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Biographical Papers Letter O Page 1

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Edward O'Brien/De Briae

1815 - ('60 census)

P. 142, 144

Married Rosalie, 1815 (census, 1819)-1883


John, 1854-5 - married Adeline La Blanc)

girl - who married Joe Smith


Lawrence lists these dates:

Agnes O'Brien, 1879-1958 - married an O'Donnell (stone)

John O'Brien, 1854-1951 - married Adeline La Blanc

à Mrs. John O'Brien, 1857-1937

Wilfred, 1889-1954


Johnny Green gives a DeBriae as one of the 12 families at Green's Bay. They lived at McFadden's Point. He said it was Wilfred['s] father, but this man is too old & must be Wilfred's grandfather.


They came to B.I. in 1860 because "they came when Johnny was 5." When they came in 1860 they first stayed at Lobdell's boarding house.


1860 census:

Edward O'Brien 45 carpenter born Canada

Rosalie O'Brien 41 -------------- born Canada

Matilda O'Brien 20 ------------- born Canada

Mary A. O'Brien 23 ----------- born N.Y.

Angelina O'Brien 15 ------------ born N.Y.

Edward O'Brien 17 ------------- born N.Y.

Peter O'Brien 18 --------------- born N.Y.

George O'Brien 11 ------------- born N.Y.

John O'Brien 5 ----------------- born N.Y. - checks with John [above]

Joseph Smith 23 laborer born Mich. (note [above] that one of the girls "married Joe Smith")

Eugene Conochain(?) 21 cooper born Canada


Listed 4 times in Dormer's book.




wife of Edward DeBriae

died May 4, 1883

age 68 years


John O'Brien


Married Adeline La Bla[n]c, 1857-1937 - born Canada

Children (?):

Agnes O'Brien, 1879-1954 - married an O'Donnell

Wilford, 1889-1954


John had a sister who married Joe Smith.


His wife, Adeline LaBlanc, was a French-Canadian, as were the DeBriaes. The O'Briens came from the N. Peninsula. They lived in the Bennett house on the Point. Adeline was a wonderful skater.


There is a stone for Wilford O'Brien, no dates. In the same lot a stone, almost buried, which says:




This date hooks up with Lawrence's dates for John O'Brien.


Death records:

Adeline O'Brien, married, age 79, died July 2, '37 in St. J. Twp of "senility." Born Canada;

parents Charles Brown & Julia Bush (did La Blanc change his name to "Brown"?).


James and Michael O'Brine

Land in Sec 21 T38 R10 was owned by "James & Michael O'Brine," and sold to Condy Gallagher.


Can this be the O'Brien family? with the name misspelled? There are many misspellings in the land records.


Land office:

Sept. 16, 1878 - James & Michael O'Brine sold to Condy Gallagher W 2NW 4, & NW 4 Sec

21-38-10 (where Condy lived - house with sheep).


Matthew O'Brien

Born in Wisconsin.

Married Annie Boyle (born Michigan)


Justa, Feb. 17, 1894


This information is from the birth records. He lists himself as "laborer."


O'Donnell [multiple individuals]

(card #1)

Frank "Ferona" O'Donnell - house #1 - vet. of the Span. Am. War (never married)


"Lably" O'Donnell - house #53 (Mike Cull's grandparents)


Joe O'Donnell - house #101 (country store)


Shamy O'Donnell - house #102


Daniel [F. O'Donnell] (26) - married Grace Gallagher (24), Feb. 8, 1864


Owen [H. O'Donnell] - on Dec. 15, '79 bought land from Anthony O'D., Sec 15 T38 R10


Catherine [O'Donnell] (Ketcheline Og, Rae Gilden's mother) - married James McCauley, July

30, 1868; both born Ireland.


O'Donnell [multiple individuals]

(card #2)

"O'Donnells I don't know"


James O'D. - married Bridget O'D., Aug. 18, 1862; [daughter] Rose, bapt. 1863


James O'D. & his wife Catherine Gallagher had a child, Francis, bapt. 1862

- [these two entries enclosed in bracket:] There is a J. O'D. & a J. H.

O'D. in the Dormer book, bother fishermen; April 18, '70 a land

transfer from John Gillespie in Sec 9-T38-R10 to James



Michael O'D. - (21) married Sarah Battersbee (22), Sept. 24, 1863 (witnesses Bernard O'D. &

Anna Vaughy)


Daniel O'D. - (26) married Grace Gallagher (24), Feb. 8, 1864 - mentioned in Dormer Bk. 1


Charles O'D. - & Grace Gillespie had a child, Grace, baptz. Sept. 7, 1863


John O'D. - & Bridget Boyle had a child, D. O'D., baptz. Oct. 22, 1863 (this is the one who was

on B.I. in Mormon times? or the one with John Bonner?)


Catherine O'D. - married James McCauley (30), July 30, 1868 - both born in Ireland


Owen O'D. - on Dec. 15, '79 he bought land from Anthony O'D. in Sec 15 T38 R10


Anthony O'D. - who married a Sophia


Anthony O'D. - who married Hannah, Mrs. Vesty V.'s grandmother


John O'D. - different from above, he was the son of Hannah who came [as] a widow with 3




Anthony O'Donnell [multiple individuals]

1. Anthony - "Salty" - made 11 trips back. He lived [in] house #48, where Hamrock later built

the stone house.


2. Anthony - married Sophia & had a child Francis, Nov. 3, 1862 (p[arish] record)


3. Anthony - the one the widow who came with 3 children (Mrs. V. Vesty's mother [was] one)

married. Her dead husband in Ireland had also been Anthony O'Donnell.


4. Anthony - the father of Ellen, born 1857, one of 1 st 3 children


5. Anthony - house #97 - his wife was a Kelly, both from Aranmore


6. Anthony - the son of Darkey Mike & Nangog



2, 4, & 5 are the same [individual]; 1 & 3 are the same.


Anthony O'Donnell

1826 (census 1830)-1893


Probably 1857

Not Salty

Married Sophia O'Donnell, 1828-1902 (death records), or [birth] 1830 (census) - sister to

Paganog's wife & to Johnny O'Donnell (the Rat); did he [Anthony] have a second wife who

was "a Kelly"?


Bridget, 1851-1929 (Johnny Green's mother) - born in Ireland - married White Dan

Ellen, 1857 - ; one of the 1 st 3 children born on the Island to the Irish (I am not so sure

it is this Anthony O'Donnell) right

Peter, 1859-1912

Francis, 1862 -


There is a parish record of a baptism Nov. 3, 1862, of Francis O'Donnell, son of Anthony & Sophia.


There were at least 2 Anthony O'Donnells, the one who married Sophia & the one who married Hannah (Mrs. Vesty's grandmother) who came as a widow with 3 children in 1862. Or perhaps they are the same, with Sophia dying & the widow Hannah marrying the widower. No


The Anthony who was the father of Ellen lived on the lane off the K. Hy. before you get to the Little Red Sch.. It is a substantial log [house] & looks like a Mormon house. This is the one married to Sophia, sister of Paganog's wife. Daughter Bridget is Johnny Greene's mother. He sent for Pachanog.


There is an Anthony O'Donnell mentioned 2 times in the Dormer Day Bk. (1876-77).


Anthony O'Donnell (Salty) made many trips back to Ireland (hence Salty). He painted a very rosy picture of B.I. & told them in Aranmore that you could "even make money from the limbs of the trees" (the cord wood, & R.R. ties). -Pat Bonner


(These are the same o [Anthony O'Donnell].)


Land records show U.S. to Anthony O'Donnell, Feb. 10, '73, NW 1/4 of Sec 15 T38 R10 (this is

The quarter section on which is the stone house).

In this section, Anthony O'D. & wife made transfers of land in the NE 1/4 to Hugh Connaghan,

Patrick Gallagher, and Owen O'Donnell in '70, '72, & '79.


He seems to have owned the north half of Sec 15 T38 R10. He got NW 1/4 under the Homestead Act in 1873. He sold the SE 1/4 & SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 to Hugh Connaghan in 1870.


Land office:

Mar. 27, 1859 - Anthony O'Donnell filed for NE 4 & SE 4NW 4 & Lots 1 & 2 Sec 1-37-11.

July 8, 1863 - Anthony O'Donnell Hd. NE4 & Lot 3 (probably Lot 1) $10 Sec 1-37-11, can.

Sept. 3, '77.1

[I do not know whether this was this Anthony or Salty, but probably Salty, as he

Hd. in Sec 15 the same day, see below.]2

July 8, 1863 - Anthony O'Donnell Hd. NE 4 Sec 15-38-10 160A #10 F.C. Sept. 3, 1868 - the

O'Donnell place.

June 30, 1870 - sold to Hugh Connaghan SE 4 & SW 4 of NE 4 Sec 15-38-10. In '72 he sold

land here to Patrick McDonough (his son-in-law) & to Owen O'Donnell.


Death record:

Anthony O'Donnell, married, died Mar. 31, '93 [age] 66-5-6, in Peaine Twp, of apoplexy.

Farmer; parents - [father] Michael O'Donnell, mother not given.

Sophie O'Donnell, widow, age 74, died Pea. Twp, of paralysis, July 2, 1902. Born Ire.;

parents Mike O'Donnell & Bridget Gall..

[See original manuscript for O'Donnell family tree diagram, and separate diagram for Anthony and Sophia O'Donnell.]


Anthony O'Donnell

(card #2)

From Tony's notes:

Born Aranmore, Aug. 15, 1826

Left there in 1851

Landed in Quebec, June 12, 1851

Ship - Countess of Arran; she was lost on the return voyage. Tony doesn't know how many

of the family were with him.


Anthony O'Donnell

(card #3)

(from family bible)

Aug. 1, 1826 (Aranmore) - Mar. 31, 1893 (census - 1830)

He departed from Ireland Ap. 23, 1851 & landed at Quebec June 12, 1851 (50 days, 7 weeks).

Married Sophia O'Donnell, 1830 - (married Jan. 18, 1849, [on] Aranmore)


Bridget, Feb. 18, 1851 - Aranmore - married White Dan

Michael, Feb. 23, 1852 - Summerhill Twp, Cambria Co., Pa. (mining country) - not in


John, Sept. 16, 1854 - Dumbarton, C.W. (Canada West)

Daniel, June 11, 1856 - Toronto, C.W. - the one who "took off for 30 years" (see Walton


Ellen, Dec. 25, 1857 - Beaver Island (she has stone as Ellen McDonough, 1857-1919;

she married Pat Vesty)

Peter, Oct. 14, 1859-1912 - B.I. - married Mamie Maloney

James, May 4, 1861 - B.I.

Thomas, Sept. 3, 1862 (Francis in parish record) - B.I.

Mary, Aug. 15, 1864 - B.I. - married Neil Deary?

Michael, Mar. 11, 1866 - B.I.3

Anthony, Aug. 18, 1867 - B.I.

Joseph A., Feb. 6, 1869-Jan. 23, '26 - B.I.- married Paddy Rua's daughter Annie

Charles, Apr. 6, 1874 - B.I. - many stories about him, supposedly a wit; froze Dec.

25??? 1947 (Roland's story)


1860 census:


Anthony O'Donold 30 fisherman born Ire.

Sophia O'Donold 27 ------------- born Ire.

Bridget ) O'Donold 8 ------------- born Canada

Daniel O'Donold 11 ------------- born Canada

John O'Donold 7/12 ------------- born Mich.


- I have put this here but it does not check with the bible record.

However this is the only Anthony & have who married a Sophia.


1860 census - another record father on:


Anthony O'Donald 30 fisherman born Ire.

Sophie O'Donald 30 -------------- born Ire.

Biddy O'Donald 11 -------------- born Ire.

Denie O'Donald 5 --------------- born Canada

Ellen O'Donald 2 ----------------- born Mich.

Peter O'Donald 8/12 ------------ born Mich.


- This checks better with the family bible. It certainly looks like the

same family recorded twice.


Death records:

Joseph O'Donnell, mar[ried], [age] 56-11-17, died June 23, '26, in Peaine Twp, of "tabes

dorsolis."4 Farmer; born Mich.; parents Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell.

Charles O'Donnell, Dec. 25??? 1946, found frozen in home; survivor, nephew Edgar

O'Donnell (church).


Anthony "Salty" O'Donnell

(card #1)

1816-1912 (death record)

P. 51, 131

Aranmore? Rutland?

New York? - probably came through N.Y. City, as that is the way his brother-in-law Dan Malloy


By 1865; 1859 - land office; 1857 with Dan Malloy?

House #48 (where stone house is)

His sister [was] Dan Malloy's wife.

Married Hannah, widow with 3 children; his second marriage was to the widowed Mrs. Anthony

O'Donnell who came with her 3 children.5 Could it have been his wife that "was a Kelly"?


Mrs. Cull (Hannah's granddaughter) says they were married in Ireland. He made several trips to America & wanted her to come but she wouldn't for a long time. Finally she did & hated it. When she landed on B.I. they "stayed at Malloys' on Lake Genesareth" - this was her sister-in-law, Salty's sister.


"His brother drowned piloting a ship into a harbor where they lived in Ireland."

- Tony O'Don.'s notes


Salty made many trips back to Aranmore and he sang the praises of B.I.. Among other things, he told the Irish that "in America you could even make money from the limbs of trees" (cord wood, R.R. ties). - Pat Bonner


Pat Bonner:

Salty O'Donnell was older than the rest that came. Black Bonner said Salty was already a man on Rutland when he was a child. One time at a wake, the men got into an argument as to which was older, Dan Boyle or Salty O'Donnell. They called on Dan to settle it. He said: "Salty made a trip to the East Indies before I was born." [Dan was born in 1832. He {Salty} must have been born 1808-1810.]6 The death records give his birth date as 1816.

His sister Fannie O'Donnell was Dan Malloy's wife. Her birth date is 1822.


Land office:

June 10, 1865 - Anthony O'Donnell Hd. NW 4 Sec 15-38-10 160A $10 F.C. July 1, 1872.

(This is where the stone house is where he lived.)

Mar. 27, 1859 (pencil) - Anthoy O'Donnell, NE 4 & SE 4NW 4 & Lots 1 & 2 Sec 1-37-11 D.S.

July 8, 1863 - Anthony O'Donnell Hd. NE 4 & Lot 3 (could this be Lot 1[?]) $10, can. Sept.

3, 1877.7


Death records:

Anthony O'Donnell, widower, age 96-5-26, died Jan. 10, '12, in St. J. Twp, of "general

debility." Born Ire.; farmer; parents Hugh O'Donnell & Bridget Green.

Hannah O'Donnell, age 70, died June ? 1878. B[orn] Co. Donegal.

Hannah O'Donnell, b[orn] Co. Donegal, age 57, died Feb. 25, 1878.


[See original manuscript for family tree diagram of Salty O'Donnell and Fannie O'Donnell Malloy. Includes the note: Were there any children by Salty & his 1 st wife? Who was she? Was he a widower when he came to B.I.? No - they married in Ireland; he worked on the boats coming over.]


Anthony "Salty" O'Donnell

(card #2)

[See original manuscript for Salty and Hannah O'Donnell family tree diagram.]


There is a discrepancy in the parents named in the death rec..

Barney died first - said parents Hannah & Anthony

Mike died second - said parents Nora & Anthony

Mary died last - said parents Nora & Anthony


The last was probably a mistake - survivors not knowing the right data. As she was older than Barney, & Mike much younger, she & Barney must have had the same mother.


It is obvious that Frank, Barney, & Mike all left Ireland in 1851 or '52 (Mike was only nine years old). Mary, already married to McCafferty, stayed in Ire. until 1863, when they came straight to B.I. to join the others who had reached Beaver in 1860.


Anthony "Salty" O'Donnell

(card #3)



Listed in home of stepdaughter Bridget McDonald Connaghan McDonough. See card of Lawrence McDonough.


Anthony O'Donnell age 82, w[idower] [born] Ire. [to?] Mich. 1864 in U.S. 35 [years]

Sailor can R & W



Anthony "Salty" O'Donnell

(card #4)


[See original manuscript for Salty and Hannah O'Donnell family tree diagram.]


See notes - p. 2-3, 30, 82, 95, 122, 142, 147.


Barney ["Barney of Barney's Lake" O'Donnell]'s children:

John B. - b[orn] Canada; house #81 - married Emma Big Biddie

Patrick, 1862-'95

Thomas, 1872-1876

Danny, 1863-?




Mary - married Big Neil Gall.?






Margaret (?)


Anthony O'Donnell [Family of]


About 1862

P. 94

Died in Ireland (Aranmore), where he was a saloon-keeper; he was also a bailiff in Ireland. No relation to Barney & Darkey Mike.

Married Hannah O'Donnell (maiden name), 1821-1878 - came to U.S. in 1865 (Bridget said



Bridget, 1852 (Mrs. Vesty Vesty's mother); [married?] 1 st Daniel McDonald, 2 nd Hugh

Connaghan, 3 rd Frank McDonough; she was 10 when they came.

Owen, 1848-1904 (died Escanaba, age 56; age 12 in 1860)

John (this is not the one here in Mormon times)


The widowed Mrs. O'Donnell came to B.I. from Aranmore about 1860, with her three children. They were 6 weeks crossing in a sailing vessel. They had heard of Beaver Island through a letter and came straight to the Island, landing at Cable's Bay. At first they stayed with the Malloys on Lake Genesareth. Mrs. O'Donnell was terribly disappointed; there was no tea or coffee here. She had brought tea from Ireland, so they immediately brewed a cup. "At least we had tea in Ireland," she said. After this temporary stay with the Malloys they went to live in Greentown. Mrs. O'Donnell later married another Anthony O'Donnell here.

(Mrs. Vesty Vesty, 1962)

There are discrepancies with what she told me in 1962, but here is what she said in 1964:

She came with her daughter Bridget who was 10 or 11 at the the time & her sons Owen & John. They were in New York about a year, after spending 3 months on the water. Hannah didn't want to come to B.I.. They landed at Cable's Bay in 1844 (this must be wrong - can it be '54? - but even that is early). For this date see card of Bridget under Connaghan. The date must be 1862. (If she didn't want to come to B.I. why did she?)


The Anthony O'Donnell she married here was Maria's father's uncle. No children by that marriage. He was Salty _____.


The Malloys she stayed with must have been the Dan Malloys, for she married Mrs. Malloy's brother, "Salty" O'Donnell.


Mrs. Cull:

They were married in Ireland (see Salty's card). They had been well-off in Ireland; Hannah's 1 st husband had a saloon & was a bailiff. The way Bridget was relieved of saying the rosary 3 times a day. She was visiting at Big Owen's & excused herself to "say another rosary." Hannah asked about it & was told the story. She told Father Gallagher & he questioned Bridget. "Say them one more year, & then I absolve you from your vow." (See notes, p. 2)


Bernard "Barney"/"Barney of Barney's Lake" O'Donnell

1830 (census) - 1906? (death rec.)

I think, from Aranmore

Year emigrated, 1859 (1900 census)

By 1861

House #85

Married Margaret Curran, 1839-1883 - born in Canada (death records)


Patrick, 1862

Thomas, 1872-Sept. 24, 1876




Danny - father of Danny Barney

Johnny (house #81)




Wife of Bernard O'Donnell

died Nov. 29, 1883

age 44 years

a native of Ireland


Also, his son


died Sept. 24, 1876

age 4 years


Parish record:

Oct. 3, 1862, Patrick O'Donnell: father, Bernard O'Donnell, mother, Margaret Curran.


In 1900 census Mary C., who married Big Neil Gallagher, says they came in 1857 [see "Big Neil"Gallagher's card]; she was born in Canada - however son Frank consistently is recorded as born in Canada in 1859.


Barney's son John B. O'Donnell is listed as born in Canada in the Charlevoix birth records (with the birth of his son Patrick), so they must have come through Canada; also one story is that Darky Mike's wife was left in Canada.


Pat Bonner says they came 5 or 6 years after Black Bonner (this would make it '61 or '62).


This is the Barney O'Donnell of "Barney's Lake," and that was the original O'Donnell farm where he and his half-brother Darky Mike farmed. His sister was Mary McCafferty.


He is mentioned in the Dormer Bk. 7 times. He sold wood to Dormer.


When I showed Rachel Dulevy Barney's picture she said, "He burned my father out & knifed - Capt. Roddy."


Girls (a big family):8



Ma__ [Maggie?]






Land records:

April 10, '73 - U.S. to Bernard O'Donnell, S 1/2 & NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 4 T38 R10. This is

the north shore of Barney's Lake.

Land office:

Pencil -

July 28 - Aug. 28, 1861, Offd. Barry O'Donnell, NE 4NW 4 & S 2NW 4 Sec 4-38-10.

Ink -

Aug. 16, 1865 - Hd. above 119.51A. F.C. Aug. 12, 1872 (Charlevoix date April 1873).


Death records:

Bonvid O'Donnell, died June 22, '06, widower, in St. J. Twp, cause not given. Born Ire.;

farmer; parents Anthony O'Donnell & Hannah Gallagher (I failed to get age but this

would be about right - age 76 at death).

Frank B. O'Donnell, single, age 76-7-7, died in Peaine Twp, Dec. 25, '35, of "senility partial

obstructions." Born Canada; farmer; parents Bernard O'Donnell & Margaret Kerns.


1 There is a bracket around the land office entry for March and the first entry for July, with the notation, "South part of Green's Bay.'

2 Brackets in original.

3 The author has enclosed the names of James, Thomas, Mary, and Michael in bracket, with the notation, "not in census - did they die?"

4 This cause of death is somewhat unclear.

5 Seems strange but is written this way in original; see below for explanation.

6 Brackets in original.

7 The March and July transactions are enclosed in a bracket, with the notation, "South end, Green's Bay."

8 This section is not directly tied to any other part of the entry, but evidence from other cards indicates that these were also children of Barney O'Donnell. 




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