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Place Names

Many of these have been lost, particularly where Irish has ceased to be spoken; many left are hard to understand, owing to the English surveyors' attempts to write down a language they did not understand. In some cases the map error has passed into ordinary use.

Muine Sceilp = money scalp (the shrubbery of the chasm)

Fidh na gcaer = Vinegar Hill (woods of the berries)

Shabh - ordinary word for hill

Cnoc (English knock) - a high, craggy top

Beann (English ben) - mountain

Boreens - rough lane

Killybegs (na cealla beaga) - the little churches

Kilcar (Cill Chartha) - St. Carthach's church

Carrick (an Charring) - the rock

- D. D. C. Pochin Mould, The Mountains of Ireland, p. 27 (Mil. Lib.)