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Census - Miscellaneous

1880 Census
St. James
30 households
168 persons

Farmer 2
Farm Laborer 1
Blacksmith 1
Clerk in Store 3
Dressmaker 1
Laborer 3
Retail Groc 5
Hotel Keeper 1
Servant 8
Lumberman 1
Shoemaker 1
Cooper 10

Carpenter 3
Sailor 4

Fisherman 7
Wholesale Fish 1
Lighthouse Keeper 1

Retail Dry Goods 1
Bookkeeper in Store 1
School Teacher 1
Fish Inspector 1

10 Coopers
7 Fishermen
5 Retail Grocers
4 Sailors

3 Clerks in Stores Laborers
2 Book Keepers
1 Farm Laborer

Hotel Keeper

1 Shoemaker
Wholesale Fish Dealer
Lighthouse Keeper
Retail Dry Goods Store
School Teacher
Fish Inspector
8 Servants

450 Bennett, Samuel

Bennett, Samuel 30 M Ire. R. Est. 200 (married within year)
Bennett, Julia 19 F Ire. (Married within year)
Mahony, Terence 30 M Ire Fisherman

451 McCarty, Daniel

McCarty, Daniel 36 M Ire. Fisherman
McCarty, Mary 30 F Ire. Can't R or W
McCarty, Jeremiah 1 M Mass.
Carmody, Patrick 30 M Ire. Fisherman Can't R or W

452 Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Thomas 28 M Ire. Fisherman Can't R or W
Bennett, Isabella 25 F Mich. Can't R or W
Bennett, Mary Ann 4 F Mich.
Bennett, Rebecca 2 F Mich.
Geautieu, Partell 62 M Can. Fisherman (Indian father of Isabella)
Wholen, Thomas 27 M Ire. Fisherman
McGill, Anthony 25 M Ire. Fisherman
Bennett, Margaret 1 F Mich.

453 Sullivan, Patrick

Sullivan, Patrick 24 M Ire Cooper
Sullivan, John 26 M Ire. Fisherman
Sullivan, Johanna 23 F Ire. (did she die later)
O'Donnell, Richard 29 M Ire. Fisherman (Beat Graham)

454 Cable, James

Cable, James 29 M N.Y. Merchant R. Est 3000
Cable, Harriet 24 F N.Y.
Cable, Claude 2 M Mich.
Cable, Gardner 22 M N.Y. Fisherman

Callet, James 25 M Ohio Fisherman
(Corlette) (James Corlette from Ohio in C. of Sea)
Neal, Thomas 17 M Ohio Fisherman
Papineau, John 18 M Can. Fisherman

460 Crane, Thomas

Crane, Thomas 50 M Ohio Fisherman
Crane, William 21 M Ohio Fisherman
Crane, John 23 M Ohio Fisherman
Crane, Jane 18 F Ohio (married James Corlette, left in Sept '52)
Augle, Charles 25 M unkn. Fisherman
(Married Elizabeth Crane)

Kelly, Celen 23 M Ohio Fisherman (Kelly Point?)
Perry, Ashlin 24 M Ohio Fisherman
Buckley, Louis 18 M Ohio Fisherman

462 Lecayer, Maurice

Lecayer, Maurice 36 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Lecayer, Mary 26 F Wis.
Lecayer, Elizabeth 5 F Mich.
Lecayer, Mary L 2 F Mich.
Lecayer, Charles 1 M Mich.
Bonchard, Rene 17 M Mich. Fisherman

463 Wright, Charles

Wright, Charles 25 M N.Y. Cooper
Wright, Catherine 24 F Ohio (nee Brooks)
Wright, Rose 3 F Mich.
Wright, Charles H 2 M Mich.
Wright, Frank 1 M Mich.
(Definitely at Cable's Bay)

464 Crepeau, Peter

Crepeau, Peter 41 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Crepeau, Mary 16 F Can. (Indian?)

465 Varse, Jacop

Varse, Jacop 34 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Varse, Mary Rose 38 F Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Varse, Leon 13 M Can.
Varse, Sophia 12 F Can.
Varse, Charles 10 M Can.
Varse, David 8 M Can.
Varse, Deleman 6 F Can.
Varse, Philemon 4 M Can.
Varse, Jacop Jr. 2 M Mich.
Varse, Joseph 1 M Mich.

466 Martin, William

Martin, William 26 M N.Y. Fisherman (see G. Trav. Bay pg 93)
Martin, Samuel 24 M N.Y. Fisherman
Whitney, Charles 18 M Mich. Fisherman
(Eliz. Whitney Williams's brother? Right age.)
Martin, Edwin 28 M N.Y. Fisherman
(These were not the Mayo Co. Martin's)


467 Morrison, Donald

Morrison, Donald 25 M Scot. Fisherman
(Married within year at Pine River in '53)

468 Maurice, Nicholas

Maurice, Nicholas 60 M Mich. Fisherman Can't R or W
Maurice, Josette 59 F Mich. Can't R or W
Maurice, Anable 33 F Mich. Can't R or W
Maurice, Nicholas Jr. 17 M Mich.
(Looks Indian and French)

469 Moan, David M

Moan, David M 31 M N.Y. Fisherman
Moan, Jane 21 F Mich. Can't R or W
Moan, Lucy Ann 2 F Mich.
Bannon, Patrick 40 M Ire. Fisherman
McCarty, Dennis 39 M Ire. None
(A Mormon in Pine River in '51 and '53 filed for land South and East of airport)

470 Lore, Louis

Lore, Louis 50 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Lore, Josette 22 F Mich. Can't R or W
Lore, Joseph 17 M Mich. Fisherman
Lore, Catherine 20 F Mich. Can't R or W
Lore, Madeline 12 F Mich.
Lore, Augustus 8 M Mich.
Lore, Moses 7 M Mich.
Lore, Louis 2 M Mich.
(These names look Indian, no card)

471 Davis, Mary

Davis, Mary 25 F Can. Can't R or W
Davis, John 6 M Mich.
Davis, Nicholas 2 M Mich.

472 Jenkins, Joseph

Jenkins, Joseph 44 M Mass. Cooper
Jenkins, Harriet 30 F N.Y.
Jenkins, Charles 3 M Ohio

473 Kaufmann, George

Kaufmann, George 38 M Germ Trader
Kaufmann, Mary L. 34 F Mich.
Kaufmann, Julie E. 4 M Mich.
Smith, John 13 M Ohio

474 Hell, William
Hell, William 43 M N.Y. Fisherman
Hell, Clarisa 22 F N.Y.
Hell, Ellen 2 F Ohio
(Mentioned in C. of Sea as a penile)

475 Geer, Amanda
Geer, Amanda 32 F N.Y.
Geer, Myron 15 M N.Y. Fisherman
Geer, Maritta 12 F Mich. (Married Richard Cooper)
Geer, Edmond 5 M Mich.
Geer, Caroline 3 F Mich.
(31 Households at S. Evd. With 128 people)

476 Bonnet, Samuel
Bonnet, Samuel 40 M Eng can't make out occ.
Bonnet, Selina 34 F Eng.
Inskip, Elizabeth 12 F Penn (Stepchild?)
Inskip, Selina M 5 F N.Y. (Stepchild?)

477 Humphrey,?
Humphrey,? 41 F N.Y.
Humphrey, George 6 M Mich.
Preudell, Anson 23 M Unkn. Farmer
Davis, Spalding D. 19 M N.Y. Seaman

478 Bacon, Samuel
Bacon, Samuel 23 M N.H. Carpenter
Bacon, Elizabeth 28 F N.Y.
Bacon, Samuel Jr. 4 M N.Y.
Bacon, Mary 3 F N.Y.
Bacon, Julia 6/12 F Wisc.
(This looks like a Mormon, Bacon on Fitzpatrick list)

479 Davis, John
Davis, John 35 M. Va. Carpenter and Joiner
Davis, Ann 34 F D.C.
Davis, John F 3 M Md.
Davis, Mary 2 F D.C

480 Shaw, Samuel
Shaw, Samuel 33 M Ma. Slu ?Carpenter (definitely a Mormon)
Shaw, Mary 23 F VT
Shaw, Jane 3 F Wisc.
Shaw, Caroline 1 F Mich.

480 Cheeseman, Alonzo
Cheeseman, Alonzo 38 M N.Y. Carpenter and Joiner
Cheeseman, Minerva 37 F N.Y. Wife 1
Cheeseman, Jeremiah 8 M N.Y.
Cheeseman, George 4 M N.Y.
Cheeseman, Alexander 2 M Mich.
Cheeseman, Francis E. 8/12 M Mich.
Mills, Fredrick 26 M Ohio Cooper R. Est. 30 (Mormon)
Adams, Jane 29 F N.Y. Wife 2
Thorn, Amy Ann 29 F N.Y. Wife 3
McGee, Isaac 30 M unkn. Cooper
Ward, Peter 45 M blank Merchant

Census Taker says "Rooming house"
Can this be the Rooming house Child of the Sea mentions with four wives?

481 Whipple, David R.
Whipple, David R. 36 M Mass. Can't make out Occ. (Mormon)
Whipple, Martha A. 29 F Ind.

482 Heath, David
Heath, David 34 M Vt. Carpenter (Mormon)
Heath, Margaret 24 F Penn. Can't R or W
Heath, Ann Eliza 1 F Ind.

483 Johnson, Franklin
Johnson, Franklin 44 M Va. Merchant R.E. 350
Johnson, Rispacah? 37 F N.Y. (Rebecca?)
Johnson, Phebe D. 15 F N.Y.
Is this the one who married Wentworth?
Johnson,George F. 8 M N.Y.
Johnson, Joseph A. 5/12 M Mo (Mich?)
Johnson, Elizabeth A. 14 F Germ.

For some reason the above and below are in the same house

McCulloch, Hezekiah 38 M Md. Merchant
McCulloch, Sarah Ann 32 F Mo.
McCulloch, Duncan 6 M Mo.
McCulloch, Josiah 5 M Mo.
McCulloch, Moses Chase 64 M N.H. Merchant

483 Monzon, Henry
Monzon, Henry (?) 47 M N.Y. Shingler
Monzon, Ruth 38 F N.Y.
Monzon, George W. 13 M N.Y.
Monzon, John J. 13 M N.Y.
Monzon, Lydia 10 F N.Y.
Monzon, Alonzo 8 M Mich.
Monzon, Alphonso 8 M Mich.
Monzon, James 6 M Mich.
Monzon, Mary A 6 F Mich.
Gentiles? Birth dates show children born in Michigan before Mormons.
Buckley, Lewis 18 M Ohio Fisherman

LeDuc, Prosper 21 M Can. Fisherman
Chicoine, Jolin 24 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Miller, Peter 23 M Germ. Fisherman
(Not Mormons, Indians)

486 McKinley, Peter
McKinley, Peter 39 M N.Y. Merchant R. Est. 500
McKinley, Ellen 32 F Can.
McKinley, Sarah E. 11 F Ohio
McKinley, Elizabeth 9 F Ohio
McKinley, Mary 6 F Ohio
Phelps, Joseph 40 M Conn. Clerk
Bunker, Peter B 25 M N.Y. Clerk
Collins, William 35 M Ire. Occ. none
McGuire, Charles 30 M N.Y. Cooper
McGuire, Ann 25 F N.Y.
Madis, Jacop 25 M Germ. Cooper
Kullday, Matthew 21 M Ire. Cooper
Augustine, Pascal 62 M Italy Fisherman Can't R or W
Wright, Henry 23 M N.Y. Cooper
(Can Charles McKinley listed in '40, age 61, be his father? His is the right age? No, the father was David, could be an uncle?

487 Young, Anson
Young, Anson 35 M N.Y. Cooper
Young, Mary 30 F N.Y.
Young, John F. 1 M N.Y.
(Gentile or Mormon?)

488 Moore, E.J.
Moore, E.J. 33 M N.Y. Warehouse R.E. 3000
Moore, Sophia A. 21 F N.Y.

489 Aldrich, Marvin N
Aldrich, Marvin N. 47 M N.Y. Merchant R.E. 1000
Aldrich, Temperance 39 F Can.
Aldrich, Marvin A. 23 M N.Y. Fisherman
Aldrich, Mortimer M. 16 M Mich. Fisherman
Aldrich, Alanson G 14 M Mich.
Aldrich, Sally S 12 F Mich.
Aldrich, Rachel Ann 7 F Mich.
Post, Warren 39 M unkn. Farmer (Mormon historian)
Post, Leonard 35 M unkn. Farmer
Hickey, Dow 40 M N.Y. Farmer
Coleman, Eliza 18 F Ohio
Post, Stephen 37 M unkn Minister


490 Fox, Francis
Fox, Francis 54 M Conn. Carpenter and Joiner
Fox, Cynthia 54 F N.Y.
Fox, Stephen 12 M N.Y.
Fox, Ralph 21 M N.Y. Farmer
Fox, Polly Ann 17 F Ohio
Guthrie, Simon 20 M N.Y. Farmer
Guthrie, Elvira 16 F N.Y.
Three families in one house

491 Waggoner, Nathan
Waggoner, Nathan 44 M Ohio Carpenter
Waggoner, Nancy Ann 42 F Ohio
Waggoner, Lydia 17 F La
Waggoner, Mary 4 F Wisc.
Waggoner, Jane 6/12 F Mich.
Waggoner, Joseph 6/12 M Mich.

492 Wright, Phineas
Wright, Phineas 39 M Can. Cooper
Wright, Rebecca 19 F La
Wright, Zenas 11 M Ohio
Wright, Elizabeth 8 F Wisc.
Baxter, Delano 47 F Vt. Can't R or W
Baxter, Samuel 19 M Can. Laborer
Baxter, Henarietta 17 F Can Fled to Grand Traverse Bay
Baxter, Cornelius 15 M Fisherman

493 Baxter, William
Baxter, William 28 M Can. Occ. none Can't R or W
Baxter, Harriet 27 F Penn. Can't R or W
Baxter, Eliza Ann 7 F Can.
Baxter, Thomas 6 M Can.
Baxter, Lavinia 3 F Can.
Baxter, Freeman 1 M Can.

494 Tucker, Royal
Tucker, Royal 39 M Vt. Cabinet
Tucker, Catherine M. 39 F VT
Tucker, Sarah M. 14 F Vt.
Tucker, George 3/12 M Mich.

495 Gregg, James M.
Gregg, James M. 42 M N.Y. Lumber
(This must be the James M. Greig who drafted the '52 map)
Gregg, Ellen A. 43 F N.H.
Gregg, Charles C. 18 M N.Y. Fisherman
Gregg, Ellen E. 16 F Penn.
Gregg, James M. 10 M Penn.
Gregg, Henry A. 7 M Penn.
Gregg, Richard L. 3 M Penn.
Gregg, Jonathan 79 M N.H. Occ. None
Gregg, Slyvia 77 F R.I.

496 Smith, James
Smith, James 50 M Eng. Lumberman R. Est. 1000
(Brother-in-law Wingfield? Watson/Wilson?)
Burnell, Anna 57 F Eng. Can't R or W
Burnell, Martha 18 F Penn.

497 Prince, John
Prince, John 44 M Eng. Lumber R. Est. 100
Prince, Rachel 40 F Eng.
Prince, Mary J. 13 F Penn.
Prince, John R. Jr. 9 M Penn.
Prince, Elizabeth Jane 7 F Penn.

1850 Census

1 Stringman, Henry T.
Stringham, Henry T. 35 M St. Lo. Wood dealer Vol R Est. 2000
Stringham, S.J. 27 F N.Y.
Stringham, Joseph 8 M Mich. At School
Stringham, Henry 7 M Mich. At School
Stringham, E. 3 F N.Y.
Prichard, N 33 M N.Y. Wood dealer
Prichard, N 29 F N.Y.
Prichard, C 2 F N.Y.
Prichard, MN 1 M N.Y.
Lorain, S 33 F Ohio
Lorain, C 14 F Ohio
Lorain, C 11 F Ohio At School
Lorain, Frances 11 F N.Y.
Prichard, S 25 M N.Y. Laborer
Clark, J.N. 25 M N.Y. Laborer


Sabins, C. N. 31 M N.Y. Carpenter and Joiner
Downey, Sidney 28 M VT Fisherman
Kipp, Henry 22 M Can. Lumberman Can't R or W

3 Dexter, Moses H.
Dexter, Moses H. 46 M VT Blacksmith
Dexter, A. 39 F VT
Dexter, Judson 18 M N.Y. Blacksmith
Dexter, A.R. 15 F VT
Dexter, H. 10 F N.Y.
Dexter, M. 8 M N.Y.
Dexter, Jane 6 F N.Y.
Dexter, Josephine 3 F N.Y.
Dexter, Isaac 1 M N.Y.

4 Barrett, Patrick
Barrett, Patrick 40 M Ire. Fisherman Can't R or W
Barrett, Matilda 35 F Ire. Can't R or W
Barrett, John 25 M Ire Fisherman (Father Ludlow?)
Hill, William 18 M Ire. Fisherman
Barrett, Mary 7 F Can.
Barrett, John 3 M Mich.
Barrett, Edward 2 M Mich.
Barrett, Richard 4/12 M Mich.

McIntosh, Ann 40 F N.Y.
Carmichael, Donald 18 M N.Y. (Teamster?)
Carmichael, Catherine 15 F N.Y.
Carmichael, Flora 12 F N.Y.
Carmichael, Daniel 10 M N.Y.
Carmichael, Alex 8 M N.Y.
McIntosh, James 5 M N.Y.
McIntosh, Jane 3 F N.Y.

6 Hillery, Tolliman
Hillery, Tolliman P. 40 M Pa. Woodchopper (Married within year)
Hillery, Mary 16 F N.Y.

7 Lyman, A.
Lyman, A. 35 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Lyman, Sarah 26 F N.Y.
Lyman, Mary Jane 8 F Ohio
Lyman, Olive C. 5 F Ohio

8 Higgins, Benjamin
Higgins, Benjamin 39 M ME. Seaman
Higgins, Mary Ann 32 F N.J.
Higgins, Joseph 6 M N.Y.
Durie, Antoine 19 M Can. Woodchopper Can't R or W

9 Gallagher, Charles
Gallagher, Charles 25 M Ire. Fisherman
(This does not match up with any Charles Gall. On B.I., although there were "Charles" in the Tyrone Gall. And in Philipine's family)
Kaverly, John 24 M Germ. Fisherman

10 Reynolds, S.
Reynolds, S. 45 M ME. Woodchopper

11 Kepfilon, C.
Kepfilon, C. 25 M Germ. Woodchopper
Kepfilon, C. 19 F Germ.

12 Dunal, K.
Dunal, K. 35 M Germ. Woodchopper
Dunal, B. 23 M Germ. Woodchopper
Framel, B 36 M Germ. Woodchopper
Carr, John 29 M N.Y. Teamster Can't R or W

13 Dona, N.
Dona, N 55 M Can. Fisherman Can't R or W
Hanchson, F 35 M Germ. Fisherman

14 Reynolds, Simeon
Reynolds, Simeon 45 M ME. Woodchopper

Korval, John 40 M Germ. Woodchopper
Clintworth, Henry 35 M Germ. Woodchopper
(Could this be Wentworth?)
Seymour, Ira 45 M N.Y. Carpenter and Joiner
Keough, John 35 M Ire. Fisherman
Dalton, John 23 M N.Y. Teamster
Holaday, J. 38 M Ire. Woodchopper
Spink, Henry 23 M Germ Teamster
Corrigan, E. 35 M Ire. Fisherman
(An Owen and Celia Corrigan bough land Jan 13, 1857 on McCauley's Bay.

Lerue, John 36 M N.Y. Merchant
Cooper, William 18 M N.Y. Fisherman
Gollup, Calvin 19 M N.Y. Fisherman

17 Gear, John
Gear, John 29 M Germ Woodchopper
Gear, Ann 29 F Germ
Gear, David 5/12 M N.Y.
Myer, Martin 31 M Germ Woodchopper
Huntington, Ralph 50 M N.Y. Woodchopper

18 Rockwell, C.J.
Rockwell, C.J. 22 M N.Y. Teamster
Rockwell, A.M. 19 F N.Y.
Rockwell, A.L. 4/12 M Mich.
O'Noal, Hannah 18 F N.Y.
Stodman, T. 23 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Carry, John L. 24 M Ohio Cooper

19 Burton, E.E.
Burton, E.E. 31 M VT Woodmerchant
Burton, J.C. 20 M VT Woodmerchant
Burton, A.H. 27 F N.Y.
Burton, Catherine 4 F Mich.
Burton, M.E. 4/12 F Mich.
Bart, Jane E. 28 F N.Y.

20 Barry, A.
Barry, A. 40 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Barry, Daniel 30 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Barry, Geo 20 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Barry, Sarah 22 F Ohio
Barry, Aa 5 F Ohio
Barry, Albert 3 M Wisc.
Stedman, Thomas 24 M N.Y. Woodchopper
Brown, Geo 24 M N.Y. Teamster
Scruby, Geo 23 M N.Y. Teamster
Frazier, James 28 M Scot. Teamster
(Frazier [?]erkes made 1st plat of St. James)

21 Ross, Benjamen
Ross, Benjamen 37 M Can. Lighthouse Keeper
Ross, Mary Ann 36 F N.Y.
Ross, Charles H. 15 M Ohio

22 Graham, Lemuel
Graham, Lemuel 60 M Penn. Woodchopper

23 Oliver, Joseph
Oliver, Joseph 31 M Penn. Fisherman
Oliver, [?] 27 F Mich. Can't R or W
Oliver, Joseph 2 M Mich.
Ryarson, Mary 7 F Mich.
Dean, John 23 M Can. Fisherman
Miller, J.B. 25 M Can. Carpenter

24 Stronsk, Joseph
Stronsk, Joseph 36 M Scot. Lumberman R. $4000
Stronsk, Jane 39 F Can.
Stronsk, Joseph 5 M blank
Stronsk, Elizabeth 2 F blank
Brady, James M. 22 M Scot Sawyer
Brown, John 22 M Ire. Sawyer Can't R or W
Taylor, Alorn [?] 18 M Penn. Sawyer
Warren, James 64 M N.Y. Lumberman
Curtiss, F.W. 45 M VT Sawyer
Robinson, Martin 20 M Ire. Teamster

25 Dean, Lewis
Dean, Lewis 30 M VT Sawyer
Dean, A.H. 29 F VT
Dean, Ellen J. 4 F Mich.
Rathborn, Anthony 50 M R.I. Teamster

26 O'Neal, James
O'Neal, James 25 M Ire. Lumberman Can't R or W
O'Neal, Catherine 25 F Ire. Can't R or W
Gisness, Casle 27 M Nor. Lumberman
Vanson, William 2(?) M Nor. Lumberman Can't R or W
Glaston, Samuel 28 M Scot. Lumberman Can't R or W

27 Mason, Antoine
Mason, Antoine 39 M Can. Carpeneter
Mason, Julia 38 F Can.
Mason, Antoine Jr. 16 M Can. Carpenter
Mason, Catherine 15 F Can.
Mason, Julia 13 F Wisc.
Mason, Emily 11 F Wisc.
Mason, Odil 8 M Wisc.
Mason, Feleman 6 F Wisc.
Mason, Joseph 3 M Wisc.

28 Mateland, Henry
Mateland, Henry 24 M Scot. Lumberman
Mateland, John 23 M Can. Lumberman

29 Stronach, John
Stronach, John 55 M Scot. Lumberman R. Est. $100
Stronach, Isabella 50 F Scot

30 Stronach, James
Stronach, James 30 M Can. Lumberman R. Est. 5000
Stronach, Sarah 18 F Can.

31 Stronach, Adam
Stronach, Adam 26 M N.Y. Lumberman R. Est. 200
Stronach, Lucy 17 F Can.
Stronach, John 16 M Can. Lumberman
Stronach, Isabella 15 F Can.
Swan, Robert 25 M Eng. Lumberman

42 Finni, Owen
Finni, Owen 36 Ire. Lumberman R. Est. 150
Finni, Bridget 24 Ire.
Finni, Michael 28 Ire. Lumberman
McCormick 20 Can. Lumberman
Baxter, Andrew 30 Ire. Lumberman
Finni, Catherine 24 Ire.
Finni, Bridget Conn.

43 Garey, James
Garey, James 30 Ire. Lumberman
Garey, Miles 21 Ire. Lumberman
Garey, Francis 24 Ire. Lumberman
(#43-with a lot of other lumberman and John and Mary Mayhew)

44 Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph 54 M N.H. Lumber R. Est. 8000
This is not the Joseph Smith on BI in 1860.
Smith, Lucy 48 F ME
Smith, Gardner B. 18 M ME Lumberman
Smith, Adelaide 16 F ME
Smith, Augustis 13 M ME Lumberman
Then follows a bunch of lumberman whose names don't ring a bell

Doyle, Corneaus 28 Ire Lumberman
Murphy, Roth 25 Ire Laborer
(in #45 with a bunch of lumberman)
O"Brien 35 Ire Lumberman
(in #50, home of Eli Bentley , also a Lumberman)
(Too old for John O'B on BI)

52 Barrett, John
Barrett, John 32 Ire Tavern Keeper R. Est. 1000
Barrett, Amanda 25 Penn.
Barrett, Francis 40 Ire. Tavern Keeper
Barrett, James 28 Barkeeper
Booker, David 30 unkn. Servant Black
Booker, Cynthia 25 MO
Booker, George 10 MO
Baldwin, Joseph 32 Mass Lumberman

Rail, Richard 32 Ire. Laborer
(#54, a rooming house for laborers)
In this same house is-
Williams, William D. 30 N.Y. Laborer (Born 1820)
Williams, Owen 4 Wisc.

59 Flinn, Martin
Flinn, Martin 22 Ire. Lumberman
Flinn, Mary 20 Ire.
Fand, Henry 7 M Wisc.
The whole household

66 Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward 33 Ire. Lumberman
Brown, David 28 Ire. Lumberman
Brown, Hannah 26 Ire.
Brown, Hannah 1 Mich.


75 Miller, Lewis A.
Miller, Lewis A. 25 Can. Merchant
Miller, Catherine 26 Ire.
Miller, Henry 4 Mich.
Miller, Edward 3 Mich.
Miller, Archebald 6/12 Mich.
Miller, Maragaret Kelly 60 Ire.

Valentine, Patrick 24 Ire. Cooper
(Lives in home of H. K. Cowles, merchant #80.)

O'Connor, John 27 Ire. Lumberman
O'Connor, Catherine 25 Ire.
(Lives in #87, home of Horace Boardman, with a lot of Lumberman.)

Cody, Thomas 27 Ire. Lumberman
(in home of Hiram Gale #89 with a lot of other Lumberman.)

In #95, lives Francis Perez (?) R.C. Minister from Austria Leopoldine?

99 Lasley, Edmond
Lasley, Edmond 27 Mich. Fisherman
Lasley, Therese 20 Mich. Can't R or W
Lasley, Therese 1 Mich.

101 Mrah, Ignes
Mrah, Ignes 40 Austria R.C. Priest (all household)

Neacham, Daniel 40 Ire. Fisherman
(Lives in #106, a boarding house of fisherman (from Mich, N.Y., ect) kept by;
McDonald, A. 26 Scot. Fisherman
McDonald, C. 23 F Ire

108 Banon, Thomas
Banon, Thomas 30 Ire. Lumberman
Banon, Elizabeth 27 Ire.
(Live in house of David Oliver from N.Y. with 3000 R. Est. with a lot of bachelor lumberman, Elizabeth probably a servant.)

111 Parl [sson?], Joseph
Parl [sson?], Joseph 25 Ire. Fisherman
(Lives in batchlor Fisherman's house, no women, the only Irishman.)

House of Isaac Wilson and wife Sarah. He is a fisherman, boards a lot of fisherman
Dixson, James 24 Ire. Fisherman
116 McKinley, James
McKinley, James 32 N.Y. Fisherman
McKinley, Sarah Ann 32 N.Y.
McKinley, James D. 9 Ohio
McKinley, William A. 8 Mich.
McKinley, Mary E. 5 Mich.
McKinley, Martha A. 3 Ohio
Christie, John 35 Isle of Mann Fisherman
Rouse, George 18 unkn. Fisherman
deRelote, Adelaide 18 Can.
(Probably son of Charles in 40 Census, age 61, brother of Peter on BI? He was 39 this Census both born N.Y.)
(No, James and Peter were brothers.)

House of Stephen Maxen, fisherman and wife boarding other fisherman among them;
Rogers, Patrick 22 Ire. Fisherman

House of W. Horton, fisherman, and wife have a lot of Coopers and Fisherman, among them;
Henry, James 25 Ire. Cooper

126 Panette, Patrick
Panette, Patrick 23 Ire. Cooper
Panette, Elizabeth 24 Mich.
(They were married within year; they are followed by a long list of batchlor coopers and fisherman.)
Panette, Ormond 56 Ire. Cooper
Panette, John 12 Ire
Panette, Hannah 20 Ire.

138 Dagnow, Thomas
Dagnow, Thomas 28 Ire. Lumberman
Dagnow, Hannah 18 Ire.
Connell, John 21 Ire. Lumberman
Connell, Mary 21 Ire.

141 Gordon, Patrick
Gordon, Patrick 30 Ire. Sawyer
Gordon, Ann 29 Ire.
Gordon, Thomas 6 Can.
Gordon, Catherine 4 Can.
Gordon, Edmond 1 Ill.
Morrow, James 23 Ire. Sawyer
Gorman, Thomas 23 Ire. Sawyer
Austin, Richard 27 Ire. Sawyer
Ferguson, Joh n 25 Ire. Sawyer
Lyne, Anthony 23 Fra. Sawyer

Is the house of Alice Brown 41, born in Ire. She is a widow with all her children, ages 22-5, born in N. Brunswick.

Is a household with 33 names including;
Millon (?), T. 25 Ire. Sawyer
Dolton, Thomas 21 Ire. Sawyer
Doyle, Michael 26 Ire. Rafts man
(Heading the list, probably the proprietors, is G. Hoffman, "gentleman", age 57, and his wife Charlotte, age 46. I'll bet she didn't have time to be a "gentlewoman" with no other woman in the house.

145 Croke, Hugh
Croke, Hugh 29 Ire. Lumberman
Croke, Margaret 20 Ire.
Croke, Edward 5 Prince Edward Isle
Croke, Catherine 4 N. Brunswick
Croke, Fenton 4/12 Ill.

Is a boarding house with mostly lumberman and few farmers, 24 names in all, kept by;
R__bell [?], John 39 Eng. Laborer
R__bell, Rosanna 30 Ire.
R__bell, Anna 3 ME.
McBride, A.M. 28 Ire. Lumberman
King, T.E. 24 Ire. Lumberman
Boyle, M 25 Ire. Lumberman
Conny, M 22 Ire. Lumberman
Teller, John 24 Ire. Lumberman
Mahony, T. 22 Ire. Lumberman