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Fur Trade

Entries are listed chronologically.

Campigny to ?. October 13, 1697. Vol. 33, (1904): 72-77.

Trading licences to go among the Odawa are being revoked by the King. Also refers to trade with the Miami and Sioux.

Beauharnois and Hocquart. "Plans to Prevent the English from Trading with the Indians." October 15, 1730. Vol. 34, (1905): 70-72

Authors recommend newer and more goods and the creation of a Detroit garrison of 50-60 men.

Perrault, Jean Baptiste. "Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of a Merchant Voyager in the Savage Territories of Northern America Leaving Montreal the 28th of May 1783 (to 1820)." Vol. 37, (1910): 508-619.

First person narrative of life in the fur trade industry, with maps.

Williams, Meade C. "The Early Fur Trade in North America." Vol. 35, (1907): 58-73.

A detailed history of the fur trade in the 1820s, including statistical information on the various exchange rates of furs for goods.

Johnston, William. "Letters on the Fur Trade 1833." Vol. 37, (1910): 132-207.

Johnston's letters to his sister from July 23 to November 28, 1833. They detail his travels and exeriences in the Northwest Territory fur trade.

Gilbert, Thomas O. "Development of Western Michigan." Vol. 17, (1890): 319-325.

Contains descriptions of three fur traders from the 1830s: Rix Robinson, Louis Campeau, and William Lasley.