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Biographical Papers Letter P

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Jerry Palmer

1869 - (He was born same year as Frank Floyd)

P. 114, 117, 143

Married Johana Godhal, 1865-1935


Jerry Palmer was Old Lady Floyd's brother. He came to B.I. from Northport.


Anna Palmer Wyman

32900 Ten Mile Rd.

Farmington, MI 48024


Death records:

Johana Palmer, married, 70-11-9, died July 26, '35, in St. J., of myocardial degeneration.

Born Norway; parents: [father] Peter Godhoe, mother unknown.


John Papineau

In "Northern Michigan," John Papineau -

born in Cleveland, 1832

died in Charlevoix, Aug. 5, 1904

In 1849 came to B.I. & moved to Fox Island, 1852. He did not stay there long, going to

Washington Island, & in 1855, to Harbor Springs. Moved from there to Charlevoix in

  • He married & had 6 children.


In 1850 - listed in census in household with;

James Calet (Corletle [Corlette?]) 25 years [old] born Ohio fisherman

Thomas Neal 17 years [old] born Ohio fisherman

John Papineau 18 years [old] born Can. fisherman


Father Pascal

He & Father Norbert were here at the same time. He was very strict & wanted everyone to sign the pledge. He is the one that said Nangog & Darky Mike couldn't live together (see Darky Mike's card). He is also the one that told Hannah Gillespie Gall. that her children were swearing (see Tight Gall.['s] card). He is the one tha[t] "performed the miracle."


George R. Peckham

1825 -

From Toledo, Ohio


From Sarah McKinley Livingston's manuscript:

Geo. Peckham was the son of Ray Peckham (he - Ray - came after Geo. & "bought a farm near Round Lake."). Mrs. Geo. Peckham started a Sunday school & prayer meeting. Mrs. Ray Peckham was "from Saratoga." George lived at the Point, near the Harbor Lighthouse.


In the fall of 1857 he bought out the goods of a Mr. Burke, a merchant from Buffalo who had been on the Island that summer. (C. of Sea)

A few years after 1857 he went partners with C. R. Wright. Later Wright bought out Peckham's interest.


There are land records in '57, '59, & '60 of a Racheal R. Peckham.


Ray (Geo. R.?) & Rachel Peckham had extensive land dealings from

July 29, 1857, when they bought out all of Abner Sherman's holdings, through

Mar. 25, 1873, when there was a sale to James Gallagher (see land sheet).

Mrs. Williams calls him "Mr. Ray Peckham," & speaks of his farm "near John

Bonnar's." There were, therefore, 2 Peckhams, probably brothers.

(-- "Child of the Sea")

1860 census:

George Peckham 35 merchant born N.Y. R. estate [worth] $2000


______ (Morrison?) Potwin

[Born] Can.


Married A___ate Russet - [born] Can.


Selena, Feb. 25, '76 (bir. rec.)


Ed. P. Pratt

[born] Ohio

P. 100

Married Molly Boyle Gallagher - Charles' widow; [born] Mich.

[Children] (these births are recorded):

Deforest, 1894 (record) - married Matt[ilda] Cole

Bernard, 1896

Alfred Emmett, Oct. 19, 1897 (record)

Mary Alberta, Jan. 13, 1900 (record)

Lora Loretta, Oct. 5, '04 (record)

Emmet Leo, Sept. 13, '01 - died at age 22 days, of "acute inflammation"


According to Mrs. V. Vesty, he kept a saloon where the Shamrock is now. This saloon was earlier kept by Willie Boyle (his father-in-law).


In 1904 he is listed "longshoreman and laborer."


According to Lawrence the butchershop was once Pratt's Saloon (was it moved?).


There was a J. M. Pratt was an employee of the Indian agency in Grand Traverse Bay between 1842 & '52 (Mission Point). P - His. G. Trav. Reg., p. 29. Also see p. 105 for Charles Pratt of Ohio - father of Ed & J. M.?


[De?]Forrest H. Pratt

Married Matilda Cole


Had twins, born Nov. 29, 1915 -

Ward Moore Pratt (lived 2 days)

Mabelle Fenmore Pratt (dead at birth)


George Preston


Benjamin Preston, his son.


Mentioned as having been charged with murder in Mar. 18, 1852 issue of paper.


He was Supervisor, & visited the Pine River gentile settlement to make assessments for taxation. (This was prior to the Battle, July 14, '53.)


In the spring of 1854 he brought his family from B.I. to set up a Mormon colony at Pine R..


He was County Clerk in 1855; see His. of G. Traverse Region, p. 98.


His son Benjamin (see census) evidently came back to the Island before 1860. Probably left the Church after Strang's death (or before).


Feodar Protar



Newspaper, 1939:

Landed in 1892 in "fashionable 'Prince Albert' & spotless white vest."


First came on a summer vacation in 1887. He was aboard a freighter going between Green Bay & Mackinac Island when it was driven into the harbor by a storm. After that spent his vacations on Beaver & in 1893 came to live. He died Mar. 3, 1925.

- Grand Rapids Herald magazine, Sunday, May 15, 1955


Death record:

Feodar Protar, single, age 87, died Mar. 4, '25, in Peaine Twp; cause "senility." Born Russia;

parents unknown.