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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 5


James Gibson
(card #1)
P. 147
Brother of Robert?
He is mentioned in the 1860 census as living in James H. Cabel's _____1 - this must have been a broth. of Robt.
James Gibson, 28, laborer, born Canada.
He must be the "Jock," brother of Robert Gibson.
James Y. Gibson
[Shares a card with James Gibson, above]
Son of Robert
(He has a card) à He was P.M.2 Dec. 6, 1881 - Apr. 2, 1903 when he was followed by Ida Gibson ( à was this his wife?) who held the post until July 3, 1903 when Mike McCann was appointed. This is the son of Robt. Gibson who married Mamie McCann - see his card.
[See original manuscript for family tree diagram for James, Jock, and Robert Gibson.]
James Gibson
(card #2)
In the 1860 census he is listed in the James Cabel household. James Gibson, age 28, laborer. He is the right age to be Robert, the hotel keeper's brother (Robert was 30).
He must be the father of (did he marry Tip Miller's daughter?)
Sadie - who married Owen Big Dominick
Jock - who married Belle O'Brien & father of Willie Gibson in Charlevoix
There is some story about the father dying - the mother getting pregnant & having to leave the Island & the children being raised in 1 st one family & then another. See notes.3
James G. Gibson
(2 nd Gen.)
Married Jan. 7, 1890, Mary (Mamie) McCann, 1867-1919
Children (4 Gibson girls):
Mary Catherine, Aug. 11, 1897 - record
Sister Lorraine
In the birth record of Mary Catherine he is listed as "Postmaster" & he & Mary both born in Mich.
He was Postmaster Dec. 6, 1881 - Apr. 2, 1903. He was followed by "Ida" Gibson who must be Mary. Mike McCann was appointed P.M. July 3, 1903.
[The author inserts a line from "'Ida' Gibson," above, to] This is his sister. Then in 3 mo. later Mike was appointed. The family (Margarite ) says Mike was appointed so his sister, James' widow Mamie, could do the work & get the money.
Mamie's obituary -
Born Sept. 19, 1867 on Mackinac Is.; 1885 moved with her parents to St. James.
Robert Gibson
Spring of 1858 - C. of the Sea says they came in the spring of 1858 - bought the Mormon print shop & converted it into a hotel.
There is a stone for him - Robert Gibson, 1829-1876.
Wife - Julia Scully (sister of Tip Millar)
Anna - ?
James, 1859-1903 Robt., 1865-83
He and his wife both came from New York City, according to "Child of the Sea" (also according to Am. Irish His. Soc.); he was here before the Mormons, left and came back. In the spring of 1857 he was keeping a hotel in the Mormon Print Shop. He had summer guests - resorters - not fishermen.
[If Julia was a sister of "Tip" & Mrs. Bedford, she was undoubtedly a Mormon too. If he was here before the Mormons, he probably met Julia, a Mormon girl, on the Island, taking her away when he left.] Wrong, they had 2 children in N.Y.
Lawrence says a Sarah Gibson married Owen Gallagher in 1905.
_________ brother4
There were two Gibson families - brother "Jock" Gibson (Tom) - brother
"Willie" Gibson5
Willie Gibson still lives in Charlevoix.
In my notes on the Miller family - I say Julia was "married to a brother of the Gibson who ran the Gibson House." Could she have been married to "Jock"? Child of the Sea says Julia was wife of Robert.
Sister Lorraine says that her grandmother's name was Julia Scully.
It must have been "Jock" who married Tip Miller's sister.
Mrs. Williams __st6 Sarah J. & Annie Gibson as teaching school.
Stone - Gibson
Mother - Julia, 1831-1908
Father - Robert, 1829-1876
Robert, 1865-1883
Stones - Gibson
Mary James
  • 1859-1903
(Mamie McCann)
Aug. ? 1864 there is a land transfer in S. 3, T38 R10 from the Auditor Gen. to Robert Gibson.
Dec. ? 1869 he sold it to Owen & John McCauley E 1/2 S. 3, T38 R10.
In 1896 Mrs. R. A. Gibson bought the SE 1/4 Sec 7 T38 R10 from Billy Boyle (the Postmaster).
This must have been Julia.
[See original manuscript for Gibson family tree diagram.]
Robert Gibson
(card #2)
1860 census:
Robert Gibson 30 fisherman born Ire.
Julia Gibson 29 -------------- born Ire.
Margaret Gibson 8 ------------ born N.Y. - married Mike F. O'Donnell, bro. of Anthony &
Wm. Gibson 4 --------------- born N.Y. - married Eliz. Miller (Tip's daughter[)]
James Gibson 11/12 --------- born N.Y. - married Mamie McCann
Michael Haskins (Harkins?) 20 cooper [born] Ire.
Fredrick H. Wright 21 cooper [born] Germany
Sept. 2, 1909 - Protar, "Mrs. Gibson died."
Obituary of Mamie McCann Gibson -
Mrs. Mary Gibson died Oct. 19 th after an illness of short duration. Mary McCann was the daughter of James McCann & his late wife Margaret & was born on Mackinac Island Sept. 19, 1867. In 1885 she moved with her parents to St. James. She married James Gibson Jan. 7, 1890; he died in 1903.
She is survived by her father, brothers John & Michael, & four daughters - Eva, Sister Lorraine (Dominican Order of Sisterhood), Julia, & Mary.
William Gibson
(2 nd Gen.)
P. 89
What relation to other Gibsons? Son of Robt.
Married Roseann Boyle (Whisky's daughter), 1857 à someone told me she was Bowery's sister
but I think she must have been his sister-in-law.
[Author has enclosed children's names in a bracket, w/ the notation] Marguaritte's schoolmates "Their mother was Bowery's sister." It must have been sister to Bowery's wife.
This is the one that drowned & his widow was sent away by Bowery because she [was] pregnant. Bowery was her brother-in-law; she was sister of his wife.
He is mentioned 3 times in the Dormer Day Book.
He is listed by Harrison Miller as one of the volunteer crew of 8 for the Life S. S. season 1882.
In 1878 William (Whiskey) Boyle sold W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec 33 T3R7 R10 to a William Gibson (probably when his daughter married Wm.). In 1883 he sold it to Henry Hartweg.
[see original manuscript for Gibson family tree diagram]
William J. Gilden
1882-Jan. 29, 1913
B.I. 1893 or 4
House #70
N.S. 1882
This is the family of Rae Gilden's husband.
Married Rae McCauley, 1870-1943 (Anna) à Stone: Hannah Rae Gilden, 1870-1943; on the
same lot: Mother - Ann, 1877-1941
No children
1900 census:
Gilden, Nels 48 [born] Swe. carpenter read & write
Gilden, Martha W. 42 [born] Swe.
Gilden, William 15 [born] Min. farm laborer
Gilden, Christina 13 [born] Min. school
Gilden, Arthur 11 [born] Min.
Gilden, Ruben 8 [born] Min.
Gilden, Mary 6 [born] Mich.
Gilden, Andrew 3 [born] Mich.
Gilden, David 1 [born] Mich.
Nelson Gilden - Sweden - farmer
C Gilden - Sweden
Andrew Gilden, Oct. 7, 1896
Who is this? William's brother?
Wilce Gilden - [born] Europe - carpenter
Ingoside Gilden - [born] Europe
Peter _.8 - Jan. 15, '99 (record)
Death records:
Nov. 22, '03, Mary Gilden, 9-9-1, died of diphtheria; born Mich., parents Nelson & Anna
Gilden; living in St. James.
William Geldin, married, age 31, died in Peaine Twp on Jan. 2, '13 of typhoid fever; born
Minnesota, marine engineer; parents Niles Geldin, mother unknown (Martha).
Anthony Gill
1834 -
By 1859
P. 103
Wife Catherine, 1836 -
There was a Gill that had a mill & store at house #27, but Hugh Connehan owned the property.
Johnny Green - "owned the 1 st big mill here - married a Gibson girl" of the hotel family.
Pat Bonner says "John Gill was Shawn Gallagher's uncle."
1860 census:
Anthony Gill 26 fisherman born Ire.
Catherine Gill 24 ---------- born Ire.
John Maguire 72 laborer born Canada
Land office:
Pencil -
Feb. 10, 1859 - A. Gill filed for Lot 4 (60.2 A), Sec 24-37-11, at Cheyenne Pt., probably
in lighthouse preserve.
? 1860 - C. Gill SW 4 Sec 23-38-10 (this became part of Vesty's property)
Ink -
July 8, 1863 - Anthony Gill Hd. Lots 1 & 2 & NW 4NW 4 Sec 23-38-10, 150A $10 F.C.
Sept. 24, 1868 (Charlevoix shows "Anthony Gallagher" but the Land Office says Gill
and Gill coincides where Maria says Gill's Mill was). This is where the Sister's
cottage is.
Daniel Gillespie
(2 nd Gen.)
Daniel Gillespie- (son of Old John), 1869-1940, married June 23, 1891, [to] Grace O'Donnell.
Death records:
Daniel Gillespie, married, age 72-1-21, died Mar 15, '40 in Peanie Twp of myocardial degeneration. Born St. James, laborer, parents John Gillespie and Mary Donlevy, both born Ireland.
Francis G. Gillespie
(2 nd Gen.)
Francis G. Gillespie, 1868-19-, (this must be "Kit")
Mary Ann Boyle, 1879-1955
John Cliffort, Jan 3, 1900- record.
Patrick Vernon, July, 1901- record. Patrick died May 22, '02 age 10 months, 11
Death Records:
Patrick Gillespie, age 0-10-11 died in Pea Twp, May 22, '02 of croup. Born Mich, res.
St. James, parents Francis Gillespie and Mary Boyle.
Stone: Daniel Gillespie, 1868-1940
James Gillespie
James, (son of Old John), 1864-
Mil.9 Jr. Jan 10, 1932
"Another of the island's best known characters is James Gillespie, 68, known as "Priest," that being a nickname he acquired as a child when he amused himself christening all the dolls he could get his hands on. Priest keeps house all by himself, setting aside one day for washing, one for ironing, and one for baking, as any good housekeeper should, and tends considerable acreage single handedly through the summer season. Many say his bread is the finest to be had anywhere."
John "Old John" Gillespie
1830-1910 (death rec)
This is Jewells' grandfather
House #57
Mary Dunlevy (daughter of Capt Daniel 1838-1910, sister of Yankee Jim etc...[)]
Francis (Kit) 1868-19 - married MaryAnn Bogle 1879-1955
1 Annie 1858
2 Mary - 1860 - married John Boner (one n) (I also have that she married Phillipine
? Hannah (between 64 & 69?) - married Dan Gallagher (T___ I think) - yes
8 Nellie 1877 Gallagher (which one?)
7 Bridget 1875 - married Dan J. Martin
6 Grace 1872 - Jennie - M. Connolly
5 Daniel 1869 - (stone 1868-1940) Married Grace O'Donnell
3 Jonn 1863 (he disappeared. He went to Escanaba & was never heard of again.)
baptism record.
4 Jimmie 1864 -
9 Owen 1879
In 1882 he bought W 1/2 of W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec 4, T38 R10 from Lester Van Alstyne.
In 18? He sold it to Fannie Brubacker.
In 1869 he patented from U.S. the W 1/2 of the NE 1/4 & the W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Sec 9 T38 R10. (The land in Sec 4 was right across the road.) This was a strip right next to his brother-in-law John Dunlevy & they took the land at the same time. The next year, 1870, he sold the eastern half of this strip to James O'Donnell.
Land office:
July 8, 1863 - W 2NE 4 & W 2SE 4 Sec 9-38-10 [_]d. 160A$10 f.c. Sept. 24, 1868 [____] Nov.
1, 1869, Slopt. Rd. at west turn.
Death records:
John Gillespie, married, age 80, died in Peaine Twp. of cancer on Apr. 22 '10. Born Ire. Farmer, parents Own Gillespie & Anna Gallagher.
Mary Dunlevy (Gillespie), widow, age 72, died Peaine Twp. on July 10, '10 of paralysis.
Born Ire. Parents Daniel Dunlevy & Hannah O'Donnell.
Daniel Gillespie, married, age 72-1-21, died in Peaine Twp. of myocardial degeneration
on Mar. 15, '40. Born St. J.12 Laborer, parents John Gillespie & Mary Dunlevy,
both born Ire.
There were Gillespie women here early that were not children of Old John & must have been his sisters. A Grace Gill was married to Charlie Strach O'Donnell & had a child, Grace, born Sept. 7, 1863. Mary Gillespie & James Gallagher had twins, Ann & Hannah, born Nov. 3, 1863. Could this be "Shamus"[?]
In their home lived Nancy Gillespie - probably the mother-in-law, Anna Gallagher listed in death record of Old John, above.
John "Old John" Gillespie
(card #2)
From a letter of Jewel's to Clink. It differs slightly at the end from what I got out of the book Jewel loaned me.
Annie Gillespie, 1858
1 Mary Gillespie, 1860 Harlem's mother
Hannah Gillespie ? Hannah Tight - census = 1867
Nellie Gillespie, 1871 - Gallagher
Bridget Gillespie, 1875 - married Dannie Gallagher
3 Jennie Gillespie, 1864 - Connolly
Daniel Gillespie, 1869 - Tight
Frank Gillespie, 1869 - My father13
2 James Gillespie, 1862 - Priest - census = 1865
Grace Gillespie ? married Will Carr
Owen Gillespie, 1879 - Ownie
Lizzie Gillespie, 1885 - Carl Marine
John Gillespie (oldest son) ? Buckshot census = 1863
Order in 1880 Census
John 17
James 15
Hannah 13
Daniel 11
Frank 9
Grace 7 - 73
Bridget 4- 75
Ellen 3 - 77
Own 11/12 -79
[Order in] 1870 Census
Ann 14
Mary 12
John 10
James 8
Hannah 6
Daniel 4
F_____15 2
Notes from letters of Charles Francis O'Donnell to Tony O'Donnell -
"Old John Gillespie (Godfather of my informant) was married to a Dunlevy, John
Gillespie gave his godson his first pair of boots, red leather tops, & copper toes, & never
Owen Gillespie
Owen Gillespie, 1879- Mich, Laborer, son of Old John.
Wife, Mary Ginjras, Mich, (also spelled Jengress)
James John, Sept 30, '04
Daniel Merle. '10
Death records:
Daniel Merle Gillespie, 0-10-6, died in St. J. Twp,16 "accidental drowning," born Mich, parents Owen Gillespie and Mary Jengrass.
Owen Gillespie Family Tree
James Gordon
1855 -
Son of John & Ann
Church record of marriage & ba[p]tism
M[arried] - May 2, 1878
Mary Ann Brown, 1856 -
Ann Gordon, 1879
Malcolm Gordon, 1880
John Gordon, 1882
James Henry Gordon, 1884
Louis Gordon, 1887
Rose Gordon, 1890
Mary Frances Gordon, 1892
Charles Gordon, 1894
Robert Gordon, 1896
John Gordon
John Gordon & Anna Gordon (Co. Clare [ Ireland])
? James - br. Canada, 1855; married Mary A ?
? Charles - br. B.I., 1865; married Margaret ?
There is another John Gordon with a wife Mary - see census. It is possible he could have been a son of this man by a 1 st wife but is too old to have been a son of Anna.
Arrived the spring of 1862. Had hear of the Island through the Dunlevy family when both lived in Toronto. The Donlevys had moved to the Island & wrote suggesting the Gordons come. They took a boat from Buffalo & brought three cows with them. "It must have been really primitive as his mother told him she didn't even have a broom. Said she cried for 3 days & then decided there was no advantage in that so made up her mind to enjoy what they had instead of the things they couldn't get. She soon adjusted & loved it."
- from letter from Carl Gordon, a grandson
"Have an old tax bill dated Sept. 27, 1862 from Manitou Co. Treasurer's office made out to John Gordon for property for 1861. The Dept. treasurer was J. L. Bailey & the Co. Clerk was Joseph Beaudoin."
  • from letter of Carl Gordon to Andy (Clink) Gallagher
The Ann Gordon who was Hewy Hardwick's second wife was a "half sister of the Gordons." (Maria)
John Gordon
(card #2)
Married Anna, 1826-1896
"Old Hardwick's second wife was a half-sister of the Gordons." Pat calls her Ann Geeren & Maria, Ann Gordon.
A stone -
John Gordon
Born May 1, 1804
Died May 1, 1881
Anna, his wife
Born Sept. 16, 1826
Died May 25, 1896
There is a birth record for Charley Gordon, Nov. 3, 1894. Father James Gordon, born in Michigan; mother Mary Gordon, also [born in] Michigan. He lists himself as fisherman. This James must be a son of the John above.
Same couple, James H. Gordon & Mary Ann Brown had a son Robert, Ap. 19, 1897. This time the father is listed as born in Canada.
Same parents - Julia Margaret, [born] Jan. 21, '01. Both father & mother listed born in Canada.
Samuel Graham
By May 1851 he had succeeded Geo. J. Adams in Strang's Council as virtual Prime Minister.
Forward the end of May '51, he went to Whiskey Pt. to have an interview with Sheriff Granger of Mackinac. Granger was the man who went to the Island with a posse of "30 intoxicated Indians & 8 or 10 drunken Irishmen" (Mormon account). This was when he was assaulted by Richard O'Donnell & James Hay & seriously injured. K. of St. J., p. 126.
Thomas Graham17
Death record:
Thomas Graham, married, age 34-7-5, died Jan. 16, '11 in St. J. Twp from diabetes. Born
Mich.; physician; parents James Graham & Mary Harmon, res. Grand Rapids.
This is Mrs. O'Br___'s18 1 st husband.
Protar records this death.
Lyman Granger
1803 -
Father of Julius
Wife - Ashva(?);19 1808 -
Mrs. Whitney has him as 1 st keeper of the Harbor Light. She says he had previously kept the light at Bois Blanc. A Sheriff Granger figures in K. of St. J. as the sheriff of Mackinac County in a raid on Strang & his followers at Hog Island, p. 125. Also as the sheriff there at the time of the assassination, p. 172. Is this the same man?
Sheriff Granger led the "mob" on July 3 rd which caused the Exodus - K. of St. J., p. 173.
("Sheriff Granger was evidently Julius - son of Lyman; see his card.)20
Strang speaks of a Henry Granger, "an Anti-Mormon candidate for Sheriff, elected by means of fraudulent votes." An. & Mod. Mac., p. 51.
1860 census:
Lyman Granger 57 boarding house born N.Y.
Ashva(?) Granger 52 -------------- born N.Y.
Anna E. Granger 21 --------------- born Mich.
Anthony Froat(?) 19 cooper born N.Y.
Anthony Green
(2 nd Gen.)
This is White Dan's son, brother of Johnny. There is a stone for him.
Married, Oct. 6, 1920, Mary Boyle, 1897 - (daughter of "Red Hughie")
Rose (married Connaghan) - country store
Protar's diary: Mary Red Hughie and Anthony Green married Oct. 6, 1920.
Frederick I. Green
1838 -
Born Maine
Different from the Irish Greens
Married Mary, 1837 - born Scotland
He bought the W 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec 9 T38 R10 in 1875 from John F. Stuart. This is opposite the airport. The 1880 census shows a Frederick Green, age 42, wife Mary, age 43. He was born in Maine and she in Scotland. There are no children listed.
Jim, or John Green
Son of John, brother White Dan. This information is from Lawrence. A Bill Green lived ______ Big Willies; his mother was a daughter of Mike Mahal's and was lost on the Vernon. The father was a Green, Lawrence thinks, named John, who was a brother of White Dan's. This hooks up with the son of John Green's second marriage that Lizzie couldn't remember the name of. After the mother was lost on the Vernon, the father went to Chicago and disappeared.
John (or Jim) Green married Bridget Gallagher - 1887 ( a daughter of Mike Mahal Rua).
Bill Green about 1882.21
" Northern Mich"
Has been a fisherman and farmer on the Island since 1865"
1865-1880 - fisherman
1880 - took up farming on a tract of land 4 mi. South of St. James, 120 acres.
White Dan bought the Greene farm from Paddy Mor Gallagher and just passed over the money and took the deed, not having it registered. Bought it in 1880. " Northern Michigan" says he was a fisherman until 1880 when he bought the farm.
Death records:
Elizabeth Greene, married, age 63-6-23 died May 20, '37 in Peanie Twp., of apoplexy. Born Mich.; parents Andrew Roddy and Catherine McBride.
Sept. 15, 1909 - Protar: "Black Dan Green died."
Johnny W. Green
December 1871-1964
Born at Greens Bay. When he was five, they moved to big Sand Bay - 1876. From Ivan
Married Lizzie Roddy
Lillian, Apr. 22, '01 - birth record - Eliza, Eren
Erin, 1900-1921
Mary Catherine Green - died age to the days of pneumonia, born December 10, 1899
Peter, 1919-1929 - died [of] tubercular meningitis
[From] Walton's "Folksinging on Beaver Island":
"And how can one describe Johnny Green! Sailor, lumberjack, farmer and singer par excellence. His father, several uncles and grandfather were all good singers. In his middle '70s, when I last saw him, his former rich baritone voice had become badly cracked, and his health and memory had deteriorated, probably as a result of the unusually rugged life he had lived, but he dictated and recorded several score of songs and fragments. In answer to a question of how many songs he knew, he replied in an entirely off hand manner "Probably about a hundred." Recordings made by him and mention of titles, lines, and subject of others that came from him continually, and a list of the titles of his songs compiled by his daughter over several months gave pretty good evidence that he knew or had known many more than twice that number. He knew practically all the songs recorded or dictated by others on the island, and he recognized a good share of a long list of others mentioned to him. He stated somewhat apologetically, in answer to a question about how he learned his songs, that he frequently had to hear a song twice and sometimes three times before he could sing it himself.
" N. Mich":
1892 - began fishing. In winter -- lumbering and contracting. Was a fisherman for 13 years,
conducting all his operations independently of others. Active Democrat. Been delegate of Democratic Party conventions.
Protar - "Erin Green" died February 12, 1921, age 21 years.
Death records:
Mary Catherine Green, died, aged three days, in Pea. Township on December 13, 1899, of pneumonia; born St. James; parents John Green and Lizzie Roddy.
Aaron Green, single, aged 18-10-12, died in Pea. Township on February 12, 1921, of tuberculosis. Parents John Green and Elizabeth Roddy.
Peter Green, single, age 16-3-5, died August 11, 1924 in Pea. Township of tubercular meningitis; born Michigan; parents John W. Green and Elizabeth Roddy.
1 Unclear, but from context and later entries it is probably "home" or "house."
2 This is probably Postmaster; see similar notation under James G. Gibson.
3 The author has drawn an arrow from the line "...father of Willie Gibson in Charlevoix" to "...the mother getting pregnant...", but there are no additional notes.
4 This fragment is unclear.
5 The author has drawn lines between "Jock" and "Willie" Gibson, but there are no additional notes.
6 Unclear; could be "list."
7 This is clearly "T3R" in the original; a typo for T38?
8 Illegible initial; possibly "D".
9 This name is not certain
10 The author indicates here that the children's names are from the Gibb. Book.
11 An arrow extends from right Harlem's mother to Phillipine Gall.
12 Initial "J" only in original; assume "St. James."
13 i.e., Jewel's father, not the author's
14 A note on the line reads, "From here birth records."
15 Unclear; could be "Frank" or "Francis".
16 Initial "J" in original; assume St. James Township.
17 This is probably "Thomas," but is somewhat unclear.
18 This name is unclear, but may be O'Brien.
19 All question marks in this entry appear in the original manuscript.
20 No close-quotes appear in this sentence. No card for Julius Granger appears in this box of files, but there is one for him in among the census cards.
21 It isn't clear what this information refers to.




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