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Biographical Papers Letter H

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James Hamrock

By 1880

P. 126

Born in Vermont, 1857 - (birth record below)

Married 1880, Mary Boyle, 1859-1927; born B.I. (daughter of Dan Boyle)


James, 1881

Mary, 18811

Ethel, 1887

A still born child, Mar. 26, 1894


He came to cut wood for Wagely (see Wagely card).


In the birth records he is listed as "farmer."


He lived in the stone house.


There is a stone - Mary Boyle Hamrock, 1859-1927


Marriage record:

1880: James Hamrock, 23 to Mary Boyle, 21.


In the 1880 census he is listed as living as a boarder in the home of John & Anastasia Pullman.


Nonie says he & McGee & her father Slocum came & started the first mill after the Mormons [left]. He seems young for this - could it have been his father that started the mill? It was Wagely's Mill & I doubt if they "started" it but they came to B.I. to work there.


Harry Hardwick

? - 1949 (in Maria's notes)

Old Hardwick's son.

P. 53

[Married] Mary Bonner McCafferty


Maria's story -

Mary Bonner (Pat's sister) was going to marry Harry Hardwick. The first banns had been read in the church. Harry had bought his wedding clothes (Maria says tuxedo but she must mean morning clothes). Mary ran away with Lanty McCafferty (whose mother was Darky Mike's sister; he [McCafferty] was a cobbler & had a store). They were away for a time. When they came back Lanty was sick & on crutches. Manes Bonner gave a ball to get donations to put up a house for them. In this house (across from the Hotel - where I used to buy candy from Mrs. Hardwick) Lanty had a cobbler shop. He died in 1906 and Mary then married Harry. His father & mother disowned him & moved to Grand Rapids. When they died they had property in Escanaba & G. Rapids but none of it went to Harry. Harry was buried in the tuxedo.


"Old" Henry Hardwick

- 1837 -

1836 -

P. 51, 55

House #78 (later Johnny Green lived here)


1 st wife -

Mary Campbell, 1842 - (see Campbell)

2 nd wife (married July 21, 1872) -

Ann Gorden, 1845 - (according to Maria)2


Ann Geeren (according to Pat) - note birth records


Harry Hardwick, ?-1949 Aug.

John, birth rec June 16, '73, mother "Ann Gordon," born in Canada

Joseph H., birth rec July 12, '75, mother Anna Green, born in Ire.


He was a Mormon who stayed on. Mary was a Mormon but the 2 nd wife Irish. He raised bees. He was prosperous. Pat Bonner doesn't think he was a Mormon but isn't sure. He brought horses over from Green Bay.


1884 - He bought E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10 from Aud. Gen. for 10ยข3 & got tax deed.

1883 - He bought W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10 from Wm. Gibson.

(In 1885 Bowery made over the NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 to Wm. Gibson, Sr. - this was probably

to clear the title - perhaps Bowery had been buying up tax deeds.)

1883 - He paid 1880 taxes of $2.87 on NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 33. Thus he had all of the NW 1/4 &

the adjoining NW 1/4 of the adjoining quarter section. However he seems not to have had

this long because in 1884 Jerry Corbett got the NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 by tax deed.


1860 census:

Henry Hardwick 24 laborer born Westenburg, Ger.

May Hardwick 18 ---------- born Mich.

Also 1860 census:

Henry Hardwick 22 farmer born Ger.

Mary Hardwick 19 --------- born Mich.


Protar has - "Anne Hartweg" died Sept. 19, 1923.


Bridget Harkins

From Co. Donegal

Married Harrison (Tip) Millar; her sister married John E. Bonner.


Pat tells me she was practically disowned when she married a Mormon. His mother never talked of her & considered the marriage a disgrace. Pat never met her until years later on the mainland.


Bridget Harkins

(card #2)

Mrs. House - The Muller family went to Missouri with Joseph Smith. Then they got to Texas. They came up from there & joined Strang. Gen George Millar is said by Strang, in list of those imprisoned to have been from " San Antonio Texas." Bedford, according to family tradition was wanted by the law in Texas for cattle rustling & Mrs. House thinks that must be where they met.

Gen George, Joshua (his son) and Tom "Mrs. Tom Bedford" all signed the coronation list on July 8, 1850 but none are in the '50 census so they must have reached B.I. shortly before the census was taken.

Ruth Ann & Tom were married in June '53, so she could not have been this "Mrs. Tom Bedford." She must have been a second wife - Tom was 20 years older than Ruth Ann.

Coronation list - Fitzpatrick - "most of list from coronation" obviously the Bedfords were not

Later - Fitzpatrick list was not all from coronation list & he doesn't say which ones were.


Paddy Harkins

1842 -


Miltown Lock, Ire.

Married, about 1864, Angeline O'Brine, New York, 1845 -

for children see census


He is mentioned 54 times in the Dormer book and he bought a house from Dormer. He came from Co. Donegal, a place called Milltown Lock. He was still in N.Y. in 1856 because Sophia was married there. He is Sophia Bonner's brother & came west with them.


Michael Haskins (Harkins) is mentioned in the 1860 census as living in the household of Robert Gibson.

Michael Harkins, 20, cooper, born Ire.


Paddy Harkins

(card #2)


Emigrated in 1850

Milltown Lock, Co. Donegal



Sophia - born in Ireland; ? - 1912. Married John Bonner (Pat's father)

Bridget - married Harrison Millar


The family must have emigrated around 1844 because Sophia "emigrated with her family at the age of 6," according to Pat, and she married in 1855 in New York a the age of 17. This means the family was still in New York in 1855. Paddy later moved to Escanaba.


He is mentioned 54 times in the Dormer Day Book and there is something in there about buying a house.


Sophia Harkins


Married John E. Bonner (Black) in 1856 in N. Y.

Her sister married "Tip" Millar.

She emigrated with her father and mother at the age of 6 and they went to N. Y. City. This must have been around 1845 (in 1900 she gave her emigration date as 1847). She & John Bonner were married in N.Y. in 1855. (See John E. Bonner's card.)


1965, just after talking to Pat -

She was 17 when she was married in 1856. This means she was born in 1839 and that they went to N.Y. in 1844 when she was 6. Her father died soon after they got to N.Y. Her mother later married Philip Connolly.


Ludlow Hill

1830 -

Born Elgin, Ill.

Married Cecilia Servans (born Mich.)


Ludlow Leonidas Hill, [born] Wisc.; Aug. 7, 1856 - Jan. 1. 1937 (on Marold II)


The above information comes from Ludlow Leonidas' death record. Capt. Hill was born in Wisc. two months after the Exodus. This is probably right & Roland's information that he was born on the Island an error. If Ludlow was a renegade (one of those who precipitated the Battle of Pine River) he had left the Island much earlier.


Ludlow Leonidas Hill


Died Jan. 1, 1937, Ludlow Leonidas Hill; married, 81-4-24, killed on _arold4 II; born Wisc.; Lake Captain; [parents] Ludlow Hill, br. Ill. & Cecilia Servans, born Mich.



Ludlow & Oren Hill

According to the Crown of Glory - Cecilia Servans ([from] her son's death record) wished to marry Ludlow Hill (son of a Mormon but not one). Strang refused permission - they were married secretly by elder Savage. Hill & Savage called before Council. They swore Savage had converted Hill before the ceremony. They fled to Pine River. (This account was given by Hill in 1896 in an interview in Wonewac, Wisc. He was 66 years old.) [These were the men subpeoned which caused the Battle of Pine River.]5


They bought land from Cable at Cable's Bay in 1852. The Mormon map shows O. Hill owning land N of Barney's lake & a P. C. (John C.?) Hill owning south of Barney's lake. According to K. of St. J., p. 155, Ludlow was "a renegade Mormon."


"Moses of the Mormons" - " Mich. Pioneer & His." vol. 32 (1902), p. 206.

Gives Ludlow & his wife Cecilia's recollections. He tells the story of the marriage by Elder Savage. He says his family was converted by Strang in Elgin, Ill. That they invested all their capital, $10,000. He was not converted. Mrs. Hill says Bacon was second in command after Adams left; that Gen. Miller was "chief military authority."


Orin Ludlow Hill

P. 89, 112

He was a Mormon & father of Capt. Hill of the Marold. [Roland said Oren was father of Capt. Hill, his death record says his father was Ludlow - Roland is mistaken.]6


James Hoy or Hay

Accused of beating Sam Graham, along with Richard O'Donnell. This led to the death of Tom Bennett.7


1 Author includes bracket and note stating that James and Mary were twins.

2 The author notes with a bracket that both Maria and Pat thought that "she [Ann] was a half-sister of the Gordons."

3 Cent- (not dollar-) sign in original.

4 Unclear, but from more-legible other entries is probably "Marold."

5 Brackets in original.

6 Brackets in original.

7 See history of conflict between Mormon and non-Mormon Islanders.