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Biographical Papers Letter Z

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Father Seraphim Zorn

In 1864, at Arbre Croche:

"is incredibly zealous & active so I admonished him to moderate his zeal a little because he is in danger of prematurely sacrificing his health." (letter of Nov. 1864, to Leo S____ ).


[Note: this card is filed with those of Father Frederic Baraga, so it is likely that Baraga is the author, although this is not stated. -ed.]


Rev. Alexander F. Zugelder

P. 43, 62, 107-8, 124, 138

"N. Mich.," 1905


Jan. 6, 1869 - born in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Koenigheim. Educated - public schools,


1888 - came to U.S.

1888-1892 - Seminary of Milwaukee

? - Grand Seminary at Montreal, Canada, where he received the order of sub-deacon & deacon

Jan. 29, 1893 - ordained by Rt. Rev. H. J. Richter, Bishop of Grand Rapids

1893-1895 - 1 1/2 years at St. Anne's in Cadillac; also attending the missions at Lake City,

Jennings, Reed City, Evart, & Marion. (In Holy Cross Parish Book [it lists the beginning of

these duties as] June 29, 1893.)

1895-1899 - Provemont, Leelanaw Co., pastor of St. Mary's. He also ministered to St.

Michael's, Sutton's Bay, & St. Wencesla, Gill's Pier.

July 4, 1899-1905 - entered upon his duties at Holy Cross, St. James


The Islanders say "he was a go-getter." He had the priest's house built, the convent for the Sisters, and enlarged the church. He is the one who brought the Sisters here.

Petitioned Bishop Richter for Dominican Sisters of Marywood to teach; they came in 1899

Convent completed in 1901

Rectory begun in 1902; enlarged the church

Instrumental in getting the first telephone cable to the Island

He was the weather man, "Storm Warning Display Man"

- built tower & raise[d] flags by day & lanterns by night as signals



The first mass sung on B.I. was Christmas mass of 1900. It was sung by the Sisters. The first altar boys were James Bowery & Peter Big Owen. (Father Gallagher had been assisted at the mass by Joe the Church or the Lague brothers, [who] were his nephews & were priests.)


On St. Patrick's Day 1901 Father Zugelder had a great play upstairs over McCann's store, in the room that was planned as an "opera house."


He is the one that said Darkey Mike & Nangog couldn't live together.


I believe he is the one who brought the German families here. It is interesting that the Bishop of Grand Rapids who ordained him was named Richter, and the Richter family came from Grand Rapids, I have been told.



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