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"Anishnabek: The People of This Place." Grand River Times 14 (May 1993): 1-6.
Bryan Kwapil, curator of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and the exhibit he prepared which focuses on the point of view of the Indians of the area.

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From Cadillac's time to the present.

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There is not a great deal on record.

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Dustin's attempt to record and collect evidence of these trails.

Dustin, Fred. "Some Indian Place Names Around Saginaw." Michigan History 12 (Autumn 1928): 729-739.
Local place names derived from Native American words.

"Early Gratiot History Re-Called in Marking Indian Trail Here." Gratiot Genealogical Group 8 (March 2000): 214-215.
D.A.R. marks the Indian trail which in the early days led from Maple Rapids to St. Louis, Michigan.

Emmert, Darlene Gay. "The Indians of Shiawassee County." Michigan History 47 (June 1963): 127-155; 47 (Spetember 1963): 243-272.
History of the Shiawassee County Native Americans as disclosed by local history evidence.

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Rev. Pah-tah-qua-hong Chase among others.

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A history of the area.

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First occupants of the area were mostly Chippewa Indians.

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Re: The Indians who once lived at Nottawa Lake, Calhoun County.

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How and why the present site was established.

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Response of the Detroit Indian Educational and Cultural Center to accusations.

Kechego, Sandy. "Detroit Report." Indian Talk 3 (March/April 1976): 15.
News of the Detroit Indian Educational and Cultural Center.

McClurken, James. "Strangers in Their Own Land." Grand River Valley Review 4 (1985): 2-25.
The Ottawa have managed, by the power of their will and the skill of their political maneuvers to make a place for themselves in a changing Grand River valley.

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The history of Woodward Avenue is also the history of Detroit.

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From Native American legend to the tourist trade.

Meeczko, Lou. "Detroit Indians Confront." Indian Talk 3 (January 1976): 11-12.
Charges of racial discrimination and cronyism are being made by some American Indians regarding the operation of the Indian Center in downtown Detroit.

"Our Indian Heritage." Kalamazoo Valley Family News Letter 13 (Autumn/Winter 1983): 77-78.
There was an Ottawa Reservation in Oceana and Mason Counties.

"The Sad Story of the Burt Lake Band." Totem Pole 37 (March 5, 1956): 1-6.
How they were cheated out of their land.

"The Saginaw Indians Wished to Keep Their Land." Totem Pole 20 (December 1, 1947): 1-2.
The Riley family in the Saginaw area.

Shonin, Paul. "Outrageous Conduct of Flint Church." Indian Talk 3 (November 1975): 11.
Indians protest a scalping demonstration at the church.

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Discusses some of the Indian paths in what was the old Dearborn Township area.

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A history of the Indians in Oceana County.

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The center opened in Petoskey.

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A history of the area.

Woolworth, Nancy L. "The Potawatomi of the Rouge – 1701-1827." Dearborn Historian 6 (Summer 1966): 31-45.
History of the area and the Potawatomi who lived there.​


Periodicals Not Indexed

Frontier: Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. Mainistee, Michigan.
Have: April-November 1997; January, April, October 1998; January 1999.

Masina'igan: A Chronicle of the Lake Superior Ojibwe. Odanah, WI: Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Have: 1989-2003. scattered issues.

The Sault Tribe News. Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.
Have: 2000-

Tribal Observer. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.
Have: 1993 –

Win Awenen Nisitotung = He Who Understands. Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.
Have: 1983-2000.

Ziibiwing Cultural Society. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.
Have: 2002-

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