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With the French

Beauharnois. "Council of the Indian Tribes at Detroit in 1738." Vol. 34, (1905): 151-154.

Describes past and present problems between Huron, Odawa, and other Indian nations.

"Talk between Marquis de Vaudreuil and Onaskin, Chief of the Outavois." August 1, 1706. Vol. 33, (1904): 258-262.

Marquis attempts to make peace between the Odawa and Miami nations, and answers Indian complaints about Cadillac and the return of prisoners of war.

"Talk of the Poutouatamis and the Reply of M. de Vaudreuil." ND (1777?). Vol. 33, (1904): 586-587.

Otchik speaks for the Pottawatomis. They are angry at de Sabrevois, commander of Detroit, and many Indians are going to the English for gifts. De Vaudreuil assures them that de Sabrevois is being replaced.

"A Talk with the Ottawas and Their Reply." June 1717. Vol. 33, (1904): 584-586.

De Vaudreuil representing French, Shamgoueschi speaks for the Odawa, who are angry at de Sabrevois. He does not give fair prices on trade goods and generally mistreats them, so they are going to the English for gifts. De Vaudreuil very angry at this development.

"Words of the Marquis de Vaudreuil to the Savages Who Came Down from the Upper Country." ND (1711?). Vol. 33, (1904): 503-506.

Odawa, Saulteurs, Malominy, Sauk, Potawatomi , Huron, Longekain, Miami, Kickapoo, and Outtagamis nations present. De Vaudreuil attempts to preserve peace among France's allies. The Missisaguas apparently attacked the Miami, while the Outagamis attacked the Illinois.

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