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Appendix 3

Elected Leaders of the Michigan Oil And Gas Association

Association elected leadership is an arduous task, with thousands of hours and miles expended in the industry's interest at the expense of one's business, leisure and family. Those who have chosen to sacrifice for the sake of the Michigan petroleum exploration and production industry to serve as elected chief executive office of MOGA are:


MOGA Presidents

1934-35-36 Howard Atha, Gordon Oil Company

1937-38 Floyd A. Calvert, Pure Oil

1939-40 Harold M. McClure, Sr., Rex Oil Company

1941 George W. Meyers, Sun Oil Company

1942-43 Kurt H. deCousser, Socony Vacuum (forerunner of Mobil)

1944-45 James C. Graves, Basin Oil Company

1946 W. P. Clarke, Gulf Oil Company

1947 Charles W. Teater, Independent

1948 George B. Talbot, Independent

1949-50 James C. Foster, Socony Vacuum

1951 I. W. "Bucky" Hartman, Gordon Oil Company

1952 J. V. Wicklund, Sr., Independent

1953-54 T. Glenn Caley, Basin Oil Company

1955-56 J. Walter Leonard, Independent

1957-58 E. Allan Morrow, Roosevelt Refinery

1959-60; Hugh D. Crider, Muskegon Development Company

1961-62 Harold M. McClure, Jr., McClure Oil Company

1963-64 John V. Wicklund, Jr., Independent

1965 O. H. Kristofferson, Independent

1966-67 C. John Miller, Miller Brothers Oil Company

1968-69 William C. Myler , Muskegon Development Company

1970-71 G. R. "Rollie" Denison, Lease Management, Inc.

1972-73 K. P. Wood, Independent

1974-75 Louis A. Erber, Smith Petroleum Corporation

1976-77 Clyde E. "Gene" Miller, Miller Brothers Oil Company

1978-79 Richard J. Burgess, Northern Michigan Exploration Company (NOMECO)

1980-81 Byron J. Cook, Cook Brothers

1982-83 Robert J. Mannes, Independent

1984-85 Vance W. Orr, Sr., Michigan Petroleum Exploration Company


MOGA Chairmen of the Board

1986-87 Sidney J. Jansma, Jr., Wolverine Gas and Oil Company

1988-89 H. Jack Miller, Miller - Brothers

1990-91 Jack Harkins, Lease - Management, Inc.

1992-93 Vance W. Orr, Jr., Michigan Petroleum Exploration Company

1994095 Gordon L. Wright, NOMECO

1996-97 Martin G. Lagina, Terra Energy, Ltd.

1998-99 William C. Myler, Jr., Muskegon Development Company

2000-01 Michael J. Miller, Miller Energy

2002-03 Greg Fogle, Independent

2004-2005 James R. Stark, Summit Petroleum

Serving as the chief elected leader of the Michigan Oil And Gas Association can sometimes become a family affair. Five Michigan oilfield families have furnished the Association with fathers and sons who became President/Chairman of the Board:

Harold M. McClure, Sr. (1939-40) and Harold M. McClure, Jr. (1961-62)

John V. Wicklund, Sr. (1952) and John V. Wicklund, Jr. (1963-64)

C. John Miller (1966-67) and Michael J. Miller (2000-01)

William C. Myler (1968-69) and William C. Myler, Jr. (1998-99)

Vance W. Orr, Sr. (1984-85) and Vance W. Orr, Jr. (1992-93)

Mt. Pleasant oil and gas men have also played an important role in MOGA, Of the Michigan Oil And Gas Associations 40 chief elected officers, 14 have been from Mt. Pleasant.


Howard Atha ,1934-35-36

W. P. Clarke, 1947

I. W. "Bucky" Hartman, 1951

J. Walter Leonard, 1955-56

E. Allan Morrow, 1957–58

John V. Wicklund, Jr., 1963-64

O. H. Kristofferson , 1965

G. R. "Rollie" Denison, 1970-71

K. P. Wood, 1972-73

Vance W. Orr, 1984-85

Jack Harkins, 1990-91

Vance W. Orr, Jr., 1992-93

William C. Myler, Jr., 1998-99

James R. Stark , 2004-05

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