whether this is Leatherhead or not. Shoemaker was too young but there may have been
another John Gall. It is in the center of the Island, on no road.
1860 census lists:
John Galiger 35 laborer born Ire.
Ellen Galiger 34 --------- born Ire.
Ned Galiger 8 --------- born Ire.
Mary Galiger 5 --------- born Ire.
John Galiger 2 --------- born Mich.
He is listed right next to Bryan on the census record so this is undoubtedly Brian's cousin.
His was a big wake "500 people"(?) & the house was small. Pat says, "as I understood it, they put a chicken coop under the coffin & in some way it moved - the people rushed out of the house. He says a typical macabre trick.
John "Shoemaker" Gallagher
1857- (stone: 1856-1928)
Married Catherine Gallagher, 1857-1928 (stone) - sister of Jimmy the Jew and of Philipine
Gallagher (she was illiterate).
Could he have had a 1 st wife and Catherine the 2 nd? There is a defaced stone that says:
wife of John Gallagher, 1852-1882. This woman was 28 when she died and Catherine 25.
He fished and farmed at the head and had a saw mill near his place the place I know as "Shoemaker's" was his second home. His first house, number 32, second number 35. He had a mill at number 35 too. His wife couldn't read or write. In his hatred of Bill Gallagher, see Hannah Veag's card.
In 1884, he had a lot under the Homestead act, N 1/2 of NE 1/4 , Sec 26 and Lot 1 Sec 25 T38 R10. This land is just east of that homesteaded at the same time, by his stepfather, Hugh T[.] __le.12 This is where his first house was. In 1886, lot bought at Lot #1 Section 12, T 38 R10 from the John Sullivan estate. This is where the second house and mill were. In 1895 this title went to John Kittie Gallagher. In July 1906, from the Auditor General to Maggie E. Mosher and in July, 1907 from Maggie Mosher back to John Gallagher.
Land office:
Apr. 8, 1878 - Hd. Lot and NW 4NE 4 Sec 26 and Lot 1 Sec 25-38-10. 117.85A F.D. July 30, 1883. Where Hanagan's Rd. runs into S. Bay Rd. and included sight13 of Sweet's Mill. He would have been 21 at this time. Later he moved to what I know as Shoemakers. This land was Hd. 1865 by John Boyle, can. '74, by Owen Boyle, 1874, can. '78.
Death records:
John S. Gallagher, married, age 72-4-27, died on July 28, '28 in Peaine Twp, of "injuries resulting from falling off a wagon." Farmer, born Ire, parents Hannah and John Gallagher.
Notes, p. 7.
Kitty Gallagher
Her stone says: Catherine Gallagher, born in Donegal, Ireland, died February 17, 1905, age 103. She came to Beaver Island in 1866 with Big Owen. She was a housekeeper for Father Gallagher, Mel14 says this was not so. (It was a young Kitty Gall. - see census)
Sand Bay Dominic.
Once Kitty was at her granddaughter's the Biddie Sams on the Slopt. Rd. when she started to walk to visit her son Big Dominick. She got lost, but no one knew it, the Biddie Sams thinking she was at Dominics & vice versa. She was in the woods 4 or 5 days when Mannus Bonner found her. He was out looking for the cows. She was sitting on the beach on a big rock at McFadden's point. (Pat Bonner) (Biddie of the Biddie Sams was Big Dominicks daughter.)
Lawrence remembers her living with her daughter ( Conn's widow) in upstairs of the house where Jewel now lives.
From Marie Salty - "Their mother, (Dominic et. al) Catherine McCauley (?), whom we kids all knew as Granny Sand Bay" lived across "Fairy Hill" from Salty's with her daughter Mary who was married to Conn McCauley. She was a sweet old lady and lived to be 104."
She is recorded in the 1880 census as living in the home of her son Neil, age 75.
Her husband was James Napper Tandy Gallagher. Her granddaughter Clementine wrote the Deacon that when the baby was born - "Miss McCauley's grandfather's name was James Napper Tandy Gallagher. When he was born on Aranmore, priests in Aranmore were in hiding. His father was concerned about having the baby baptized but there was no priest available. From the window of the island cabin one morning, the father saw a French vessel at anchor close by. Thinking that there might be a priest on board, he placed the baby in a basket and asked a 16 year old island girl to accompany him on (in) a currach15 out to the ship. The crew received him in a friendly way, admitted him on board to the presence of a priest and a young man, who he took to be a French officer. The priest proceeded with the baptismal ceremony, requesting the young man to act as godfather. The young man was "Napper Tandy."16
Clementine: Kitty came to Beaver when she was 84 and died at 104.
Family of Kitty Gallagher
From Aranmore
B.I. 1866
This family came together, a mother and three sons in 1866.
Kitty, 1802-1905:
1) Owen (Big Owen) 1843 (about) (1847, stone)- 1941
daughter Melody (Mel) 1879-
2) Neil (Big Neil)
3) Dominic (Big Dominic)
Sons: Peter, 1869-1958, married the daughter of Nangog who came with
her mother to B.I.
Dominic, 1867-1954 (this is the one I knew)
Elizabeth, married Jim McCauley, 1864
Mary, married Conn McCauley
Two of these sisters married brothers, Conn & Jim McCauley
James McCauley married Elizabeth Gallagher, 1864
Owen McCauley married Catherine McCauley in 1867, daughter of Paddy Grey
This is all very confusing. The 1864 marriage above was before the family is supposed to have gotten to B.I. in 1866--Big Owen is very definite about "Hannah Big Owen" came in 1866 (see Bishop Baraga). This date in "An Irish Colony". Could this 1866 date be hers and Owen came earlier?
Elizabeth - was born 1838, mother's age as given on the tombstone: 36
Owen - was born 1846 (about), mother's age as given on the tombstone: 44
Catherine - was born 1849. Mother's age as given on the tombstone: 47
This is possible, but she seems pretty old when she had her family - also she would have been 63 when she came.
There was a:
Bridget Gallagher, born 1838 who married Phillip Malloy in 1864
Ellen Gallagher, Born 1839 who married John Boyle in 1866
There is a baptism record, July 16, 1863 of Hannah Gallagher , [parents] Dominic Gall and Mary Greene. This adds to the confusion. The most reasonable explanation seems to be that the children came first and the mother followed in 1866.
Neil Big Owen says that Neil and Dominic came to the Island first; she doesn't know the exact date. They came through Canada. Big Owen came later in 1866 and brought his mother with him. They came directly to B.I. (she was wrong about Neil - in 1900 (census) he says he came in 1870, so he must have been the last to come.) This clears up the confusion; Neil and Dominic came through Canada. The McCauley's came through New York. Conn McCauley and Mary had a child baptized B.I. Feb. 1863. James McCauley and Elizabeth Gall. were married B.I. 1864. This means that the marriage took place B.I. and they all got here by 1862. Then in 1866 Kitty came with Big Owen and Frank and Ann McCauley came with John and Hannah. Hannah was 20 at this time and Big Owen 19. Just when they were married I do not know but the earliest birth record I have for a child is 1879 (Mel). Probably the families knew each other in Aranmore.
When Kitty was an old woman, she would climb up on her daughter's lap where she lived, to be taken care of like a child. Which daughter I don't know. (Mary Turner) Lawrence remembered he as living with Conn's wife in the house Jewel Gillespie now lives in.
Manus Gallagher
House #67; I also have him for house #91
A cousin of Cornelius
Married Elizabeth ?
Bridget, 1857-1925; born Ire. - married Frank McCauley, Conn's son
[Death record:]
Bridget McCauley, married, age 68, died on May ? '25 in Peanine Twp of heart
Blockage; born Ire; parents Mannis17 Gallagher & Elizabeth Gallagher.
In 1982 Manes Gallagher bought from the Matthew Burchard estate the NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 3 T38
R10. In 1900 he sold to Thomas Bonner.
Melody "Mel Big Owen" Gallagher
She taught school in 1898; the children attending were:
Frank Gallagher, 1883, age 15
Dan Malloy, 1886, age 12
Mike McCafferty, 1885, age 13
Dan Donlevy, 1884, age 14
Margaret Donlevy, 1886, age 12
Joe Donlevy, 1890, age 8
Mel came home in 1930 to care for her parents. Mel said, "I made a trip to Chicago with some friends. I looked for a job and had had enough of people who couldn't read and write telling me how to teach school." When Mel was a child she nearly died of the measles. Her mother thought she was dead but she wouldn't give up. She rubbed Mel's arms and legs. Mel revived. In later years her mother would say, "I guess it was God's will, I saved you then that you were to care for me now." She spoke of the great kindness of Johnny McCann and his many errands of Mercy with his boat, and how it has been forgotten and is never spoken of. Also Gus Mielke, "I've decided that going to be mean so that people will remember me."
Mike R. "Mike Mahal Rua" Gallagher
[see also] Tyrone Gallaghers
B.I. between - 1864 (birth of Michael in Can.) [and] 1865 (bought land)
P. 54, 116
House #93
Cousin of Big Gallagher's, brother [of] Old Billie
Married Susan Mooney, 1828-1908 à sister of Mary Malloy, Pat's wife; a sister of Buffaloe
Malloy's mother, Mary. They were cousins of the other Mooneys.
William (Big Willie), 1868-1945 - stone
3 daughters lost on the Vernon in 1887
He homesteaded his land in 1865.18
Land office:
Aug. 4, 1865, Hd. SE 4 Sec 10-38-10, 160A, $10, F.C. July 16, 1872. This is his farm.
When they came to Beaver in 1865, Mike's brother Old Billie was here & so was Susan's sister Mary Malloy & her brother Jim & cousins Owen & Barney Mooney.
Lawrence is very positive that Susan was a sister of Big Gallagher's. Were they then 1 st cousins? Are both stories true?
[second listing of Mike & Susan's children]:
Bridget Green, born 1861 in Can.
Mary French, born 1862 in Can.
Catherine, born 1863 in Can.
Michal, born 1864 in Can.
Willie, born 1868 in Mich.
Hannah, born 1871 in Mich.
Big Willie was baptized Aug. 23, 1868.
They [Mike and Susan] must have met in Canada before 1861 because Mike was from Tyrone & Susan from Aranmore. Gravestones say the two oldest were born in Ireland. How come? probably right.
Gravestones - Gallagher
Mother - Susan, 1828-1908
Father - Michael, 1821-1897
The stone in the lot for Charles M. French, 1889-1894 - is a grandson
Death records:
Michael Gall., married, age 65-7-5, died Pea. Twp of inflamation of the lungs, Dec. 5, '96; parents unknown.
Michael R. Gall., married, age 76-4-7, died Pea. Twp on Dec. 2, '96, cause unknown; born Ire., farmer, parents Daniel Gall & Bridget Rodgers.
Morris Gallagher
Kelly Begs
Married Mary McDonough (Big Mary) - she was married to Patrick Carmody who drowned off
Big Sand Bay. This must be a second marriage.
He was a half-brother of Maria's grandmother Boyle, Catherine Gallagher.
Big Phil also came from Kelly Begs - could there be a connection? yes half brothers
[see original manuscript for Gallagher/Cull family tree diagram]
Neil "Big Neil" Gallagher
1852 -
(This is too young for Big Neil. Did he have a son Neil?)
P. 58, 88, 137
Neil Gallagher lived where Briggs lived. He had a grocery store and dock (later Mike Cull's dock). Buried in Escanaba. There is a Neil Gallagher 4 times in the Dormer Book and he bought a house. This is the "Big Neil" who owned the boat "Joe" (see under boats). "He was a mean man." For his sharp transactions with the Martin Brothers see the cards of John and Grace, widow of either Edward or Dan Martin. In 1880 Neil Gallagher ( I don't know whether Big Neil or Neily Dominic, son of Big Dominic) deeded the SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10 to Patrick Boyle. A year later, 1881, he deeded the same land to Jeremiah Corbett. (Must be Big Neil; Neily Dom. wasn't born until 1875.) I think he married Mary O'Donnell (my notes are confused), daughter of Barney O'Donnell (Barney's Lake), and that they had a large family-Maggie, Catherine, Mabel, Gertrude, Ann, Grace, Jim (a capt.), Ben (a capt.), Joseph. It was Ben Big Neil that married her;19 she was Barney's daughter. The 1880 census records him as married and his mother living with him. Not Big Neil.
Jimmy Big Neil's daughter was raised by the Manus Bonners. She is now Mrs. Thomas Foley in St. Louis.
Neil "Neily Dominic" Gallagher
P. 138
Son of Big Dominic, "The meanest captain on the Great Lakes." Died when he fell off his ship. The belief is that he was pushed off by one of the crew he abused. Or was this "Big Neil"?
Land office:
Mar. 4, 1899, Lot 3 Sec 36-38-10, 66.15 A. $5. Can. Dec 8, 1906, 7 yrs.. On Martin's Bluff.
This is probably Neily Dominic. He is the one that ripped open Maria's uncle with a knife and Protar saved him. It was Tom Malloy and took place in 1902.
Protar: "Neily Dominic" died Jan. 6, 1914.
Owen "Big Owen" Gallagher
1843 (about) - 1940
B.I. 1866 (shown in 1900 census which says Hannah came one year later, 1867); stone [says]
1847 - if [he] came to B.I. age 19 in '66, '47 is right.
P. 97, 102
Married to "Hannah Big Owen", about 1843 (1846?) - 1941; her maiden name was McCauley.
She was a sister of Conn, Paddy Baca, etc.
"Mel Big Owen," 1879 -
Jimmy, 1873-1913
Frank, 1880-1952 (stayed with parents)
Willie, 1887-1914 (death rec. William O.)
Came to the Island in 1866. He said that there were 52 Irish families on the Island, including 14 named Gallagher.
Clementine - "Big Owen and his wife lived to be 92."
Lawrence lists "Owen Gallagher, 1872-1959. He was the last of that family. He was married to Sarah Gibson in 1905." This is not Big Owen's son. This family of Kitty seems to be the only one that uses the name Owen but this could also be the one of Big Neil or Big Dominic. (See [above] for children given me by Mrs. Early. There is no Owen.)
Lizzie Gall. says "Red Dan came with Big Owen." Red Dan's mother and Big Owen's father were 1 st cousins.
" Northern Michigan"
"A native of Co. Donegal, on the rugged coast of which he spent his childhood and youth, less early becoming experienced in things pertaining to the sea. While a mere lad he passed much of his time boating and fishing. When a youth of 19 he came to the U.S. about the year 1866, when made his way to Beaver Island where he spent some time fishing and later shipped as a sailor on a vessel engaged in the lake trade in which capacity he continued until appointed keeper of St. James lifesaving station in 1887. So deeply is he interested in his work that he seldom asks for leave of absence, having been off-duty but four times in 16 years of service, and then only for brief periods. Physically, he is strong, active, and vigorous."
"Northern Michigan" p. 601:
In charge of Life Saving Station in the Harbor from 1887 (he followed Tip Miller). He saved the crew of the " Queen City" which ran aground on Hog Island. It lay there 12-15 hours with the crew clinging to the rigging.
Came to the U.S when 19. In 1866 came to Beaver Island where he fished. Later he shipped as a sailor on a vessel in the lake trade. This he continued until appointed keeper of the St. James life saving station.
Stone (all on same stone):
Frank, 1880-1952
Father, 1847-1941
Mother Hannah, 1846-194_
Owen, 1847-Nov. 16, 1941, Bosn. U.S. Coast Guard S.P. Am. War20
Similar stones:
James O., son of Owen and Hannah, born B.I., died Chicago, 1913
Willie O., son of Owen and H., born B.I., 1887
Death records:
Hannah Gall. age 93-9-12, born Ireland, died May 26, '40. Disease, "none." Parents Frank McCauley and Anna Gall..
Owen Gall., age 94-5-9, died Nov 16, '41 of myocardial degeneration. Born Ireland; retired Coast Guard. Parents James and Catherine Gall..
William O. Gallagher, single, died Aug. 15, '14, age 26, of consumption. Born Michigan, farmer; parents Owen Gallagher and Hannah McCauley.
Protar: "Willie Big Owen" died Aug. 22, 1914
Kitty-James -Napper Tandy- 1 st cousins-mother
Big Owen- 2 nd cousins - Red Dan Green
1 This could also be "F."
2 There is no year of death listed in original.
3 Illegible; likely known.
4 In this & the sentence that follows the name could be "Phil", but is very difficult to make out. From a later entry this would seem to be correct.
5 Probably "married" but can't be sure.
6 This sentence unclear.
7 Assume a close-quote after "McCauley," but not in original.
8 Illegible; possibly "right."
9 Illegible; possibly "Maria."
10 This could be "Maria," but looks like an "o" after the M.
11 The author encloses Ellan, Mike, Julia, and Sarah in a bracket with the note, "his heirs."
12 Unclear; probably "Boyle."
13 Possible misspelling of site.
14 Possibly the diminutive of Melody, daughter of Big Owen.
15 A small boat made by covering a frame with hide or leather; also called a curragh or coracle.
16 James Napper Tandy (1740-1803); Irish nationalist leader. He was on Arranmore Island in September of 1798.
17 This variant spelling of "Manus" and the one below it in original.
18 "He" appears to refer to Mike Gallagher.
19 Here an arrow points to the name Mary O'Donnell.
20 Probably Spanish American War (1898).

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