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Bovee, Fay. Land of Shop-nee-guanse. CMU Term Paper, 1962. (Cannot be copied)
Crawford County.

Conway, Thor A. "Heartland of the Ojibwa." A Paper presented at the 1976 Canadian Archaeological Association Meeting. (Fitting Mss Box 3)
Sault Ste. Marie was the heartland of the Ojibwa. Aside from the major fishery, Sault Ste. Marie sponsored intensive settlement and interaction with cultures in four directions.

Cusak, Helen A. Belding's Yesterday: Pioneer Stories of Our Community. 1957.

Copy of a typed paper on the history about the Indians and pioneers of Belding, Michigan.

Dean, Bernice Pulcipher. Indians of the Yuba, Michigan area. 1971.
Handwritten notes of Dean's remembrances of Native Americans she knew as a child in Yuba, Michigan in the early 1900s.

Dustin, Fred. Papers. 3 boxes
Dustin was a historian of the Saginaw Valley. The collection includes his articles and correspondence with fellow researchers. Includes work on Native Americans and Michigan archaeology.

Gremel, Kay. We-Que-Ton-Sing. CMU Term Paper, 1970. (Cannot be copied)
Emmet County.

Indians of Isabella County and the Saginaw River Valley, Michigan. 1 folder
Two typed articles about the history of the Native Americans in Isabella County and the Saginaw River valley. Authors unknown.

Keller, Mark. Collection.
The Canal Lands of Keweenaw Bay. A Report for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Michigan Agency, 1984.
A Place to Make Sugar: A Saginaw Chippewa Land History. 1970.
Keweenaw Bay Community Documents.
L'Anse Native American Community Documents.
L'Anse Chippewa Land 1883-1981- Background.
Avron Township Project.
Attempts to go to Washington, 1855-1868.
Fond du Lac Treaty Journal, 1826.
General Accounting Officer Ledger ca 1830, Saginaw, Chippewa, Black River paid 1833 Treaty of Chicago.
Saginaw Chippewa Council Minutes 1937-1945.
A Micro-Model of Leadership Among the Ojibwa of Southeast Michigan and Their Descendants. 1995.

Livingston, Esther. Indians of Emmet County. undated CMU Term Paper. (Cannot be copied)

Livingston, Sarah McKinley. Papers. 1 folder
Papers, written sometime after the events she remembered from 1848-1857, including memories of her girlhood on Beaver Island. She had positive memories of the Ojibwa Indians. She also included some history of the Ojibwa Indians.

Minyard, Charles M. The Disappearance of the Isabella Indian Reservation: The Role of Missionaries, Governments, Agents, Lawyers, and Speculators.
A paper written for CMU History 723, 2003. Minyard discusses how various Mt. Pleasant, Michigan white men, and their organizations, cheated local Native Americans out of their land and the timber on it.

Term Paper, 1964. (Cannot be copied)

Muchie, Jack. Ottawa Indians of L'Arbre Croche. CMU Term Paper 1975. (Cannot be copied)

Perry, Ellen. Papers. 2 boxes.
Perry was a local newspaper correspondent. Among her papers are several articles she wrote about Alma and Mt. Pleasant Native Americans. 1) Tragedy of Saginaw Indians, 2) Indian Cemetery Restored, 3) Ancestry of Saginaw Valley Indians, and 4) Bethany Lutheran Cemetery Open House.

Powers, Ella V. Papers. 8 boxes.
Powers was a descendant of the earliest pioneers in Isabella County. In her papers she left a draft for "The Indians of Isabella County" a history of the early days of the reservation. In addition there is a list of Isabella County Civil War soldiers, including Indians, for Isabella County.

Sheffer, Richard. Peshawbestown, Michigan. CMU Term Paper 1970. (Cannot be copied)
Peshawbestown is in Leelanau County.

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