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Other Advertising

Although Michigan Outdoors and travel were the signature advertising programs of the firm, Leonard continued to also sponsor a wide array of other advertisements to bring in customers. It continued to advertise the quality of its products and service, and often coupled this with programs like Leonard’s “winter driving guarantee,” which promised that if you faithfully followed the Leonard service plan, and of course exclusively used Leonard gas, should your car fail to start in the winter Leonard would pay to get it running again.

Leonard also sponsored a wide variety of give-aways and promotions.  For example in 1956 it offered a bicycle at every service station for the child who gathered the most coupons; with one coupon being awarded for every gallon of gas purchased at that station. In 1961Leonard offered customers the opportunity to buy “Golden Rhapsody” chinaware, which was advertised in Vogue magazine for $5.25 a place setting but was available at Leonard stations for only 99 cents, with a minimum purchase of 8 gallons of gas.

The firm regularly gave away or sold at steep discount china, mugs, glass tumblers, thermos bottles and many other products, all of course available to the consumer only after the purchase of a minimum quantity of Leonard gas.