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Annuity Rolls

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. RG 75. "Chippewa ( Swan Creek-Black River) 1857, 1858, 1861, 1865." Entry 906. Item no. 293. Stack Area 11E2, Row 12, compartment 18, shelf 15. National Archives. Washington, D.C. Contained herein are annuity rolls for the years listed.

Records of the Bureau of Indians Affairs. RG 75. "Letters Received, 1824-1881. Mackinac Agency, 1862-66." M234. Roll 407. This microfilm roll contains two additional annuity rolls for the years 1864, 1867.

Although the information contained in this transcription is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge, the Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of the database. Researchers are encouraged to visit the collection in person to consult the original if they have any questions in this regard.


The Annuity Roll is seperated by the different years. Click to go to a specific year or click "next" down below to go in order.