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Biographical Papers Letter G Page 1

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Gallagher [Multiple Individuals]

(card #1)

According to Pat Bonner, there was a Gallagher here when the Mormons were here & his name was Mike.


P1 There is a baptism record, Dec. 2, 1862 of - Anthony Gallagher - father Dan Gallagher, mother Bridget Sweeny. Is this " Big Gallagher" or "Don Father"? à no, he didn't get her until 1884


No, his name was James Peter & he didn't come until 1871.


P July 16, 1863 - Hannah Gallagher was baptized, father - Dominick Gall., mother Mary Greene.2 The only Dominic I have is of the Aranmore family that came 1866.


P Nov. 3, 1863 - twin girls, Ann & Hannah Gallagher were baptized - father James Gallagher ( à Shamus), mother Mary Gillespie.


P Aug. 26, 1868 - Patrick Gallagher, 21, laborer, married Bridget Gillespie, 20, Ire. Is this "Paddy Rua" or "Paddy Mor" or still another Patrick?


Lawrence lists an Owen Gallagher, 1872-1954, saying "he was the last of that family, he was married to Sarah Gibson in 1905."


Gallagher [Multiple Individuals]

(card #2)

Am. Irish His. Soc. Article

1928 or 1932


Big Owen. "In 1866 there were 14 Gallagher families. They all came from Canada the year the Mormons left... All the Gallaghers that came from Canada, except one family, had come from Aranmore."



Paddy Grey

Aranmore - ?


New York

Tyrone Gallagher

Paddy Grey

Rutland & Penn.

Cornelius & Condy

Burton Port & Penn.

Hannah Veag

Donegal & New York

Big Phil

Kelly Begs & ?


Gallagher [Multiple Individuals]

(card #3)


According to Big Owen ("Irish Colony") the Gallaghers that came from Canada were all from Aranmore except one family. This family must have been the Tyrone Gallaghers. à wrong - they came through N.Y. & Penn.


"In 1856 when I came here there were 14 Gallagher families on the Island. They all came here from Canada the year the Mormons left. Later some, like myself, came from Aranmore Island."


The families:

Tyrone Gall. - 3 families

Paddy Grey & Barney - 1 familie

Big Phil


James Gall.




Don Father





Andrew "Andy Mary Ellen" Gallagher

1878-1939 (stone)

Married Lizzie Green (Red Dan's daughter), 1881 (about)


Mary m. McDonald

John m. Lillian4 Green

Margarite m. Smith

Elizabeth m. Charles Wilmot

Emerald m. Shirley5


There are many of his records in the Library of Congress. These recordings were made in Andy's net house, where all the paraphanalia was set up & the Islanders came & made the recordings.


Lizzie talked about going to Christmas mass which was at 5 a.m. She & Andy would get up at 4, put the youngest in bed with the oldest girl telling her to stay in bed until they got back. The girl was completely trustworthy & when they got back the tree & presents were undisturbed. Lizzie & Andy walked the 3 miles out to the church (across the harbor on the ice if it was frozen) in the cold, carrying a lantern. They never missed. Her face as she talked showed this to be a most happy memory.


She talked about people being kinder in the "old days." When anyone would put up a new barn or house, everyone pitched in and helped.


For her telling about going to school - see "School" card.


The house they lived in was Mary Ellen's house. They enlarged it, putting on the 2 nd story. __ Tilley6 did the work & they lived there all through it. "A mess."


From information Clink Gallagher had -

"He was in fishing business with Robt. Gibson & the 2 nd McCann Jr. they broke up partnership & Andy had a new boat built named the Elizabeth G. He enjoyed singing & with his daughter Mary at the piano to sing Danny Boy & a lot more."


Bernard "Barney" Gallagher

Rutland [Gallaghers]7

[see also Grey, Benjamin Eugene]


Born at Rutland

Married in 1866 [to] Mary Ellen Roddy, 1841-1903 (see her card under Roddy)


Andy Mary Ellen

Paddy Mary Ellen


He died 141/2 years after the marriage and the children were called "Mary Ellens" because they were brought up by their mother. The father ran off with two women.


This marriage is in the Parrish records, Nov. 28, 1866:

Bernard Gallagher, Ireland, fisherman, age 26 and Mary Ellen Roddy, Ireland, age 25 h

There is a discrepancy in dates - if Mary Ellen was born in '43 she was 23, not 25, when she was married in '66. I think the marriage date more likely to be right.


He and Mary Ellen have the same stone in the cemetery:

Bernard Gallagher Mary E. Roddy

born in Rutland, Ire. his wife

Mar. 17, 1840 born Rutland, Ire.

died at St. James May 5, 1843

Mar. 1, 1881 died at St. James

July 28, 1903


Barney Gallagher mentioned 3 times in the Dormer Bk.


He was "gay." He had an affair with a woman here & when they (she & her husband) left the Island he left with them. He came back. Paddy was born. He left again with another woman (M.). She smoked a pipe.


Barney worked in the mines in Pennsylvania before coming to B.I.


Barney was the man in the boat with Old Man McCann when the boat rolled over (see James McCann's card).


In 1892 Mary Ellen bought from the Matthew Burchard estate the NW1/4 of SE1/4 S3 T38 R10.

In 1903 she made this over to Patrick E. Gallagher.


Land office:

Apr. 27, 1864 Hd. N 2NW 4 Sec 26-38-10 & N 2NE 4 Sec 27 - 160A $10 can. Jan. 28,


This was later Hd. by Hugh Boyle, Feb. 10, 1874, F.C., Aug. 31, 1881. It was their

home on Hanagars Rd. - Tom Boyle Hanagar was his son.


[see original manuscript for Paddy "Grey" family tree diagram]


Bernard "Barney" Gallagher and Ellen Gallagher

(card #2)

His age in the marriage record & on his stone are consistent - that he was born in 1840. However he was consistent in the census reports as having been born in 1843. I am going to take the stone.

Mary Ellen's stone says she was born in 1843, the marriage record in 1841. The census records say: 1870 - '45 & 1880 - '46. I will take the stone.

If the stone is right, & they came to the Island in 1858 he was 18 when they came. He could well have worked in the mines of Penn. along with his father.

They were married in 1866 but had no children until 1868.

In 1870 they were living together but by 1880 Barney is listed in Gallilee Twp. living alone while Mary Ellen is in Peaine Twp with the 7 children, no husband in the household but she is not recorded as a widow. The next year, 1881 he died, age 41.


Brian "Brian Don Mor" Gallagher

1822 -

B.I. '59 or'60 thru Canada

P. 2

House #39

Bryan Gall. is Leatherhead ( Lawrence)

[see also John "Leatherhead" Gallagher]

He married a sister of Gracie Malloy Martin.

Wife, Catherine Malloy, 1837 -


He farmed at the Head at the Phiffer Place where Maria & I walked to.


He had a brother Danny Don Mor Gallagher, house #50


Baptism - Sept. 20, 18638 Edward Gallagher

Children: Bert Gallagher - Catherine Malloy

Cornelius - 1857 ( Canada) i

Mary - 1859 Maria says this is Brian but if Brian was

Edward - 1863 married to a sister of Gracie Martin's this

Hannah - Nov. 27, '72 (birth rec) must be wrong as this wife is Catherine

Malloy. (Right - the Gracie Martin was

Edward's wife & was Grace Malloy.)


Daniel Gallagher bought land in1878 from Hugh Boyle (I don't know which one), the W1/2 of the NW1/4 of Sec 9-T38 R10. This is where the house is that Maria says is "Don Mor" Gallagher's. He must have been the father and Brian & Danny his sons.


Land office:

June 10, 1865 Bryan Gallagher Hd. SE 4 Sec 3-37-10 160A, can. Jan. 2, 1974. This is the 2 nd ____9 above Lake Genesareth - in 1873 it went to Boardman & Sweet.


1860 census lists -

Bryan Galger 38 fisherman born Ire.

Catherine Galger 23 ---------- born Ire.

Cornelius Galger 3 ----------- born Canada

Mary Galger 11/12 ----------- born Canada

Cornelius 60 laborer born Ire. - this is probably Bryan's father


The census taker lists him along with Vesty, Patrick Kelley, John Sullivan, etc. which means he lived down at the south east side.


Nackerman says "Mrs. Leatherhead" would make butter, put it in a crocke, put the croke in a bag over her shoulder & walk to St. James from her home at the head. She would trade the butter for whatever groceries she could get for it, put them in the sack over her shoulder & walk home. Her last stop along the way was his grandfather's, Pete McCauley where she had a cup of tea.


Notes, p. 7.


Dan Peter "Don Father" Gallagher


Came from an Island close to Aranmore - Miskragh(?), Inniscara, see below.

Inniskeera (a topographical ____10 of Ire., 1839)

P. 62, 97

House #14

Wife - Mary - according to Am. Ir. Hist. Soc. Article she was born in Inniscara 1832 or 1848.


Dan Gallagher Doney, 1861-1955; house #19

Mary 1880 (married Paddy Early)

Hugh 1871-1951, unmarried (stone)

?Mary (married Lably O'Donnell) - this can't be right

Patrick - died young - 1866-1888


Peter - went to Wisconsin

Rose 1874; 1900 census - married to James McCann, whom I can't figure out. No

relation to Mayo McCanns.

Annie - living with Rose, 1900


A cousin of Cornelius Gall., and therefore a 1 st cousin once removed to "Salty" and he and the 5 McCauley brothers were 1 st cousins.


He bought his property at #14 from Father Gallagher. He came to America 3 times. First he went to Penn. & worked in the mines but he didn't like it. His cousin Cornelius had worked in the mines there but had come to B.I. in 1865. Don Father was a fisherman in Ireland. It was 1884 when he finally brought his family over and they came to B.I. because they had relatives here. (Cornelius came in 1865 - Conn McCauley who was here in 1863, etc). Daughter Mary was 4 years old at the time. She definitely states "Paddy Baca" McCauley was of the party "but this must have been when Paddy returned from a visit home to Ireland.11 She also says "Danny Barney O'Donnell's wife and her family came in the party." Lawrence say this was the last of the migration for many years. Mary says Don Father & his family came from a small Island near Aranmore which she called "Minisbragh" as near as I could get it. This must be "Inis" - there is an "Inisfree" between Aranmore & Burtonport.


In the Early house there is a picture of Don Father and his wife. He looks a lot like Teddy Roosevelt.


Roland says that this Mary Gallagher is one of the women who went to bed & that she shrank up so small, her daughter took her in her arms & fed her like a baby. Her daughter says she had a stroke and was in bed 6 years. I asked if any of the women "went to bed" as I had heard. She said she never heard of such a thing; but I thought she had a peculiar expression on her face.

Stanley Floyd says she went to bed.


I have a note (from Lawrence, I think) that Doney was the first of the family to come over & that he worked in the mines of Penn. Perhaps he mixed him up w/ his father.


Death records:

Daniel Peter Gallagher, married , 85-9-5. Died in Peaine Twp on May 18, '20 of cancer.

Farmer, born Ire., parents Peter Gallagher & Catherine McCauley.


Charles Gallagher


P. 2712

Wife, Mary Boyle 1863 -

(sister of Bowery's wife)

Daughter of William Boyle & sister of the "Billy" I knew.

Sister of Susan Sendenburg


(He married on the same day as Darky Mike & Nangog)


His stone says -

Charles Gallagher, son of Cornelius & Grace Gallagher, husband of Mary. Born Mockjunk, Pa., Feb. 1, 1855; died Oct. 29, 1887, age 36 years.


[W]as drowned on the " Vernon" and Molly13 later married Ed Pratt.


Condy Gallagher

P. 144, 146, 147, 148

Condy,14 1847 (the uncle) brother of Cornelius

Married, probably around '68 or '69, Rose, 1847-1887 ("Big Rose") she was lost on the

" Vernon". Sister of Hannah Veag (M___) [but see below].15 Her maiden name of Rodgers as given in the birth records.

Children - birth dates [from] census [of] 1880 [unless otherwise noted]16

Neil 1878

John 1870

Phil 1873

x Cornelius 1886 - rumor has it he was hung in Florida. He is not listed in the 1880

census - wasn't born [yet] - he is listed 1900 - with Salty.

Mame 1865

Lila 1880 - Isabel in census

x Rose 1883 (1900 census) - married a Mooney


Either Condy or Rose was a sister of Hannah Veag.

There was also a nephew Cundy - son of Cornelius.

He17 acquired his land in Sec 21 T38 R10 in 1878 from James & Michael O'Brine.

In 1895 he made it over to Jessie Gallagher (she was his nephew Condy's wife).

Sept. 16, 1878 bought from the O'Brines W 2NW 4, & NW 4SW 4, Sec 21-38-10. This is where he lived at the Black Hills - where the house of the sheep was.


When his wife was lost on the Vernon he abandoned his children. Cornelius took some & so did Salty & his wife Nora. When their father left them their ages were -

John 17

Philip 14

Mary (Mame) 12

Neil 10

Isabel (Lila) 7

Rose 5

Cornelius 218


Condy C. Gallagher

" N. Mich."

P. 99, 147


Son of Cornelius

Married Jessie McDonald, 1878 -


Born in 1861 in Mauch Chunk, Penn.20 and brought to the Island at the age of 4. When a "mere lad" accompanied his father fishing. He also assisted in clearing and cultivating the farm. Since 1890 "has been in business for himself." In the birth record of Ann he is "Condy C." and he is listed as a "saloon keeper."


[later] This is the saloon keeper.



Lizzie (died in childhood)

Ann - 1896 birth record

Cornelius - 1898


John L

Jessie21 - in death records age 1 yr., 1 mo., 3 days. Cause "unknown," Dec. 28, '94 (mother is called "Daisy").


In 1902 he bought from Cornelius the W1/2 of NW1/4 S. 3 T38 R10.

In 1906 he sold it to Thomas Bonner.

In 1895 his Uncle Condy made his land over in Sec 21 T38 R10 to Condy C's wife Jessie.

In 1896 C. C. Gallagher got by tax deed & then 3 weeks later sold it to Philipine Gallagher.


Death records:

Chas. Donald Gall, age 11 mo., died Sept. 21, '08 of "cholera infantum," parents Condy &



Cornelius Gallagher

(2 cards)


House #63

[Born] Burton Port [Co. Donegal]

America 1851

B.I. 1864

Brother of Condy, the uncle22

Married to Grace A. McGladrey, 1825-1910 - born Burton Port


John "Salty", 1856-1914 - born in Penn.

Elizabeth - born in Penn.

Condy C., 1861 - born Penn. - married Jessie McDonald, had a saloon, died in Chicago

Cornelius - died in Cheboygan; he was a bartender in his brother Condy's saloon.

Charles, 1855-1887 - drowned on the " Vernon", born Penn.

Ellen, 1864 - married Tom Bonner, 1902


There is a stone for Grace A., wife of Cornelius Gallagher, born Burton Port, Co. Donegal, Ireland, May 5, 1825. Died at St.James, June 12, 1910.



Father Cornelius Gallagher, 1829-1916


"Neily Condy" went to Alaska and is now in his eighties - Roland. Sheriff of Juneau.


Cornelius worked in the mines in Penn. Charles' stone says he was born at Mockjunk23 Penn, 1855, so he must have been there at that time. On Feb 5, '72 Cornelius Gallagher patented all of NE1/4 of Sec 4 T38 R10.


Myrtle Douglas['s] mother died when she was a few days old and the baby and the mother's body were brought on the ice. Myrtle lived in the grandparent's home until the grandmother died, after which she lived in her Aunt Ellie's home. Tom Bonner & his wife & Grace.


"North. Mich.":

Lived in Mauch Chunk, Penn. They came to B.I. to settle when Condy was 4 years old - 1866. "Place on which they settled is situated 21/2 miles S. of St. James and consists of 200 acres of arable land, one hundred of which has been cleared and is under a high state of cultivation."


He also fished. He lived on Round Lake.


In 1871 he bought from John H. Bonner the W1/2 of the NW1/4 of Sec 3 T38 R10

In 1902 he sold it to Condy Gallagher.

1872 he homesteaded all of the NE1/4 of Sec 4 T38 R10.

In 1882 he bought from David Preston the SW1/4 of the NE1/4 Sec 3 -38-10

In 1884 John "Salty" Gallagher took it by tax deed. This must have been a friendly transaction,

an easy way for Salty to get the land. It is still the Salty house here. I understand just this summer (1965) Minnie Salty sold to Allen.


Land office:

Nov. 5, 1864 - he Hd. NE 4 Sec 3-38-10, 158 A. $10. F.C Aug. 17, 1871. Pat Feb. 15, 1872.

There was a pencil notation that Frank Gallagher had filed for this. "Settled Feb 24, 1862." This land is N and E of Barney O'Donnell's. The land he bought in 1871 from John H. Bonner, W 2NW 4 Sec 3, adjoins this land.


Death records:

Cornelius Gallagher, married, age 88, died Mar. 18, '16 in Peaine Twp. of old age. Born

Ireland; farmer; parents Charles Gallagher - mother unknown.

Grace McGladrey (Gallagher), married, died in Peaine Twp, June 12, 1910 of old age. Age

85, born Ireland; parents Charles Gladrey and Ann Rogers.


[See manuscript collection for family tree of Cornelius Gallagher.]


Dan C. "Danny Don Mor" Gallagher

1830 -

Married Bridget Sweeny, 1836-[1867?] (died in childbirth with last child)

Grace, 1857 - ; born Canada - never married

Dan (Piper), 1858 - ; born Mich. - married Mary Ann Gallagher, daughter of Big Dominic

Condy (called " Conn"), 1871 1861 - ; born Mich.

Anthony, 1873 1863 (parish rec. Dec. 2, '62) - ; born Mich.

Mary Ann, 1877 1867 - ; born Mich.


In 1880 his father Condy, age 80, was living with him & his wife was dead. Grace, age 23, was keeping house.


Dan "Danny Don Mor" Gallagher

(card #2)

1830 -

[to] B.I. through Canada, 1856

Wife Bridget Sweeny, 1836 -


Anthony, 1862 - B.I.

Grace, 1857 - Can.

Dan, 1858 - Mich. à the right age to be "Piper" who married Mary Ann, daughter of Big

Dominic. Piper's father was Danny Don Mor right


Is this the one who homesteaded the land just south of Protar's?


The 1860 census lists -

Dan Galhue - 30 - laborer, born Ire. (hard to read)24

Bridget Galhue - 24; born Ire.

Grace Galhue - 3; born Canada

Dan Galhue - 2; born Mich.


Same house - also -

Dan O'Donald - 24 - laborer; born Ire.

Michael O'Donald - 12; born Ire.

Mary O'Donald - 24; born Ire.


Mil[waukee] Jour[nal], Jan. 10, 1932:

"Brine (Brian) the original of whom was a brother of Dunmore (Don Mor) Gallagher, & the 'Pipers' who got that name from the remark of a young man, not then able to foresee the time he would have children of his own, that he was going to be a piper when he grew up." Capt. Connelly (the ____25 of the reporter) explained "The Pipers are headed by Dan, a son of Dan Dunmore (Don Mor)."


Daniel C. "Piper" Gallagher

_ar_26 Turner thinks son of Danny Don Mor

(see Dan Don Mor)

Piper's Corner


There is a birth record for Grace Monica, May 21, 1896. Father Daniel C. Gall., born in

Michigan, & Mary Gall, born in Mich. He is listed as "farmer."


Married Mary Ann - daughter of Big Dominic


Grace Monica - 1896 - she is recorded twice - the 1 st as above - the 2 nd Daniel G. &

Mary Ann

Margaretta Catherine - Feb. 17, 1901 (record)


Daniel T. Gallagher - N. Y. farmer (Tight) This is from Charlevoix birth records. This

Married Hannah H., Mich. one must be Tight for he was born in N.Y.

Children: & using the name James Peter certainly

James Peter, July 15, '97 indicates the Tyrone Gallaghers.


Dan F. Gallagher Birth record - Dan Anthony, May 7, 1900.

Married Hannah Gillespie Father Dan F. Gallagher - Mich. - farmer,

Children: Mother Hannah Gillespie - Mich.

Dan Anthony, May 7, 190027


Daniel S. Gallagher - Canada - farmer

Married Mary Ann Gallagher - Canada


Margaret Kittie - Jan. 16, 1901 - record à Is this the Daniel C. above? Margaret

Kittie & Margaretta Catherine certainly looks like the same person.


Stone in cemetery (same stone):

Patrick, son of Dan & Mary Gall., 1868-1889

Anna, daughter of Dan & Mary Gall., 1882-1900


Probably Daniel C. [and] Daniel S. in the birth records are the same as this in the cemetery. A child-bearing span from 1868 - 1900 is long, but not impossible.


Baptism - Dec. 2, 1862 - Anthony Gall. - father Dan Gall. - mother Bridget Sweeny


Dominic "Big Dominic" Gallagher

(2 cards)


[To B.I.] before 1863 (baptism date of Hannah)

By 1858, when he filed for land

House #103

P. 128, 135-36

Born at Green's Bay

Married Mary Green, 1830-1902 (a sister of Neal Green of Green's Lake)


Hannah, 1863; baptism in July 1863

Margaret, 1865-1956 ( Lawrence's date)

Peter, stone: 1870-1958; married Nangog's daughter Nora, 1879-1954

Dominic, 1867-1954 - the one I knew

Owen, 1872-1959, married Sarah "Sadie" Gibson in 1905, drowned. His birth is in

co. rec. Aug. 5, 1872; father, fisherman. Sadie Gibson, his wife

Neily Dominic "Meanest Captain on the lake." - Maria; married Mamie Salty

Bridget, married Sam Dunlevy (Biddy Sams)

Catherine, married John Malloy, son of Dan - 1858


The night Maggie Dominic was born (in 1864), when they were still living at Green's Bay, Mary walked to town for a religious service; she didn't get back - the baby was born in St. James.


Notes of corres. between Tony O'D. and Charles Francis O'D. - "old Dominic was married to Mary Green, White Dan's aunt. She also had 3 brothers - Neal, Peter, and John.


Owen married Sadie Gibson - daughter of William Gibson and sister of Jack. These two children were left on B.I. when their mother left the island after an unauthorized pregnancy after her husband had been drowned.


Johnny Green gives Dominic Gallagher as one of the 12 families living at Green's bay. This Mary Green is one of the women who went to bed. According to Roland she was in bed 18 years when a pig fell in the well and she got up to get it out. There was also something about the house catching on fire. But I'll have to ask Roland about this. See card of Dominic (2) for his singing.


There is a stone:

Mother Mary, father Dominick, but no dates.

Beside it is a smaller stone:

Mary Gallagher, 1830-1902.


There were three fiddlers in this family and "the mother was a great one to dance a jig."


Land office:

Pencil -

Apr. 10, 1858 - he filed for SE 4NE 4 Sec 9-37-10 (N. of Lake Gen.). This land had been put under the Swampland Act, Jan. 5, 1854.28

Oct. 1, 1860, he filed for lots 1, 2, and 3 Sec 36-38-11 (Green's Bay). (These were Hd. Jan. 28, 1863 by "Connel McCauley" but can. Sept. 3, 1877.

Ink -

Feb. 10, 1874 - Hd. E 2SE 4 and E 4NE 4 Sec 22-38-10. F. D. Aug. 27, 1881. On Hanagan's Island.


Death records:

Mary Green, married, age 72, died in Pea. Twp, July 6, '02 of influenza. Born Ire.; housewife; parents Hugh Green and Bridget Gall. Oddly, this is "Mary Green" not "Mary Gallagher."


Dominic Gallagher

(2 nd Gen.)


Born at Green's Bay

Married Kathleen Roddy (Pidgie), 1880-1937


Baby Mary (died)



This is the one I knew. From Ivan Walton "Folksinging on B.I.", "Tall, stately, white-haired, tenor voiced, and genial, Dominick Gallagher, a retired lighthouse keeper, who himself recorded a score or more of songs, paid high tribute to his Ireland-born father, who he said, sang old songs at parties all over the island. Almost until the day he died. 'With a few drinks, he'd sing all night.' He seemed to be the one who brought a great share of the current Irish songs to the Island."


Bid Sendenburgh says there were pictures of the Roddy family in their home, but after Pidgie died he put them out in the shed. He was light keeper at the Head. Tom Bonner his assistant.


Mel spoke of how good Dominic was to her father and mother in their old age. He would come to visit often and sing the old songs for her father and bring a sack of candy, to her mother. Sometimes it seemed Provident. The old folks would be particularly blue, and his visits cheered them immensely.


Dominick Gallagher

Whose son?

Married Mary Mooney, Ireland29


Stillbirth, Nov. 8, 1894 -

Owen, Mar. 31, '97 -


This is from Charlevoix birth records. In 1894 he is listed as a fisherman; 1887, fisherman. The first time her birthplace is Ireland, the second, Mich. The continuation of the name Dominick and a son Owen make it look like a second generation of Kitty Gallagher's family.


Dominick Gallagher, [born] Mich, farmer, married Rosie O'Donnell, [born] Mich.


James Dominick, Dec. 1, 1901


Daniel "Doney" Gallagher


P. 46, 64, 101

[Born] Penn.

Married a daughter of Nangog's cousin - I also have this as a niece of Nangog's 1 st husband -

"Mrs. Doney Gall.'s uncle was Nangog's 1 st husband" (I don't know where I got this).


Hubert, 1915-1938

Peter - Mary Early lives with him - she has made the property over to them


There is a stone for him [Doney] & for his son Hubert.


He went back to Ireland to get his bride who, Maria tells me, was a daughter of Nangog's cousin. All stories agree that he told a lot of lies about his importance and wealth and that the bride came here believing them.


Marguerite - When she got to the Island they landed at Whiskey Pt. where the McCann store was. Mrs. McCann befriended her & felt sorry for her (still believing her husband) because she knew the bride was going out in the country to "a little log cabin. She was always a sad woman because her husband lied to her." When they got to Charlevoix she asked why he didn't send for one of his ships. He said they were supposed to meet them with one of his many boats & he would give them hell for not doing so.


Stanley Floyd says in his old age he said he was rich & went to bed. Stanley was there with other young fellows & he had been drinking. He told Doney to get up like a man & fight. Doney jumped out of bed & squared off & the children said "I__30 the first time Pa's been out of bed in 7 years."


Lizzie Gallagher (Lizzie Andey) says he was much older than his wife - she "felt sorry for her with that old man."


I have a note (from Lawrence I think) that Doney was the first to come over - before the rest of the family - & had worked in the mines of Penn..


Lawrence said Doney knew his grandfather Malloy in N.Y. This is impossible because Doney wasn't born until '61 & Dan Malloy was on Beaver in '57. It might have been Don Father that knew Malloy. (p 101)



1 The author does not indicate what the check marks denote.

2 The author has attached a later comment to the line ending "Mary Greene" - this is BigDominick.

3 The author has enclosed Cornelius, Condy, Manus, & Don Father in a bracket, with the note, "no worked in mines."

4 This name is not absolutely clear.

5 "m." here would seem to indicate a marriage.

6 This may be Mr. Tilley-Charles Tilley (see his card) was a local carpenter.

7 Reference to the Irish island of Rutland, in County Donegal. See also Patrick/Paddy "Grey" Gallagher.

8 It is not clear from the arrangement on the page whether this baptism date refers to the "children" or to Edward Gallagher. The original layout is reproduced here, all written in pencil except for the word children and the entries under it for Cornelius, Mary, and Edward.

9 Illegible, but may be "tier."

10 Illegible.

11 No close-quotes here.

12 Could also be "24".

13 This is probably a reference to first wife Mary, as Molly was often a dimunitive of the name Mary.

14 Alternate spelling "Cundy."

15 Unclear but could be "Maria."

16 No indication what the x's next to Cornelius & Rose refer to.

17 "He" here probably refers to the Condy Gallagher, subject of this entry, rather than the nephew, but this is unclear. See further on in entry.

18 This note actually reads "Rose & Cornelius - less than 7," with "5" and "2" written in under their names.

19 This date at top of page; it is unclear exactly what it refers to; probably not CCG's birth date, as this is given later as 1861.

20 Major center of anthracite coalmining in the mid-nineteenth century; the mining population was heavily Irish-American.

21 Author has added an arrow from Jessie àLizzie, with the note "same."

22 An arrow points from brother to the phrase Born on Iniscara

23 There is a Mauch Chunk Penn. The author spells this correctly in a later entry.

24 Parenthetical statement in original.

25 Illegible but could be "host."

26 This looks like "Mary" but could also be "Maria," or possibly something else.

27 The author has enclosed the entries for Daniel T. & Dan F. Gallagher in a bracket with the note, "Probably the same - Tight."

28 Swamp Land Act; passed by Congress in 1850 to facilitate the transfer of federal lands in Michigan (and a number of other states) to the state governments for public sale.

29 This is likely a reference to where she was born, not that the wedding was in Ireland.

30 Illegible; could be "It'd be".