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The register and the clues it offers for the history of the people in the area.

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A genealogical chart from 1747 to 1931.

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General index of names of the Saganing.

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Wheaton, a Chippewa, was born in 1937 in Taymouth Township.

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Location of the cemetery and list of names on headstones. Most graves are unmarked.

"Indians Residing in Wayland Township, Allegan County, Michigan 1860 and 1870." Michigana 29 (September 1984): 108-109. Listing compiled from the United States Census.

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1725-1821 Register of Marriages in the Parish of Michilimackinac.

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1695 - 1821 Register of Baptisms at the Mission of St. Ignace de Michilimackinac; 1787 Register of Marriages; 1743-1806 Register of Interments; 1787-1821 Miscellaneous Notes in the Register.

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How to trace American Indian ancestry.

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A Chippewa Indian cemetery started about 1840.

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Data obtained from five informants in Calhoun County, Michigan.

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The Griswold list and the Taggart list are transcribed here.

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A member of the John Johnston family tells of descendants.

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A basic listing of sources.

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Compilation of all the Indian deeds recorded in Kent County.

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