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Multi-Generational Oil Families

​1997 - Steve Bigard (2nd l.) and Jim Bigard (2nd from r.) with... ​Tom Caley, T. Glenn Caley Cliff Collin, Bill Collin (inset 1), Dennis Collin (inset 2)​

​Mike Cowen, Tim Cowen (inset) ​Jack Elenbaas and Doug Elenbaas with MOGA President Frank Mortl and Dean Russell ​John Fowler, Dick Fowler

​Jack Goodale, Pat Goodale ​Howard Goosman with Dick Fowler & Lou Erber. Tom Goosman (inset 1) ​Sidney J. Jansma. Sidney J. Jansma Hr. and Sidney J. Jansma III (inset)

​Bill Cook, Byron Cook, Jeff Cook (inset: Byron Cook, Art Cook, Bill Cook) ​Byron P. Gallagher (center) with... ​Larry Kinney, Randy Kinney (inset)

​Jack Long, Dave Long (inset 1), Jack Long Jr. (inset 2), Bob Long (0nset 3) ​Tom Mall, Todd Mall, Angela (Mall) Admas. Jack Mall (inset) ​Mabre Maness (r.) with Jim Barwick. Tim Maness (inset 1). Dave Maness (inset 2)

​Gary McAleenan, George McAleenan, Mike Barratt ​Harold McClure Sr., Harold McClure, Jr (inset) ​C John Miller, Clyde E "Gene" Miller, H. Jack Miller...

​Glen Mannes, Robert J. Mannes (inset 1), Robert G. Mannes (inset 2) ​Bill Muzyl, Art Muzyl ​Vance W. Orr Sr., Vance W. Orr Jr (inset)

​T.D. "Dwain" Provins, Gary Provins (inset) ​Paul Schmude, Dennis Schmude ​Lud Segerlund, Glen Segerlund (inset)

​1999 - Bill Roth (l.)with Lew Sibley and Terry Sibley ​William D. Strickler (l.) and William J. Strickler... ​1979- IPAA New Orleans Ed Turner, Fred Turner

​Walter Scott Westbrook, H. Hood Westbrook (top inset), Jack R. Westbrook (bottom inset) ​1964 - Bill Palmer, J.V. Wicklund Jr (MOGA President 1963-64), Kris Kristofferson (inset: J. V. Wicklund Sr, MOGA President 1952) ​K.P. Wood, Walter Wood (inset)

​Don Yohe, Dan Yohe (inset 1), Brad Yohe (inset 2) ​Stuart "Shorty" Merrill & Wesley W. Merrill (inset) ​Charles Myler, (inset) Bill Myler Jr., Jim Myler, Bill Myler, Frank Mortl, Tom Myler, & Joel Myler

​Bryan Roth, Bill Roth ​Harold Hartman, Aaron Hartman (left inset), Jery Hartman (right inset)