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1776 Unsigned Letter

Detroit 2d April 1776

Detroit is garrisoned by 120 Soldiers of the 8th, regt commanded by Capt Richard Berenger Lernoult, the soldiers seem indifferant about the present unhappy Disputes. An attack has been long suspected From Fort Pitt and Fasines prepared for Defence of the Citadal. at present there is none suspected for this season. a Serjant and 12 men mounte guard in the town, and A Corporal and 4 men in the Citadal, half their number are centries. Supplies of amunition and provisions are received from canada By the way of Niagara. of the Former there is about a Tun of Powder, ball And Shott in proportion, of the Latter Sufficient to next August or Sept. The French are desirous of remaining neuter, there is no Noblesse among Them to stir them up. the English are in General well disposed, there is two Priest, one on the S E side of the river (a Jesuit Pere Poutie) the other In the Fort (a Recolet Pere Semple) The Millitia are Embodid, but not Deciplined or Exercised. their number is about 350 which includes all able To bear arms, their Capts are Piere Reaume, Joseph Bundes, Jacque Campeau, Bapt Chapaten, Phillip Dijean, and James Sterling, their intention are to Remain neuter. The savages are wavering, and divided, Frequent Councils have been, and are held with them, By the commanding officer asisted By Jeru Hay Indian Agent at this place. they are desired to Oppose Any Body of men that may penetrate into their Country. this is All that has transpired and it does not appear that any general Combination is Formed among them. There is two armed Schooners On the Lake Bellonging to the Crown, mounting 12 Six pounders each, the Largest the General Gage is commanded by James Andrews, the other the Dunmore Is commanded by David Bolton, Besides these, there is two Schooners and two Sloops bellonging to Capt Alexdr who commands the whole Naval Department, and one Sloop bellonging to Mesrs. McTavish and McBeth William Rinhen Commands one of the Sloops called the Angelica the others are At present without Masters. To man the whole there is 30 Seamen and Servants, among that number are very few seamen and not one Gunner, they are generally disatisfied with the Service, and will make a poor resistance. The Vessels commands the Fort, which is only defended by a Stocade of Picquets about 9 Feet out of the earth, without Frize or ditch. The Picquets are mostly cedar, and generally Sound. There is about 20 Boats at the place capable of car[rying] [ Ms. torn] Barrels each, and boards Sufficient to build 60 more.

The armed Schooners are at Fort Erie (an Insignificant [fort] garrisoned by 20 Men) during the months of may and June, one of them once took all the others, with Detroit and Michilimackinack falls Presguile is only Ninety miles from Fort Erie.

From: INFORMATION REGARDING DETROIT. In The Revolution on the Upper Ohio, 1775-1777. Edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites and Louise Phelps Kellogg. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1908:147 -151.

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Dunn, Walter S. Detroit and the Revolution. Detroit Historical Society Bulletin 1969 25 (8): 4 - 13.