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Biographical Papers Letter V

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Henry Van Allen

(card #1)


The 1 st keeper of the Head Light.


In the 1850 census:

Henry Van Allen 26 ship's carpenter born in N.Y.

Mary Van Allen 26 ------------------ born in N.Y.



Henry Van Allen

(card #2)


The first keeper of the Head Light (according to Mrs. Williams). According to Strang (in An. & M. Mack.), he secreted in his lighthouse 18 nets belonging to the Mormon Benjamin G. Wright. He was not suspected but a short time later he set 24 new nets which were taken away by a strong current. He thought the Mormons had stolen them & he offered the return of Mr. Wright's nets if his own were restored (p. 68-69).


In '50 census1


Vincent [multiple individuals]

John Vincent

He was half French & half Indian, his wife was white. He was a shipwright & they lived on

Garden [Island] (M).


Mentioned in B.I. Girls, 1874.


He is listed by Tip Miller as one of the crew of 8 for the Life S. S. season of 1882.


After John died (July 1, '09) Josephine took her remaining family & moved to Naubinway.


Samuel Vincent

Listed in the 1860 census as living (along with several other bachelors) in the home of Joseph

Mageau (Maguire?):

Samuel Vincent 24 merchant born N.Y.


Joseph Vincent

1850 census, living in home of James Cable:

Joseph Vincent 30 merchant born N.Y. R. Est. $2,000

Jane L. Vincent 24 ---------- born N.Y.


Henry Vincent

In 1880 census, boarder in [the] home [of] Maynard Corlett & wife Nellie:

Henry Vincent 23 laborer born Mich. father born Can. mother born Can. can't R or W

1 This note does not continue.