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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 3

"Paddy Mor" Gallagher
P. 61
House #20
Brother of Shamus & Shawn
Married Bridget Cull? If this is right, she must be a sister of Dennis.
Dominic Paddy Mor, 1862-1907
House #16 (House of tuberculosis)
Did he marry Bridget Gillespie in 1868? no
There is a stone:
Catherine, wife of Patrick Gallagher (son of Shamus), born in Penn., 1858, died St. James,
1887 - she was Big Bonner's daughter.
Maria says this is Paddy Mor's wife - no
White Dan Green bought the Greene farm from Paddy Mor. They just exchanged money & the deed, without registering it.
Death records:
Dominick P. Gallagher, widower, age 46, died in St. J. Twp on Mar. 24, 1907, of Pulmonary
Tuberculosis; born Mich., laborer; parents Patrick Gallagher & Bridget Cull.
"Paddy Rua" Gallagher
P. 101
His was born on Aranmore but was not related to any other Gallaghers on the Island.
1845 census, 1840 marriage record
Did he marry Bridget Gillespie in 1868? no
Married Bridget Boyle (daughter of Tom H. Boyle & Mary {Pete McCauley's mother} - 1857 census).
Hugh "The Red Devil", 1885-1953
Mary (married a Burke) - Tom
Thomas R., 1878-1938 stone
Thomas, 1878 census1
Bridget, 1880 census
Son Paddy Rue, who married Mrs. Briggs
Maria M. Hugh
1889-19- 1885-1953
The way he got the name of the "Red Devil." Hugh & 2 of the Green boys (brother of Johnny Green) came in to town for a party (they lived on nearby farms in Greentown). There was going to be another party the next night so they didn't go home but stayed over in town. Father Paddy Rua was mad because Hugh wasn't doing his work on the farm - he came in town after him & asked "Begorra, did you see that Red Devil of mine?" The name stuck.
One day Maria was walking down the street with their son Durward & they met Father Jewel who said, "So this is the Little Devil."
He & Big Sal Dunlevy danced the Highland Fling together (see card on dance).
Patrick Gallagher
1847 -
Married, Aug. 26, 1868, Bridget Gillespie
There is a Patrick T. Gallagher who acquired lots 3 & 4 on Bonner's Bluff, Sec 5 T38 R10, from the U.S. in 1883. Could this be the Patrick Gallagher who married Bridget Gillespie? It seems probable because it is not too far from the Gillespie property. This Bridget is not Old John's daughter. The daughter was born in 1875 & married Dan Martin. This must be a sister of Old John.
Patrick Gallagher
There was a very early Patrick on the Island because in Aug. 1859 he bought lot #2 next lot to the Lighthouse (Sec 20, T37 R10) from Frank C. Stevens (Charlevoix).
Land office:
Pencil -
April 10 (? Probably '58 or '63), Lot 4, Sec 19-37-10 ( Iron Ore Bay). This was Hd.
along with other land ___ 2) 1874 by Henry Wright, can. 1881. Bought 1883 by Edward Sparrow.
This is probably the Patrick in the 1860 census -
Patrick Golicher 50 laborer born Ire.
Mary Golicher 50 ---------- born Ire.
Edward Murloy 60 ---------- born Ire.
Edward Murloy 8 ----------- born Canada
Patrick/Paddy "Grey" Gallagher
1820 -
By 1860 (probably by 1858)
Rutland3 family
[This family] not related to any other Gallaghers on the Island
Wife Ellen, 1826-
Bernard, "Barney" - 1840-1884; born on Rutland - married Mary Ellen Roddy, 1843-1903
Andy Mary Ellen, 1878-1939
son, Johnny Andy
Paddy Mary Ellen, 1871-1942 ("Paddy Rat" because he was a "troublesome child;"
couldn't read or write but went to school at the Point.)
Catherine (called Jennie), born Ireland 1849; married Owen McCauley (one of 5 brothers),
Mayme, married to Jenkins
Hannah, married Joe Roddy
Katie, married
There is a 1860 census entry I am very much inclined to think is Paddy Grey:
Patrick Guller4 40 - no occupation given - born Ire.
Ellen Guller 34 --------------- born Ire.
Barney Guller 17 ------------- born Penn.5
Catherine Guller 7 ------------ born N.Y.
John Guller 3 ----------------- born Mich.
Mary Guller 2 ---------------- born Mich.
Ellen Guller 4/11 ------------- born Mich.
Death records:
Patrick E. Gallagher, married, age 70-6-10, died Jan. 8, '42 in St. J., of coronary thrombosis. Born St. J.; fisherman, parents Barney Gallagher & Mary Ellen Roddy.
Patrick/Paddy "Grey" Gallagher
(card #2)
Patrick (Grey) first shows up in the 1860 census. He is 40, his wife Ellen 34. Barney was 17, born in Ireland and the next child Catherine was 7* (she later married Owen McCauley), who was born in Penn. Does the 10 year gap mean that Patrick came first, worked in the mines & then went back for his wife, or sent for her[?]. The next child John was born in N.Y.; the next 2, Mary (2) & Ellen (4/12) were born in Mich.
This probably means that Grey & Ellen went to N.Y. & there, in the Irish colony heard about Beaver I.
There is no Patrick Gallagher in the 1870 or '80 census that fits. Did the census taker miss them? or had they died [?]
By 1870 Barney is recorded in his own household
By 1870 Catherine is married to Own McCauley & says she was born in Ire., in 1880, she
says it was N.Y. *In 1870 she says she is 20, in 1880 - 23. The 20 looks more reasonable than the 7 above as she has a 3 year old son.6
"7This family was in Penn. in 1853 where both Barney & Paddy Grey worked in the mines; in 1857 they were in N.Y. & in 1858 on B.I. Roland says "Paddy Grey was the father of Frank Floyd." This would have placed him on the foxes in 1868, or Mary Palmer on B.I. that year.
Father Peter Gallagher
Tyrone [Gallaghers]
6/24/1835 (Tyrone, [ County, Ireland]) - 11/13/1898 (B.I.)
P. 27, 33, 65, 82, 107, 133, 147
He was born in Menabarigar, Co. Tyrone & came to Philadelphia with his parents & a brother in June 1852 (age - 17). The trip over was from June 24 to Aug. 4.
He went to school at Old St. Joseph's (Jesuit) in Philadelphia & from there went to Ottawa College, Ottawa, Canada. Ordained by Bishop Baraga of Marquette, July 29, 1866 (age 31) and came immediately to B.I. as priest, landing Aug. 9, 1866. He died on B.I. Nov. 13, 1898 & is buried in St. Dennis Cemetery, Oakmount, Upper Darby, Penn.
Sister Lorraine says that he enjoyed dancing & always danced when there was an opportunity (square dancing I presume).
In 1890 he bought NE1/4 of Sec 21 T37 R10 (at head) from John Sawlin.
Roland says he had "12 apostles" (the pillars of the church on which he depended I presume), two of them were Jolin & Owen Gallagher McCauley Gallagher. The 12 apostles sat in a pew behind(?) the altar. Another was "Puddenon"(?) Gallagher & he was the one that burned Old Man McCann's cooper shop at the point. It was after this that McCann looked after Dormer's store when he was gone & Father Gallagher said from the pulpit "Don't trade with that Mackinac Jew McCann, trade with this fine man Day."
Mabel Cull & Nonie. Nonie said Father Gallagher always told people to hold on to their land. When I repeated this to Mabel she said yes. Father also said there would be buggies without horses & things flying in the air"8 and that no matter how things looked now, land would be valuable. "I don't know where he got his information, but that is what he said." She went on to talk highly of his kindness & care for the Islanders.
Father Gallagher owned Nels' store, house, & dock. (Nonie)
[see original manuscript for family tree diagram for Father Gallagher]
Father Peter Gallagher
(card #2)
Priests like him
The attachment of Irish congregations to a pastor or priest quickened their loyalty to him against the bishop, as in Ireland. The bishop transferred Rev. John Brady, Jr. from a Conn. Town. The parishioners nailed a notice across the entrance to the church: "Let no man take this down till the Bishop gives a reason for removing Mr. Brady from his beloved congregation. Let no man dare."...
The congregation of Chicopee, Mass., attack[ed] Rev. James Strain, described as "of hasty temperament & utterly without tact" on the altar & ripped the vestments from his back.
To the G. Floor - G. Patton p. 3559
Peter Dominic Gallagher
2 nd gen.
p. 132
Son of "Big Dominic"
He and his brother Neily Dominic "meanest 2 captains on the Gt. Lakes."
Married Nora (Nangog's daughter), 1879-1954
Monica A., 1902-1929
Mary I., 1900-1920
Cecilia, 1906-1933
Dominic Roland, Mar. 21, 1903 (Charlevoix records. "Peter Gallagher, Mich, farmer,
wife name not given, Ireland.)
Philip C. "Philipine" Gallagher10
(His stone says born in Ireland Aug. 4, 1852, died St. James, Dec. 19, 1910)
About 1869
A nephew of Big Owen
Married Mary Gillespie, 1858-1910 (daughter of John Gill.) In 1880 she was working as a
servant in the home of George Sweet.
Children (15; 7 deceased, 1905):
Charles/Charlie (Harlam), 1882-1974 - married Catherine Malloy, 1890-1939
Dominic - married Mary Gillespie, sister of Kit
Daniel, July 12, 1899
Stillborn, July 4, 1894
" Northern Michigan":
Born on Aranmore Island, Co. Donegal, Aug. 1852. Big Owen sent for him and paid his passage; when he came he worked for island fishermen for 4 years and then for another 4 as a sailor on the "Henry A. Smith." Capt. I. N. Gallagher of B.I. (is this Big Neil?) yes, his uncle. Then did pond-net fishing on Sand Bay where he took up homestead. In 1882 he purchased 40 acres of his present farm (written 1905), in 1886 added another 40A and in 1890 90A more. In 1905 "he has been successfully engaged in farming for 22 years." His farm was next to John Gillespie's (his father -in-law).
Death records:
Phillip C. Gallagher married, age 58, died in Peaine Township on December 19, 1910 of consumption; born Ireland, parents Charles Gallagher and Bridget Gallagher; farmer.
" Northern Michigan".
" Attained a fair education, in his native land and shortly after attaining his majority in 1874 he emigrated to the United States coming directly to Beaver Island in June of that year. In his native land he had been reared on a farm, and also followed fishing. He came to the US through the inducement of his uncle captain Owen Gallagher." Worked for four years for others fishing then four years as a sailor on the schooner. " Henry A. Smith." Capt. I. N. Gallagher, then of Beaver Island. (is this Big Neil?) (yes, his uncle) Then worked for John Day in fishing, after which he spent nine years pond net fishing on Sand Bay where he took up a homestead. In 1882 he purchased 40 acres of his present farm (written 1905); in 1886 added another 40 acres and in 1890, 90 acres more. In 1905 "he has been successfully engaged in farming for 22 years." Is now (1905), serving his seventh term as township clerk, having also served three years as Township supervisor. At one time, he served as a sheriff of Manitou. County which at that time included the Manitou to islands and the Fox Island, Beaver Island Gull Island and others, 15 in all.
His farm was next to John Gillespie's (his father-in-law)
Maria says he was supervisor etc. of Peanine Township. "a smart up-and-coming man."
Stone[s] near Philip C.:
Bridget, 1825-1889, born in Ireland (his mother)
Neil, 1869-1891, age 21 y. (his brother)
Land office:
July 26, 1877 Philip Gallagher Hd. Lots 2 and 3 Sec 25-38-10 and Lot 1 Sec 36, 140A $10.
Fd 1883. James D. McKinley had filed (pencil) for this Sept. 9, 1861. This must be the Hd. referred to in the Northern Mich article; it is just S. of B. Sand Bay.
In 1880 he was listed as living as a boarder in the home of Neil Gallagher, are 28, sailor. Mary was 19 and living in the home of George Sweet as a servant (born in Mich.). In 1870 she was living at home, age 12, born in Can..
Death records:
Mary Gillespie Gallagher, died in Peaine Twp. on Dec. 10, 1910 of heart disease, married, born Mich., parents Gillespie and Mary Dunlevy; I failed to get the age but she was 52.
In 1884 a Philip Gallagher homesteaded Lots 2 and 3 Sec 25-38-10 and lot 1 Sec 26 T38 R10. I don't know if it was Big Phil or Philipine. (Philipine - this is at the south end of B. Sand bay.)
The land records show his purchase of E1/2 of W1/2 of SE1/4 of Sec 4, T38, R10 from Hugh Early in 1888.
In 1896 he bought W1/2 of the NW1/4 & W1/2 of SW1/4 of Sec 21 T38 R10 from Condy C. Gallagher (the nephew).
[See original manuscript for family tree of Philip C. "Philipine" Gallagher.]
Shamus "Shamy" (possibly James) Gallagher
1815 (census)
[see also James Gallagher]
By 1863 In 1860 census
P. 55, 96, 115, 125
Brother of Shawn
House #46
Married Mary Gillespie
He lived at the Black Hills across from Condy. According to Pat B. he is the one that named the " Darky Town Rd." because it was so dark walking to or from town to his house. Pat says it was called this before Darky Mike lived there.
His wife was a sister of the wife of "Big John" Bonner.
Pat says he first lived in a house, later occupied by Big John Boner, on the Darky Town Rd. across from Mooney's. It was then he named it Darky Town.
Maria says his wife was a Gillespie (she is thinking of James). [If there were 2 - Shawn & Shamus - then Shamus' wife was a Gillespie & Shawn's the sister of Big John's wife.]12
I think they are the same. Pat said - " Shawn (Hamey) married a Bonner, one of the Big Johns, I think." Maria - "Shamus Gall. married a Gillespie." Pat - "Boner, the one with one N (this is Big John) lived on the DkyT Rd. in a house that had been occupied by Shamey Gall. who later moved to Black Hills." "Boner's wife was Mary Gillespie." The "Shawn (Hamey)" & the "Shamus (Shamy)" are very close.
I certainly have to check into this - for one thing get the land record across from Condy's at the Black Hills. Here is a possible solution that would leave Shamus & Shawn 2 different people:
[seeoriginal manuscript for prospective Shawn/Shamus Gallagher family relationship diagram]
Could it be that "Shamy" is James? That would make the Mary Gillespie who was married to James Gallagher & had the baptism of Ann & Hannah Nov. 3, 1863. Shawn is John.
1860 census:
James Golicher 40 laborer born Ire.
Mary Golicher 38 born Ire.
John Golicher 4 born Ire.
Eugene Golicher 11(?) born Ire.
Mary Golicher 5 born Canerday
Patrick Golicher 3 born Canada
Grace Golicher 2 born Canada
Bridget Golicher 2/12 born Canada
Bridget Golicher 80 born Ire.
[A bracket connects all of the above names from the 1860 census] - This is not the one that married Mary Gillespie & whose twins are in the parish baptismal record. See census card.
1 Double entry of name in original.
2 Illegible; possibly in section.
3 Island in County Donegal, Ireland; well-populated in the late nineteenth century but faced steady population decline thereafter.
4 Clearly spelled this way in original.
5 Author encloses Barney's and Catherine's names in brackets with the notation, "does this [age] gap mean Paddy came first & Ellen followed?"
6 Asterisks in original.
7 No close-quotes here.
8 No opening quotation marks in original.
9 This last sentence appears to refer to a source.
10 Note: Philip/Philipine is sometimes spelled w/ one "l," sometimes with two.
11 Hannah & Ann are connected with a bracket and the note, "twins, parish rec, No 3, 1863."
12 Bracket in original.

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