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Biographical Papers Letter L

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Eugene LaBlanc

Mich. - farmer

[Married] Agnes Brown - Mich.


Eugene La Blanc, Mar. 25, '97 - white (birth record)


Also -

Oliver La Blanc - Mich. - farmer


Mira Fisher - Mich.


Samuel La Blanc, Feb. 26, '97 (birth record[)]


Maria says Charles Smith, the cooper, had a daughter Mary who first married an Indian by the name of La Blanc. Then she married a Kasky who was a white man that came here with the mill. She has a stone:

Marg La Blanc white



Death record:

Dec. 10, '74 - Joseph La Blanc, Chandler Twp.; father Samuel, Can.; fisherman;1 mother Elizabeth Belonge, Mack. Isle.


La Freniere [Family]

P. 19, 96

The old people came in the early 1900s. They had nothing; the[y] were people who followed the mills around. The mother was "real" French, from France, and the father was French Canadian. They lived on Free Soil.

The Children were:




One daughter2


They all left for Detroit except Nels.



The father & mother

Nelson, 1852-1925 Nelson, 1885-1945

Cecilia, 1855 -1949 Sophia, 1885-1923

Winifred, 1893-1919 - Nel's sister & Sophia Jr., 1923


Death records:

Nelson Joseph La Freniere, married, age 59-5-0, died May 5, '45, in St. J. of cancer of the

rectum. Born Mecosta Co., Mich.; merchant; parents Nelson La Freniere & Cecelia Clement, both born in Canada.


[Ed.'s note: on the back of this card, upside-down and crossed out, are some general notes on the "Exodus of Gentiles" from Beaver Island.]



P. 18

Jack Larson (Art's father's brother)

Matt Jensen, 1858 - ? (Art's mother's brother) Came to America 1883 & settled that same year

at Green Bay, Wis. Look up land on Garden Island, 1884.


These two sailed for B.I. in 1884 but "fetched up" at Squaw [ Island]. That same year they took up homesteads on Garden.


Art says they had been fishermen from childhood in Denmark. Art says that the fact of being able to homestead here, as well as fish, was the big attraction.


Christina and Art were born in Garden; their father & mother & infant sister are buried there.


Larson bought the property on the harbor from Joe Smith, who married one of the O'Brien girls; Wilfred's aunt.


From the 1900 census it is possible to piece together this sequence: Matt Jensen, age 21, & Jack Larsen (not in census) came to Green Bay in 1882. In 1884 they took up land on Garden. In 1887 Jack's brother Gus, 15, & in 1888 Matt's brother, Peter, age 19, joined them. 1893 was a big year. Peter, 24, married the daughter of the James Wachters, Julia, who was probably living in St. James. Matt's sister, Christine, age 27, & Matt's bride Nicolene, age 28, came, & with them (probably) was the boarder (at Larsens' in 1900) Peter Nelson. Nicolene & Matt were married that year. Two years later, 1895, Christina & Gus married, she age 28 or 29, he 23.

[see original manuscript for Larson family tree diagram]


Hercules Lashontz

[or] La Plonz (?)

- a cooper mentioned in "B.I. Girls"


I think this is the same as the Alason La Plonz (this was a guess, the writing hard to read) in the 1860 census:

Alason La Plonz 37 cooper born N.Y.

Nancy La Plonz 32 ----------- born Mich.

Floyd La Plonz 11 ----------- born Mich.

Henry La Plonz 8 ------------- born Mich.


Mrs. Lasley

She & her son lived at the Head, house #43.

She was a midwife.

They were Indians.


[ed.'s note: the Lasleys' card is filed in the "Indians" section of Box 6.]


Mrs. Lasley

(card #2)

Son Edward, 1825-1896


She was a squaw & a midwife.


There is a William Lasley listed in the 1850 census (probably on Mack. Island), age 19, fisherman, born in Mich. The death record is a puzzlement; was he Mrs. Lasley's husband, not son? He is listed as married. A squaw's son would hardly have been born in France. Samuel C. Lasley is listed in 1830, head of a family of 6 males & 6 females. Also in 1830 William Lasley, over 20, under 30.


In 1888 Edward Lasley bought NE 1/4 Sec 20 T37 R10 (near Head lighthouse) from the heirs of Leatherhead Gallagher (John).


Death records:

Edward Lasley, married, age 71-5-13, died July 17, '96 in Pea. Twp; born France,

Lightkeeper; parents unknown.


From the age, Edward must have been her husband & the William Lasley, born 1831, a brother.


Lizzie Gallagher remembers Mrs. Lasley being called when one of her relatives was sick. Her dark, Indian face made an impression on her as a child. She went out in the woods & gathered herbs & made medicine for the patient.


Frank J. Left

Son of Joseph

(In 1904 {Daniel Gerald's birth} listed a)3


Frank J. Left - Mich. - fisherman - Frank Link


Wife Hannah Dunlevy, Mich. (Sam Dunlevy's daughter) - Hannah Innberry4


Joseph Alexander, July 18, '01

Daniel Gerald (Link), June 4, '04

Carl, 1902-1952

Margaret, 1905-1951 (married a Lagerman[)] stone

"Baby Link", still born Dec. 24, '99


Death records:

"Baby Link," 0-0-0, died in Pea. Twp, in St. James, parents Frank Link & Hannah Dunlevy.


Joseph Left



1832 (census[)]

Married, Sept. 22, 1864, Bridget Kely, 1835-1898


Margaret, 1860-1874

Frank J., 1865-1933 (father of Carl)


Marriage record in Parish re__:

Sept. 22, 1864

Joseph Links, 29 - Bridget Kely, 32

Michael Martin & Mrs. Smith5


A stone:


Joseph Left, 1834-1908

Bridget Left, 1853-1898


Margaret, 1860-1878


In another part of the cemetery:




Father Mother

Frank J. Hannah N. Betty Jean

1865-1933 1876-1937 1924-1932





Mother Father

Consulla6 Carl

  • 1902-1952




Veronica S. Joseph A.

1901-? 1901-1953



1860 census records Joseph Left, 28, laborer, born Hamburgh, Ger., living in the household of Joseph Mageau(?). (I placed this under McGuire.)


The 1860 census also lists a Joseph Left, 25, laborer, born Ger., as living in the household of Julius Granger (this was on Mackinac for Granger lived there 1858-1870) in the same house - Dennis Cull.


Death records:

Joseph Link, widower, age 75, died St. J. Twp on Dec. 27, 09 of "stomach trouble". Born

Germany; fisherman; parents unknown.


David D. Lobdell


1831 -

P. 144

Wife, Eliza, 1835 -


He was from Fremont, Ohio. By Aug. 1857, when Mrs. Williams came back, he was keeping a hotel (larger than the Gibson House) in the building next door which had been the Mormon Dance Hall & Theatre. (This must be the building owned & lived in by the Mike Cull family.)


On May 29 th, '61 David D. Lobdell and wife sold land in Sec. 20, T37, R10 to Gilman Appleby.


D. D. Lobdell was postmaster from May 16, 1861 - Dec. 1, 1862.


Aug. 23, 1856 - David ______7 Lot 1 Sec 20-37-10, 38.1A $47.62 1/2 .


May ? 1861 - sold Lot 1, Sec 20, T37 R10 (near lighthouse at Head) to Gilman Appleby.


1860 census:

David D. Lobdell 29 merchant born N.Y.

Eliza Lobdell 25 -------------- born (can't read)

Hatty Lobdell 4 ---------------- born Wisc.

Augusta Holcomb ------------- born Ohio


The O'Briens stayed at this boarding house when they first came in 1860.


Hugh and William Logue

Fathers Logue

Hugh Logue - died at Centralia, Penn.

William Logue - died at Lancaster, Penn.

-They are buried with their uncle at St. Dennis Cemetery,

Oakmount, Upper Darby, Penn.


These were the nephews of Father Peter Gallagher who had come as children from Co. Tyrone in 1850.

Father Logue had a path called the Priests Path that went straight down to the Harbor from the Priest's house. He walked it every day to get the mail (Nonie - who says it can still be seen).


Hugh A. Logue, 1883-1885, stayed 2 years as companion to Father Gallagher.

William M. Logue, 1885-1890, stayed 5 years as companion to Father Gallagher.


They were brothers, sons of Father Gall.['s] sister Mary; they were Jesuits.


Patrick Looney, or Luney

1806-1871 (on land records)

From Toronto, before 1847

Wife Ann, 1815 -


This is the Luney, of Luney's Point, but according to Mrs. Williams (who lived near them as a child) it is Loaney. They were an elderly couple & they lived on the Point that bears their name before the Mormons came in 1848 & 49. They came the year before the Mormons which must have been 1847.

They returned after the Exodus in 1856 and he became the second keeper of the Lighthouse at the Head.

Their nephew was P. Kilty (Patrick).

In Jan. '59 Patrick Looney took a patent for land in Sec 12 T37 R10 from the U.S. In July 1870, Ann Looney transferred this land to Patrick Kilty.


Mrs. Williams says "they bought a piece of land from the government" at Luney's Point. They had a married son Michael in Toronto who visited them in '49 or '50. They spent the winter of '51-52 in Toronto returning to Island in the spring on the " Michigan". - "Child of the Sea"


1860 census lists:

Patrick Loney 54 farmer born Ire.

Ann W. Loney 45 ---------- born Ire.


Land office:

Aug. 3, 1848 - Patrick Luney - Lot 2 Sec 35-39-10, 43.7A, $54.62 (Luney's Pt.)

Oct. 9, 1856 - Patrick Luney - Lot 2 Sec 12-37-10, 40A, $50 pat '59

Mar. ? 1871 - Ann Luney to Patrick Kilty Lot 2 Sec 12-37-10

(does this mean Patrick died a this time?)8


They had "some cows." - C. of Sea


1 Unclear from the original whether Joseph or his father Samuel is designated "fisherman," but assume from the way other death records are written that it is Joseph.

2 Henry and the daughter are enclosed in a bracket with the notation, "died in a mental hospital (Winifred below?)."

3 This sentence is not completed; may refer to the line that comes after it but this is not clear.

4 This last name is not absolutely clear.

5 There is no explanation of these names but they may have been witnesses.

6 This could possibly also be Consuella.

7 From context this is probably Lobdell but is difficult to make out as such.

8 Assume the author here refers to Patrick Luney rather than Patrick Kilty.