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Biographical Papers Letter N

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Frank Nackerman

Mr. Nackerman's mother went to Elk Rapids to work; there she met Nackerman, a German. He lived at house #38, which had earlier been Pete McCauley's home (where Cole's Mill was).


He lived at house #76, a new house.



This is Frank Nackerman's father & mother -


Frederick J. Mary A. (daughter of Pete McCauley & Ellen Malloy)

1859-1946 1865-1946


Christonson Nelson

This is the tailor I remember.


Charlevoix records:

Died, Nov. 12, 1916, Christonson Nelson, widower, 75-11-12; La Grippe b[orn] Denmark;

tailor; parents Madse Nelson - Nettie Christina.


Newton [Brothers]

Brothers Archibald (Archie), Carl, Obadiah, and Wilson. They located in St. Helena Island, "put out a good dock, built a large store & house and prepared to establish a business with the fishermen of lower Lake Michigan." C. of Sea, p. 12. They called in Whitney to build a boat, the "Eliza Caroline."


It was at St. Helena that the fishermen gathered for the Expulsion1 and they were nominally under the leadership of Archie Newton. The boat used was the "C. L. Abel," owned & commanded by Capt. John Wagely. - Trav. Reg.


In 1850 census:

Obadiah Newton 35 [born] N.Y. fisherman, is living in home of John Wagely.


1850 census (see Archibald Newton) lists:

Archibald, 35; Obadiah, 25; & Wilson, 29; all born in N.Y.


1 Forcible removal of most of the Beaver Island Mormons in July of 1856.



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