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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 4

Shawn (John? "Hamey") Gallagher
[see also James Gallagher]
P. 115
Brother of Shamus
(Shawn = John -Yeats)
Married sister of Old John Gillespie.
A nephew of Old John Gillespie.
Two of his brothers were drowned.
[Can this be the same a Shamus ("Shamy")?]1 - no
This information comes from Pat Bonner.
On March 19 '78 "Shane" Gallagher is the father of Bridget, mother "Gracey Boyle" (born
In 1877 Shawn Gallagher bought the E 1/2 of the W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Sec 9-T38-R10 from James
O'Donnell. O'Donell had bought it in 1870 from John Gillespie.
[see original manuscript for family tree diagrams for Shawn Gallagher]
Shamus (James) and Shawn (John) Gallagher
This information is from Catherine Gallagher McMillen, granddaughter of Shamus & reared in his home.
Shamus (James) & Shawn (John) were brothers & there were two other brothers that drowned. (Shamus two sons John & Owen were drowned when the "Lookout" was lost*[)].2
Shamus married Mary Gillespie, sister of Old John, & Shawn married another sister. Shamus & Mary were married in Iceland.
The family came through Canada, probably Toronto.
Of the Shamus children, Mary married Morris Boyle, Grace married Tip Miller's son George H. Miller, & Bridget died. Mrs. McMillen's father was Patrick & he married
Catherine Bonner, daughter of Big John. She was born in Penn. & at one time was a school teacher on the Island (although the 1880 census says she couldn't read & write). There were three children, John, Catherine, & Mannie. John born 1880, Catherine 1882. When Catherine was 5 her mother died & Patrick went to Escanaba. The children were raised by the grandparents Shamus & Mary.
Mrs. McMillen remembers her grandparents with great affection. It was a happy childhood, with almost no contact with the rest of the world. The grandparents went to town & to church but the children were left at home. When visitors came they were sent out of doors to play. They lived in a frame house on the west side of the road & she remembers the big two story log house across the road as standing empty. [She came to live with Shamus in 1887, the year of the loss of the Vernon. After Big Rosie was lost Condy deserted the family so her memory of the empty house ties in.]3
She said, "The Shawns were related to the Dunlevys." - How? Old John's wife was Mary Dunlevy.
She & Maria said "Paddy Mor" was a brother of Shawn & Shamus.
At Shamus they talked about the famine4 & the stories were so scary that Catherine Gallagher McMillen was afraid to go up to bed.
*Either Catherine McMillen was confused or I was.
Tyrone5 Gallaghers
B.I. 1857
P. 27, 58, 67, 92, 116, 126
There were three Gallagher brothers came together and Dan Malloy of Aranmore came with them. As Dan came in 1857 these must have too. I also have a note - he came "shortly after 1856."6
William ("Old Billy") - came with first party; house #5; son - "Big Willie"
Dan James Peter (Big Gallagher) - came later, 1871; house #92; married
Bridget Sweeny Malloy - Dan Malloy's mother's name was Sweeny
His sons:
Dan (Tight)
William (Bowery) - born in New York - married a daughter of William
James (James Bowery)
Willie John7
Cousin of William ("Old Billy"):
Mike Mahal Rua8 - came with first party; house #93 no; married Susan Mooney
[see original manuscript for Tyrone Gallagher family tree diagram]
According to Pat only one "Old Billy" brother in law to Big Gall.
Roland say Bridget was married to Willie, a brother of Big Gall.
Death records show Mike & Wm. to have the same parents, while Big Gallaghers are different.
William "Old Billy" Gallagher
[see also] Tyrone Gallaghers
House #5
William Gallagher is mentioned 11 times in the Dormer Bk.
Wife Susan (she was a midwife[)] à is this right? A Susan was married to Michael - gravestone. No à see Mike Mahal Rua's card.
Son -
William Gallagher ("Big Willie") ("Big Willie" lived on the King's Highway in the next house beyond "Tights'" house. He & Tight were 1 st cousins. This is house #93 - Mike Mahal Rua's house.)
Old Bill lived in the house where Stanley Floyd now lives - he had a saloon there. Old Bill was first married to a sister of Fannie O'Donnell (Dan Malloy's wife). They were married in Ireland & she died in New York when their baby was born. The baby died too. When Dan & Fanny came to the Island he came too. This must have been in 1857. His second wife was Bridget (Bridgebilly?). The 1857 date hooks up with his crossing the ice when Shoemaker's father was lost (see Hannah Veag's card).
Roland says Willie Gallagher's wife was Bridget (Bridgie) & he was a brother of Big Gall. Maria was at his wake as a child - taken by her Boyle grandparents. It was in the house where Stanley Floyd is now. Some one's chair squeaked. "Lie still in that bed, Billy!" said his wife. (He was laid out on the bed.) It happened again. "I told you to lie quiet - now be still Billy!"
See land records; Sec 10, T38, R10 - he bought land here & got involved with Father Peter Gallagher & Bowery.
Land office:
Pencil -
Feb. 22, 1858 - William Gallagher filed for Lot 3 Sec 19-37-1 (on Iron Ore Bay)
May 7, 1858 - William Gallagher filed for NW 4 SE 4 & Lot 2 Sec 20-37-10 (just E of
Lighthouse). (Frank Stevens got this Aug. 15, '59 & sold it the same month to Patrick Gall.)
Mar. 22, 1862 - he filed for NW 4 NW 4 Sec 10-38-10; "settled Feb. 24? (probably '63 or
'64). (On June 2, 1862 L. E. Gallagher filed for the same land). It must have been settled for William because ---
Ink -
Aug. 4, 1865 - Wm Gallagher Hd. W 2 NW 4, & SE 4 NW 4 Sec 10-38-10, 120A, $10,
F.C. Sept. 16, 1870. This is opposite James Peter (Big) Gallagher's house. This Aug. 4 is the same day that Mike Mahal Rua filed for his quarter section across the rd. James Peter didn't get his land until 1878 when he bought the swampland across from William & N of Mike Mahal Rua from the State of Mich.
This land is that on which Bowery foreclosed a mortgage, Aug. 31, 1878 and which Father Gall bought from Bowery & sold back to Wm, Mar. 31, 1883.
William Gallagher
[same as above? HC unsure]
The 1860 census lists a Wm. in a bachelor establishment. This could be the widowed Wm. that came with Dan Malloy.
Here is listing:
William Galigar 35 - fisherman - born [in] Ire.
Wm. (the second Wm.'s last name is blank)9 24 - laborer - born [in] Ire.
Neal O'Donald 7 ---------- born [in] Scotland
This census later lists a Wm. Galigar, 24, a cooper, born in Ire. as living thus10 -
Wm. Galigar 24 cooper - born [in] Ire.
Cicly Boyle 30 ------ born [in] Ire.
Maurice Boyle 25 fisherman - born [in] Ire.
John Boyle 17 ------ born [in] Ire.
Bridget Boyle 15 ----- born [in] Ire.
Susan O'Donald 50 widow - born [in] Ire.
Both of these are unusual households.
William D. "Big Willie" Gallagher
1868-1945 - stone
He lived on the K. Hy.11 in the house beyond "Tights." These two houses were first the 1 st cousins. Big Gall. & Mike Mahal Rua & then the 2 nd cousins Tight & Big Willie.
Nonie says - "Big Willie was a fine man." She also says he prayed every night to be taken quickly. He was eating breakfast one morning, looked out the window & saw a neighbor taking an animal across the field. He went out to help & when he picked up the rope he fell dead. Three of his sisters were lost on the " Vernon."
Protar's diary - "Tissa [Protar's mare]12 & Big Willie's red stallion."
Death records:
William David Gallagher, single, age 77-6-18, died in Peaine Twp Sept. 10, '45, of apoplexy. Born St. J.. Farmer; parents Michael Gallagher & Susan Mooney, both born Ire.
William "Billy" Gallagher
House #5
P. 50, 80, 91, 125
He was a brother-in-law to Bill Gallagher (?) & brother of Michael Mahal Rua & this cousin of
Big Gallaghers.
I still haven't got straight on the difference, if any, between "Billy" & "Old Bill"
[assume married] BridgeBilly - 1817-1899(?) - she had no family on B.I. (Roland)
He was the marriage broker. He made the match between Darky Mike O'Donnell and Nangog. Also the Mooney-McCafferty match. At the time Hannal13 McCafferty was working for Sophia Bonner. Old Billy came & got her & took her home where he had Mooney waiting (he was 16 years the older). Also the Hugh Connaghan match.
In 1870 his father, Daniel, age 90, was living with him.
Death records:
William Gall., married, age 80-0-7, died in Pea. Twp Jan. 8, '99. Born Ire., farmer, parents Daniel Gall. & Bridget Rogers.
There is a death records for Bridget Gall., married, age 82, who died in Pea. Twp, Oct. 28, '99, of a paralytic stroke; born Ire., housewife. Parents Daniel Gall. & Bridget Rogers - something is wrong in the record.
Daniel was William's father - he was living with "his son," according to census records in 1870.
William J. "Bowery" Gallagher
1856 ( N.Y. City) - 1930
Northern Michigan 1905
P. 51, 120, 137, 147
Married Margaret T. Boyle 1861 (sister of William Boyle the Post Master & daughter of
Sarah - died at 18 - 1880-1898 (stone); this must be the one that died of TB the day Mrs.
Vesty Vesty14 was married. The news of her death came at the wedding dance.
James H., 1883-1956 (stone)
Eddie, 1884-1951
Ida Belle (Girlie?)
William J. - Willie John?
Joseph Earle
Margaret Irene - married ____15 McCann; died Mar. 3, 1925
Susanna Veronica, Mar. 8, 1901 record - married a Left
Spent his childhood & early youth in N.Y. City. Educated in its public schools & at 14 began to work as an errand boy on Wall St. until he came with his parents to B.I. when he was 16 (1871). In 1881 began business on his own. Pat says Black Bonner nicknamed him Bowery. They had known each other in N.Y.
I have a note that he first came in '68 and that he was the 1 st one to come & that he went back & got his father & his brother Tight (he would have been 12 in '68). His first census record is 1880 when he & his wife & 2 mo. old daughter were living with his father-in-law Whiskey Boyle.
For very complicated land transactions by Bowery see land records of Sec 10 T38 R10.
1895 Wm. J. Gall. sold SE 1/4 Sec 7 T37 R10 to W. W. Boyle (the "Billy" I knew).
1885 Bowery transferred NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10 to Wm. Gebron - it looks as if this
were to clear a title.
Aug. 31, 1878 - James Kennelly, Sheriff, to Wm. J. Gall., Sheriff deed. Foreclosure W 2 & SE 4
of NW 4 Sec 10-38-10 (this was a foreclosure on his uncle, Wm. Gall.).
Nov. 15, 1878 - Wm. J. Gall. to Rev. Peter Gallagher - the above
(Mar. 31, 1883, Rev. Peter sold it back to the Wm. [_] whom the foreclosure took place.[)]
Death records:
Sarah Gall., single, age 17-10-17, died Feb. 8, '98 of "heart disease;" parents Wm. J. &
"Meggis" Gall.
Elinore Agnes Gall., single, 21-3-19, died Sept. 9, '27 of pulmonary tuberculosis; born
Mich., parents William J. Gall. & Margaret T. Boyle.
James, 1883-1956
Katherine L., 1887-1956
In one lot:
William J., 1856-1930
Margaret, 1861-1940
Mae G.[?] Schebrat, 1891-1952 (is this the Mary [above, under "Children"]?)
Eleanor A., 1906-1927
Wiley Franklin Gatliff
P. 92
This information is from the birth records.
Wis. laborer; born Ill.
Married Ann McCauley - [born] Mich. ( Conn's daughter)
Mary Agatha, Sept. 8, 1897 - record - died Oct. 30, '14 from "acute rheumatism"
Tom - lives here now
Ruth (married Smith in Charlevoix)
Death record:
Mary Gatliff, single, age 17-1-22, died in St. J. Twp on Oct. 30, '14 of "valvular lesions
of the heart caused by acute rheumatism." Parents Wiley Franklin Gatliff & Ann
[see original manuscript for family tree diagram of Wiley Gatliff & Ann McCauley]
Louis Gebo
1837 -
(This is Mrs. Williams' brother) who was at the Battle of Pine River.
1840 census:
Louis Gebo (Michillimackinac Co.) - father of above - 1 st wife Mrs. Whitney
Males under 5 - 2
Males 30-40 - 1
Females 30-40 - 1
1860 census:
Lewis Gebo 23 fisherman born Mich.
Abigail Gebo 22 ----------- born Mich.
Wilson H. Gebo 12 ----------- born Mich.
Ma__rna16 Gebo 8 ----------- born Mich.
Grant Thosum(?) 22 laborer born Ohio
__sand17 Thosum 20 laborer born Ohio18
Death records:
Louis Geboo, died June 17, '87, married, drowned in Lake Mich. off Str.19 Vernon.
Amanda Geer
This family (no father recorded by census) was living in the Cable['s] Bay area. The household is listed between that of William Hill (definitely gentile - mentioned by Mrs. Williams) and Samuel Bonnet on Fitzpatrick list as Mormon. I think Bonnett was probably the beginning of the St. James Mormon listing.
Census 1850:
Amanda Geer 32 F. born N.Y.
Myron Geer 15 M. born N.Y. - fisherman - married Felanda? Bailey
Marietta Geer 12 F. born Mich. - married Richard Cooper (see his card)
Edmond Geer 5 M. born Mich.
Caroline Geer 3 F. born Mich.
In the 1850 census on Mackinac was this household:
Jolin Gear 29 M. [born] Germany woodchopper
Ann Gear 29 F. [born] Germany ------------
David Gear 5/12 M. [born] N.Y. ------------
Martin Myer 31 M. [born] Germ. woodchopper
Ralph Huntington 50 M. [born] N.Y. woodchopper
Gibson [Family]
I'm going to copy Pat Bonner's letter to Mrs. House word for word about the Gibsons & sort it out later.
"Well now about the Gibsons James Gibson & Ida Gibson their mothers maiden name was Miller Elizabeth Miller & their father was William Gibson. Elizabeth their mother was my 1 st cousin... We got a picture of old Mrs. Gibson here on a tintype I remember her well, that is William Gibson's mother. She had another son Jimmie & 2 daughters at home then Ida & Annie they kept roomers & boarders in my time...well now in the old Gibson family they had another daughter called Sara Jane Gibson. She was married to a Mike O'Donnell but I don't remember her as they moved off the Island shortly after they were married. I remember to see Mike O'Donnell once they had a son who was a priest."
Pat is wrong - both church & census records show James & Ida to be children of Robert & Julia.
The Wm., Jimmie, & Ida (Mary in '80 census, Ida in 1900), Annie (Julia A. in '80), and Sarah Jane are all children of Julia & Robert Gibson. The James & Ida he first speaks of were the children of Wm. & Eliz. Miller. "Old Mrs. Gibson" is Robert's widow Julia - the boarders are the Gibson House.
1 Brackets in original.
2 Asterisk and footnote in original.
3 Brackets in original.
4 Irish potato famine, roughly 1845-1850. Irish immigration to the United States during these years is estimated at nearly one million.
5 County in the north of Ireland, part of modern-day Northern Ireland.
6 This appears to refer to Dan Malloy, but can't be certain from placing on page.
7 James Bowery and Willie John appear to be the sons of James Peter, but this is not absolutely clear.
8 The author has drawn an arrow from "Big Willie" ("Old Willie"'s son) à Mike Mahal Rua, but no indication as to why she has done so.
9 Parenthetical statement in original.
10 All members of this household except William and Susan are designated as "brothers & sisters."
11 "King's Highway"; see entry for "Old Billy" Gallagher, above.
12 Brackets in original.
13 Could be typo for "Hannah."
14 Duplication in original.
15 Illegible; Ulysses?
16 Unclear.
17 Unclear.
18 The author encloses the names of Lewis, Abigail, Wilson, & Ma__rna in a bracket, with the note, "Abigail looks like his wife but who are the others?"
20 Non-Mormon.