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Ernest Hemingway fishing with Waldo Peirce, ca 1927 / 4X6.5 / B&W (reverse "credit and return to Waldo Peirce Searsport Maine)

Ernest Hemingway 4X6 (typed label on reverse: "Ernest Hemingway, whose first novel in eight years, "To Have or Have Not," will be published October 18 (1937), by Scribners. Photograph taken in Spain by Jorvis Ivens" / Handwritten on reverse:"Ernest Hemingway, writer 10-11-37"

Ernest Hemingway in suit with drink in hand, ca 1930s / 6X8 / B&W

Ernest Hemingway shooting shotgun on range in Cuba, 4 February 1953 / 4.5X7 / B&W

Ernest Hemingway with Gregorio Fuentes presenting his Nobel Prize medal, Cuba, ca 1956 / 8X10 / B&W (handwritten on reverse: Hemingway, Ernest Dondando eu medallo du Premier Nobel a la Caridad du Cobre, 1954)"

Ernest Hemingway after his African Airplane Crash.