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Armstrong, Benjamin G. "Reminiscences of Life Among the Chippewa." Wisconsin Magazine of History 55 (Spring 1972): 175-196; 55 (Summer 1972): 287-309; 56 (Autumn 1972): 37-58; 56 (Winter 1972-1973): 140-161.
Armstrong married a Chippewa woman and spent years among the Lake Superior Chippewa. He died in 1900.

Boutwell, W. T. "Schoolcraft's Exploring Tour in 1832." Minnesota Historical Society Collections 1 (1902): 121-140.
Boutwell was a missionary who accompanied the tour.

Cruikshank, Ernest. "The Diary of an Officer in Indian Country in 1794." Magazine of Western History 11 (February 1890): 383-388.

"First Settlers of Wisconsin." Historical Magazine (October 1857): 295-297.
Augustus Gignon spent time at Mackinac among the Ottawa.

Flavin, Francis. "The Adventurer-Artist of the Nineteenth Century and the Image of the American Indian." Indiana Magazine of History XCVIII (March 2002): 1-29.
Their paintings created an ideal of the American Indian as a generic Plains Indian.

Greenman, E. F. "Wintering in the Lower Peninsula, 1675-1676." Michigan Archaeologist 3 (September 15, 1957): 5 -21.
Henri Nouvel's account with interpretation by Greenman.

Harvey, Arthur. "The Discovery of Lake Superior: A Study from the Jesuit's Journals." Magazine of American History (June 1885): 573-580.
Using Jesuit journals traces the European discovery of Lake Superior in 1660.

Henry, Alexander. "Brother of the Chippewa." Michigan Sportsman 11 (January/February 1986): 30-36+.
Alexander Henry escaped death at the attack on Mackinac because he had been adopted by a Chippewa family. After the attack he lived with the Indians.

Lahontan, Baron. "Michigan in the 1680's." Michigan Archaeologist 3 (March 15, 1957): 11 -21.
Lahotan's account of an expedition in the 1680's.

"Memoir on the Indians of Canada as far as the River Mississippi, with Remarks on Their Manners and Trade, 1718." Michigan Archaeologist 3 (June 15, 1957): 1-9.
A tour through the area.

Whittlesey, Charles. "Among the Otchipwees." Magazine of Western History​ 1 (December 1884): 86-91; 1 (January 1885): 177-192; 1 (February 1885): 335-342.
A first hand account of his impressions of the Chippewas.

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