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Butt, William G. Michigan Collection on Indian Affairs, 1903-1981. 1 box, 1 volume.
This collection documents Native American issues, legislation, and governmental organizations concerned with the issues in Michigan.

Aboriginal People. National Archives of Canada. 259 reels of microfilm.
The Native Americans of Michigan and Canada intermingled freely. These documents provide information from the Canadian side of the border.

Cass, Lewis. Collection.
This manuscript collection contains newspaper clippings about Lewis Cass and his dealings with Native Americans, arranged in chronological order. 1826-1848 and 1934.

Cederberg, Alfred. 55 boxes.
Cederberg was a Member of the House of Representatives years
Included in this collection are: Maple River Water and Michigan Indians 1975-1978; Michigan Indian Grant; Intertribal Council of Michigan 1969-1970; Michigan Indians 1968-1971; and Michigan Indians Fishing Rights and Legal Issues 1978.

Clifton, James. Papers.
1) Keewenaw Bay Chippewa case documents, 2) Bay Mills Sault Ste. Marie court documents, 3) Isabella Reservation documents, 4) Saginaw Chippewa documents.

Griffin, Robert P. Papers.
Sault Ste. Marie Indian Trust Lands, Box 203.

Harrison, William Henry. 1 folder.
"Voucher! Greenville 10th August, 1873. For the Putawaumies one hundred and ninety eight pounds of beef and flour – and one hundred and ninety two gills of whiskey, Wm. H. Harrison, Comissary."

Hawkins, Charles. Saginaw Indian Sub-Agency, 1836-1846." CMU Term Paper. (Cannot be copied)

Indian Agents and Commissioners of Indian Affairs. Vertical File-Native Americans


Mereness, Newton D. Calendar of Material in the Federal Archives Relating to the Upper Mississippi Valley. Washington, DC: National Archives, 1937. 55 reels of microfilm.

A detailed card index to the documentary materials in the National Archives relating to the history of the upper Mississippi River. Including records from the Department of State, the Senate, the Post Office, the Department of the Interior, and the War Department.

Reinhard, Martin. 1 folder.

Included is a copy of a report by United States Indian Agent George W. Lee, 1881. The report details the activities and problems of members of the Swan Creek and Black River Band and the Saginaw Chippewa tribe at the Isabella Reservation.

Sargent, Winthrop. Winthrop Sargent Papers, 1786-1820. Massachusetts Historical Society. 7 rolls of microfilm.
Arranged chronologically. Includes the dissertation of Benjamin H. Perishing, "Winthrop Sargeant: A Builder in the Old Northwest." Papers include Sargeant's secretaryship and duties and acting governor of the Old Northwest Territory, problems arising from the Indian threat, the preparations for and defeat of the St. Clair expedition against the Indians.

Sibley, Henry Hastings. Henry Hastings Sibley Papers. 1834-1874. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society, 1968. 32 reels of microfilm
Sibley was active in affairs around the Great Lakes in many capacities. He was Governor of Minnesota Territory and a fur trader. His papers include a good account of the fur trade at Mackinac Island.

The Territorial Papers of the United States. Washington, DC: National Archives and Record Service, 1972.
Territory of Michigan 1805-1837. 2 reels of microfilm.
Official records of those federal territories which ultimately became states of the Union. Indian affairs are generally excluded from the series.

United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Papers.
1) Correspondence, February 26, 1902 regarding the amount of acreage in the Isabella Indian Reservation, 2) Huron Potawatomi. Inc. 1995 proposed findings about the recognized federal status of the Huron Potawatomi of Fulton, Michigan, 3) Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Potawatomi Indians of Michigan federal acknowledgement 1997, 1998, 4) Schedule of enrollment of all members of the United Band of Chippewa and Munsee Christian Indians in Kansas, 1900.

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880. Washington, DC: National Archives. 962 reels of microfilm.
Correspondence received by the Central Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. To a large extent the records here reproduced consist of communications received from Superintendents, agents and other field officials of the Bureau. These communications relate to the general situation of the Indians, their population, education, health and medical care, and their agriculture and subsistence. They cover such matters of administrative concern as emigration, land allotments, annuity payments, depredations, claims, complaints, traders, buildings, supplies, employees and accounts.

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Letters Sent by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881. Washington, DC: National Archives. 166 reels of microfilm.
Arranged by date or by category. No tribal or geographic index. Reproduced handwritten transcripts of communications sent by the Office of Indian Affairs during the period March 18, 1824 through January 5, 1882. The letters include instructions to superintendents, agents, and other field officials of the Bureau, reports to the Secretary of War, acknowledgements of and replies to incoming letters, notices of appointment, and many other communications concerning all aspects of the operations of the office.

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Special Files of the Office of Indian Affairs 1807-1904. Washington, DC: National Archives, 1971. 62 reels of microfilm
These records relate principally to claims and investigations. Includes Black Hawk War, Michigan, Ottawa Indians, Potawatomi Indians, Chippewas of Saginaw, Schools, and War of 1812.

United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Records. Washington, DC: National Archives. 1 reel of microfilm.
Selected documents concerning the administration of Indian affairs at the La Pointe and Mackinac Indian agencies 1855-1871. Indian agent was Leach.

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Michigan Superintendency. Washington, DC: National Archives. 72 reels of microfilm
Letters received and sent by the Superintendent and the agents at Mackinac and Sault Ste. Marie, May 31, 1814-April 14, 1851. Rolls 2 and 3 include the letter books of Lewis Cass, ex-offico Superintendent of Indian Affairs 1814-1818.

United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Superintendent of Indian Trade. Letters Sent 1807-1823. Washington, DC: National Archives. 6 reels of microfilm
This position was responsible for purchasing goods for the Indian trade, transmitting those good to the factors on the frontier; receiving, storing and disposing at auction of the ‘furs and peltries' collected in barter with the Indians; purchasing and transmitting, after 1811, goods needed for annunities and presents for the tribes; receiving periodic reports on the trade from the factors; and instructing factors in matters of policy and practice.

United States. Treasury Department. Letters Received by the Secretary of the Treasury Relating to Public Lands (N Series) 1831-1849. Washington, DC: National Archives, 1849. 23 reels of microfilm
These letters relate to such subjects as Indian Territories; preemption rights, letters from members of Congress, narrative reports for Michigan, etc.

United States. War Department. Indian Affairs. Letters Sent by the Secretary of War, 1800-1826. Washington, DC: National Archives. 6 reels of microfilm

United States. War Department. Indian Affairs. Letters Received by the Secretary of War, 1806-1824. Washington, DC: National Archives. 4 reels of microfilm
The responsibility for the conduct and administration of the government's relation with Indian Tribes was entrusted to the Secretary of War in 1789 until the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs within the War Department in 1824. Indian affairs remained the responsibility of the War Department until 1849, when they were transferred to the Department of the Interior. Letters Received has many letters from the Indians themselves demanding redress of grievances, as well as correspondence relating to claims for war losses.

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