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Alscbauch, John. Journal 1866-1886.
Alscbaugh was a Lutheran missionary to the Kewanaw area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The journal is in German.

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. Correspondence 1814-1900. 2 reels of microfilm.
Baptist Indian missions.

American Indian Correspondence: The Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries’ Letters, 1833-1893. 35 reels of microfilm
Published index is available. Chippewa missionary correspondence from Isaac Baird, Peter Dougherty, Hugh Guthrie, H.N. Phillips, Francis Spees, J. G. Turner, A.W. Williamson, and S.G. Wright. “The letters include much discussion of aboriginal and post-contact Indian culture, so the collection invites studies of various tribes from anthropological perspectives. Though the ethnocentrism of the writers often detracts from their perceptions, much can be gleaned on Indian ways and personality. Acculturational approaches could prove especially useful, as the missionaries were often preoccupied with on going developments within the tribes and the varying Indian responses to white cultural intrusion.”

American Missionary Association. Manuscripts, 1843-1884. New Orleans, LA: Dillard University. 24 reels of microfilm
Michigan activities are on 5 reels of microfilm within the set.

Baraga, Frederick. Papers, 1809-1908. 2 boxes
This collection consists of copies assembled from originals by the Historical Commission of the Bishop Baraga Association whose goal is to promote the cause of Beautification of Bishop Baraga.

Bethany Lutheran Indian Mission. Collection. 1 folder
Photocopies of documents and articles about the mission and cemetery near St. Louis, Michigan.

Bethany Lutheran Indian Mission. Vertical File. Native Americans.

Bingham, Abel. Papers 1796-1909. 29 boxes
This collection includes correspondence relating to Bingham’s associations with the Baptist Missionary Society, his ministry at the Baptist Indian Mission at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Mission Records. Also includes material from his family including his wife’s journal of their activities at the Mission. This collection is also available on microfilm.

Brown, Wayne. Abel Bingham’s Mission School at Sault Ste. Marie. CMU Term Paper. (Cannot be copied)

Catholic Church in the U.S.A. 1 reel of microfilm
Collection includes: 1) The tenure of the Catholic Church property in the U.S.A., 2) Ignaciji Mrak, 1810-1901, 3) Liber matrimoniorom missionis Arbre-Crochensis 1831-1879, 4) Liber baptizatorum missionis Arbre-Crochenis 1831-1855.

Craemer, F. August. Correspondence, 1847-1855. 1 folder
Photocopied typed translations of several letters which include visit to Bethany Indian Mission. Described in detail are the Ojibwa converts, baptisms, etc.

Doane, Mrs. John W. Bethany Mission. 1 folder
A paper read before the Monday Club of St. Louis, Michigan.

Graebner, J. Heinrich. Die frankischen colonien des Saginaw Thales, im Staat Michigan, 1890. Concordia Historical Institute. 1 reel of microfilm
Original manuscript in German of “The Franconian Colonies of the Saginaw Valley, in the State of Michigan.” Also E.G.H. Miessler’s “A Dictionary of the Chippiway Langauge, Chippiway-English, English-Chippiway.”

Hendrickson, Annetta. Life at the Old Mission, 1839-1849. CMU Term Paper, 1966. (Cannot be copied)
Old Mission in the Grand Traverse Bay area.

Hyma, Albert. Collection. 1 box
Includes copies of letters (mostly translations) by Bishop Frederick Baraga concerning the Indian Mission at Grand River, including a list of names of Indians, 1829-1835.

Isabella Indian Mission, Isabella County, Michigan. 1 folder
A history of the missionary activities of the Methodist Episcopal church among the Chippewa Indians in Isabella County, Michigan and vicinity, 1841-1890.

Isabella Methodist Indian Mission. Vertical File. Native Americans-Ojibway.

Killian, David. Jesuit and Savage in New France. CMU Term Paper, 1957. (Cannot be copied)

McCoy, Isaac. Isaac McCoy Papers, 1808-1874, in the Kansas State Historical Society. Topeka, KS: Kansas State Historical Society. 13 reels of microfilm
The papers are concerned almost entirely with Indian missions, Indian removal, and related matters. Missionary duties at the station on the Wabash, at Fort Wayne, and the missions on the St. Joseph and Grand Rivers are detailed.

Meeker, Jotham. Jotham Meeker Papers, 1825-1849. Topeka, KS: Kansas State Historical Society. 2 reels of microfilm
Meeker was a Baptist minister, missionary, and printer. He served as a teacher to the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Chippewa Indians in Michigan Territory from 1825 to 1833. He devised a system of phonetic printing of Indian orthography.

Methodist Episcopal Church in Michigan. Record Book, 1844-1866.
This is the record book of Indian missionaries in the western part of Michigan with minutes of conferences and Indian names.

Miller, Audrey V. History of Greensky Hill Mission. CMU Term Paper. (Cannot be copied)

Moll, Harold W. A Canoe Trip to Midland Michigan in 1675. 1 folder
A paper analyzing the possibility of the early existence of a Catholic mission near present day Midland, Michigan based on the extant journal of Father Henry Houvel.

Pitezel, John. Papers, 1828-1889.
Pitezel was a Methodist minister. This collection includes his correspondence, journals, and writings. The journals cover September 1846 through September 1851 and detail his life and work in Adrian, Marshall, Sault St. Marie and at the Keweaneon Mission and note his visits to Indian chiefs, councils, and medicine men, as well as stories told to him by the Indians.

Porter, Jeremiah. Correspondence, 1821-1866. 1 folder
Letters from Sault Ste. Marie, 1831-1833, describing the inhabitants and Indian life and customs at the Sault.

Porter, Jeremiah. The Diaries of Jeremiah Porter, 1831-1833 and 1836-1848. Chicago Historical Society. 1 reel of microfilm
The diaries contain information on Porter’s trip to the Sault, his religious work there, life and incidents during the period, and comments on such individuals as Bingham and Schoolcraft.

Sacred Heart Franciscan Indian Mission Records. 43 reels of microfilm
Roll 5: Bay Shore, Michigan, St. Francis Solanus Parish, Beaver Island, Burt Lake, Cross Village.
Roll 6: Cross Village
Roll 7: Cross Village, Harbor Springs
Roll 8: Harbor Springs
Roll 9: Harbor Springs, Petoskey
Roll 10-11: Harbor Springs
Roll 19: Middle Village, Michigan
Roll 20: Peshabetown, Michigan
Roll 21-22: Petoskey
Roll 27: Baraga, Rev. Frederic, Indian language records
Roll 29: Derenthal, Rev. Odonic Chippewa vocabulary and grammar notes
Roll 31-32: Hagedorn, Rev. Eugene. Research notes – Catholic church in Michigan
Roll 37-39. Verwyst, Chrysotom. Indian language records.

Sievers, Ferdinand. Correspondence, 1854, 1855.
Two letters by Pastor Sievers from Frankenlust, Michigan describing his visits to the Indians at the Bethany Mission near St. Louis, Michigan.

Smith, George N. Papers, 1835-1879. Washington, DC: Library of Congress. 3 reels of microfilm
Smith was a Presbyterian minister, farmer and teacher in Michigan. Principally journals, 1840 to 1879, while he served the Indians of southwestern Michigan.

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