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(na cealla beaga - "the little churches")

Pop. - 724

Houses - 126


On the plantation of Ulster, 200 acres of land were granted by James I to Roger Jones, Esq., on condition he lay out the site of a town, building 20 houses with lands for Burgesses, & assigning convenient spots for marketplaces, a church, a churchyard, a public school & playground, & 30 acres of commons.

Is the head of a coast guard district with a force of 4 officers & 56 men (distributed in 7 stations), under the control of a resident inspecting commander.

A constabulary police force is located here.

The harbor is nearly circular in form, well-sheltered, & accessible to ships of considerable burden.

When the town was disenfranchised with Union, the 15,000 pounds compensation went to Henry, Earl of Conyngham.

There is a spacious & neat R. C. chapel.

About 250 children are taught in two public schools, of which the parochial school is supported by the Co. Robertson Fund. There are also 3 private schools, in which are about 140 children.

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