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Avery, Chad. Chief Naakchigaawme Collection. 1 folder
Chief Naakchigaawme was a Chippewa chief in the Saginaw area. He signed the Treaties of 1830, 1837, 1855, and 1864.

The Brady Family in Oceana County before the Civil War. 8 pages.

Chief Little Elk Collection. 1 folder.
Includes a biographical article and copy of a portrait of Chief Little Elk.

Copway, George. Vertical file, Native Americans- Copway, George. 1 file

Corbin, George. Land Patent, 1871.
Land patent for 80 acres in Lincoln Township, Isabella County, Michigan.

Dominic, Robert. Vertical File. Native Americans- Dominic, Robert. 1 file

Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstall. Note on Indian Chief Chabanee. 1 folder.
Brief note on Indian Chief Chabanee who died in 1869, describing his loyalty to Americans during the Black Hawk War.

Jones, Grace. Michigan Native American Collection, 1858, 1878. 1 folder.
Includes a homestead certificate for Joseph L. Key-way-se-say in Traverse City, 1878; Land grant certificates for Kawasa Newi of Emmet City, 1878; and Louis Key-waw-se-say of the Little Traverse Band, 1872.

Indian Dave. Vertical Files. Native Americans- Indian Dave. 1 folder

Includes a five page article from the Crawford County Avalanche, August 21, 2003, about Thomas Ke-chit-ti-go who served in Company K, First Michigan Sharpshooters in the Civil War. Photos included.

Kiwaise, Louis. Collection. One item.
Last will and testament of Kiwaise, from Little Traverse, Emmet County, Michigan with Andrew J. Blackbird as one of the signing witnesses, 1867.

Knaggs, Whitmore. Collection, 1763-1827.
Collection includes family papers for several generations of Knaggs. Included is a petition of George Knaggs for property damage in the War of 1812.

Netemop, Luke. Vertical Files. Native Americans-Netemop, Luke. 1 folder

Pontiac, Ottawa Chief. Vertical File. Native Americans-Pontiac, Ottawa Chief. 1 file

O-Saw-Waw-Bun, Andrew. Land Grant Certificate, 1871. 1 folder.
Land grant certificate to O saw waw bun in Isabella County, Michigan.

Pe-Nay-Ce-Wap, William. Land Patent, 1872. 1 folder.
Land patent for land in Isabella County, Michigan issued in 1872.

Petoskey, Warren F. Correspondence.
Two letters by Petoskey concerning land claims of his family and other Ottawa Indians in Michigan. Also includes a Petoskey family genealogy sketch by Ella Petoskey, dated September 20, 1928.

Pokagon, Simon. Collection. 24 items.
Miscellaneous items about Pokagon and his family and the Pottawatomie Indians. Included are small photographs of Pokagon.

Riley, Stephen V.R. Riley Family Biographical Notes. 1 folder.
Riley had three sons, John, Peter, and James born to an Ojibwa woman, Me-naw-cum-g-go-qua. The Rileys are mentioned in the Treaty of Saginaw, 1819.

Schaedig, Cindy. Collection. 3 folders.
Includes notes about and photographs of Susan Gilbert, an Ottawa Indian resident of Presque Isle County, Michigan.

Shomin, Charles. Papers 1858-1915. 1 folder.
The Shomins were Ojibwa Indians who lived in Cross Village, Michigan. John, John B.S., and Louis all served in Company K, Michigan Sharpshooters during the Civil War. Papers include deeds and legal papers.

Shopenagonis, Chippewa Chief. Vertical File. Native Americans-Shopenagonis. 1 file

Smith, Moses. Land Patent, 1885. 1 folder.
Land patent for Moses Smith in Isabella County, Michigan, recorded in 1885.

Strong, Dennis. Land Patent, 1883, 1885. 1 oversize folder.
Land Patent in Isabella County, Michigan dated November 10, 1883.

Tecumseh. Vertical Files. Native Americans-Tecumseh. 1 file

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Collection. 1 box.
Regarding Chief Pepeyah or Pe-pa-yah, a Potawatomie Chief in Paw Paw, Michigan and his land in Paw Paw, Michigan. Also Indian burials in Paw Paw Township. Includes a photograph of Mrs. Pepeyah.

Watson, Wingfield. Collection.
Includes correspondence from Andrew Blackbird 1891-1905.

Way-Win-Daw-Some. Land Patent, 1871. 1 folders.
Land patent in Isabella County, Michigan.

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