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Legend of winter changing to spring.

Belknap, Charles E. "Indian Legend of Plum Orchard." Michigan History 9 (April 1925): 131-135.
Tradition related to Belknap by an Ottawa woman.

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Includes Chippewa stories of Men-a-bou-jou.

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Stories of The Trickster retold by a writer for the Detroit News.

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Native American stories of Spirit Island in Minnesota.

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A review of Queen of the Woods.

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Brief stories.

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Stories from the legends of the Indians.

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The Legend of King Sastaretsi who led his people to Detroit, with explanations.

Helbig, Alethea K. "Manabozho: Trickster, Guide, and Alter Ego." Michigan Academician 7 (Winter 1975): 357-371.
Paper explaining that Manabozho was the guide and representative of every person.

Helbig, Alethea K. "Manabozho of the Great Lakes Indians: As He Was, As He Is." Michigan Academician 11 (Summer 1978): 49-58.
In spite of the passage of about one hundred forty years and numerous changes in Indian life and culture owing to the coming of the whites, Manabozho remains neither entirely human nor wholly a god, but something in between, a little of both.

Leggett, Samuel M. "The Legend of Me-Nah-Sa-Gox-Ning." Michigan History 5 (July/October 1921): 356-363.
Verse of romance at Orchard Lake.

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A previously unpublished romance of the Saginaws.

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An Indian legend.

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These are fables of the Ottawa Indians printed in Schoolcraft's The American Indian.

"The Origin of the Arbutus: An Indian Legend." Magazine of American History (March 1892): 222-224.
Legend of Winter and Spring in the form of poetry.

Sakry, Mark. "Maniboujou and the Thunderbirds: Trickster of Ojibway People." Lake Superior Magazine (October/November 1992): 34-37.
This modern interpretation of an authentic Ojibway legend is based on a translation by Frances Densmore.

Schoolcraft, Henry R. "Wa-Wa-Be-Zo-In, or, The Swing on the Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior." Above the Bridge 9 (Fall 1993): 32-33.
Schoolcraft's story adapted by Alice M. Radcliffe.

Smith, Donald. "The Life of George Copway or Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bowh (1818-1869) - and a Review of His Writings." Journal of Canadian Studies 23 (Autumn 1988): 5-38. (Vertical File-Native Americans-Copway, George).
Raises questions about the historical reliability of Copway's published work about himself and the Ojibway Indians.

"Story of the First Earth: A Chippewah Legend." American Indian (June 1939): 37-39.

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As related to Swift by Albert Wabanossa at Garden River.

Swift, Ivan. "The Indian." Michigan History 11 (April 1927): 185-190.
Kijigobenese family legend of their Lord's ascension retold by Swift.

"Wabus, the Winner." Michigan Sportsman 4 (July/August 1979): 34-35.
A Menominee legend about Rabbit.

"White Swan: A Legend of the Pottawotami." American Indian (June 1939): 62.

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An overview of the Native American literature in the area.

Wright, John C. "Indian Legends of Northern Michigan." Michigan History 2 (January 1918): 81-89.
Stories told by Sophia Bailey, Wright's grandmother.​

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