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Owing to my journalistic background, I'm not a footnote kind of guy and since I identify sources of quotes in the text, there is no need for a bibliography.

However, a few word of credit are due however.

  • A great deal of the narrative regarding the early days of Michigan petroleum exploration (in addition to my own research) have been borrowed, rephrased, or blatantly stolen from my predecessor as Michigan Oil & Gas News (MOGN) Managing Editor Norman X. Lyon, who wrote a column for the publication called " Sample Bag" for the magazine into the 1980s and provided an outstanding treatise on early Michigan petroleumdom in the June 13, 1975 Progress Edition 1925-1975 edition of Michigan Oil & Gas News.
  • Dick Bolton, who served as Editor of the Michigan Oil & Gas News between 1973 and 1981 was Sundance Kid to my Butch Cassidy in my early days as General Manager of the publication. We established many of the procedures and reports that continue as the publication's staples. Dick's photography is a large part of the photo database that accompanies this exhibit.
  • Roger Lintemuth, MOGN Associate Editor 1983-1991, who with fellow Associate Editor (then) Scott Bellinger wrote many of the Michigan county petroleum history articles that with mine appeared in the Michigan Oil & Gas News Michigan Oil & Gas Story: County by County, edited by me in 1991.
  • Scott Bellinger, current Editor of the Michigan Oil & Gas News, a friend and associate since 1982, who meets all the criterion of the hitherto thanked, and more, for taking the MOGN into the future.
  • Clarke Historical Library director Frank Boles, whose superior editing expertise rendered my ramblings "suitable for academic consumption."
  • Lastly, me. I've drawn upon my regular Michigan Oil & Gas News column "View from the Monkeyboard" which first appeared in 1999, articles I've done in the 32 years I've worked for the publication, and the two books I've edited, Michigan Oil & Gas Story: County by County, published in 1991 and Michigan Oil & Gas News 60 th Anniversary Photo Review, published in 1993. In discussing all this writing, MOGA President Frank Mortl quipped, "Serving a Great Industry in a Great State" [has] served well in assembling this ramble through The Michigan Basin's oil and gas exploration and production heritage."

Any omissions of people, places and events in this narrative are strictly my own, not by plan nor intent. And if I missed a big important one, my apologies in advance for any offense taken, none was intended - JRW.