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1781 Harrow

In the days of crudely built vessels made of poorly seasoned timber a visit to the shipyard was needed at the end of most trips.

Friday, 10th Aug. Wind N.E. mild warm weather - The People about the necessary duty on board, sent the Boatswm with 4 hands to the ShipYard to get the Pump Spear mended.

Friday, 24th Aug. Wind variable moderate weather - at day brake got under way, turned over the bar about noon - at 5 P.M. came to of Detroit wharff- after waiting on the Comdg officer hauld to the vessel and landed the Troops

Saturday 25th Aug. Wind S.W. light breezes - unbent the Mainsail & flying Gib and carryed them to the Sail Loft - The vessel found unfit to return to Mk'c - got part of the ballast hove into batteaux to be landed The Boatswn. & 2 Hands assisting on board the Dunmore at heaving down.

Sunday 26th Aug. Wind W. squally weather - In the forenoon hove out the remainder of the ballast - weighed and run the vessel up abreast the Shipyard - laid an anchor ashore and hove her in - unbent the sails and unreeved all the running rigging.

Monday 27 Aug. Wind S.W. cloudy weather - The people all employed about heaving down the Dunmore and overhauling her rigging...

Tuesday 28th Aug. Wind variable rainy weather - All the People assisting at heaving down the Dunmore and overhauling her rigging and Sails.

Wednesday 29th. Wind N. cloudy weather - receivd Capt. Beaton's orders to see the Dunmore riggd - got the T. mast and T. Gallonmasts on end and yards across this day - The Carptr's employed onboard.

Thursday 30th Aug. Wind N.W. squally weather - The People employed on board the Dunmore and in the sail Loft Carptrs finishing on board afternoon got in the Bolsprit.

Tuesday 9th Oct. Wind variable in the Morning - latter part S.W. fresh Breezes - about 1 A.M. got over the Bar and came to in the mouth of the River the wind failing us - about 7 again weighed in company with Felicity on her way up, and got up to Detroit by 3 P.M. - when came to in company with the Gage no other work done

Wednesday 10 Oct. Wind S. W. fresh Breeze - In the Morning haul'd the vessel to the wharf - the Gage having then swong to her anchor - unrigg'd the T Masts and carryed them to the Shipyard - The M.T. Mast being sprung - afternoon begun to unload the vessel, in the evening the Gage sail'd.

Thursday 11th Oct. Wind W. cloudy wr. First part of the day unloaded the vessel - afternoon the Gunner with some Hands getting ballast, the others getting the shears on board to get out the lower Masts - rece'd orders from Capt Grant to remain in the Dunmore.

Friday 12 Oct. Wind S.W. moderate weather - got out both the lower Masts and shortned them, the Gunner and some Hands ballasting the vessel - Carpenters making new poul Top Masts

Saturday 13th Oct. Wind S.W. fresh Breeze with rain - The Gunner with some Hands getting the last of the ballast on board, All the others rigging the vessel.

Saturday 17th Nov. Wind variable - The People with four Hands from the Shore loading the vessel with wood [at Grosse Ile]

Sunday 18 Nov. Wind S.W. fresh Breeze - compleated loading the vessel about Noon when got under way and run up to Detroit by 5 P.M. came to of the Shipyard and hauled the vessel to the Bank - in company with the Faith.

Wednesday 21st. Wind variable squally weather - The People with 4 Hands from the Shipyard unloading the wood.

Thursday 22nd Nov. Wind N.W. frosty weather with showers of Snow - The People all employed as Yesterday - unbent the new Sails and put them on Shore.

Friday 23d Nov. Wind N.E. frosty weather - First part of the day finish'd unloading the firewood about 4 P.M.

From: FROM THE LOGBOOK OF CAPT. ALEXANDER HARROW, IN COMMAND OF THE "ANGELICA" JULY 27 - SEPT. 2, AND THE "DUNMORE," SEPT. 2 - NOV. 23, 1781. Burton Historical Collection Leaflet, Vol. 2, no. 3 January 1924: 26 -29.