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Carlisle Indian School Collection.
Records and photographs of Carlisle students who had some connection with the Mt. Pleasant Indian School. Sarah Williams Wausakaka, 1892, 1917; Frank Teeple 1900, 1907; Philip Gruet 1913; Mary Jane Silas, 1894; Henry Shawbush 1908, 1915; Julia Edwards 1894; Mary L. Jackson 1894, 1912; Daniel Jackson 1894, 1910; Veronica Holliday 1891, 1907; Minnie Yandall le Sieur 1894, 1911; Susie McDougall 1895, 1914; Samuel Gruet 1890, 1913; James Flannery 1895; Solomon Collins 1893, 1913; and Estelle (Stella) Bradley 1909, 1915.

Dain, Floyd.
Material relating to "Children of the Chippewa, Ottawa and Potawatomie vs the Regents of the University of Michigan. Trial 1971-1980, including briefs, transcripts, orders, exhibits, despostions, Dain's sworn statement as an expert witness, and other legal documents and newspaper clippings relating to the case.

Erkins, Joseph.
Notes of Father Erkins concerning Harbor Springs, Michigan and the Holy Childhood Indian School there.

Friend, Margaret. Indian Mission; The History of the Holy Childhood School and Church, Harbor Springs, Michigan. CMU Term Paper. Undated. (Cannot be copied)

Isabella County Michigan Miscellaneous Collection. 2 boxes.
Contains documents of February 19 and May 28, 1934 covering the transfer of the former Mt. Pleasant Indian School to the State of Michigan.

Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 7 items.
Contains indentures on the sale of land in Isabella County, Michigan for an Indian School and boarding house.

Mount Pleasant Indian School Collection, 1865, 2003.
The collection consists mainly of photocopies of annual reports, newspaper clippings, journal articles, book excerpts, manuscripts and notes documenting various aspects of the history, buildings, grounds, staff and students of the school, the United States Indian school system, and Indian education in Mt. Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant Indian School Collection, 2002.
Photocopies of three lists created by the National Archives from their records. The lists are: "Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial School Students, 1900-1946"(partial listing); "Register of Pupils from Leelanau County, Mount Pleasant Indian School, 1914-1931,"with a note that it is not a complete list; and "Index of Student Case Files, 1912-1946 and 1893-1941"from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Mount Pleasant Indian School Newspaper Excerpt Collection.
An ongoing project to document all reference to the Mount Pleasant Indian School in the Mt. Pleasant newspapers. Currently complete through the mid-1920's.

Padgett, Ora. Thirty-two Years in the United States Indian Service.
Pages 36-41 describe Padgett's years as Superintendent of the United States Indian School in Mt. Pleasant (1924-1926); the students, their curriculum, sports, language, costs, funding, and farms.

Palowoda, Joeyann. Transcription of Superintendents Notes/ Mount Pleasant Indian School, 1892-1934. CMU Term Paper, 2004.

Rivard, Barbara. Holy Childhood Catholic Church and School. CMU Term Paper, 1970. (Cannot be copied)

Holy Childhood is in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Sugars, Rachel. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. 1920.
Handwritten report about the Mt. Pleasant community including the United States Indian School.

United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Superintendents' Annual Narrative and Statistical Reports From Field Jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1907-1938.
Washington, DC: National Archives. 1 reel of microfilm
Reports of the Mt. Pleasant Indian School, 1910-1933.

White, Elmer E. Children of the Chippewa, Ottawa and Potawatomy Tribes,, Petitioners, vs Regents of the University of Michigan, Respondent: Express Trial Brief and Exhibits B and C, 1978.
1 folder

Wood, Jennifer. Crossing Cultures: Native American Employees at the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial School. CMU Term Paper, 2003.

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