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Biographical Papers Letter M Page 2

Phillip Malloy
(2 nd Gen.)
Married Johanna McCauley, 1870-1907 (Pete's daughter) - died from blood poisoning, Jan. 22, '07 (church rec.).
Frances R. Malloy, 1896-1963
This is the Phillip Lawrence has, but not Maria. See Dan Malloy's card, whose son he was.
The 1880 census lists him living in the household of his brother John Malloy, age 17, laborer; born M[ich.], f[ather born] Ire., m[other born] Ire.. The father & mother had died in 1877.
Land office:
May 27, 1899 - Phillip D. Malloy Hd. land in Sec. 10-37-10 (borders on Lake Gen.), can.
Dec. 8, 1906, 7 yrs.. This is land Hd. by Patrick Malloy, 1864, can. 1870, but I don't
know just where in the section it is.
Tom Malloy
1851 -
Son of Pat & Mary (who lived to be 108).
M[arried] Bridget O'Donnell ("Mahane") - died before 1900
Fannie, 1881 - in 1900 in home of Big Tom McDonough
Mary, 1887
John E., 1888
Patrick, 1890
Catherine, 1891 - in 1900 in home of Grandfather Johnny Mahane
Tom Malloy
(2 nd Gen.)
1869- 1858 ?
No children
This is son of Dan Malloy & Fannie O'Donnell - the youngest that grew up. According to Maria, he & Pat Malloy organized the 1 st labor union in Chicago.
In 1902 he was home visiting his brother Anthony. They were in Cundy's Saloon. Neilly Dominick Gallagher knifed him (Maria has never been able to find out what the fight was about), ripping open his abdomen. Anthony rushed home & got a horse & wagon & they took him to Protar. After Protar did what he could they started to take him home but only got as far as Gillespies' because they thought he would die before they got to town. He stayed at Gillespies' a month or more & with Protar's treatment he recovered. [See also Neily Dominick Gallagher'scard.]
Patrick "Pat" Maloney
By 1863 (land records)
House #4 (on point in Font Lake)
P. 117
Notes p. 5, 90
Wife, Mary O'Malley, 1830-1917 (father Michael O'Malley, mother unknown)
Patrick, 1865-1891 (spelled "Malowney" on his tombstone, Maloney on John's) - killed
at Sweet's Mill, Big Sand Bay
Johnnie, 1867-1954 - teacher, father or Agnes Maloney
Rose, 1864-1913 - married Joe Burke
Mamie, 1870-1945 - married Peter O'Donnell; teacher
Mary, the wife above, emigrated from Ireland in 1847 (1900 census).
In 1928 J. P. Maloney (the Johnnie above) deed[ed] 25A to LaSalle Institute of Glencoe, Mo.. The retreat of Brothers of the Christian Schools.
Stones for both sons:
John P. Maloney Patrick,
  • son of Patrick & Mary Malowney (note this spelling)
died 1891, age 25 yrs.
According to Johnnie Green, Pat was coming from N.Y. State to Wisconsin and shipped his furniture ahead on a Great Lakes steamer. The furniture was put off at Beaver Island by mistake. When Pat finally found his furniture he stayed & never went on to Wisconsin.
Land office:
July 8, 1863 - Patrick Maloney - SW 4 Sec 10-38-10 Hd. 160A $10 Can. Sept. 3, 1877;
on Kgs. Hwy. opposite (N. of) stone house.
(Oct. 3, '77 Philip Maloy Hd. this F.C. Feb. 17, 1883)
Death records:
Patrick Maloney, married, age 84, died in Pea. Twp of paralysis on Sept. 12, '99. Born Ire.;
farmer; parents Patrick Maloney & Rose McNady (McGrady?).
Mary Maloney, married, age 87, died May 1, '17, in St. J. Twp of old age. Born Ire.;
parents: [father] Michael O'Malley, mother unknown.
Rose Burke, married, age 49-6-21, died St. J. Twp, Feb. 16, '13, cancer of the stomach.
Born Mich.; parents Patrick Maloney & Mary O'Malley.
Alden Darius Markham
Feb. 12, 1858 - under BLW Act of '50 he got NE 4NW 4 Sec 2-38-10 40A. This lies on the Mormon Rd. to Little S. Bay & is part of the land Marvin Aldrich tried, unsuccessfully, to get in 1849.
Since he got it under the Act of '50 he must have come himself.
Martin [Family]
[See original manuscript for Martin family tree diagram.]
P. 89, 105, 112, 137, and 145.
Mike & Eddie drowned off Martin's river lifting pound nets - also Carmody. The drowning must have been late '69 or early '70 because [Mike's] widow Jane has an 11- month-old child in the '70 census, & Grace [widow of Eddie] a 1 mo. old one.
Martin [Family]
(card #2)
"The rescue" was an institution in rural Ireland & a fertile source of disturbance. A "rescue" party could be gathered in a brief time to waylay & seize the cattle a tithe collector had impounded. The police never knew whether or not they were to haul an arrested man safely to jail; almost in the twinking of an eye, so deep was the sympathy for the man arrested, a "rescue" party, materialized out of nowhere, might pounce, even though the members neither knew the prisoner personally nor his offense. P. 65, To the G. Door, Geo. Potter
Martin [Brothers]
B.I. 1856
They lived at Martin's Bluff, #33
There were four five Martin brothers ([actually] 6 brothers - Owen went to Buffalo & did not live on B.I.):
Jim - the father of Shing, Barney, Dan, & Gracie McCann & 10 more
John - this family moved to Buffalo & there were no descendents on the Island
Edward - drowned in 1869, soon after they came; his wife Grace raised his family
Dan - unmarried; killed in explosion (James McCann)
Mike - drowned with Edward & [Patrick] Carmody [see his card], 1869; H. S. Gallagher
calls this Edward in "An Irish Island Colony."1
According to Roland they were from Co. Mayo and fished out of Westport.2 They "broke the pound," were caught, jailed, and about to be transported to Van Dieman's Land3 when they escaped and fled to America. They were in Pennsylvania 2 years before they went to Mackinac Island. They would go to Gull Island to fish, staying 2 or 3 months at a time. The fish were salted and sold to boats that came to the Island with supplies from Chicago. They came to B.I. when the Mormons left. They first came in '56 but went back to Mackinac in the fall. In the spring of '57 they came for good.
They were first at French Bay and then they went to the East side to Martin's Bluff.
According to "An Irish Island Colony" they came to N.Y. City in 1851, heard of the good fishing at Mackinac Island and in 1854 joined the Co. Mayo colony there.
Roland says they were stevedores and used to go to New Orleans every winter and work on the docks. (I think this was before they came to B.I. {this was when they were on Mackinac & was __ winters.})
" Northern Mich." says James was born in Donegal & Catherine McCarthy in Co. Mayo. I believe Roland. Roland says they were in Penn. before they came to Michigan.
Barney Martin
(2 nd Gen.)
Canada ? - engineer
- So listed but can't be right
Wife, Mary Floyd - Canada (so listed - can't be right place)
Daniel Barney, Jan. 25, '01 (record)
Barney Martin
Mary Martin
Daniel Martin
(1 st Gen.)
Unmarried. This is the one of the brothers killed in the explosion. This happened before 1860, because he is the only one not recorded in the 1860 census. They were walking along the beach when they saw a shanty left by the Mormons. Dan went in to investigate. He & the building went up in an explosion. It took place on McFadden's Pt..
Roland says that there were kegs of powder in the shanty; Dan put some on a shingle & lighted it (to see if it was gunpowder, I presume) on top of a keg.
Daniel J. Martin
(2 nd Gen.)
(on Mackinac)
Son of James Martin
Married Bridget Gillespie
No children
In business with James J. - see his card. Dan was the senior partner.
Marguerite -
Andy Paddy Mary Ellen & Dan Martin couldn't read or write, only sign their names. She used to read to them out of the " Northern Michigan" & they never tired of it. This is Marguerite's uncle Dan.
" Northern Michigan":
"Born May 28, 1856 on Mackinac. The following fall the family moved to B.I.. "In his long experience on the Lakes (written 1905), he has never lost a vessel or met with a serious mishap. In connection with the fishing business he is interested in the life saving station on the Island & has rendered efficient service in the work of rescue & saving of property in wrecks."
Land office:
Oct. 2, 1877 - Daniel Martin Hd. N 2SE 4 & SE 4SE 4 Sec 2-37-10 120A, can. June 2, 1884
(back of Martin's Bluff).
Death records:
Daniel J. Martin, married, age 67, died in St. J. on Sept. 19, '23, of complication of diseases,
heart trouble. Fisherman, born in Mich.; parents James Martin & Katherine McCarthy.
There is a note in Protar's diary of the death of Dan Martin, Sept. 19, 1923.
Edward Martin
(1 st Gen.)
1823-1869 (census)
P. 137, 145
Married Grace Malloy, 1835 - (census)
These are the children listed in 1870 [census] when their mother is widowed & head of the household:
Anna ____, 1861
Grace, 1864
Catherine, 1865
Daniel, 1867
Edward, 1869
John, 1/124
In 1860 [census]:
James, 1856
Daniel, 1857
- what happened to these children? Did they die or were they, age 14 & 13, in
some other home in 1870?
He is one of the brothers drowned of[f] Big Sand Bay with Carmody in 1869. See Carmody card for drowning.
In the 1870 census the widow Grace had a household, and her father, Edward Malloy, was living with her. By 1880 she was married to Francis O'Donnell, who in 1870 was living with the John Martin family. They must have married by about 1871, for their oldest child Michael was born in 1872.
Land office:
Aug. 16, 1865 - Edward Martin, Lots 1 & 2 Sec 1-37-10 125A $10, homestead (Martin's
Bluff, near Eisleys[?]).
June ?, 1873 - U.S. to Grace Martin, Lots 1 & 2 Sec 1-37-10, homestead. (In 1895 Neal
Gallagher got this land from the Aud. Gen. by tax deed. By 1908 it was in the hands of
Thomas Sheridan, who sold it back to Grace Martin. In 1911 she sold it to Wilbur
Burns. {I have a note - " Neal Gallagher was one of the meanest captains on the Great
Edward Martin
(card #2)
Edward & Family. From letter of Sadie MacLaurin's to Mr. Roy, Aug. 31, 1965:
"My grandfather, Edward Martin, & his four brothers, were members of a large colony of Irishmen & women who occupied the Island before the Mormons came.
They were a hardy, hardworking, & fun-loving people who worked and shared as one big family. Commercial fishing, farming, & lumbering in a small way were their occupation - transportation what it was in those days and the lake not charted as it is today made for some hardships & it possible for them to improvise much of their tools, shipbuilding and all.
The five Martin brothers raised large families, John had 13 children, my grandfather Edward, or 'Ned,' 6. 13 of his descendents are living in Michigan or Wisconsin.
The second generation of these early settlers left home at an early age, or rather most of them - going to schools on the mainland, mostly southern Michigan and most of the men followed the sea and became captains & officers on the Lake carriers - my uncle Ed was Commodore of the Grand Trunk line of car ferries, & his son now holds that position. The 3 rd generation also followed the sea, both of my brothers were officers - Lew(?) a captain on the C & O car ferries - Edward on the ocean-going ships in the Merchant Marines. My father, an easterner, also was an engineer on the lake-going ships.
Yes I well remember grandmother & mother telling me of the time Strang put my grandfather in a yawe without oars & he & his brother being set adrift. He & his brother lived to be drowned in a squall as my grandmother witnessed it from her kitchen window - four of the bodies were brought in & laid on her kitchen floor... Within 6 years ago both my uncles Ed & Dan passed away...their minds were keen to the end.
William Boyle was a character on the Island - he operated one of the first general stores on the Island & was married to Grandmother's sister Hannah who was a kind person - many times a much-needed gift was hidden behind her apron & given with love & kindness.
All being Irish they lived in peace as a rule - there wasn't the entertainment there is today so they made their own fun & folk songs - & Old Father Gallagher was priest & judge & pretty much leader... There were the Martins, Gallaghers, Mulloys, Boyles, Gillespies, McCanns, Greens, Sharkeys(?) - right - McCauleys, Bonars, & many others.["]
Edward Martin
(card #3)
Edward & Family.
Irish names - all intermarried. Mike McCann operated a general store & his brother had a fishing tug or two. One of the tugs was sent to the Smithsonian Institute [in] Washington, D.C. as the last steam-powered tug - gasoline came into use."5
James (Jim) Martin
(1 st Gen.)
[Probably to B.I. in] 1856
P. 46, 89, 145
Married Catherine McCarthy, 1835 1834-1888 - she was a sister of Mrs. Kilty
John - in the parish register there is a baptism recorded Aug. 3, 1862, of John Martin,
son of James Martin & Catherine McCarthy; died 1950 according to Lawrence's
Dan - didn't marry
Shing - is this the Edward Roland speaks of, or was Edward another son?
Barney - a great writer of doggerel, according to Pat B.
Gracie (McCann) - [had] 14 children - 7 girls, 7 boys
He appears 89 times in the Dormer Book.
It was Jim and John who had the run-in with the Mormons. Maria's & Nonie's story is that when they were fishing out of Mackinac they landed at 1 st Clearings. There they were taken by the Mormons, stripped, set adrift in an open boat without oars. They drifted to Garden Island where they were befriended by the Indians, given oars and a sail and so they got back to Mackinac. Marguerite says Tip Miller threw them an oar.
" Northern Mich.":
[James] came to U.S. when a young man of 22 or 23 & later settled in Mackinac, where he fished. This story of the setting adrift is somewhat different. They landed in dense fog while on the way to Gull I.. The Mormons seized their cargoes, amounting to $700, & set them adrift without ballast. They came ashore on St. Helena, where they again fell into the hands of the Mormons. They were given a trial for alleged misdemeanors. 6 jurors were for the death penalty, 7 for setting them adrift again; which was done.
James met his wife at Mackinac when she was visiting there. They were always "very much in love" - he was 15-20 years the older. She died of a stroke in the fall when she was 49, & he died of no apparent cause in the spring. She had always wanted to leave the Island & he had bought property at Onekema & they were going to have moved in the spring. They spoke Gaelic to each other when they did not want the children to understand. Her people lived in Chicago & were reasonably well-to-do. They were horrified that she lived in so primitive a place, always wanting them to go to Chicago. Every sailing vessel that came in from Chicago brought a barrel of "goodies" for her. (Remember where this information comes from - Gracie's daughter. Did Gracie's "illusions of grandeur" color her stories, or perhaps she got these illusions from her mother[?]). Their first 2 children were born at Mackinac.
Roland says he met Catherine McCarthy at Mackinac & they were married there - Marguerite says in Chicago.
The land records show that Jan. 1, 1857 James Martin got land from the U.S. in Sec 1 T37 R10.
Aug. 4, 1861 James Martin & wife and John Sullivan and wife deeded land to Rev. Baraga in this same section.
The James Martin land at Martin's Bluff was gotten from the U.S. by James in 1859. In 1885 he made it over to Catherine. In 1889, James Martin, widower, gave title to Michael Martin (his son I suppose) who sold it 2 weeks later to Gottlieb Patch.
In 1865 he got, by the Homestead Act, the NE1/4 of NE1/4 of Sec 11 T37 R10 (south & west of above). In 1885 he transferred title to Catherine, as with the land above.
James (Jim) Martin
(card #2)
1860 census lists:
James Martyn 34 farmer born Ire. - probably married in 1855 (age of children)
Catherine 25 ------------ born Ire.
Anna 4 ----------------- born Mich. (born on Mackinac)
Daniel 3 ---------------- born Mich. (born on Mackinac)
Mary 1 ----------------- born Mich.
Catherine ---------------- born Mich.
John & Jim always living together & had fished out of Westport together. They also went together to Wisconsin & worked on the Plank Road from Green Bay to Fond du Lac (Roland, '69).
Land office:
Jan. 14, 1857 - James Martin, Lot 4 Sec 1-37-10 57A $71.25, Martin's Bluff (part went to
St. Ignatius church in 1861).
Apr. 2, 1860 (pencil) - James Martin filed for E 2SE 4 Sec 22-38-10.
Sept. 13, 1864 (ink) - James Martin Hd. E 2SE 4 & E 2NE 4 Sec 22-38-10, can. Jan. 28, 1864
(this was Hd. Feb. 10, 1874 by Dominick Gall.).
[- there is a bracket around the above two entries - April and
September - with the notation, "Where Big Dominick lived."]
Sept. 13, 1864 - James Martin, NE 4NE 4 Sec 11-37-10 40A $50 (catty corner W & S of his
property in Sec 1 above)
Death records:
Bernard J. Martin, married, age 75-10-3, died in St. J., May 17, '42, of apoplexy. Born St. J.;
fisherman; parents James Martin & Katherine McCarthy, both born Ire.
James J. Martin
(2 nd Gen.)
Married Mary ?, 1879-1959
This is John Martin's son. His baptism is recorded Aug. 17, 1863.
James J. "Shing" Martin
(2 nd Gen.)
March 15, 1864 -
Son of James
P. 141
Married Nellie Johnson
Children (according to " Northern Mich."):
Elmer (drowned at 2 yrs.)
Is this the "Edward" Martin Roland speaks of, or was there another son?
According to Marguerite McCann, Shing was James.
According to "North. Mich.," Daniel J. & James J. were in partnership in fishing with the tug "Clara A. Elliot" - the business (1905) amounted to $8-$10 thousand a year.
He was a fine fisherman & made a fortune but he lost his money in the heavey fines he had to pay. Once when the game officer tried to board his boat, Nellie stood on the deck with an axe in her hand & wouldn't let him on. Another time, the law confiscated his nets as punishment, took them to Charlevoix, & wound them on reels over there. Shing went in the night with his crew, took them back.
" Northern Michigan":
"Born Mar. 15, 1864. Married Nellie Johnson. Children Wilbur, Elmer (drowned when age 2
while trying to board a tug), & John."
John Martin
(1 st Gen.)
1836 -
P. 89, 145
Married Mary Wilson, 1835 - ; born Ireland; [marriage] 1863
James, 1863-1950
Edward, June 7, 1872 (county rec., Twp. Galallee, both [parents] born Ire., farmer)
In the parish register there is a baptism recorded for Aug. 17, 1863 of James Martin, son of John Martin and Mary Wilson.
The parish record shows a marriage record of John Martin, age 39, on Sept. 23, 1866. He labels himself "Ire. fisherman." The woman's name is not clear; I have "Julia" with a question mark. (Is this a second marriage or another John?)
1860 census lists:
John Martyn 24 farmer & fisherman born Ire.
Mary Martyn 25 ----------- born Canada
She is listed in the 1864 church record as "Protestant." Evidently they married by the church in '66 when she became converted. They already had 3 children.
This is the brother set adrift with Jim (see James Martin). Edward's granddaughter says it was Edward.
Roland says this family moved to Buffalo and that John was a great man to make up songs about people & happenings & to dance. Sadie MacLaurin says he had 13 children.
He appears 25 times in the Dormer Bk.
Mentioned in "B.I.Girls" as coming into the Harbor in his fish boat.
See James' card; Roland says these two hung together.
In 1895 there is a complicated transaction with Neil Gallagher over Lot 3, Sec 1 T37 R10. It seems to have been owned by John (whether this John or a later John Martin I do not know) & Neil bought it up for back taxes and the Deputy Sheriff, Henry Cooper, seems to have been called in to give Gallagher possession. He got possession because the next year he sold it to W. & G. W. Lord. - if John moved to Buffalo as Roland says - this must have been a later John. It was Owen in Buffalo.
Land office:
Feb. 23, 1858 - he & John Gall. paid $38.25 for Lot 3 Sec 24-37-11. On July 27, 1858 it was
suspended because it was reserved for lighthouse purposes.
Feb 23, 1858 - John Martin, Lot 3 Sec 1-37-10 67 1/2 A $84.37 1/2 (Martin's Bluff).
Apr. 29, 1878 - John Martin Hd. Lot 2 Sec 36 & E 2NE 4 Sec 35-38-10 140.3A $10, F.C.
Aug. 22, 1885; N. of Eiches. (A Henry Kipp had filed, pencil, for Lots 1 & 2 Sec 36,
Mar. 25, 1861.)
John Martin
Tony O'Don.'s notes:
"He moved to Escanaba & was found dead on the beach where he had been beachcombing for R.R. ties with a horse & wagon. Horse was dead also, death was attributed to lightning. He had $100 on his person.
Michael "Mike" Martin
(1 st Gen.)
1830 (census)-around 1869
Born Ire.
P. 145
Married Jane ?, 1849 (census) - ; born Canada; [marriage] 1866?
Mary, 1868
Daniel, 1869
In 1860 he was living in the home of his brother Edward. He must have married between 1860 & 1867. There is a parish marriage record - Aug. 30, 1866: John Martin, 39 - & for the wife I have a question mark with Julia. The record was hard to read. John had a child born in 1861 so this must be a mistake; it is the marriage of Mike & Jane.
He was one of the 2 brothers drowned off Big Sand Bay. The other was Edward. [Patrick] Carmody was the 3 rd man drowned. The drowning must have taken place around 1869 - by the 1870 census Grace [Edward's wife] & Jane are both listed as widows. Mary Carmody is married to Morris Gallagher & has a 3 mo. old child. In the 1870 census Jane is listed as a widow with 2 children.
There is an "Uncle Mike" mentioned in the "B.I. Girls." Pat Bonner says this was "Mike Martin, Shing's uncle," but he must be wrong. Mike was dead by 1874 when the verse was written.
Land office:
Oct. 4 -Nov. 21, 1859 (in pencil) - Michael Martin, Lot 4 Sec 36-38-10 (just N. of Martin's
Bluff; not patented until 1920).
Apr. 26, 1864 - Michael Martin homesteaded S 2NE 4 & S 2NW 4 Sec 26-38-10, 160A $10.
Cancelled Jan. 23, 1874. (Back of Pt. Lapar, at S. end of Sand Bay. John M. Boyle
homesteaded it Oct. 9, 1874, with final clearance July 7, 1883.)
Aug. 8, 1865 - Michael Martin homesteaded NE 4 Sec 35-38-10, 160A $10. Cancelled June
2, 1874 (this is N. of Eiche's).
Owen Martin
(1 st Gen.)
This is the family that moved to Buffalo. It must have been early because there is no record of them in the census. This information is from James McCann's genealogy.
There were two sons, Edward & George, captains on the "Auctorora" & the "Tinesta."
Samuel, William, & Edwin Martin
(Not the brothers)
The 1850 census, household 466, lists these two6 Martins as living on Beaver, seemingly on Cable's Bay, in a household of themselves & Clark Whitney. All seem to be batchelors. Whitney is 18, but the Martins 26, 24, & 28.
This must be the Martins told about in the His. of the G. Traverse Region, p. 93. Gen. Miller & Strang took their property (see the book). Can this [Edwin] be the "Edward" in the 1860 census with a wife, Ellen? - no
Michael McCafferty
1816-1902 (death rec)
Mooney in 1900 cen.
Emigrated 1863, according to daughter Hannah
On Island by '64
P. 120
House #60
Married Mary O'Donnell McCafferty, 1825 - (census); 1816-1902 (death rec); she was a sister
of Barney & Darky Mike. I think her husband's name was Barney Mike (he must have been
still living when they came). Was his name "Mike" - Pat Bonner says the one who came
from Ireland was Mike - father of Lanty & John (called Dick7) whose picture I have.8
Frances, 1867-1925 (stone)
Lanty, 1872-1906 - married Mary Bonner (stone)
Children [second listing:]
Madgie - left Island
Hannah - married Jim Mooney (see Old Billy's card - he made the match)
John ("Dick" - picture) - moved to Charlevoix; still on Island in 1900 - a boarder at
Maggie Quinlin's.
Lanty, 1872-195 (stone)
Barney - married Grace Ann Boyle (Stanley Floyd's grandfather)
Anthony - married Gracie Strach
Francis - married Nellie Donlevy (youngest) according to Maria but Lanty's stone -
Maria is wrong, census shows Frank 5 years older.9
Pat Bonner says the one to come from Ireland was Mike McCafferty and that they lost two children by starvation on the boat coming over. Mike was the father of John (called Dick) whose picture I have, & also of Lanty who married Pat's sister Mary. For story of Lanty & Mary & Harry Hardwick see note book [see also card for Harry Hardwick. -ed.].
Death records:
Michael McCafferty, married, age 86, died in Pea. Twp Aug. 29, '02, of old age. Born Ire.;
parents Bernard McCafferty & Hannah Gallagher.
Mary McCafferty, married, age 87, died Oct. 16, '15 in Peaine Twp of old age. Born Ire.;
parents Anthony O'Donnell & Nora Gallagher
Francis McCafferty, married, age 57, died St. J. of _____10 pneumonia. Born Mich.; farmer;
parents Michael McC. & Mary O'Don.
Lanty McCafferty, married, age 34-6-23, died in St. J. Twp on Nov. 11, '06 of "tuberculosis -
general." Born Mich.; laborer; parents Michael McCafferty & Mary O'Donnell.
[See original manuscript for McCafferty family tree diagram.]
McCafferty [Family]
James Arthur McCafferty
1898-1935 (for death record see Bernard McCafferty's card)
Birth records - a Hannal McCafferty was married to James Mooney & had a son -
Francis, Jan. 24, '96
Francis McCafferty, 1867-1925 (Maria says he is son of Barney & Mary O'Donnell {sister of
Darky Mike} & that he married Helen Dunlevy {Biddie Sam's daughter}.)
He was son of Mike & Hannah.
Marriage records:
1893 - Lizzie O'Donnell married Pete McCafferty
A Michael McCafferty bought land in Sec 14, T38, R10 (near Sand Bay) from Lester Van
Alstyne in 1882. However, this same property was included in that homestead by Michael
Burk in 1888.
Protar - "Frank McCafferty" 2 a.m. Jan. 12, 1925, died.
Bernard/Barney McCafferty
(2 nd Gen.)
( Canada?)
P. 50, 83, 91, 95, 109
House #82 - the house is gone
Is he the son of Mary O'Donnell McCafferty? - yes
Married "Grace Big Biddie" Boyle - Ireland
Berta Blanche, Feb. 10, 1901 (record)
Wm. John, Ap. 26, 1903
Flora - who married Joe Floyd
James, 1898-1935
Berta's record gives both parents born in Ireland. Wm. John's give[s] Canada for Bernard and Michigan for Grace. This last is wrong if all Big Biddie's children were born in Ireland as I have been told.
In 1898 he bought SW1/4 of SW1/4 Sec 33 T39 R10 from the heirs of Big John Bonner.
Death records:
June 10, '94 - Edward McCafferty, age 7 yr., 0 mo., 21 days
June 10, '94 - Patsy McCafferty (male), age 4 yrs., 2 mo., 0 days
June 10/11, '94 - Francis McCafferty, age 0 yrs., 6 mo., 0 days
[the author lists these three within one bracket, as "died Peaine Twp, cause of death, bronchitis; parents Bernard & Ann McCafferty"]
Apr. 7, '35 - James McCafferty, mar., age 37-2-15, died in Peaine Twp of "influenza
meningitis"; farmer; [parents] Bernard McCaffertey & Grace Boyle.
June 5, '35 - Bernard McCafferty, married, age 79-7-0, died in Peaine Twp of apoplexy.
Born Ire.; farmer; parents Michael McCafferty & Mary O'Donnell.
[See original manuscript for Barney/Grace McCafferty family tree diagram.]
Francis McCafferty
[Born] Mich.
Was he Mary O'Donnell's son? yes
Wife Helen Donlevy - Mich. (Nellie - Biddy Sam's daughter)
Alex Waters, Jun. 7, 1903 (record)
Francis McCafferty
Death records:
Francis McCafferty, married, age 57-11-16, died St. J. on Jan. 12, '25 of "lober pneumonia";
parents Michael McCafferty & Mary O'Donnell.
1 Mike Martin is also designated with the note, "blown up in a shanty at McFadden's Point," but in this and other entries he is listed as having died by drowning.
2 Westport: city in County Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland.
3 The island of Tasmania, in Australia; location of British penal colony from the 1830s through the mid-1850s.
4 The author encloses the names of Anna and Grace in a bracket, with the notation, "where in 1880?" There is also a bracket and notation for Catherine, Daniel, Edward, and John, below, "listed as step-children of Francis O'Donnell in 1880."
5 There are no opening quotation marks here; this card is likely a continuation of the previous card's transcription of a letter by Sadie MacLaurin/s.
6 No indication why the author says two here instead of three; possibly a typo.
7 Illegible here but from later entry must be Dick.
8 The information on this part of the card is somewhat confusing in its organization.
9 This is unclear; there is also a notation under "...(youngest) according..." which says "1869-1925 (stone)", but it isn't obvious what exactly this pertains to.
10 Unclear; looks like "lober".

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