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Church Records Letter E

Hugh Early


1864 church membership:

Hugh Early (all there is in record)

Bapt., April 8, 1866:

Mary Early

Parents: Hugh Early & Bridget O'Donnell


Same parents:

Gracey Early, Nov. 5, 1868

Michael Early, Mar. 28, 1871


In 1870 census the family has joined him from Canada. Census shows Hugh, born 1863, Canada, & Francis, born 1864, in Mich., but his birth record is not in church record.



John Early

Bapt., Mar. 21, 1873:

Patrick Early

Parents: John Early & Margaret Sharkey



Margaret Early, April 7, 1910, age 79 (church records)

Margaret Shartsey (Sharkey), April 6, 1910, age 70, bladder trouble; married; parents John

Sharkey & Mary O'Donnell (Charl.).



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