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Biographical Papers Letter K

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Michael Kane


P. 20

He was a bachelor (evidently a widower) who lived with his sister who married Val McDonough, a cousin or uncle of Vesty.



Michael Kane, born in Ireland, Sept. 29, 1836; died Jan. 15, 1904, age 64 yrs., 3 mo., 17 days

(his death record says 1839-1901).1


There is a birth recorded of Mary Kane, Nov. 22, '76; father Michael Kane, laborer; mother,

Anna Bonner. His birthplace is "unknown," hers, Ire. This Anna Bonner must have been

related to Big John.


Death record:

Michael Kan, single, age 62, died Pea. Twp of scarlet fever, Jan. 15, 1901; farmer, born Ire.

Parents, Tom Kan & Annie Kan.


Robert W. Kane

He was here in 1905 when I have a confused notation about his administering the estate of John O'Donnell.


Michael Kane, 1839-1901 - brother of Val McDonough's wife - bachelor who lived with them.


Death record:

Michael Kan, single, age 62, died Pea. Twp of scarlet fever, Jan. 15, 1901; farmer, born Ire.

Parents, Tom Kan & Annie Kan.


Johnny Kelly

From Co. Mayo [ Ireland]

House #40

He was from Ireland & lived in the house that stood between Lake Genasereth & Lake Michigan.



? Bridget, 1835-1898 - married Jo[seph] Link


Could the Bridget Kely who married Joseph Link [above] in 1864 be his daughter?


In "B.I. Girls", in 1874, he is mentioned as coming into the Harbor in his fish boat.


There is a John Kelly mentioned in the 1860 census as living in James Cabel's home:

John Kelly - laborer - age 18 - born Ireland


Land office:

July 15, 1863 - John Kelly Hd. NE 4 SW 4 & Lots 2, 3, & 4 Sec 21-39-10, $10, near Kelly's Pt.


Patrick Kelly

1815 -

There are 2 Patrick Kellys


Wife, Catherine


July 15, 1863 Patrick Kelly Hd. SE 4 Sec 17-37-10 pat Nov. 1, 1864. Between Lake Gen.2 & West Rd. & North of Lighthouse, just N of the quarter section in Sec 20 that John Gallagher Hd. just two days previous, July 13, 1863.


I have it that Patrick Kelly sold this land to Gottlieb Patch in May 1856 but this is obviously wrong. Could it be 1865?


The 1860 census lists:


Patrick Kelly 45 fisherman born Ire.

Catherine Kelly 40 ----------- born Ire.

Elizabeth Kelly 11 ---------- born Ohio

Maryan Kelly 9 ----------- born Ohio

Thos. Kelly 6 --------------- born Ohio

Jane Kelly 3 -------------- born Mich.

James Kelly 9/12 ---------- born Mich.


It also lists:


Patrick Kelly (this is Kilty) 40 fisherman born Ire.

Mary Kelly/Kilty 35 ----------------- born Ire.

Margaret Kelly/Kilty 9 ------------- born Mich.

Sarah Kelly/Kilty 5 ---------------- born Mich.

Mary Kelly/Kilty 4 --------------- born Mich.

Peter Kelly/Kilty 5/12 ------------- born Mich.


James Kennelly

1832 -


B.I. 1863

A Kennelly from Ireland lived in House #52.

Married Catherine Cull, 1836 - (Ire.) - a sister of Dennis? Probably, age right.


Catherine, 1863

Sarah, Nov. 28, '75


Baptism April 19, 1863: Catherine Kennelly - [parents] James Kennelly - Catherine Cull


In 1881 he bought the E 1/2 of the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 Sec 9 T38 R10 from Hugh Boyle (I don't know which Hugh this is).


He was sheriff in 1878.


Birth rec. of Sarah.


Patrick Kilty

1820 - ('80 census)

P. Kilty (Patrick or Pete) à Pete was the son [see below]

Before 1849

House #37

M[arried] Mary McCarthy, 1827 - ('80 census)


It is Patrick in the land records.


He probably came from County Mayo because his wife and Mrs. James Martin were sisters named McCarthy. Mrs. Williams speaks of first knowing him at Mackinac and says he was a nephew of Loaney (Luney) and says they all came before 1849.

Bridget Kilty was the mother of Margaret Donahue, baptized Aug. 17, 1862. The father was Patrick Donahue. (Was this a sister?)

Ann Kilty was born April 6, 1863 to Patrick Kilty and Mary McCarthy (this is the sister of Catherine McCarthy, Mrs. Jim Martin).

Patrick Kilty appears once in the Dormer Day Book. He lived at Kilty's Pt. and got out cord wood for the steamers.

According to Maria -

He was first came to Mackinac Island from Ireland. His daughter married Manus Bonner.

According to Pat Bonner -

He first came to the Island3 in 1845 with a party of surveyors.


Ann Kilty & Mannes Bonner were married in Chicago (I would guess around 1881-1885) so the Kiltys must have been living there then. As Patrick Kilty's wife was the sister of Mrs. James Martin whose family lived in Chicago & who were horrified that she lived on Beaver, it is reasonable to assume that the Kiltys lived there. No Kiltys on Mack. MacCarthy sisters visited their brother & there met Kilty.


Pete Kilty was a capt. on the Great Lakes. (Mrs. Williams)


Lawrence said that "Kilty's son was captain of one of the big car ferries, the one that was lost in 1915 or 1919 between New Haven (So. Haven?4) & Milwaukee.


Clink's notes -

Peter Kilty - master car ferry #18 - lost all hands & ship, about 1910.


Land office:

Ink -

Oct. 11, 1856 - Lot 3, Sec 12-37-10, bought 22.6 A, $28.25 oat '59 (charl)5 Kilty's Pt.

Pencil -

Apr.? 1858 - NE 4SW 4 & Lots 1 & 2 Sec 10-39-10 (North of Lake Geneserath) (this is a

pencil notation & is "Patrick Kirby")

Mar.? 1871 - Ann Looney to Patrick Kilty, Lot 2 Sec 12-37-10 (was this at his uncle's



Kilty [Family]

[see original manuscript for Kilty/Martin/McCarthy family tree diagrams (2 cards)]


The word "Kilty" means left-handed. - Irish Folkways, E. Estyn6 Evans, p. 28


Notes, p. 15


Car ferry Pere Marquette 18 left Ludington for Milwaukee shortly before midnight, Sept. 8, 1910; capt. Peter Kilty. 29 loaded R.R. freight cars & 62 people aboard counting crew, passengers, & two stowaways. At 3 a.m. oiler from the engine room reported to the capt. "a lot of water aft." All pumps started but water kept on climbing. At 5 a.m. Capt. Kilty realized nothing could save the ship & ordered wireless operator to signal, "Car ferry 18" Before help could get there she plunged 400 feet to the bottom. Capt. Kilty & all officers went to the bottom. There were 37 survivors.


1 Here the author mathematically calculates Kane's stated age & his birth & death dates & concludes that the death record is more accurate than the cemetery marker.

2 This probably denotes Lake Genaserath.

3 From the author's usual reference to Beaver Island as "the Island" I assume she means so here, rather than Mackinac Island.

4 South Haven, Michigan.

5 Unclear.

6 This could also be Astyn.



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