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Anishabe Enamiad. Harbor Springs, MI.
A monthly journal published by the Franciscan Fathers, and devoted to the interests of the missions among the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Mostly in the Ojibwa language. Library has: volumes 3-8, 11.

“Books in the Languages of North-American Indians: Ojibwas and Ottawa.” Missionary Herald 32 (July 1836): 269.
A list of books available in these languages.

Chaput, Donald. “Pronunciation of Algonquian Place Names.” Inland Seas 21 (Winter 1965): 322-324.
Demonstrates the illusive character of Indian place name origins in the Great Lakes region.

“The Chippewa Language.” Totem Pole 23 (April 4, 1949): 1-2.
A brief description of the language.

Dever, Harry. “The Language of the Michigan Indians.” Totem Pole 43 (March 6, 1960): 1-10.
Describes the language characteristics of Ottawa-Chippewa dialects.

Greenman, E. F. and A. J. Jelinek. “A Map of Michigan in the Indian Language.” Michigan Archaeologist 8 (December 1962): 43-54.
A map and interpretation of the name which includes the source of information.

Hachett, Charles F. “The Position of Potawatomi in Central Algonkian.” Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters 28 (1942): 537-542.
The place of the Potwatomi in the language.

Messenger of the Holy Childhood Church and School. Harbor Springs, MI.
Library has: 1902-1907

Treuer, Robert. “Something a Few Indians Remember: The Secret of Their Written History.” News From Indian Country​ 4 (August 1990): 11.
The Ojibway Indians have a written history which goes back hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years but few people know about it. That makes the existence of the Ojibway Scrolls a secret.

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