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MCCXIX The same year died William Marshall the Elder, Earl Marshall & Earl of Pembroke, who by his wife, the daughter of Richard Strongbow, Earl of Stroygul, had five sons; the eldest was called William, the 2 nd Walter, the 3 rd Gilbert, the 4 th Anselm, & the 5 th Richard, who lost his life in the War of Kildare. Every one successively enjoyed the earldom of their father, & all died without issue. So the inheritance devolved to the sisters, namely the daughters of their father, who were Maud Marshall the eldest, Isabel de Clare the 2 nd, Eva de Breous the 3 rd, Joan de Mount Chensey the 4 th, and Sibill, Countess of Firrars, the 5 th. Maud Marshall was married to Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, who was Earl Marshall of England in right of his wife.


- The Annals of Ireland in Britannia, Vol. 3, 1753 (Mil. Lib.)

This book also has a long account of the Revolt of the Earls of Ulster under Elizabeth & the defeat of the rebels by Montjoy.

- Britannia, or a Chorographical Description of Great Britain & Ireland

Together with Adjacent Islands, written in Latin by William Camden,

Clarenceux, King at Arms; & translated into English with Additions &

Improvements; revised, digested, & published by Edmund Gibson

_____ late Lord Bishop of London, MDCCLIII