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Biographical Papers Letter M Page 6

Capt. Harrison "Tip" Millar/Miller
(card #1)
1835-1931 (died at La Cross, Wis.)
P. 23, 52, 137, 146
Married Bridget Harkins, 1843-1930 (sister of Sophia who married John E. Bonner) in Har.
Springs, July 16, 1859
George Miller (married Gracie Gallagher) - Postmaster Nov. 4, 1881 - Dec. 6, 1881
(succeeded by James Gibson)
Pat - "Tip had a son, George Miller, he married Gracie Gallagher. Tip was a rough fellow, a good man with a boat.'
He is mentioned once in the Dormer Book.
His. of G. Trav. Region, p. 81, lists him as being at Little Traverse in the fall of 1851 - he would have been 16 years old.
He was lighthouse keeper at the Head Light for many years, according to "Child of the Sea," for 11 years or more. He was there in 1874 (see "The Beaver Island Girls"). Millar's Marsh was on his trail to the Light House. On leaving the Light house he was keeper of the Life Saving station at the harbor, succeeded by Big Owen, when he was appointed to the Point Betsy Life Saving Station ("C. of Sea").
" Northern Michigan," p. 601 (under Big Owen) says that he was first keeper of the life saving station at St. James. It was established in 1876 & he was there until 1887. There 1881 - see C. Guard reports that year.
"I have this day engaged Geo. Miller as surfman in place of Charles Moore." - Tip Miller, Life
S. S. book
When he left B.I. he was Coast Guard at Point Betsy ( Frankfort) in 1887.
He was a Mormon - but "not a good one, he joked about it". He was called "Tip" because he was a great drinker and in the saloons he said "Tip me up one." "Tip" was a great man with a sail boat - the best." (Pat)
Tip told great stories. One was that he was cutting pine trees with another man when he got tired of working. He dropped his end of the saw, and when the other chased him, he, Tip, climbed a big birch tree. When he wouldn't come down, the man said he'd bring him down. Taking an axe, he started to chop down the birch. When it was about to go, Tip swung across to another birch, like a squirrel. "There I was, swinging around like a squirrel. The bastard never did get me."
He is the one who flung an ore to the Martin brothers when they were set adrift.
Land Office:
Nov. 19, 1873 - U. S. to Harrison Miller & Henry Wright W 2SW 4 & NW 4 Sec 18-37-10 &
SW 4 Sec7 400A $500.00, on W. Rd. below Miller's Marsh.
Jan. 1889 - Miller sold the SW 1/4 Sec 9 T37 R10 to D. B. Butler. This is just NW of Lake
Nov. 10, '83 - Harrison Miller, Sheriff, to James Dormer, S 1/2 of NE 1/4, Lot 3, Sec 1 T37
R11 (this is near the Antrim Iron Co. mill).
Land record:
Sec 7 T37 R10 " U. S. to Henry Wright & Harrison Millar, Mar. 20, 1874." This is Millar's
Marsh. There is a "Wright" that shows on the crude Mormon map at the Head, and a "P.
Wright" near Shiloh Village on the other Mormon map.
Capt. Harrison "Tip" Millar/Miller
(card #2)
[See original manuscript for Miller/Millar family tree diagram.]
Mrs. Fitzpatrick, who had researched the George Miller family, says Harrison is definitely not of that family. However, he named his oldest son George à postmaster, 1881.
It is possible that he was related to the Erastus Miller who bought land where the Strang house was. There was 29 years difference in their ages if the census figures are right but I strongly suspect that Tip was older than the 31 years he confessed to in 1870. The history of the Traverse Region says he was at the Little Traverse the winter of 1851 as a fisherman. He would have been more than 12 then.
He could be a son of Erastus by an earlier marriage, or a much younger brother.
See pencil family tree (3). That information is from Mrs. House - her husband (ex) was a great-great-grandson of Julie Ann Miller Bedford.
The confusion with the Gibsons seems to be that it was a daughter of Tip who married a Gibson - she was Elizabeth, born 1863. She married Wm. Henry Gibson in Charlevoix, Oct. 9, 1884.
The Charlevoix paper, July 10, 1884, says, "Mrs. Harrison Miller returned home from B.I. last week." What does this mean? Harrison was on B.I. as keeper of the Coast Guard until 1887. Had she left him? Or was their home in Charlevoix & he came over to the Island for the navigation season, she visiting him? This seems reasonable.
Joshua L. Millar/Miller
A Mormon1
He is mentioned in the Northern Island., May 1, 1851, as having been surrounded by a rabble under Sheriff Granger and having asserted that his father Gen. Geo. Millar was murdered while working in the woods. - K. of St. James, p. 259
He lead the Mormon party at the Battle of Pine River. - ibid., p. 271, Northern Island., July 14, 1852
He was sheriff of the county at the time of the assassination and vainly tried to get custody of Bedford & Wentworth from Capt. McBlair of the " Michigan."
There is a Joseph Miller, married to Genevieve Leone, who had a child, F. H. Miller, baptized Dec. 25, 1863.
What relation are these (Geo., Joshua, & Joseph) to Tip Miller?
Reuben Miller
High Priest - converted to Strang's claims when meeting him in debate at Ottawa, Ill. in Apr. 1846. He returned to Nauvoo & convinced John E. Page of validity of Strang's mission.
In 1846 [he] brought out a pamphlet, "James J. Strang Weighed in the Balance & Found Wanting," in defense of the faction in Voree who defected because against establishment of "Order of the Illuminati."
By 1847 he was preaching in N.Y. against Strang as an imposter.
Never on Beaver.
Robert Miller
[This entry is on the back of the card for George Miller, Sr.]
1860 census:
Robert Miller, 25, laborer, born Bavaria, Germ.; listed in the household of Timothy Smith.
R. Frederick Mills
One of Strang's first party of exploration in May 1847. Bought land of Erri James Moore.
David Moon
Renegade Mormon
Castigated by Strang in Northern Islander, June 30, 1855, for criminal conduct. He was one of those subpoened at Pine River (along with Ludlow Hill & Wm. Savage). K. of St. J. says he was a fisherman who had been driven away from the Island by the Mormons for criminal conduct.
James (Jim) Mooney
He came from Ireland and lived in house #58.
Married Hannah McCafferty, 1850-1934 (born in Ireland) - either a daughter or a sister-in-law
of the widow Mary McCafferty; Am. Irish His. article says still living on Island in 1932.
John(?) Mooney
house #90 - are they brothers or the same man, living at different times in different houses?
Jim - There is a Jim Mooney that Maria says was killed on the Corderoy2 going to
Christmas Eve confession in 1845 along with Mrs. Hanley's husband. This
must be a son.
Francis, June 2, '73 (birth rec.)
Grace, Ap. 7, '75 (birth rec.)
Lawrence says "Billy Gallagher made the Mooney-McCafferty match." Pat Bonner says this too - see Billy Gallagher's card.
Hannah, 1850-1934
James, 1836-1917
Jim Mooney was a nephew of Mary Mooney who was Pat Malloy's wife, also a nephew of the wife of one of the Tyrone Gallaghers ("Bowery's uncle"). This seems more reasonable than Nackerman's relationship. Nackerman says "Jim Mooney ws the brother of Mary Mooney, wife of Pat Malloy & Barney Mooney their 1 st cousin" (Nackerman was Mary Mooney's great-grandson). I also have "Mary Mooney was Jim Mooney's aunt."
Birth record - Charlevoix (this Michael is probably Jim Mooney's son):
Michael Mooney, [born] Mich., farmer
Wife Rose Gallagher, [born] Mich.
Child, John Mitchell, [born] June 27, '00
Rachel says "Daniel Dunlevy came over on the same boat with Jim Mooney." That would have been 1857.
[See original manuscript for Cornelius Mooney/Susan Boyle family tree diagram.]
Land office:
Oct. 10, 1873 - James Mooney, Lots 1 & 2 Sec 5-38-10 & S 2NE 4 Hd. 138.8A $10, F.C. Sept.
9, 1884. ( Darkytown Rd. just above Connolly land & going through to beach.)
In 1885 James Mooney homesteaded S 1/2 of NE 1/4 Sec 5 T38 R10, & also Lots 1 & 2 in the
same section.
In 1892 John Mooney bought from the Matthew Burchard estate the S 1/2 of the SW 1/4 S3
T38 R10.
Death records:
James Mooney, married, age 80, died Peaine Twp, of heart disease. Born Ire.; farmer; parents
unknown, on Apr. 24, 1917.
Hannah Mooney, widow, age 82, died Peaine Twp on May 21, '34, of apoplexy. B[orn] Ire.;
parents Michael McCafferty & Mary O'Donnell.
Mary O'Donnell Mooney
1815 (death record) or 1820 (census) -
Mrs. Patrick Malloy
Sister of Mike Mahal Rua's wife; her sister (a Mooney) married Bowery's uncle (which one?);
Mike Mahal Rua married Susan Mooney. She was an aunt of Jim Mooney.
Ellen - [born] Ireland
Buffalo (John), 1857-1937; in the birth records [he] is listed as born in Canada
Patrick, 1865 - mar. "Anna Gall." (death rec. of a child)
Wilson's barn, Mike Boyle's beach3
She lived to be 108 & then died from an accident when she fell while washing windows. She was a midwife & had harrowing experiences answering calls in all weather. Once they came to get her in the middle of winter and in driving over the ice in a sled, she & the men both fell through the ice when the sled broke through. She got out, "shook herself off, and went about her business."
She smoked a pipe.
Was this the Malloys' at Lake Genesareth that the widowed Mrs. Anthony O'Donnell stayed with when she first came with her three children? Could she have been a sister of the Anthony O'D. who died in Ireland - therefore Mrs. Anthony (Hannah) O'D.'s sister-in-law?
Death records:
Thomas P. Malloy, widowed, age 85-8-27, died Apr. 9, '36, in Peaine Twp, of "myocardial
degeneration." Born Ire.; farmer; parents Patrick Malloy & Mary Mooney.
Mary O'Donnell, widow, [age] 85, [died] Peaine Twp, old age. Born Ire.; parents Mike[?]
O'Donnell & Bright (Bridget?) McCauley.
Owen Mooney
1837 -
Also called John.
Born Ire.
They came in 1860 (1900 census), but are not recorded until '80 census; evidently stayed in Canada.
Married Mary Gallagher, 1834 - ; born Ire.
Michael, Feb. 25, 1873 - ; (birth rec.; father listed as "farmer," Peaine Twp)
John, 1866 - ; born Ire.
Mary, 1869 - ; born Ire.
Bridget, Sept. 22, 1875 - ; (birth rec.)
Mil[waukee] Jour[nal], Jan. 10, 1932:
"Bridget, or Biddie, Mooney, age 73 (would have been born in '59) is one of the outstanding characters on the Island. She lives with her brother John & has never been off the Island - nor does she desire to be."
I cannot place them - children of whom?
Nonie remembers these two but doesn't know whose children they were. Biddie ended in the insane asylum in Traverse City.
This is the only Mooney in the census with a Bridget & a John, but Biddie is much too young (57 in '32) for the article.
This is the right pair I feel sure - the Milwaukee Journal reporter over-estimated her age by 15 years. She probably told him she was that old.
This is right, they are in the 1900 census living with their widowed mother. Bridget lied about her age, she was 56.
Death record:
Mary Mooney, widow, age 78, died Peaine Twp on Feb. 28, '12, of old age. Born Ire.;
parents Hugh Gallagher & Margaret O'Donnell.
[See original manuscript for Mooney family tree diagram.Includes additional notes: Nonie - " Mary Malloy & Big Willie's mother were sisters." Nackerman - "Jim Mooney was Mrs. Malloy's brother, Owen her cousin." P. 45, 50, 73, 93.]
Charles Moore
Mentioned by Tip Miller as one of crew of 8 for 1882 season in the Life S. S.
See church records for marriages, etc...
On May 25 th, 1882, "I have this day engaged George Miller as turfman in place of Charles Moore."
Eri James Moore
Strang says Moore joined the Mormons after the land sale "but was a mere hypocrite, hoping to make money out of them, & directly turned against them." - An. & Mod. Mac., p. 42
According to Fitzpatrick he signed the coronation sheet.
He was a resident agent for the Fur Company & Strang says, wrongfully entered Co. property in his own name, July 11, 1848.
He is the one who got in a fraicas with the Mormons over selling liquor to the Indians in 1851.
Mrs. Williams mentions "James Moore & family who had left in 1852" as being back in the summer of 1857 when she returned.
His. of G. Trav. Reg., p. 81, lists him as being at Little Traverse in the fall of 1851.
He is in the 1850 census:
E. J. Moore 33 warehouse [born] N.Y. $3,000 real estate
Sophia Moore 21 ---------- [born] N.Y.
James Morris (or Moore)
1821 -
Wife, Amanda, 1818 -
1860 census:
James Morris 39 sailor born N.Y.
Amanda Morris 42 ------- born Mich.
Mary H. Morris 5 ---------- born Mich.
Emma A. Morris 5 -------- born Mich.
James H. Morris 4 -------- born Mich.
1880 census:
Moore, James 52 fish inspector born Ire. father [born] Ire. mother [born] Ire.
Moore, Amanda 62 wife/housekeeper born N.Y. father [born] N.Y. mother [born] N.Y.
Moore, Mary 26 dressmaker born Mich. father [born] Ire. mother [born] N.Y.
Moore, Charles 17 S. laborer born Mich. father [born] Ire. mother [born] N.Y.
Death records:
James Moore, married, died May 19, '94, in St. James; cause unknown; age 65; born Ire.;
laborer; parents not given. - Charl.
On this same day in death records:
May 19, '94, "name & age unknown," male, white, died St. James, killed; sailor; parents
unknown. - Charl.
David Murray
Co. Mayo, Westport
Married Catherine
Mary, 1836
Patrick, 1838
Dominic, 1844
Margaret, 1845 or 1847 (death rec.)
William, 1850
These are on Mackinac in 1850 census.
In Margaret McCann's death record her parents are David & Kate Malloy ( Murray), & she would have been born in 1847. Was she left behind when the family came & came later in 1852 with the McCanns? - yes, according to Roland she came with the McCanns.
I think they were on Mackinac - in this census the whole county is lumped together - including B.I.
[On the back of this card is an entry for a John Boyle, married to Sarah Green, which has been entirely crossed out. See his entry under "B".]
Father Murray
(card #1)
P. 27
Father Murray
(card #2)
Oct. 1857 - ordained by B[ishop] Baraga, p. 289.
Feb. 15, 1860 - Baraga visits Mack. Is., "where the zealous pastor Father Murray awaited him at
the door of the church," p. 318.
1864 - F. Murray there when Baraga visited (in letter dated Sept.).
[Note: this card is filed with those of Father Baraga.]
1 For references to Mormon history in Miller/Millar family entries see published sources.
2 Probably a log, or "corduroy" road, or one that was originally made of such logs.
3 This is a random notation and doesn't seem to be directly connected to anything else written near it, but see John P. "Buffalo" Malloy's card for possible connections.

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