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​1944 - Art Cummings, Stuart "Shorty" Merrill, "Shorty" Morgan, Frank Mortimer, John Rullison 1942 Ed Bouwsma, Lee C Miller​ 1942 - Michigan Governor Van Wagner, Walter Russell, Harold McClure Sr 1942- Deck Stewart, R.A.T. Wright, Paul Butterworth​

​1940s Blythefield Country Club outing, Grand Rapids ​1942 -Elizabeth Shoemaker, William Shoemaker ​1943- Hunter Atha at war ​1940- Herm Miller, Spencer Cook

​1943- Ray Wilkins announces his new "spudder" ​1944- Noah Andrews,Frances Dunn, Wallie Pardoe ​1943- Stuart " Shorty" Merrill ​1945 - Bill Borroughs, William Peck, J.V. Wicklund, Don Rayburn

​1947-Leonard Refineries catalytic cracking plant open house. ​1945 war bond party at Mt. Pleasant - Floyd Mitchell (seated) sells a bond to F. O. Wilkins ​1945 war bond party at Mt. Pleasant... ​SCOUT CHECK, 1944 ...

​1949- Richard Wolcott, Vance Orr Sr. ​1945 - trout opener-Bob Bloomer, George Scheid ​1947-Leonard Refineries catalytic cracking plant open house. 1945 - Rolland Stewart, IPAA Executive Secretery Col. Fell...

​1944-I.W. Hartman, Captain Walter Wycoff ​1945-Bill Borroughs, William Peck, J.V. Wicklund Sr, Don Rayburn ​1947- Vance Orr Sr. ​1947-William H. Strickler, Charles Pardoe

​1945-W. P. Clarke ​1945-Glen Caley ​1942-Glenn Sleight, Harry Gaspeny ​1947-Geologist Bill Brown

​1944-Eddie Prior, Worth Dafoe, Billy Mee ​1941-Walter McClanahan ​1940-Howard Atha, Floyd Calvert, Harold McClure Sr., Geroge Myers ​1940-W. P. Clarke

​1941-Clifford Perry, Danny Stauffer ​1945-Art Cook, Bob Bloomer, Art Williams ​1944-Milt Shine, Don Leonard, Lee Browning, T.R. Russell, G. Jake Thorne ​1940-Wally Pardoe

​1946-Alan Morrow, Vance Orr Sr ​1946-State Geologist Dr. R.A. Smith ​1948-Earl Hartman ​1942-Don Rayburn

​1948-George Hanners ​1948-Phil Hurry ​1943-Norm Lyon, Frank Rand ​1941-Sample Bags with geological cuttings for analysis

​1948-E. L. Benny, J. M. Roberts ​1941-Bill Albright, Les Weekly ​1942-(Top l. to r.) F. F. Sherwood, Glen Hatch, O. W. Connely, Frank DeWitt (Bottom) Howard J. Allem, Ken Smith ​1946-John A. Thompson, Otto Bogner Jr, Roy Hirks, Otto Bogner Sr, E. Harry Linoberry, Leonard Harens

​1944 - Norman Stevens, H.P. Lockwood