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Biographical Papers Letter M Page 1

Thomas Maguire

1832 -

There is such a man listed in the 1860 census as a fisherman and living in a batchelor establishment with John Maloy.


Anthony Malloy

(2 nd Gen.)

P. 62, 99

Married Bridget Boyle, 1863-1902, on June 1 st, 1885


Daniel, 1886

Anna, 1887

Hannah Maria, 1889-1974

Catherine, 1891 - married Hugh Connaghan, 1909

Michael, 1892

John Lawrence, 1894

Frances, 1896

John Tracy, 1898

Bridget Lucille, 1901


This was the son of Dan Malloy and the father of Maria (she is the "Hannah Maria").


Bridget was somewhat of an invalid and Hannah McCauley Gallagher, Pete McCauley's widowed sister, who was a 1 st cousin of Dan Boyle, this Bridget Boyle's father, came to live with them the first year they were married & kept house for them. She died in their home in 1911. When Bridget died the oldest child was 16 & the youngest, 1, so Hannah practically raised the family. At one time they lived in Escanaba but Bridget wanted to come back. Bridget Boyle Malloy's picture is in the museum.


When Hannah Gallagher kept house for them the old women would come to see her in the afternoon, drink green tea and jabber in Gaelic - having a wonderful time (Maria).


Lawrence - Anthony Malloy spoke Gaelic. He didn't learn to sign his name until he was 40.


In 1880 he was on Whiskey Island, a boarder in the home of Joseph Smith (fisherman); his

occupation - "laborer."


In 1896 at birth of Francis, he lists himself as "cook."


He first had a little restaurant in what had been Pratt's Saloon (I think where the Shamrock is now). Then he began to sell meat from there so it was his first butcher shop. The present Malloy property was bought from the cooper Charles Smith (see his card).


Death records:

Bridget Boyle, married, 39, died in St. James of valvular heart disease. Born Mich.;

housewife; parents Dan Boyle & Kate Gallagher. - she appears in death records as

"Bridget Boyle."


Daniel Malloy

(card #1)


Born Aranmore - died St. James

N.Y. 1852

Came to B.I. 1857, with the Tyrone Gallaghers

House #29 (below Vesty's)

Mother's name - Sweeney

Married Fannie O'Donnell, 1822-1877 - born Aranmore; her mother was a Green; sister of Salty

O'Donnell; married in Ireland in 1852 - later Maria said they were married in N.Y. in '70.


Julia, 1853 - married Owen O'Donnell, 1874

John, 18551 - married Catherine Big Dominick, 3 children; fisherman

Daniel, 1857 - one of 1 st children born to Irish parents on B.I.; 3 children

Anthony, 1861 - married Bridget Boyle; see his card

à Lawrence has Phil, 1863; he is in 1900 census; one child, Fannie; died 19392

Hugh, 1865 - went to the Panama Canal

Hannah Maria, 1867 - lost on " Vernon;" was to have been married in Chicago on arrival

Thomas, 1869-1858 - he & Pat Malloy organized the 1 st labor union in Chicago; no


Bridget, 1872 - died in infancy, at 4 years of age (birth record - Dec. 18 th @ B.I. harbor)


Stone (same stone, no dates): Daniel Malloy Fannie, his wife & Bridget Malloy


This was Maria's and Lawrence's grandfather, as they are the children of Anthony, above. Lawrence says he lived in N. York City for 7-10 years (that would make him leave Ireland in 1848 or '50). He says he was a ship rigger in Ireland. Maria says he was "fisherman & farmer" & "composer of songs and poems." See copy of "Lost on Lake Michigan."


Dan was 7 years in N.Y. (Lawrence) - can't be, is married in Ire. in '52 & on B.I. by '57.


He is supposed to have reached B.I. in the company of the Tyrone Gallaghers, who came through N.Y. ("Bowery" was born there).


The possible connection with the Tyrone Gallaghers is the name Sweeney. Dan's mother's name was Sweeney, and Big Gallagher's wife's name was Bridget Sweeney - no, Malloy, Dan's cousin. Big Gallagher's wife's name was Malloy à this is one of W. Malloy['s] sisters - Dan's cousin - if James McCann is right (see his genealogy of the Martins), for he says "Edward Martin married Grace Malloy, who was Bowery's mother's sister." This makes sense - they were all in N.Y. & Big Gall. married Dan's sister, hence they came to B.I. together (only Big Gall. stayed in N.Y. & didn't come until 1871).


He and his brother Jack had beach property at Big Sand Bay, at #29. For land held with his brother Jack, see John Malloy['s] card.


He appears 8 times in the Dormer Book.


Daniel Malloy

(card #2)

He is mentioned in B.I. Girls, 1874, as coming in to the harbor in his fish boat.


If they [Dan and wife Fannie O'Donnell] were married in Ireland in 1852 and he was in N.Y. 7-10 years - he must have returned to marry Fannie. Then they came right back to N.Y., where their first child was born.


1860 census (July) lists:

Daniel Maloy 36 fisherman born Ire.

Francis Maloy 29 -------------- born Ire.

John Maloy 8 ----------------- born N.Y.

Julia Maloy 6 ---------------- born N.Y.

Daniel Maloy 3 -------------- born Mich.


Note the discrepancy in dates, according to the census age figures he would have been born in 1824 (Maria gave 1813) & Fannie in 1831 (Maria - 1822). These dates seem more reasonable because of children's ages. Maria probably right - they wanted to be younger as they had married late. Death record & church records agree with Maria.


Land office:

Pencil -

Apr. 10, 1858 - he filed for Lot 1 Sec 9-37-10, N. of Lake Genesareth. This had been put

under the swampland act 1854. Next heard of when he bought from U.S. by John Stewart, 1882.

Ink -

July 15, 1863 - SE 4NE 4 Sec 17-37-10 Hd. 40A $10 can. Sept. 3, 1877, between Lake

Gen. & W. Rd.. Not heard from again until ___ Allot. in 1900.



Could this pencil notation mean it was this Malloy the widowed Mrs. Anth, O'Donnell stayed with "on Lake Genes." when she first came? She later married Fannie's brother, Salty O'Donnell. They were all from Aranmore.


He filed for land N. of Lake Genesareth in '58. His wife was Salty O'Donnell's sister. The Mrs. Anthony O'Donnell with three children who married Salty went to "Malloys on Lake Gen. when she first got to the Island." (Mrs. Vesty)


Dan Malloy

(card #3)


When the famine came Dan was 32 years old, Fannie, 23; when it was over Dan 37, Fannie 28. They were married in Ireland in 1852 (Dan 39, Fannie 30), 2 years after the famine, & must have left immediately for America for their two oldest children were born in N.Y. in 1853 & 1855, respectively. By 1857 they had come to B.I. with Mike Mahal Rua & Billy Gallagher, Tyrone Gallaghers. Billy's wife, Dan's sister, had just died. Big Gallagher, married to Dan's cousin Bridget, stayed in N.Y.. In 1857 son Dan was born, one of 1 st Irish children born on the Island. Edward Malloy, Dan's uncle, father of Bridget (married to Big Gallagher), was on B.I. in 1860. Did he come with this party?

They both died in 1877, Dan 64, Fannie 55:

Dan died Mar. 7 th

Fanny died Mar. 31 st

At that time the children's ages were: John, 25; Julia, 23; Dan, 20; Anthony, 16; Philip, 14; Hugh, 12; Hannah, 10; & Thomas, 7. In the 1880 census John is married & living on Hog Island. With him are brothers Philip & Hugh, ages 17 & 15. His wife is Catherine, Big Dominick's daughter. Anthony, [age] 19, is on Whiskey in the home of Joseph Smith.


[Children], in 1877:

John, 24 - m[arried] Catherine Big Dominick, Dec. 1 st, 1877

Julia, 22 - [married] Owen O'Don., Nov. 28, 1874

Daniel, 20 - m[arried] Mary Vesty, April 15, 1877

Anthony, 16 - [married] Bridget Boyle (Dan & Katcheline Mor)

Philip, 14

Hugh, 12

Hannah Maria, 10 - died on Vernon

Thomas, 8


[See original manuscript for family tree diagram of "Malloy Sisters - Cousins of Dan Malloy."]


Could the Edward Murloy (?) listed in the 1860 census, age 60, living in the home of Patrick & Mary Gallagher have possibly been these sisters' father? - yes Also listed in the census along with Edward Murloy, 60, is an Edward Murloy, 8.

In 1870 he was living with daughter Gracie Martin.

In 1880 he was living with daughter Catherine Gallagher, wife of Bryan


In notes of Tony O'Donnell, from letters from Charles Francis O'Donnell, it says in talking of Gracie Martin "who married the uncle of my informant (Charles Francis, above), a Frank O'Donnell. Her father was Eddie Malloy, another good singer."


[See original manuscript for additional Malloy family tree diagrams following cards for Dan. These include notes: P. 8, 27, 32-33, 39, 45, 55, 61-62, 92-93, 97-99, 101, 118, 126.]


Daniel Malloy (2)

(2 nd Gen.)


1857 -


Married Mary McDonough, 1858- 1928; born in Canada


Marriage -

April 15, 1877: Daniel Malloy, 20 - Mary McDonough, 19


Thomas, Oct. 21, '77 (birth rec.)

Frances, 1878-1907

Nellie, 1879 - (birth rec. "Ellen," [born] Oct. 9, '77)

Daniel, 1881


He was the son of Daniel Malloy and Fannie O'Donnell and was one of the first three children born on B.I. to Irish parents.


Death records:

There is a Mary Malloy who died Jan. 4, 1928, age 71-8-8. This is the right age, only her

Parents are listed as Daniel O'Donnell & Mary _______.3 There is no Daniel

O'Donnell with a daughter the right age.


Ellen Malloy

She married Pete McCauley. She is the one that had the row with father Gallagher over St.

Ignatius church.


Her father was Patrick Malloy.


She told her grandson, Frank Nackerman, about the "fairy stone" many times. She said she had seen fairies many times in Ireland, particularly in the corners of the stone fences. The fairy stone is the big one just above Boyle's Beach. (Her brother Buffalo lived here when he married Mike Boyle's daughter). Once she saw one very clearly, she was 2 ft. to 3 ft. high and was standing right on top of the stone, "as pretty as a picture." It was always at dusk when they were seen.


Catherine Malloy Kelly, born July 1, 1859 in Toronto, 10 months later came to U.S. & settled on Beaver Island (May 1860). She died, age 76 (1935). She went to Manistique when she was 20 (1879) & married Oliver Kelly in July of 1888 at Marinette, Wisconsin. He died in 1925. Mrs. Kelly was survived by brothers John Malloy of Pontiac (this is Buffalo - what was he doing there?), Hugh Malloy of Marquette, & a sister, Mrs. Wesley Brown of Chicago. [This information is from an obituary Nonie had.]

Nonie has an undated clipping telling that Hugh Malloy, 68 [he was born in 1868 so the clipping must be 1936]4 & another fisherman were lost when they went out in an 18"5 skiff to raise herring nets. The overturned boat had been "battered by icebergs" & its outboard motor lost. The bodies had not been found; the Coast Guard said they "were probably washed under the ice." This clipping was datelined Marquette, Mich.. A later clipping, Ap. 29 th, says the body was found.


Hugh Malloy

Is this the son of Patrick, age 11 in '80? Probably no - he married Rose McCauley, child of Dan. Was she a second wife?


Wife, Bridget, 1855-1893 (not the same Bridget born in '55, she was too old for Hugh)


Death records:

Bridget Malloy, married, died Nov. 6, '93, age 38, Peaine Twp, childbirth. Born Johnstown,

Penn.; parents Susan & John O'Donnell.


The only Bridget that fits this in age is recorded in 1870 in the household of Mary O'Donnell, age 60, no husband given. This could very easily be the grandmother, with the mother & father dead. They could have been Susan & John. Bridget was born in Penn.


Maria says this one is not a Dan Malloy, but related to Buffalo & there is a brother the right age. He is not the right age - he would have been 13 years younger than Bridget.


I can't straighten this out.



Hugh & Michael, died Jan. 1, 1894, age 2 mo.. This is in death records; parents

residence is "Manistique."


Hugh Malloy

(2 nd Gen.)

Lawrence referred to him as "'Red Hugh Malloy,' my uncle."


Son of Dan, born 1865 (both in Maria's record & census). In 1870 - age 5 - he was living at home; in 1880 - age 14 - he was living on Hog Island with his brother John & John's wife Catherine. The father & mother had died in 1877.


John (Jack) Malloy

1830 - (census)

A brother of Dan Malloy (I) & they owned beach property at Sand Bay at #29.


1860 census lists:

John Maloy 30 fisherman born in Canada

Thomas Maguire 28 fisherman born in Ireland

- This is one household. If this is Dan's brother the birth in Canada here is an

error. He is the right age to be Dan's brother.


1880 census:

Maloy, John fisherman age 50 b[orn in] Ire. f[ather born in] Ire. m[other born in] Ire.

- all the household

Land records:

1870 - John Malloy patented under the homestead act, the SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 & Lots 3 & 4.

In 1884 Dan (Maria says they held the property together) sold N 1/2 of SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 & lots

to James McCauley.


Land Office:

Aug. 16, 1865 - John Mulloy Hd. SE 4SW 4 & Lots 3 & 4 Sec 23-38-10 F.C. Sept. 16, 1870

(beach property in front of Vesty's).


John (Jack) Maloy

(card #2)

This must be Dan's brother "Jack."


1860 census:

John Maloy 30 fisherman b[orn] Canada


1870 census:

living with Dan & his family, age 40


1880 census, Galilee Twp.:

Maloy, John 50 fisherman b[orn] Ire. f[ather born in] Ire. m[other born in] Ire.

- this is all the household

These could be same man, only birth place is wrong.


John Malloy

(2 nd Gen.)

1852/1855 - before '97 (1860 census gives his birth date as 1852, also 1870 & 1880 census -

probably 1852 - right)

Married Catherine Gallagher, 1857-97; [born] Canada (Big Dominick's daughter)

Marriage Dec. 14, 1877: John Malloy, 22 - Catherine Gallagher, 20


Daniel, 1879 (b. rec., Nov. 5, '78)


This [John] is the son of Dan Malloy, born in N.Y. city. I don't know what Gallagher this is.

- Catherine was Big Dominick's daughter.


Death records:

Catherine Malloy, widow, age 41-6-10, died in Pea. Twp of "quick consumption" on Aug. 14,

'97. Born Canada; parents Dominick Gall. & Mary Greene. Housewife.


John P. "Buffalo" Malloy


P. 55, 94, 97, 132

A brother to Ellen Malloy, Pete McCauley's wife.

Married (1 st) Bridget Boyle, 1862-1898 (Mike Boyle of Boyle's beach's daughter); married by



Austin Hugh, Feb. 10, '96 (birth record) - he lives in Lansing & has made a study of

the old families

Grace Margaret, Nov. 22, '97 (birth record)

There is a birth record for Austin Hugh Malloy, Feb. 10, 1896; father John Malloy, born in

Canada, & mother Bridget Boyle, born in Penn. He is a farmer.


Married (2 nd) Mary O'Donnell Cull, in 1903; Mike Cull's mother, who was a Lably O'Donnell

(this is from Roland). This must be right because Mr. Nackerman says "Mike Cull's

Grandmother" who went to bed was living at Buffalo's - see Lably O'Donnell card. His

Second marriage to Mary O'Donnell (Lably) Cull was after she had been a widow many



He was called " Buffalo" because he was a big rough fellow. He married Mike Boyle's daughter and they first lived near Mike Boyle's Beach and later on the Trail Rd. where the big barn is (this farm is now owned by the Wilsons). He is the "father of the nuns;" 4 of his daughters became nuns, one died a year or so after taking vows. Two of the others were nurses & one taught school (Nonie).


Mabel Cull ( Buffalo's step-daughter) says there were 5 nuns in the family & 12 children.


Buffalo always bragged about all his children - 22 (his & his 2 nd wife).


After Bridget died Mrs. Nackerman raised one girl and the twins were put in a home on the mainland (Maria).


There is a stone - all 3 are on the same stone:


John P. Bridget Michael Boyle this must be

1857-1937 1862-1898 1830-1900 Bridget's father of

Mike Boyle's Beach


In 1878 he obtained N 1/2 of SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 11 T38 R10 (this is inland from Boyle's Beach)

by tax deed from the Aud. Gen..


Death records:

Bridget Malloy, married, age 39-8-16, died in childbirth in Pea. Twp on Nov. 22, '97. Born

Penn.; housewife; parents Mike & Mary Boyle.


Patrick Malloy

1814 (or '16) - (census)


[Came to Beaver] Island around 1860.

Wife Mary O'Donnell Mooney, 1820 - (census) - parents Cornelius Mooney & Bridget Boyle

(in her sister Susan's death record); in the obituary of child Catherine (who married a non-B.I.

Kelly) it says she was born in Toronto in 1859 & came to B.I. age 10 mo..6


Mrs. Malloy was the midwife who lived to be 108 - see her card under O'Donnell [under

"Mooney" in this database].

I have one note that says his wife was a Mooney, but Mr. Nackerman, whose great-

grandmother she was, is very specific - "she was an O'Donnell." He corrected himself - "she

was a Mooney & Jim was her brother & Barney a 1 st cousin."


According to Nackerman they were married in Aranmore & the oldest children born there,

"certainly Ellen was."


Children: - for children, see census

Ellen - born in Ireland - married Pete McCauley

John " Buffalo", 1857-1937 - born in Canada (census says Mich. & gives birth [date as]

'58 or '59; 1880 census says Canada)

Tom - married Bridget O'Donnell

Hugh, 1868 - 7

Girl[?] - " Buffalo's sister married Wesley Brown of St. Ignace" (M)

(Patrick [also] had a son, Philip, by an earlier marriage)


They didn't leave Ireland until between 1857 (when Catherine was born in Ireland) & 1858 when Buffalo was born either in Canada or Mich.. I accept the Canada as he gave it. This means they got to the Island around 1860, after the census as they do not appear in that census.


Nackerman - "they must have come in 1858 or around that time."


They must have come through Canada if Buffalo was born there in 1857.


He was no relation to Dan Malloy. I have a Pat Malloy in house #26 who was a "half-brother to the other Malloys." Does this mean there were 2 Pat Malloys & one was "no relation to Dan" but the other his half-brother?


Roland's story is that he had a fight with Father Gallagher over the St. Ignatius incident and "died of the shame" of having been licked by a priest, only Roland said "Dan Malloy."

The "died of shame" story can't be true, for St. Ignatius was founded 1857 & "the mission continued 10 yrs. or so," that is until 1867 or '70 at the most. Pat was still living in 1880 (census, age 64). However he was "disabled, cause unknown" in 1880 (was he hurt in the fight?). He was in bed 10 or 12 years, then got up (see p. 155).


They lived on a farm on the Trail Rd., where Buffalo lived later.


Land office:

Nov. 5, 1864 - Hd. 160A $10, just what land I didn't get except that it was in Sec 10-37-10

can. June 2, 1874. Sec 10 is on Lake Gen., bordering on it. (May 27, 1899 - Philip D.

Malloy Hd. this same land; can. Dec. 8, 1906, 7 yrs.


The widowed Mrs. Anthony O'Donnell "stayed at Malloys at Lake Gen. when she first came." Is this the Malloy? Yes, - no - or it could must have been the Dan Malloys because he filed for land at Lake Gen. in '58 - Dan's wife was Salty O'Donnell's sister to whom she was married.


In 1880 the widowed Mary Warner, age 69, was living at their home as a boarder.


Pat Malloy

[Ed.'s note: this "card" is actually a piece of folded notebook paper with notes on it re: more

than one individual. It is filed at the end of the "McDonough" section.]


Was Buffaloe born in Canada ('80 census as he gave it) or Mich. (as '70 census)? à His wife

was born in Penn. - who was she? Mike Boyle's daughter.8


Pat Malloy "1880 disabled, cause unknown"?


Malloy -

Philip Malloy, Pat's son by an earlier marriage - who did he marry (Bridget Gall. - widow -

who was she)?


Were there any children between Ellen & Thomas (5 yrs.)[?]


Pete's grandmother had cow - calf - revenue _pd. Taxes on calf ate calf __ ___.9


His mother got here 1 st in Canada.


Phillip Malloy

1836 -


By 1863

House #13

Married Bridget Gallagher, 1839 - , Nov. 9, 1863:

Philip Malloy, 28 - Bridget Gallagher, 25; Bernard Gallagher - Anna Smith10


Marriage, Nov. 1863:

1864 William born who is listed as Wm. Gallagher in 1870 census; in 1880 census Wm.

Malloy but definitely called a step-son. Did Phil marry Bridget when she was pregnant by her 1 st husband? Or was she pregnant by Philip & they called it a step-son for respectability's sake?


Is this the Philip Malloy that was a son of Patrick by an earlier marriage? - yes


He was no relation to Dan Malloy & his family. He was from Ireland.


The whole family went to Chicago before Nackerman came on the scene. (He never saw him but his mother visited him when Nackerman was a boy.)


Was it this Phillip Malloy who patented the SW 1/4 of Sec 10 T38 R10 in 1884 and then the same year sold it to Paganog Boyle? (Probably.)


Land office:

Oct. 3, 1877 - Philip Maloy Hd. SW 4 160A $10 app. Nov. 5, 1883 F.C. Feb. 17, 1883.



1 The author has enclosed the names of Julia and John in a bracket with notes: "born in N.Y." (this is crossed out), and "The census, both '60 & '70 (also church [record]) shows the two reversed in age - John older."

2 This note is inserted and is slightly confusing.

3 Blank in original.

4 Brackets in this and the previous paragraph in original.

5 This must be 18 feet, not inches.

6 This must refer to Catherine, not Mary, Malloy.

7 The author has enclosed the names of John ( Buffalo), Tom, and Hugh in a bracket, with the notation, "these were the ones that broke into the church."

8 The phrase "Mike Boyle's daughter" may or may not be crossed out here; definitely less so than the preceding sentence.

9 This sentence is very difficult to make out. May be either grand mother OR grand father.

10 Bernard and Anna probably witnesses.