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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 6

Neal Green
P. 119
White Dan's uncle
Married Grace Rodgers, 1825
[Children] - all born in Mich.:
Hugh, 1865
Charles, 1867
Neal, 1868
Philip, 1870
Julia, 1874
This is a very late family, but this is what the census says.
Neil Green
P. 119
1820 census - house #45
White Dan's cousin.1
No relation to White Dan and Red Dan. This is what Mrs. Andy Mary Ellen said. But Johnny Green said that Neil Green was White Dan's uncle but came over later than he did. He owned and lived at Green's lake.
Land office:
Sept. 8, 1865. Hd. SE 4 Sec 32-38-10, 160 A. $10 Can. Jan. 2, 1894. (This is Green's lake and was not taken up until Hd. in 1900 by Louis Gingros.)
Married Mary, 1835 (census)
Children (1870 census):
Daniel, 1861, born Mich.
Bridget, 1865, born Mich.
James, 1868, born Mich.
Peter Green, 1835-1901, [born] Ire., fisherman, brother "Boggy"
Patric Gallagher, 1858, [born] Ire., fisherman
According to the ages and birth places of the children, he came by 1861. The 1880 census shows another Neal Green, 65, wife Grace, 55, with a completely different set of children. The one with the brother "Bogy" (Peter) was the one at Green's Lake.
Neal and Peter were brothers of Mary, Big Dominick's wife.
Once Lizzie said Neal Green was her mother's uncle, and once her cousin. There seem to be 2 Neals, could one have been an Uncle and one a cousin? The oldest of the two was 10 years younger than John, Bridget's father. The other one was 5 years younger than the 1 st, 15 years younger than John, and 22 years older than Red Dan.
Death records:
Peter Green, single, age 70, died in St. James Twp. on Sep. 3, '01 of cancer of the stomach.
Born Ire., farmer, parents Hugh Green & Bridget Gallagher.
Owen Green
1840 - (census)
B.I. 1865
Brother of Dan (Red) Green and 1 st cousin of White Dan Green. All three were shipwrights in
Ireland and came together.
Married Mary Boyle, 1840 (census) (where I got this I don't know)
Children (census 1880):
Grace, 1863, born Ire.
Bridget, 1865, born Ire.
Michael, 1867, born Ire.
Mary, 1870, born Ire.
Hannah, 1872, born Mich.
Hugh, 1874, born Mich.
Nellie, 1877, born Mich.
Lizzie first told me he was a bachelor (she must have been thinking of Peter) and came over with Red Dan and White Dan. In 1965 she told me that he was Red Dan's Brother and that after Red Dan got here he sent for Owen and his family. (This seems right. If Red Dan came with Big Owen that was '66. If birth places of children in census are right, Owen didn't come until about '72. They were married in Ireland and 4 children born there. Married about 1860, came over about '72. In birth record of Hugh, Dec. 2, 1873, the wife's name is "Bridget Boyle." The census calls her Mary.
Daniel "Red Dan" Green
1838 (census figures show either 1840 or '42)-1915
B. I. 1866 (if he came with Big Owen). Shows in 1870 census 1 st time.
P. 73, 128
He well is a cousin of White Dan, and he and his wife were both from Aranmore and were married in Ireland. Came with all one, his brother, and White Dan, his cousin. All three shipwrights in Ireland. He was a fisherman in Ireland. Dan and his brother fished from Green's Bay, where they first settled. Bridget was a sister of White Dan. In 1965 Lizzie told me that Red Dan didn't come with White Dan, but with Big Owen Gallagher and his family (this would have been in 1866), who was a cousin of his mother's.
Married Bridget Green, 1843-1919 (census shows either 1844 or '45; death records, 1844-1920)
Children (1880 census):
Michael, 10 - died July 26, 1896, consumption
Sarah, 10
Grace, 8
John, 6
Daniel, 4
Mary, 2
Ellen, 2/12 - died Jan. 8, 1906, consumption
There is a stone:
Father Daniel, 1838-1915
Mother Bridget, 1843-1919
Mrs. Red Dan, (who was a wailer) talk[ed] of how much better it was here than in Ireland. She never wanted to go back. Everything there must be as the landlord wanted it. They were severely punished for their flags - flat stones - in the fireplace, made of oatmeal. The rest of the diet was mostly fish, potatoes, and corn meal mush. (I wonder about this last.) They would not speak Gaelic in the home as many did.
When they moved from Green's Bay up to the arm Bridget was very lonesome, she missed the water terribly.
Lizzie - my mother and her sister, Sarah came over alone together. Their mother had died when they were small. Bridget just barely remembered her deaths, and how red her mother's face was at the death bed scene. The stepmother was mean, so as soon as they could they left for America. They both married after they came to the Island. Sarah married a cousin of Gebbo/John Boyle. He died, leaving her with three children. She left for Chicago and became a cook at a hotel. She was illiterate and could not read a recipe. But she had a real flair and was a wonderful cook, her cream puffs took first prize at the Colombian exposition. Bridget married Red Dan. The girls probably came over to be with their brother, White Dan, and this must have been after 1866 if he came with Big Owen. Lawrence says "the two Greens worked on the railroad that was building west Sault." They went when there was no fishing, because the waters were temporarily fished out by the pond nets.
Land office:
October 17, 1877 - Daniel Green Hd. SW 4 Sec 15-38-10, 160A. $10. F.C. Sept. 4, 1884. (Bridget Gall. had Hd. this June 10, 1865 can. Jan. 28, 1874). I assign this to Red Dan, because its location checks with Lizzie's description of walking to school, while it does not check with Johnny Green's story of buying a farm just back of their beach property on big Sand Bay. Maria says it well is Red Dan.
Mary O'Don.'s notes:
Owen and Red Dan Greene's father drowned piloting a ship into a harbor in Ireland, where they lived. Owen and Red Dan came ashore on to orders, but their father and a man named Boyle were lost. This Boyle was a first cousin of Mike Boyle of Mike Boyle's beach.
Death records:
Michael Green, single, age 26, died in Charlevoix on July 26, 1896, of consumption. Born in Michigan; farmer; parents, Daniel Green and Bridget Green.
Ellen Greene, single, aged 25-8-22, died in Pea.township on January 8, 1906, of consumption. Born Michigan; parents Danielle and Bridget Green; residence, St. James.
Dan R. Green, married, age 76, died January 25, 1915 in P. Township, of old age. Farmer; born in Ireland, parents unknown.
Bridget Green, widow, age 76, died on October 8, 1920 in Pea. Twp, of influenza; born Ireland. Parents John Green, mother unknown.
Daniel "White Dan" Green
1841-1909 (1843 or '45 in census)
B.I. 1865
House #94
P. 61
Married Bridget O'Donnell, 1851-1929. (Her uncle, John O'D. was here in Mormon times. She
was born in Ireland. "Johnny the Rat" daughter of Anthony and Sophia.)
Johnny Green, 1870-1964; born at Green's Bay - married Lizzie Roddy
Daniel, 1871-1910 (lost in Chicago River)
Anthony, 1876-195?
Mary, 1885-1904
Joseph, 1893-1905 (retarded)2
Rose, 1894 (birth record)
Children (1880 census):
John, 1871 - born Mich.
Sophia, 1873 - born Mich.
Sarah, 1875 - born Mich.
Anthony, 1877 - born Mich.
Daniel, 1879 - born Mich.
He first lived at Greens, where Johnny was born. He was a first cousin of Dan Red Green and Owen. They were shipwrights in Ireland and all three came together. They first settled at Greens Bay and finished with gill nets there. When Johnny was 5, (1877) they moved to Sand Bay into a white house that had been built by Joe Smith, a real Frenchman, not a half breed. Later they bought a farm back of their beach property.
"North. Mich"
"Has been a fisherman and farmer on the Island since 1865."
1865-1880 - fisherman
1880 - took up farming on a tract of land 4 mi. south of St. James; 120 acres.
White Dan bought the Greene farm from Paddy Mor Gallagher & just passed over the money and took the deed, not leaving it registered. Bought it in 1880.
Death records:
Elizabeth Greene, married, age 63-6-23 died May 20 '37 in Peaine Twp of apoplexy;
born Mich.; parents Andrew Roddy & Catherine McBride.
Sept. 15, 1909 - Protar: "Black Dan Green" died.
Jim, or John Green
Son of John, brother [of] White Dan
Married Bridget Gallagher? - 1887 (a daughter of Mike Mahal Rua)
Bill Green about 1882
This information is from Lawrence. A Bill Green lived at Big Willies. His mother was a daughter of Mike Mahal's & was lost on the Vernon. The father was a Green, Lawrence thinks named John, who was a brother of White Dan's. This hooks up with the son of John Green's second marriage that Lizzie couldn't remember the name of. After the mother was lost on the Vernon the father went to Chicago and disappeared.
Benjamin Eugene Grey3
Dec. 5, 1871, a birth is recorded for Benjamin Eugene Grey, born on B.I.. Mother Emma, born St. James; father John, born Mich.; occupation, carpenter.
1 This conflicting information appears to have been written at a different time.
2 The author indicates that information about Daniel, Mary, & Joseph comes from gravestones on family lot.
3 In the original manuscript this card is filed with those for the family of Paddy "Grey" Gallagher.

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