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Biographical Papers Letter M, Page 4

 Frank C. McCauley

(2 nd Gen.)



Married Bridget Gallagher, 1858-1925


Son of Conn McCauley & his wife was daughter of Manus Gallagher - cousin of Cornelius.

There is a stone for them. At Conn's death his wife made over the land in Sec 3-38-10 to this son.


Frank was the 1 st child of Irish parents born on B.I. Born June 23, 1858 - conceived in Sept. 1857. They must have come Sept. or Oct. of '57, moved into the Mormon houses.


Death records:

Frank McCauley, widowed, age 73-10-22, died in Peaine Twp May 14, '32 of myocardial

degeneration. Born St. J.; parents Conn McCauley & Mary Gallagher.


Hannah McCauley



1885 B.I.

P. 63


She was a sister of Pete (see family tree). She was 6 mo. on the water coming over. She went to Chicago and there met a man named Gallagher. He died and she came to B.I. in 1885. When Maria's father & mother, Anthoy Malloy and Bridget Boyle, were married in 1885 she moved in and stayed there until she died in 1911. Bridget died in 1902 (the oldest child 16, the youngest 1), so she practically raised the family.


From Maria's notes - "Hannah McCauley married to Hugh Gallagher in Chicago where he died. Born in Aranmore, 1842, died August 1911, age 69. Came to B.I. the summer of 1872. She was 29 years old in 1871 at the time of the Chicago fire. She was there. Grandfather went after her in his sailing boat in 1872.


Hannah "Hannah Big Owen" McCauley

1837 1843 1846 (about - on stone, death rec.)-1941

Daughter - Catherine Melody ("Mel Big Owen"), 1879 -


"Hannah Big Owen sewed a button on Bishop Baraga's shirt on his last trip to B.I. She came to the Island from Ireland that same year, 1866."


James F. McCauley


Came 1860 (1900 census)

P. 61, 92

House #9

(one of the 5 brothers)

Wife, married April 21, 1864,

Elizabeth Gallagher, 1834/38-1919 (census & death records) - sister of Big Owen - called

Alice. [She] came [over] in 1863.


Parish record:

April 21, 1864 - James McCauley, 29, married Elizabeth Gallagher, 26 (sister of Big Owen).


Parish record:

Feb. 8, 1864 - James McCauley & Stella Gallagher witnessed the marriage of Daniel

O'Donnell, 26, & Grace Gallagher, 24.


He is mentioned twice in the Dormer bk.


There are two James McCauleys because the Parish Record has another marriage, July 30, 1868, between James McCauley, 30, laborer, [born] Ire., and Catherine O'Donnell, [born] Ire. I'm sure this is John who married Katcheline.


Roland's story is that his family all died of tuberculosis in the house on the Trail Road that burned. When the last of Jim's sons died he looked at the picture of Jesus on the wall and said, "You _____, you took my last son!"


Protar's diary has a note that James McCauley died 7 a.m. April 8, 1918.


Lawrence says that Jim bought his land & didn't register it. He lived for years thinking he owned it when he didn't.


Land records:

1884 he bought from Dan Malloy N1/2 of SE1/4 of SW1/4 & Lots Sec 23 T3 R10.


In 1884 James McCauley got Lot 5 Sec 21 T37 R10 by tax deed.


Land office:

Nov. 5, 1864 Hd. N 2SE 4 Sec 20-37-10 & NW 4SW 4 Sec 21, 160A, $10, Can. Jun. 2, 18__.1

(20 is Lighthouse section & 21 between it & Cable's Bay)


Death records:

James McCauley, 26-7-15, died Peaine Twp Mar. 15, '94, consumption; parents James &


Francis McCauley, 27-7-2, single, died Peaine Twp, Jan. 4, 93, consumption; occ. fisherman;

parents James & Alice.

Patrick J. McCauley, 23-10-20, single, died Peaine Twp, Sept. 9, '99, "caught cold," occup.

asst. lighthouse keeper; parents James & Alice.

Owen J. McCauley, 34-5-18, single, died Peaine Twp, Apr. 6, '06, consumption, [occ.]

laborer, parents James & Alice.

James F. McCauley, 86, married, died Apr. 9, '18, in Peaine Twp., general debility/senile;

born Ire., farmer; parents Frank McCauley & Nancy Gallagher.

Alice McCauley, 85, widow, died in Peaine Twp, on Dec. 4, '19, of old age. Born Ire.;

Parents James & Katherine Gallagher.


Parish records:

Mrs. Alice McCauley, 83 - mother Catherine Gallagher


Protar - James McCauley, Apr. 8, 1918.


John McCauley



Emigrated 1866 (1900 census)

(one of the 5 brothers)

House #69

P. 84, 110, 113, 142

Married, July 30, 1868

Catherine O'Donnell (Ketchelin Og); emigrated 1867


Rae Gilden - Hannal, Aug. 29, '72 (birth rec)

Ann (is Mrs. White), 1877-1941

Clifford White

The mother of



John, '78-'95

Patrick, 1869


See card, Dancing, for Ketcheline Og and the "lilting."


"John married an O'Donnell. A very musical woman. Never saw a piano until she was past 60 but became very proficient. Pat Bonner learned many of his tunes from her. If no instrument was available, she conveyed her music by lilting."

-from Tony O'Donnell's notes


I feel sure that the James McCauley's marriage to Catherine O'Donnell is really this John - a mistake in the record.


This is the man Roland says ate fish by putting it bones & all in his mouth & then just spitting the bones out of one side in a continuous stream.


He is the one of the 5 brothers to come last & he brought his father & mother with him & his sister Hannah, who married Big Owen - see Frank & Ann's card for the 4 th of July celebration.

In 1900 he said he came to [the] U.S. in 1866, Catherine [in] 1867.



There is a stone for John McCauley, 1837-1909 - these dates are right for the 5 brothers. There is a stone on the same lot with Rae Gilden (see her card), saying





(this is Clifford White's mother) à White left her; she later married a Chicago policeman.


Letter from Jewel - "Clifford White's grandmother was Kathleen O'Donnell, a relative of Con O'Donnell & she (Con) always said she was the only direct descendent of Red Hugh O'Donnell, the 16 th century prince of Donegal, also known as "O'Donnell Abu."


In 1895 John P. McCauley got, by tax deed, NE1/4 of NW1/4 Sec 21 T38 R10. As this is the only John McCauley I have, I assume it was he.


In 1869, with Owen, he bought from Robt. Gibson the E1/2 of NW1/4 of S3 T38 R10 - this land is still in the family (Clifford White I think).


Death records:

John McCauley, single, age 17-0-2, died Dec. 29, '95 in Pea. Twp, of consumption; laborer;

parents John & Catherine McCauley.


James John (?) McCauley

(card #2)


1838 (1840 census) -

P. 61

Married Catherine O'Donnell (Katcheline Og) (1842 census)


Patrick, 1869 - wife named Mary, born Mich., married 1894

James, 1871

Hannah, 1873 - birth rec. Aug. 29, '72 - married Gilden

Emma, 1874- 1938 - birth rec. Sept. 22, '74 - death record Aug. 26, 1938; married Hunt,

then Denny Boyle

Annie, 1877 - "Cassie" - birth rec. Aug. 12, '76

John, 1879-1895 - died of consumption, Dec. 29, 1895


Marriage - July 30, 1868: James McCauley, 30, laborer, [born] Ire. - Catherine O'Donnell,

[born] Ire.


Bernadine says that John sent the money back to Ireland to bring Katcheline over.


[See original manuscript for McCauley family tree diagram. Includes notes: "Aranmore - came

through N.Y. Clementine says Conn brought the party from Toronto. P. 41, 59, 113, 141.]


Owen F. McCauley

1841 (1837 census & death record) -1919

(one of the 5 brothers)

House #65

P. 62, 84, 142, 147

Wife Catherine Gallagher, 1849 - ; sister of Big Owen daughter of Paddy Grey

Parish records - In 1867 Owen McCauley, 26, Ireland, fisherman, married Catherine

Gallagher, 18 (sister of Big Owen)


So abusive she had to leave him. According to Maria all these McCauley men were rough & tough except Conn. Owen & Paddy pirates.


He is mentioned 5 times in the Dormer bk.


McCauley's Pt. is named for him; he fished off the Pt. with pond nets.


He was supposed to have been a "big pirate" on the high seas.


It was his son Johnny Owen who was the fiddler in this family.


In the birth records there is a Hugh McCauley born to Owen McCauley & Kate Gallagher, both born in Ireland & he is listed as a farmer. This is possible as the mother would have been 45. It might also be the son of Owen Conn, except that he was born here& his wife's name was Mary.


In 1869 he & John together bought from Robt. Gibson, the E1/2 of NW1/4 S3 T38 R10 - this land still belongs to the McCauley family.


Land office:

July 13, 1874 - Hd. NW4 Sec 22-38-10, 160A, $10 Can. Nov. 2, 1881. West side Kgs. Hwy.,

Opposite Country Store. Willie Ric__ger Hd. __ in 1901 F.C. 1908.2


Death records:

Owen F. McCauley, widower, age 82-3-2, died Dec. 10, '19 in Peaine. Twp, of old age.

Farmer, retired 14 yrs. Born Ire.; parents [father] Frank McCauley, mother unknown.

Peter Owen McCauley, married, age 58-1-12 died in Peaine Twp, July 2, '40, of bronchial

pneumonia b___3 stg.. Farmer; parents Owen McCauley & Catherine Gallagher, both

born Ire.


Owen McCauley

(2 nd Gen.)


[born] Mich., lightkeeper

P. 92

Wife (married in 1899), Mary McDonough, [born] Ireland - Val's daughter


Mary Clementina, June 23, '01 (record)

Mary Kate, June 6, '01

- must be a double record


This is from Charlevoix birth records. Can this be "Owen Conn"? - yes The Mary is not Vesty's Mary because she married Dan Malloy. Could she be a Val, Big Tom's sister? - yes

He was born in Ireland & so might his sister.


Clementine says:

Vesty sent for his brother Tom's 2 sons Patrick & Tomas (see family tree card on back of Vesty's card). They sent for their sister Ann & the 3 sent for the parents & the rest of the family. This is the Clementine that _____4 to the Beacon. See Kitty Gallagher (the 103 year old one) about her (Clementine). Great grandfather named James Napp__ T__dy5 Gallagher . "My father entered the lighthouse service & was keeper of the Squaw Light for 28 yrs., when he was transferred to St. Joe & stayed there 10 years until he retired in 1938."


Patrick McCauley

[Born] Mich., "farmer"

Wife Minnie - born Mich.


Irene, Feb. 16, 1899 (record)


This information is from Charlevoix records.


Patrick H. McCauley

Born Mich., "farmer"

Married Mary Harris - born Mich.


Hannah Delia, Mar. 17, '97 - birth record


This information comes from the Charlevoix births. I don't know whose son he was.

  • son of John & K_____6


Patrick "Paddy Baca" McCauley


(one of the 5 brothers)

P. 110

House #8

Wife, Mary Sharkey


Frank, 1851-1866 (a stone) - Aranmore

Charlie, 1864 - 7 married Catherine Boyle (Whiskey's daughter) [in] 1889; had

boat, "Magwood"


Conn, 1863 - married Hannah Big Dominic

Paddy (over) [i.e., see below]


He is supposed to have been a pirate. He lived in the house where the Schmidts now live, & bought the property from the ex-Mormon Orson Campbell, July 6, 1884.


He was lame, as the Baca indicates (Maria & Mrs. McMillen).


He was still in Aranmore in 1851 because there is a stone for his son Frank -


son of Patrick & Mary McCauley

born in Aranmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland

died here July 7, 1866

age 15 years

"His grandparents, Frank & Annie, repose beside him."


"Pady McCauley arrived Beaver Island in 1884, probably the 5 th of those brothers. He lived at ' Campbells'' & later sold the farm to Joe Smith. Claimed to have been a pirate in his younger days & his brother Owen also claimed that distinction. Their father came to B.I. at a later date, probably 1876." - Tony O'Donnell's notes


The note of coming in 1884 must be wrong as his son Frank was buried & died here in 1866. Perhaps he came once, went back, & came again. This is probably right as Mary Early says he came with their party (his second trip).


Frank probably came with the grandparents & died 3 days after they got to the Island July 4 th.


Clink's notes -

Paddy Bochie's sons:

Conn McCauley - passenger boat out of Chicago

Paddy McCauley - government dredge out of Detroit

Chas. McCauley - Grand Trunk car ferry

Jack McCauley

Jim McCauley


Peter McCauley

1834 - (census)


Came to B.I. 1858 (this is Nackerman's date)

P. 78, 95, 98, 101, 127, 140

House #23

Wife Ellen Malloy, 1843 - (census)


Edward, 1862-1912 Eddie8

Ellen, 1868

Johanna, 1870-1907 (married P. D. Boyle)

Agnes, 1878

Mary, 1865 (married Nackerman)


No relation to the 5 brothers. His father was Eddie McCauley who died in Ireland. The father was a brother of Dan McCauley (see family tree), so Dan was his uncle. He married Ellen Malloy, daughter of Patrick Malloy. This is the woman who had the row with Father Gallagher.

He came over in 1844 (this must be a mistake, it must be 1854) with Hugh Conehan (Hugh was the father of Mrs. Vesty Vesty and Mrs. Cull). Pete could not read or write.


Mentioned 11 times in Dormer's book.


They lived at Nomad at the Cole property, house #38 (Cole bought the property from them).


He and Dan Boyle (Maria's grandfather) were 1 st cousins and were raised together by a grandmother because they were orphaned. Peter first came to Canada. Many Irish came this way because the British Government paid their passage, in an effort to solve the "Irish Problem" & colonize Canada at the same time. The Irish had no intention of staying; they wanted to get to " America." When he got here he worked for Wagely, cutting wood. Pete got together enough to buy some second hand nets & set them off shore at what is now McCauley's Bay. In the morning they were full to overflowing. From then on he fished. -Nackerman (his grandson)


Why did he have to be raised by a grandmother? His mother was married here to a n O'Donnell Boyle & later to Fitzsimmons. Perhaps when his widowed mother married O'Donnell she left him with the paternal grandmother - she must have been only 16 when she had him - it is reasonable that with so young a mother (widowed) that the grandmother took him.


There is a stone for P. D. McCauley, 1862-1906 - is this a son? The date's right and the grave is right next to Dan G. & Bridget à no - Dan McC son.


Dec. 1979 he got, by T at deed, the W1/2 & NE1/4 of SW1/4 & Lot 3 of S11 T37 R10 (Land

Office says SW 4 & Lot 3, Sec 11).


Roland says he was "a real Irish gentleman"; he never saw him anything but dressed up & carrying a cane.


Pete[r] McCauley

(card #2)

1860 census shows:

Peter McColey 30 laborer born Ire.

John O'Donald 35 laborer born Ire.


1860 census, another listing:

Peter McColey 24 fisherman born Ire.

Henry Boyle 25 laborer born Ire. this is Pete's step-brother Hugh T. Boyle


Pete told his grandson Frank Nackerman -

There was a round tower on Aranmore. In the summer he went "up on the mountains with the cattle." He played "on the strand" & talked about the edible, salty, seaweed. During the famine a boat with corn was wrecked on Aranmore. The corn drifted ashore but when the people tried to gather it to eat the British soldiers drove them off, stood in a ring to guard it. It was eaten by the sea gulls.


Pete's son Eddie was living on Garden Island & he & S___o9 were fishing together. Eddie had 7 or 8 children. He was drowned at the dock next to the meat market. He was found with his arms around the dock post. No one ever knew what happened but some suspected foul play on S___o's part. Johnny McCann took his boat & immediately went over to Garden Island & brought the wife & children to Nackerman's (Mrs. Nackerman was Eddie's sister).


Pete[r] McCauley & Dan Boyle

(card #3)

[See also Dan Boyle's card for more on Dan]


[W]ere living on Aranmore at the time of the famine. Dan, age 13 in 1845 & Pete, age 11. When it was over Dan was 18 & Pete 16.


Dan probably came over in the early '50s. He went back to Ireland to marry Catherine, followed her to Canada, & was married in 1857. They must have come to B.I. very soon because he filed for land on Lake Geneserath Apr. 10, 1858 & their first child, Mary, was born on B.I. in 1859.


Pete went to Canada first & then to Penn. where he worked in the mills in Johnstown. Did he come with Dan when Dan 1 st came? If they came in 1852 (two years after famine was over) Dan would have been 20, Pete 18; if in 1854, Dan 22, Pete 20. Nackerman says Pete left after Dan, after his mother, but got to the Island before his mother.


Pete's mother married Thomas H. Boyle in Ireland. He was 25 years older than his wife & had at least 2 children by an earlier marriage. When the famine came Thomas H. was 55 years old, Mary (Pete's mother), 30. The oldest child of theirs recorded in the census is Catherine who was born in 1853 when Mary was 38, Tom 63. The census says this child & the other 2, Michael & Bridget, were all born in Mich., but this seems unlikely. There is reason to believe that Michael, born 1855, was born in Penn.* Probably Bridget, the youngest, was born on B.I. in 1857 à no - she was born in Penn. Did Mary & Thomas marry after the famine, come to America, to Canada, & with them his son Hugh[?] Later they went on to Penn. Did Pete follow his mother? Then he stayed longer in Penn., while 1 st Hugh, his step-brother, & then his mother & step-father went to B.I.

In 1860 Hugh T. Boyle (Hugh H.'s son by 1 st marriage) living with his step-brother Pete. By 1861 he was married to Hannah Veag & their 1 st child was born while Pete was married to Ellen by 1862 when their first child was born.


Apr. 10 th, 1858 - Hugh filed for land on Lake Genesareth the same day as Dan Boyle & Dan Malloy for nearby land. Does this mean Hugh was the 1 st to come?


*A Michael Boyle, living on Hog Island in 1880, gives his age as 22 & says he was born in Penn., mother & father born in Ireland. This is the Mike Boyle closest to the right age.10


Peter D. McCauley

(2 nd Gen.)

Dan's son.

Clipping when he died (undated):

He died in Superior, when before taken ill with typhoid he was capt. of the fishing tug "Ethel _"11 at Marquette, went to Superior 1 month before his death. His brother Capt. Dan McCauley & his brother-in-law Capt. Eli Garrett went to Superior but didn't get there until after his death - body taken to Garretts'.

Born St. James 1862, lived in Manistique many years in employ of the Booth Fisheries as shoreman & sailor. "A young man of good habits."

Survived by 2 brothers & five sisters:

(Nora) Hannah - Mrs. Gallagher [of] St. James

Ellen - Mrs. Roddy [of] St. James12

Jane - Mrs. Eli Garrett - of "this city"13

Rose - Mrs. Hugh Malloy of Ontonagon

Bridget - Mrs. Bernard Scheidt [of] St. James

Thomas McCauley [of] St. James

Dan McCauley


Attending the funeral (went to mainland early in the week from St. James):

Capt. & Mrs. J. C. Gallagher Lizzie Gallagher

Capt. & Mrs. Tim Roddy Nora Gallagher

Hugh & Dennis Boyle Sadie Bevens

Dan & James Martin


Tom McCauley

(2 nd Gen.)


House #25

P. 90 à P. 129


There is a stone: Thomas McCauley, 1873-1954

This is Nonie's "uncle" which means he must be Dan McCauley's son.


Dr. McCulloch

He was a Mormon and according to the " Kingdom of St. James," the real leader behind the plot against Strang. He came from Baltimore, first for his health; but he liked it and stayed on.

His house was a story and a half gothic, white, with a white picket fence. It stood opposite the dock he owned on which Strang was shot. That would make it about where Nels' store was or behind it.


Daniel Donald McDonald/McDonnell14

1847 - (died early)

Tombstone says McDonald

Marriage, Nov. 28, 1868: Daniel McDonald, laborer, 21 - Bridget O'Donnell, 1852 -

(Aranmore, Ire.), 16.


Raymond Donald McDonnell, 1874-1908

Jessie D. McDonnell - married Con C. Gallagher


Ten years later Bridget married Hugh Connaghan (see his card).15


" Northern Michigan":

Conn C. Gallagher "married Jessie McDonald, daughter of Daniel & Bridget (O'Donnell)

McDonald, and who was also a resident of B.I. for many years."


Raymond McDonald


This must be the child of Daniel McDonald who was dead by 1878 when his [Raymond's] mother married Hugh Conneghan.


Married Ella Roddy, 1875-1944 (called Nellie in second registration for Jessie & Ellen in


They had 7 daughters, no sons, of whom Bid Sendenburg was one:

Jessie, Oct. 29, '96 (birth record)

Jerry, Nov. 16, '96 (birth record)17

Bridget, Jan. 17, 1900 (birth record)

Erma, June 29, 1901 (birth record)

Anna, 1904-1947


There are stones:

Raymond McDonald, 1874-1908

Ella, mother, 1875-1944

Daughter Anna, 1904-1947

Raymond lists himself as a "farmer" in birth records.


Death record:

Donald R. McDonald,18 married, age 35-3-8, died Mar. 16, '08, "accident, found dead in a

boat." Born Mich.; fisherman; parents Donald R. McDonald & Bridget O'Donnell.


McDonough [Family]


[Ed.'s note: this "card" is actually a piece of folded notebook paper with notes on it re: more

than one individual. It is filed at the end of the "McDonough" section.]


You will see from the chart that Bud & Joy19 trace back to "Co. Clare" through Ellen Correy, & to Galway through Sylvester McDonough. Just where in Co. Clare is never specified. They always said "Galway" for the McDonoughs but whether that means the county or the town of Galway is not clear.

Through their grandmother, Mary Connaghan, Bud & Joy go back to the island of Aranmore in Co. Donegal.

Russ's forebearers, through his grandfather Red Hughie Boyle and White Dan Green & grandmother Bridget O'Donnell, go back to Aranmore, but through grandmother Anna McDonough to Galway.

Vesty & Ellen Correy met on the boat coming over but the exact year of their emigration is not known.20

Probably the year of emigration was 1853. With Vesty was his sister Big Mary. If there were any other members of the family in the party we do not know about them. Vesty was 21 and Mary 19.

On the boat they met the Correy family. With Ellen were a brother & her sisters Bridget (later to be Mrs. Dan McCauley) & Margaret. One account says an aunt was with them. Ellen was 23.

Through their grandmother Mary Connaghan, Bud & Joy go back to Aranmore. It was Mary's mother, Bridget O'Donnell, who came from Ireland with her mother Hannah & her brothers Owen & John. Hannah was a widow. These were the children of Hannah's first marriage. Their father was Anthony O'Donnell, who had been a saloon keeper & bailiff on Aranmore. The family had been in better circumstances than most who reached Beaver. After her first husband's death Hannah married a Walter Anthony O'Donnell, called "Salty," on B.I.. The year of Bridget's emigration was 1852 or 1853. There are conflicting reports as to whether Hannah's second marriage took place in Ireland, N.Y., or B.I..

Through Eva Lafreniere Bud & Joy go back to Patrick ("Paganog") Boyle. Eva's mother, Sophia Boyle, was the daughter of Patrick (Paddy Hela) and Bridget Boyle, daughter of Pa_____. Both were born on Aranmore. Paddy Hela's father never came to Aranmore, but his mother, Cicely, nee O'Donnell, was here by 1870, joining her children who had come in __ preceded her to Beaver some of whom were on Beaver by 1860. Paddy Hela's wife Bridget, the daughter of Patrick (Paganog) The family came to Beaver directly from Aranmore in 1870, having been sent for by Paganog's brother-in-law, Anthony O'Donnell, Russ's great-grandfather. The family Boyles were all from Aranmore.

Russ's forebearers, through his grandfather Red Hughie Boyle and White Dan Green & great grandparents Bridget O'Donnell, go back to Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell go back to Aranmore, but through grandmother Anna McDonough to Galway.

Red Hughie sometimes said he was born in Ireland & sometimes in Michigan. The earliest records say Ireland & from his age that is right. He was a baby when they reached They came to Beaver by way of Canada and were here by 1859 when sister Grace was born, 1860. Hughie's parents were Edward (Neddy) Boyle & Bridget ("Big Biddie") Gallagher, who were from Aranmore. The exact year of emigration is not known, but they were on Beaver by 1860.

Red Hughie's wife was Anna McDon., daughter of Sylvester's Vesty's cousin Thomas McDon. ("Val"). Vesty had sent for brothers "Big Tom" & Patrick and after they had been here a year they brothers sent for Anna. The year of her emigration was 1880. In 1882 the three children, Big Tom, Patrick, & Anna, sent for their parents Thomas ("Val") McDonough & Catherine Kane. All of the family was from Galway.


Anna McDonough

(2 nd Gen.)

Daughter of Sylvester [McDonough] & Ellen Correy. She was born in Canadaand there is a parish record of her marriage, July 13, 1880:

James McGee, 38 - Anna McDonough, 21


Could she afterwards have married "Red Hughie," Big Biddie Boyle's son? See his card. Her age is right.


This was a double wedding with Mary Burns & Mark Slocum.21


​This is the one Nonie was named for, Annora - the Nora was for Salty's wife, Dan McCauley's daughter Nora (Hannah).


James V. McDonough

(2 nd Gen.)



P. 96-97

Son of Vesty & Ellen Correy

Married Katherine Gallagher, 1876-1919 - daughter of Big Phil

Only child:

Gordon, 1899-1917 (death record 1900-1918)


The son died at age 18, the mother 2 years later, & the father soon after. "Father Jewel said, there was nothing wrong with him, it was a broken heart."


There are stones for all three.


He was a fine carpenter. Is he the one that built the house on the Trail Rd. & his wife died before they moved in? If so he also built the James McCauley house. He & his brother Pat built the McDonough house I know.

Death records:

James V. McDonough, widower, age 51, died in Peaine Twp on Nov. 17, '19, of pneumonia.

Born Mich.; parents Vesty McDonough & Ellen Correy; farmer.


Protar's Diary: July 24, 1919 - "Mrs. Jim Vesty died at 10 a.m."

Nov. 17, 1919 - "James Vesty died a.m."


Mary "Big Mary" McDonough

 1837 -


A sister of the 1 st Vesty

By 1862

P. 47, 146

Married Patrick Carmody, 1822-1869

3 children, 2 girls & a boy


There is a parish record, Sept. 15, 1862, of a marri[age] between Patrick Carmody, 40, and Mary

McDonough, 25. The witnesses were Anthony and Catherine Gill.

Maria says she was also married to Morris Gallagher (see his card).


She married Carmody in '62, her oldest child was born in '65 (or '64) & the youngest by Carmody in '68. Her 1 st by Morris Gallagher was born in '70, so Carmody must have drowned around '69. (This checks with the youngest children of Ed & Mike Martin drowned with him.)


Mrs. V. Vesty says she was a midwife & was a widow with 3 children. She was 6' 2" tall & a very strong woman. She smoked a pipe. They didn't have good enough docks so they pulled the boats up on the beaches when there was a storm. Sometimes it was hard to get them down again if sand had been piled up in a storm. If the men couldn't move them Big Mary put her shoulder under the prow & pushed them out. Her husband drowned (see his card).


She later married Morris Gallagher, Big Phil's half-brother (Nonie says he was lazy, "no good.")


Nonie -

Big Mary Carmody lived in a house that stood where the play ground is now. Her living room had a big four poster bed with white lace trimmed curtains that were tied back with ribbon bows.


Nonie has a picture of her sitting in front of her house (the present Gillespie house where Grace lives, only it was log) smoking her pipe with three grandchildren playing around her. It is so faded you can't see the face, or pipe, but she is sitting straight as a ramrod with her hands folded in her lap.


Mary McDonough

(2 nd Gen.)


Daughter of Sylvester [McDonough] & Ellen Correy. She was born in Canada in 1858. There is a parish record of her marriage, April 15, 1877:

Daniel Malloy, 20 - Mary McDonough, 19


This is the Daniel Malloy who was born on B.I. in 1857, one of the first children. yes


Patrick McDonough

(2 nd Gen.)


House #98

P. 146

Son of Sylvester [McDonough] & Ellen Correy

There is a parish record of his baptism:

Mar. 30, 1862: Patrick McDonough, [parents] Sylvester McDonough & Ellen Correy

Married Ellen O'Donnell (daughter of Anthony O'Donnell) - she was one of the 1 st children


Bert Pat McDonough (he has the O'Donnell bible)

In the birth records is Martin McDonough, son of Patrick V. McDon. & Ellen

O'Donnell, born Jan. 28, 1896. He is listed as a farmer.

Mary McDonough, June 26, '97 - birth record

Ellen Sophia, Mar. 17, 1900 - birth record (the mother must have been 43 at this birth)


According to Pat Bonner, he was a blacksmith.


He built a frame house across the lane from his father-in-law's log house. The lane goes off the King's Hg. before you get to the Little Red Schoolhouse.


Ellen McDonough has a stone:


Protar's Diary: "Mrs. Pat Vesty died 8 p.m.," on May 12, 1919.


Sylvester "Vesty" McDonough


Born in Galway,23 died B.I. 1910

P. 140, 146

House #28

His wife - Ellen Correy; born in County Clare, 1832, died B.I., 1916


Ann, 1859 - [born] Mich.; married James McGee

Mary, 1858 - [born] Can.24

Thomas, 1855 - [born] Can.

Patrick, Mar. 30, 1862 (parish record); married Ellen O'Donnell, daughter of Anthony



James V., 1868-1919 (stone)


There is a single stone for them:

Sylvester McDonough

1831-191 06

Helen, his wife



Here she is called "Helen" but Patrick's baptismal record calls her "Ellen."

For Ellen's sister Margaret, see card under Correy.

 They were married in Canada and had two children there. They settled where the Vesty farm is now. He farmed and cut wood, clearing the homestead.

They made ties and cord wood; the ties were hune by hand. A boat came and anchored as close as possible. They made a boom (logs inside a circle of roped logs) and towed them out to the ship. This was a sailing vessel. (Mrs. Vesty Vesty)



"I went to a ball at Vesty's. It was my first big party, but I danced. I was about 15." (this would be 1896)

There was a flowing well in Vesty's kitchen.


The 1860 census lists:

Vesty McDonough 30 laborer born Ire.

Ellen McDonough 25 ---------- born Ire.

Thos. McDonough 5 ---------- born Canada

Mary McDonough 4 ------------ born Canada

Anna McDonough 3/12 ---------- born Mich.

Thos. Maguire 30 laborer born Ire.


Land records:

1869 - he homesteaded SW1/4 of NW1/4 & SW1/4 of SW1/4 Sec 23 T38 R10.

Land office:

July 18 (8?), 1863 - Festus McDonough, N 2SW 4 & SW 4SW 4 & SW 4NW 4 Sec 23-38-10,

160A, $10 F.C. Sept. 24, 1868.

Death records:

Ellen McDonough, married, age 89, died Feb. 24, '16, in Peaine Twp, of old age. Born Ire.;

parents, [father] John Correy, mother unknown.

Sylvester McDonough, married, age 86, died Mar. 9, '16, in Peaine Twp, of old age. Born

Ire.; farmer; parents, f[ather] Lawrence McDonough, mother unknown.

Lawrence McDonough, married, age 57-10-21, died on Mar. 4, '25, in St. J. Twp, of cancer of

the stomach. Born Ire.; fisherman; parents Sylvester McDonough & Helen Correy.

1 Date is unclear; could be 1874.

2 Parts of this last sentence are unclear.

3 Illegible.

4 Unclear; could be writes.

5 Illegible.

6 Illegible.

7 The author encloses the names of Charlie, Jim, and Conn in a bracket, with the notation, "these men were all captains on the Great Lakes."

8 This name is floating out by itself and may be a repetition of Edward.

9 This is unclear; could be Sesso or Sisso, but from the entry for Eddie McCauley it is probably Sisco.

10 Footnote in original.

11 Final initial is unclear; may be "J".

12 The author has enclosed the names of Nora and Ellen Gallagher in a bracket, with the note, "wives of Salty & Tim."

13 Nineteenth and early-twentieth century newspapers often attempted to conserve scarce capital letters when setting type by referring to their own town as "this place" or "this city." Information recorded in the entry for the younger Dan McCauley suggests that the Garretts made their home in Escanaba, and thus the obituary may have come from an Escanaba newspaper.

14 Next to McDonnell the author includes note, "(Maria probably right)".

15 The author likely here means ten years after her first marriage to Daniel; this is also borne out by Raymond McDonald's entry (below).

16 This sentence incomplete in original.

17 The author encloses Jessie and Jerry in a bracket with the note, "These must be the same - another double record".

18 This death record would seem to refer to Raymond, but the replication of the name Donald R. McDonald is in original.

19 The author does not specify who "Bud & Joy" (and later "Russ") are, possibly individuals interested in learning more about their family history.

20 This section is very lightly crossed out; not entirely inaccurate, or only in parts? See also further on in this entry.

21 The author does not specify here which wedding was supposedly the "double" one.

22 This could be "1854," but look more like "1857;" the author has inserted a note, "Dec. 25", above this line, but it is unclear whether this refers to the birth or the death date.

23 City and county on the west coast of Ireland.

24 The author had originally enclosed Ann and Mary's names in a bracket, with the notation, "born in Canada," but has crossed this out. Mary remains so designated.


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