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Biographical Papers Letter R

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John Reed

Born Pen[nsylvania]


Married Mary Bonner - born Pen.


Peter, July 13, '78 (b. rec.)




Ricksger [Family]

The Ricksgers are supposed to have been brought here from Grand Rapids by Father Zugelder (1899-1905).




Father Henry Mother Elizabeth

1849-1930 1852-1920


Father John Mother Helen

1893-1959 1900-1933


Mother Otha



William Bridget

1878-19_ 1882-19_


Protar's diary: Apr. 3 - Mrs. Ricksger died 8:00 a.m.


Death records:

Elizabeth Ricksger, married, died in Peaine Twp, Ap. 3, '20, of bronchial pneumonia &

asthma. Born German; parents unknown.

Henry Ricksger, widower, age 80-1-21, died Jan. 4, '30, in P. Twp, of senility. Born

Germany; farmer; parents unknown.



Andrew Roddy, Sr.

(card #1)


Mar. 14, 1834 - 1897

[Born on] Rutland

B.I. by 1863

House #62

P. 22, 41, 51, 52, 67, 70-72, 76, 81, 95, 122, 142

[Parents] Patrick and Kate Bonner.

He is the brother of Mary Ellen Roddy Gallagher, & they were nephew & niece of Black Bonner.

Wife, Catherine McBride, Oct. 1, 1840 - [born] Rutland - her father was a schoolmaster in



Andrew, Mar. 14, 1858 - [born] Rutland

Patrick, Sept. 4, 1863 (parish rec. of baptism, Sept. 6) - [born] St. James - married Nellie


John, Jan. 6, 1865 - [born] St. James

Mary, Mar. 17, 1866 - [born] St. James - married Jack Martin, brother of Shing

Timothy, June 18, 1868-1925 - [born] St. James - married Nellie McCauley

Francis, July 14, 1869 (stone: 1866-1948) - [born] St. James

Joseph, Jan. 6, 1871 - [born] St. James

Lizzie, Sept. 29 [or] Oct. 27, 1873 - May 30, '37 - [born] St. James - married Johnnie


Ella, May 1, 1874 - [born] St. James - died at birth (birth record: Ellen Roddy, July 21,


Ella, Aug. 15, 1875-1944 - [born] St. James - (b[irth] rec.: Aug. 12, '75; Bid

Sendenburg, mother) - she married a MacDonald

Charles, Mar. 16, 1877 - [born] St. James - died at birth (b[irth] rec.: Apr. 22, '77)

Charles, May 15, 1878 (or 9) - [born] St. James

Katie, Oct. 20, 1880-1937 - [born] St. James - married Dominic Gall. (the one I knew)

- stone

According to Bid Sendenburg, the Roddy family first came to the Island about 1862 to live, but Andrew Roddy sailed in here before that. Bid understands that he hauled cedar ties and Christmas trees from the Island to Chicago and other ports. Pat Bonner says he expects they brought back produce to the Island.

The 1 st record of a Roddy in the parish records is Patrick's baptism, Sept. 6, 1863, with Andrew Roddy & Catherine McBride as parents.

According to Bid:

There were 4 Roddy brothers came here together: Patrick, John, Francie, & Andrew. Patrick and John went back to Ireland but Andrew & Francie stayed at B.I. (in parish record it is Patrick who stayed; did their sister Mary Ellen come with them or later?). Andrew was married to Catherine McBride in Ireland & their 1 st child born there in '58. The second child was not born until '63, so it looks as if she must have followed him over (did Mary Ellen come with her?). She (C. McBride) had two sisters, Elizabeth & Mable, & a brother, Ignatius, who stayed in Rutland. Their father was a schoolmaster.


Land records show he [Andrew] took land Sept. 18, '64 by tax deed - E 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec 3 T38 R10.


Mentioned 5 times in the Dormer Day Book. Record of their buying land, 7-26-77.


There definitely was a Roddy - Father Gallagher feud, but I have not yet run it down. Roland says it was caused by Mary Ellen (see her card). Others say there was a question of the legality of Andrew & Catherine McBride's marriage. All agree they didn't go to church.


According to Bid:

They were married in Ireland & there first son born there. They came first to Philadelphia & he worked in the mines there. Probably a year later he went to Chicago & started a homestead. He took up land where the Marine Hospital is now & put one building up. He was coming [continued on card #2]



Andrew Roddy, Sr.

(card #2)


[continued from card #1] in and out of Beaver I. in his boat. [Bid said this was Mormon times but this must be an error if his 1 st child was born in Ireland in 1858 because the Exodus was 1856.] They took out lumber (logs, there was no mill here [I question this]) and Christmas trees to Chicago. Before proving up on is land in Chicago he left and brought his family to Beaver to the Roddy farm. He had twelve children of his own and raised two more from a brother's family.1


He is mentioned as "Capt. Roddy" in verse 7 of the "Beaver Island Girls."


"Irish Colony" says Mrs. Williams spoke of his being in and out in Mormon times - this must be an error - see above. This article quotes Andy Mary Ellen as saying that Andrew Roddy's father, also Andrew Roddy, was a sea captain who was plundered in the East Indies by pirates.


He could have been "in & out in Mormon times" - returned to Ireland, married, & his 1 st child born there - doubtful as he was 13 in '47 & 22 at Exodus.


From an article by Joan H. Walton, "Folk Singing on B.I.":

"I cannot close this account of folk singing on B.I. without at least a brief mention of a few Island singers. One inquiring about the origin of Island songs will repeatedly be told, 'I learned that one from Old Captain Roddy and how he would sing it !' I unfortunately arrived on the Island too late to hear him, but the memory of his singing is still very vivid among many of those with whom I talked. He was a big, muscular man weighing about 250 lbs., and he had a big, powerful bass voice. He acted out his songs, and seemingly had an unending supply of them. He owned and sailed several 'lumber hookers' on Lake Michigan during the late 1800s. Several men who did their first sailing with him told of his leaving them aboard to watch ship while the lumber was being unloaded in Chicago while he spent the time in sailor hangout saloons or 'free-and-easy-shows,' where there was much singing; and at his trick at the wheel on their way back down the Lake - he always stood the captain's watch himself - he would start humming & singing bits of the songs he heard, and 'soon he'd be singing 'em all.' His son Frank, or 'Francie," as he is called on the Island, who sang many old songs himself, said of his father, 'He never had to buy no drinks himself.' He was referring to the custom in shore saloons which catered to sailors of giving free drinks to anyone who would sing a song or provide some other form of entertainment. Francie added that his father, 'Never had no schooling at all, but he could sing any god-damn song that ever was,' and other Islanders agree with him."


Pat says he would get up and sing at the dances when the fiddlers were taking a rest. Pat also says, "The Roddys & the Bonners were cousins," [and that] Capt. Roddy's father was "missing in the British navy; consequently he always hated the English."


The figures given above were from Bid. Their stone says:


Catherine, 1838-1912

Andrew, 1833-1897



Andrew Roddy, Sr.

(card #3)


Maria - "People thought the Roddys & the Bonners were so much; if you were friends of theirs it was something." Mrs. Roddy thought no one good enough to marry her children. She didn't give any of them a wedding, for she disapproved of all the matches.


From notes by Tony O'Donnell:

"Roddy in English navy for years. Black Sea. Black Sea & all islands in Mediterranean Sea. Had many interesting stories regarding these adventures. Roddy's father (name not mentioned) [Patrick - death record] was captain of a large English ship, was murdered in China, aboard ship."


He came to America in the party with Cornelius Gallagher. He went on to Chicago from Penn. but Bid doesn't know if he ever worked in the mines. He did not send for his wife until he was established on B.I..


Harrison Miller's Coast Guard book of 1881:

Sept. 19 th, 1881 - "Andrew Roddy appointed as one of the crew of this station in place of

Albert Wright, resigned."

Nov. 4 th, 1881 - "Andrew Roddy became one of my crew."


At the birth of Ellen Roddy, July 21, '72, he lists himself as "sailor."


There was some trouble about the land. John Van Alstine acquired it by tax deed in May, 1903. In Sept. of the same year Van Alstine sold it to Catherine Roddy. Andy died in 1897 & Catherine in 1912. It looks as if the widow had neglected to pay taxes.


Aug. ? 1864 - Aud. Gen. to Andrew Roddy, E 2SW 4 Sec 3-38-10. The Roddy farm. This had

been declared swampland, 1854.


Death records:

Andrew Roddy, married, age 63-7-4, died in Pea. Twp, cause unknown. Born Ire.; sailor;

Parents Patrick Roddy & Kate Bonner.

Catherine Roddy, widow, 72-1-15, died in Pea. Twp, on Dec. 12, '12, of gallstones. Born

Ire.; parents: [father] John McBride, mother unknown.

Elizabeth Green, married, age 63-6-23, died May 20, '37, in Pea. Twp, of apoplexy. Born

Mich.; parents Andrew Roddy & Catherine McBride.



Ella Roddy

Aug. 15, 1875

Married [a] MacDonald


Her husband was lost (or murdered). He and another man were found dead in their boat off Cheboygan. (--Maria)


She was left a widow with seven daughters & no sons. Bid was raised by the Roddys. (--Bid)


Roland says they were killed by monoxid gas.2



Mary Ellen Roddy

May 5, 1843 ( Rutland) - July 28, 1903 (St. James)

P. 64

Married, 1866, Bernard (Barney) Gallagher, 1840 ( Rutland) - 1881 (St. James)


Andy "Mary Ellen"

Paddy "Mary Ellen"


For parish records of marriage & record on grave stone see Barney Gallagher's card.


Mary Ellen landed at Cable's Bay with 3 pictures in big, old-fashioned frames. Nonie has one - two children praying at a shrine.


Could read & write. According to Roland, she wrote to the Bishop about the affair of the St. Ignatius church. Her brother Andy Roddy took up the fight and that was the cause of the Father Gallagher - Roddy feud.


Nonie's version of the feud. Father Gallagher wanted to buy the farm where Buffalo lived later. Mary Malloy got it. She couldn't read or write so Mary Ellen wrote the letter for her that got the farm, & F. Gallagher was furious. Like Roland's story, this involves the Malloys & a letter, under different circumstances. Others say Mary Ellen was a power in the church.


Maria says the feud was because of some irregularity in Capt. Roddy's marriage. She says the family did not go to church services - that Father Gallagher refused to allow them.


Maria's story is borne out by the fact that in the church record of membership in 1864 the oldest Roddy child is recorded as "Roddy" but this was crossed out & "McBride" written over it. The 1 st is recorded by F. Murray, the 2 nd in a different handwriting (F. Gallagher's?).


She was a midwife. Nonie - Mary Ellen had perfected a way of turning the child in the womb. Once when she was on the mainland she was called to help a doctor in a difficult case. He gave up but she succeeded in turning the child. Later, when he had similar cases, he sent for her.


Protar's Diary - "July 28, 1903, Mary Ellen died 1 a.m."



Timothy Roddy

June 18, 1868-Jan. 20, 1925

[Born] St. James


Wife, Nellie McCauley - [born] Mich.


Daniel Andrew, Ap. 24, 1900


([source of] information: Charlevoix records)


Protar: "Tim Ruddy" died 2 a.m., Jan. 12, 1925 1 a.m., Jan. 20, 1925


Death records:

Timothy Roddy, married, age 57, died St. J. on Jan. 20, '25, of apoplexy. Born Mich.; sailor;

parents Andrew Roddy & Catherine McBride.



Roddy [Family]

[See original manuscript for Roddy family tree diagram.]

Information from old book that belonged to Bid Sendenburgh (these are exactly as recorded on pages obviously torn from a Bible and put in a religious book):


[ Births:]

Andrew Roddy, Mar. 14, 1834

Born Rutland Isle, Co. Donegal

Catherine Roddy, Oct. 1, 1840

Born Rutland, Co. Donegal


1. Andrew Roddy, Jr., Mar. 14, 1858 - born Rutland

2. Patrick Roddy, Sept. 4, 1863 - [born] St. James

3. John Roddy, Jan. 6, 1865

4. Mary Roddy, Mar. 17, 1866

5. Timothy Roddy, June 18, 1868

6. Francis Roddy, July 14, 1869

7. Joseph Roddy, Jan. 6, 1871

8. Lizzie Roddy, Oct. 27, 1873

9. Ella Roddy, May 1, 1874

10. Ella Roddy, Aug. 15, 1875

11. Charles Roddy, Mar. 16, 1877

12. Charles Roddy, May 15, 1878 or '79

13. Katie Roddy, Oct. 20, 188?



Andrew Roddy, Jr., May 12, 1894

Andrew Roddy, Sr., Feb. 5, 1897

Maria Roddy, Mar. 1, 1903

Patrick Roddy, Sept. 19, 1908

Raymond M. McDonald, May 17, 1908

Catherine A. Roddy, Dec. 12, 1912

Timothy Roddy, Jan. 22, 1925

Mrs. Timothy Roddy, June 11, 1928

Daniel Roddy, Ap. 18, 1929

Elizabeth Roddy Greene, May 20, 37

Catherine Roddy Gallagher, Dec. 12, 1937

Ella Roddy McDonald, Sept. 23, 1944

Charles Roddy, June 9, 1947

Francis Roddy, Mar. 29, 1948

Joseph Roddy, Mar. 16, 1949

John Roddy, June 6, 1952



Mary Roddy & Jack Martin, June 16, 1885

Patrick Roddy & Nellie Carmody, Feb. 8, 1886

Andrew Roddy & Mary Connelly, Jan. 26, 1881

Joseph Roddy & Rae Gallagher, Feb. 8, 1895

John Roddy & Maria Keyho(?), May 18, 1896

Timothy Roddy & Nellie McCauley, Jan. 6, 1891

Lizzie Roddy & John Greene, Nov. 2, 1898 (or 1893)

Ella Roddy & Raymond McDonald, June 4, 1896

Kase Roddy & Dominick D. Gallagher, Nov. 19, 1902

Charles Roddy & Margaret O'Donnell, May 1907


Mary Roddy Martin died Sept. 1, 1952 at Milwaukee, Wisc..


Sailing vessels owned by Andrew Roddy:

1. Six Brothers

2. Tom Payne - flat bottom

3. Florence Smith - Raymond McDonald sailed on this boat with grandpa Dominick


4. Milwaukee Belle - which Roddys did not sail, as it burned on beach at Head Light

near fog signal. Dan Boyle, Sr. sailed on the Milwaukee Belle before Roddy owned it.


Rodgers [Family]

[See original manuscript for Rodgers family tree diagrams. The following notes are not on cards but on folded sheets of notebook paper.]


Is it possible there were two couples, Bridget Rogers & Dan Gallagher, one in Tyrone & one in Co. Donegal? Hannah Veag was a girl - 12 or 14 - when she came over & must have been with her parents. How could her mother Ann have been from Co. Tyrone & her father from Donegal?


Old Billy & Bridgebilly met on B.I., for he came a widower. She could have been here with her sister, Hannah Veag's mother.


Sisters evidently & 1 brother:

Ann, born Ire., 1802 - Hannah Veag's mother - parents Dan Gall. & Bridget Rodgers; N.Y.

in 40 _

Bridget, born Ire., 1817 - married name Gall. - daughter [of?] Dan Gall. [and] Bridget

Rodgers ; death rec. both church & Charl.

Philip, born Ire., 1813

( osame)

Patrick, born Ire., 1813 or '14


[Second generation?:]

Rose, born Ire., 1847 - married Cundy - sister below ( _ N.Y.)

Hannah, born Ire., 1836 - Veag, m[arried?] Gall. ( _ N.Y.) Boyle (B.I.)

Ann, born Ire., 1846 - married John Dunlevy

Grace, born Ire., 1825 - married Neal Green


Robert Roe

1820 -

P. 74

Wife, Kate, 1835 -


Allice, 1855

Charlie, 1859


1860 census:

Robert Roe 40 fisherman born Ire.

Kate Roe 25 -------------- born Ire.

Allice Roe 5 ------------- born N.Y.

Charlie Roe 1 ------------ born N.Y.


There are several Roe families on the Foxes3 [in the] 1860 census.


This is part of the family Rachel Dunlevey told me about that burned the draft papers.

"Rachel told about a man coming from the Foxes with papers to draft 3 Beaver Islanders into the army for the Civil War, one a Dunlevy. A woman by the name of Roe stole & burned the papers."


Child of the Sea:

One of our pioneers, Capt. Robert Roe, of Buffalo, N.Y., had settled on S. Fox Island in 1859. He put out a dock, built a comfortable house, & bought the land the Mormons had occupied. He farmed & furnished cord wood to lake steamers for many years. His brother was keeper of the light on S. Fox for several years.


Protar records the death of "Patty Roe," Apr. 13, 1912.


Philip (or Pat, in church record) Rodgers



By 1866

P. 118, 120, 138, 144, 146

Married Bridget Quin, 1828 - ; must be a 2 nd marriage for both

Marriage, Aug. 20, 1866:

Philip Rodgers, 53 (laborer, [born] Ireland) - Bridget Quin, 38 ([born] Ireland)


Nonie says Hannah Veag's mother was a Mrs. Rodgers - she was at her wake at Hannah's house.


Bridget Rodgers is given as the mother of Michael R. Gall. (Mike Mahal Rua), who was born in 1821. She must have been a sister of Ann & Philip.


It looks as if Ann ([see] below) was a sister-in-law of Philip. She was born in 1802. Either of the two Graces could have been her daughter.


In 1866 Grace Rodgers (born 1821), age 45, married Francis Gallagher, age 48.


On Jan. 6, 1868, Grace Rodgers, 15, married Patrick O'Malley, 29.


There is a Grace Rodgers, born 1825, listed June 19, '74 as the mother of Julia Green; husband Neal Green; living in Peaine Twp. Julia is in the 1880 census, as are her father & mother, Neal & Gracie. John Dunlevy's wife was Ann Rodgers.


Ann Rodgers is given as the mother of Grace McGladrey (this is Cornelius's wife) at Grace's death, June 12, 1910. The father Charles Gladrey (no Mc), age 85.


Mrs. Cundy Gall. is listed in the birth records as Rose Rodgers. By census records she was born in 1847.


Lizzie Gallagher (Mrs. Andy Mary Ellen) said her mother's stepmother was named Rodgers.


Roland says, "There was a Jimmy R at 'Gutter's' at odgers who livedone time."


There is a Patrick Rodgers, 22, [born] Ire., fisherman, listed in 1850 in a boarding house for fishemen kept by Stephen Maxen on Mackinac Isle.


Ann Rodgers, widow, age 94, died Pea. Twp, of old age, on Oct. 27, '96. Occ. - retired; born

Ire.; parents Daniel Gallagher & Bridget Rodgers.

This must be Hannah Veag's mother, at whose wake Nonie was.



Charles, 4 th Duke of Rutland

For whom Rutland [Island,in Ireland] is named. He is the one who set up the town & commercial interests on the Island.

Succeeded his grandfather. When Marquess of Granby he represented Cambridge University in the House of Commons & strongly opposed the policy that led to war with the American colonies. He helped to procure the entrance of the younger Pitt to the House of Commons, & remained through life Pitt's intimate friend. After succeeding to the Dukedom in 1779 he sat in the cabinets of Shelburne & of Pitt & became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1784.

He was one of the earliest to advocate a legislative union between Ireland & Great Britain, which he recommended to Pitt in 1784.

  • Ency. Britannica

1 All brackets in this paragraph except the first appear in original.

2 Likely carbon monoxide.

3 Fox Islands, part of the Beaver Island archipelago.



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